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One Piece Film Z (One Piece Movie 12).

Discussion in 'Pirate TV' started by Louis-954, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Admiral Hakuryō White Hunter

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    From what I've seen of Z he's a cool looking down. I don't understand the early hate :lmao

    If he's the most "powerful opponent so far" hopefully he'll be a beast in a fight, just like Shiki was.
  2. [S-A-F] Cobraholic

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    Yeah that's why i'm not too hyped for it either. Its only going to have been 1 arc post skip for this movie to work off of. Its being animated now and coming out in Dec so i highly doubt anything we'll see in Punk Hazard will make it into the movie. Save for Luffy and maybe Sanji with his air and blue walk most of the straw hat's fights are going to be really short or overall lame unless they just use preskip abilities. That would be underwhelming for the first timeskip movie but if it makes the fights better i ain't complaining.

    Then again Strong World didn't have good fights and the movie still managed to be enjoyable. Actually why are we trippin? None of the OP movies are really fight oriented anyway.
  3. Marcelle.B Kawaii as Fuck Moderator

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    that was taken from this page from the fi arc

  4. 123JANGO Dr. Hogback's apperentice

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    i just saw the teaser his other arm looks like some robotic shit
    yeah it does remind me of krieg

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