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Revised versions of some old calcs (Dark Schneider and Wonder Woman)

Published by Endless Mike in the blog Endless Mike's blog. Views: 714

I've put this off for long enough. Right, onto business.

Shattered God summons pieces of himself from every far corner of the universe, Wonder Woman deflects them:


Using a more accurate scaling this time:

Diana's official height: 6' (1.8288 m).

Distance she traveled (not counting her arm movements or the fact that she would have to deflect everything in 3 dimensions): 23.20368878 m.

Scaling average distance between far and close projectiles: 0.8197969489 m.

Diana's speed = 28.30419022 x average projectile speed.

Using the same extremely conservative timeframe of one minute I used before, and using the evidence that the (Post-Crisis) DC universe is at least 200 trillion light-years in diameter, we can use 100 trillion light-years as the distance for the pieces to travel.

Projectile speed = 5.256e19c
Wonder woman speed (movement and reaction): 1.487668238e21c.

Now the second calc.

Description of Black Sabbath:


A more accurate scaling of the crater:

Window height: 1.5 m
Top of crater diameter: 113.625 m
Bottom of crater diameter: 72.08003363 m
Crater depth: 67.73396951 m

Modeling as a conical frustum, volume = 466,304.1 m^3. A bit less than I got originally.

Going by the description of the fission process involved, we can use atomic destruction. Using limestone like I did before:

Low-end density: 1760 kg/m^3

High-end density: 2560 kg/m^3

Low-end mass: 820,695,216 kg
High-end mass: 1,193,738,496 kg

Molar mass of limestone: 100.09 g/mol

Low-end: 8,199,572,545 moles

High-end: 11,926,650,970 moles

Multiplied by Avogadro's Number:

Low-end: 4.937898119e33 molecules

High-end: 7.182397261e33 molecules

Limestone is primarily Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). That means the elements will be divided roughly thus:

20% Calcium
20% Carbon
60% Oxygen

Atomic binding energies of each, respectively:


Total energy (low-end): 3.966125991e34 MeV = 6.354437031720204e21 j = 1.518746901 teratons

Total energy (high-end): 5.768910529e34 MeV = 9.242817495294791e21 j = 2.209086399 teratons.

Updating with totally not a cat's method (see comments):

Ca - 6.765266374e21 - 9.840387449e21
C - 6.076060232e21 - 8.837905791e21
O - 1.893085914e22 - 2.753579511+22

Low-end: 3.177318575e22j or 7.59397365 teratons

High-end: 4.621408835e22j or 11.04543221 teratons

Final Tally

Dark Schneider's Black Sabbath: ~7.594 - 11.045 teratons
Shattered God's projectiles: 5.259e19c
Wonder Woman deflects Shattered God's projectiles: ~1.488e21c
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