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Post here to get your custom-made animal for the lounge animal army

Discussion in 'Konoha Lounge' started by Cax, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Noitora CAPUA

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    Name: Alastair
    Age: 21
    Country of origin: England
    Appearance & animal combination: GentlemanlyHawkRaptor
    Abilities: Tea drinking and sarcastic humour
    History/Bio: Claiming to be the relative of the Raptor Jesus of old, this GentlemanlyHawkRaptor is a crossbreed behind old and new with an education to put many to shame. Much of his skill is in crushing the resolve of his prey with humour and sarcastic remarks, making the prey feel unintelligent and unappreciated. GHR spends most of it's time in high places, due to it's flgiht, sipping tea and judging those below it. If offered a gentlemans duel it can not refuse, no matter what the cost.
    Theme song:

    Saying/motto: "I told you thusly, One can not simply grow from their placement of the lower standards. What trash, kekekeke~"
  2. Yami Munesanzun Not A Crotch Laser

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    i want a Sharktopus. =-=

    make me a Sharktopus.

    or you shall die by Sharktopus.
  3. Metaro Banned

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  4. Blazing CobaltX Yuri Trainer on Fire

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    It needs to involve a tiger and a falcon. X

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