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The bathroom story!an Itachi and sasuke story!lol!

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by GaarasWife4Life, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. GaarasWife4Life Banned

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    Bathroom Rights!
    ?Nii-san, hurry up!?

    Sasuke?s anxious cry was accompanied by two knocks, but Itachi ignored them. With a small smirk on his face he opened the medicine cabinet and calmly selected bottle, checking the label before twisting off the cap.

    ?Nii-san please! I have to go really bad!?

    Outside Sasuke as kneeling on the floor, peering under the door at Itachi?s feet. He bit his lip with a small whimper.

    ?Are you going to the bathroom?? he inquired desperately.


    Sasuke glared at Itachi?s feet through the small crack between floor and door. ?You are not!? he cried angrily. ?Your feet are standing next to the sink!?

    ?But I?m going to the bathroom.?

    ?Your feet are by the sink that?s impossible!?

    Through the crack beneath the door Sasuke witnessed Itachi?s feet turn and position themselves in front of the toilet.

    ?They?re not in front of the sink,? he said calmly.

    ?Are you going pee or poop?? Sasuke demanded.


    ?Then why are your feet facing the wrong way??

    Inside the bathroom, Itachi checked his feet and sighed. ?I?m going poop, I made a mistake.?

    ?How could you make a mistake Nii-san?? Sasuke was getting a bit desperate.

    ?I just did,? Itachi replied calmly, replacing the lid of the small bottle he?d taken for a moment. Inspecting his work critically, he reached for another bottle with a sigh.

    ?Nii-saan! What are you doing??

    ?Going to the bathroom.?

    ?You are not! Let me in I have to go!?

    ?But I?m going to the bathroom.? Itachi eyed his hands, then let out another sigh. Painting his nails was a hassle with Sasuke screaming at him like this, but he?d rather use the bathroom than risk spilling it all over his bedroom floor. Sasuke would probably come in and somehow contrive to knock it over.

    ?What?s that smell?? Sasuke demanded suddenly.


    ?What?s acetone??

    ?You?ll know when you?re older.?

    A pause, then, ?Hurry up! If you don?t get out right now I?m going to pee my pants!? Sasuke threatened, pounding on the door a few times to emphasize his point.

    ?No you?re not,? Itachi replied, blowing gently on his right hand. Now for his left.


    ?There are other bathrooms in the house Sasuke, why not use one of them??

    ??Cause it would take too long now let me in!?

    ?I?m using the bathroom.?

    Sasuke threw himself against the door, pounding it with both fists along with an inarticulate scream of rage.

    ?Let me in Nii-san I have to go now!?

    ?Be patient Sasuke,? Itachi murmured, examining his fingernails carefully. Satisfied at last, he screwed the caps back on the bottles, flushed the toilet, and opened the door. Sasuke charged by him the moment he stepped out.

    ?What were you really doing in there Nii-san,? he demanded, pushing the door shut.

    Itachi smirked. ?Going to the bathroom.?

    THE END!
  2. Vance Banned

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    Thats it? But it was really funny! 5/5 As I promised.

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