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One Piece Feat#12 - Ace's presence in Drum Island

Published by Sherlōck in the blog Sherlōck's blog. Views: 830




Generally it starts snowing at 0 degree C. Ace stopped snowing.So he needs to up the temperature at least to 0 degree from -50 degree C which is the temperature of Sakura Island.

I am going to assume Ace upped the temperature of whole island up to the royal palace.

Density of Air = 1.225 kg/m^3

Specific heat capacity of air between 40 and -50 degrees Celcius is = 1.005 kJ/(kg K) or 1.005 J/g∙°C

Island Diameter = 20886.283065166 meter

Height upto Drum Rock = 5000 meter.

Volume [cylinder] = 1713097987264.362316 m^3

Air mass = 2098545034398.8438371 kg or 2098545034398843.8371 gram

Q = specific heat capacity*mass*(final temperature - initial temperature).

Q = 1.005 x 2098545034398843.8371 x 54

Q = 113888039016825255.039417 J

Q = 27.219894602 megatons

Not really sure that I should have done the calc this way but whatever. If anyone has a better suggestion then I am all ear.

Final Tally

Stopping snow = 27.219894602 megatons
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