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Windows Movie Maker - Free Effects and Transitions (How To)

Discussion in 'Art 101' started by damage2, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. damage2 New Member

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    How to add free effects and transitions into windows movie maker (i didn't want the title to be too long :))

    First go here -

    Go to "Share your XP Effects and Transitions"
    Or the Vista one if you're using Vista.

    Find the effect that you want.

    Copy the code.

    Paste it into Notepad.

    Go to "C:\Program Files\Movie Maker\shared\AddOnTFX"
    If it doesn't come up, go to "C:\Program Files\shared"
    and then create a folder called "AddOnTFX"

    Save the Notepad file into that folder, but save it as a .xml file.

    The effect is now in Windows Movie Maker, to get rid of it, just delete the .xml file.

    For a more detailed tutorial, go to my Youtube channel, where i have uploaded a video of this tutorial. (Link in my sig)

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