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The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Discussion in 'Akihabara Novel Corner' started by Mizura, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Mizura Meh Advisor

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    Author: Angry Squirrel
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
    Translator: StarveCleric
    Link: https://starvecleric.wordpress.com/about/

    Review: I was really surprised by this one. At first I thought it was just some silly comedy story, but this story is in fact 3-parts epic and 7-parts total mayhem, with surprisingly good world-building and plot.

    The protagonist of this story, Lich Roland, is one of those 'sent to another world' characters, but he's already died and revived through several lifetimes, losing some memories each time. So, unlike typical world-hopping MC's, his mentality has already changed completely. He's not bothered by (causing) death and destruction. He regularly conjures up mayhem. He treats negotiations with the fate of the underworld at stake like haggling at a vegetables market. He plots the downfall of superpowers like you'd prank a next-door neighbor.

    Now, this ex-Prince-out-to-seek-revenge, ex-Undead-King-who-nearly-destroyed-the-world (and now feels silly about it), crazy-experimenter, ultimate-Troll and Supreme-Founding-Judge-in-charge-of-a-city-that's-a-role-model-of-social-acceptance (<- really), essentially has two goals:
    - Change the world's fate of impeding destruction by opposing the two established and conflicting powers through clever scheming and maybe a war or a dozen, and...
    - Cause mayhem so he can accumulate points and revive into a living body so he can put an end to living several hundred years as a (virgin!) (single!) (no xxx function!) undead corpse.

    The world-building is actually quite good. It's based on D&D, but it's not your basic Humans-Elf-Orcs fare. There are quite a lot of races and more significantly, the world is quite dynamic with a whole web of factions with weird cultural habits, conflicts and endless plotting in-between. In fact, apart from the MC, the story presents a whole cast of weirdoes, from explosion-ists to nudists to former undead generals now running a theme park to this one character whose sexual preferences are too horrible to describe, some of whom lead double-lives as respectable members of the judicial system. (*cough*)

    Surprisingly, despite all this mayhem, the events in the story are rather serious. I've read ahead a bit in the raws until the end of the first arc (?) (current life), and it's surprisingly epic in how it concludes and in how far-reaching the consequences are. The plot also has quite a lot of foreshadowing.

    All in all, I suggest giving it a try, you might actually find it quite surprising, and certainly quite entertaining.
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