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Naruto chapter 575 translation

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Geg, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    Gonna do this. Decided to wait for the raw this time since I was busy with other stuff anyway

    Chapter 575: Will of Stone
    Madara: Mokuton... (Wood Style)

    Madara: Kajukai Kourin!! (Advent of a World of Flowering Trees)
    A: Ngh!
    Tsunade: ...! That's grandfather's...
    Mei: They're coming closer! What should we do!?
    Tsunade: Kazekage!!
    Gaara: Understood.

    A: What is that?
    Mei: How immense... He created that whole forest in an instant!
    Tsunade: Watch out for the pollen, everyone! Don't breathe it in! (Not only Jutai Koutan, but Kajutai too... Damn Kabuto...!)
    Kabuto: There's no longer any shinobi as strong as the First Hokage Senju Hashirama. That's something everyone can agree on. When people hear of his strength, they assume he's just from a fairy tale like the Rikudou Sennin. Now is the time for me to make that fairy tale a reality!
    Genma: Get back here, dammit!

    Kage: !!
    Madara: You worry too much about the flowers.
    Mei: Ugh!
    Tsunade: Kuh!

    Madara: Hmph... Time to stoke the fire. Katon... Gouka Messhitsu!! (Fire Style: Great Fire Ruination)
    Gaara: Ugh...
    Tsunade: *Cough*
    Mei: !! Suiton... (Water Style)

    Ohnoki: I'm just too old... This is the end...
    FlashbackTsuchikage: Hey now! The left side is dirty! That's our precious Iwagakure stone! Can't you polish it more thoroughly!? Strong strokes are the keystone to success!
    FlashbackOhnoki: (These puns are awful...)

    FlashbackOhnoki: I know you say this is the symbol of our village, but it still just looks like an ordinary rock to me. It'd look cool if we engraved faces into a mountain like Konoha... Our Tsuchikage sure is cheap.
    FlashbackTsuchikage: Ohnoki... Just by looking at a stone I am able to determine its worth. And this stone, you see... is a symbol of our shinobi village's rock-hard will! But...
    FlashbackOhnoki: Don't turn our symbol into another pun...
    FlashbackTsuchikage: You're right, this thing is just an ordinary rock.
    FlashbackOhnoki: Whaaaaat!? What the hell are you doing, you old fart!? Now I can't tell which stone is which!
    FlashbackTsuchikage: Watch! I'll just put this new one here and no one can tell the difference.
    FlashbackOhnoki: Whaaaaat!!!
    FlashbackTsuchikage: ...
    FlashbackOhnoki: !?

    FlashbackTsuchikage: The truly important thing is the will inside of you.
    FlashbackOhnoki: ...
    FlashbackTsuchikage: Just by looking at a person's will I am able to determine its worth. Ohnoki... Within your will there hides a power that can change the world. But if you are not careful that will will disappear.
    FlashbackOhnoki: Disappear?
    FlashbackOhnoki: I'm talking about a wall! If you hit a wall and abandon your will... It's likely you'll make excuses for yourself and obtain a considerable amount of hatred.

    FlashbackTsuchikage: Listen well. Don't abandon your will and keep moving on your rocky path!
    FlashbackMadara: It looks like you still want to dance. But I'm afraid you won't be able to keep up with me.
    FlashbackOhnoki: ... Make an excuse...
    Ohnoki: !!

    Ohnoki: !! Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu!! (Dust Style: Detachment from the Fundamental World)

    Ohnoki: "I'm just too old"...? How rock-headed do I have to be... to make an excuse like that...!?
    Madara: You dance well.
    Ohnoki: Are you all up? All right! It's time to start our counterattack!
    Tsunade: !!
    Mei: What happened?
    A: Look there!
    Tsunade: !?

    Madara: But you still can't keep up!
    A: Is that... the First Hokage's face!?
    Tsunade: I didn't think it was possible... That's why he can use Mokuton...
    Kabuto: Heheh... The prototype Orochimaru created in Danzou is nothing compared to this. The First Hokage, stronger than even Madara. The fusion of those two shinobi is my trump card!! No one can stop my Edo Tensei!!

    Sasuke: ...

    [no text]

    Couple of notes, the First Tsuchikage uses a lot of different words with the same pronunciations when explaining things. The title is an example of that (Will of Stone -> Ishi no Ishi). So to try to convey that in English I threw in some dumb rock puns. And I'm pretty sure Madara does talk about dance steps in his lines about dancing, but I'm not really sure how to translate that stuff into English well because I don't know how the terminology works so I tried to come up with something that matched.
  2. Phemt Active Member

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    Mangazone, LikeNaruto, Mangaburn, they all have Mei's & Tsunade's lines reversed. That was obviously wrong.

    Thank you Geg.
  3. tkROUT ' . '

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    Thanks for trans.
    And also thanks for note. Similar chapter that comes to mind is ch.511 which had a word play on Kaeru.

    The chapter title sounds like Medaka Box author name NisiOisiN. lol!

    It is better to wait and get translation from raw. Ohana's script was little different, Ohana never used the word 意志 in spoiler. Like chapter name had 意思 instead of 意志 and on page 9, 石 instead of 意志(2nd Ishi in 2nd panel ). There could be some other.
    Is there any difference in meaning or usage in 意思 and 意志 ?

    On another note, old Tsuchikage sounded like 3rd Hokage talking about Will of fire.
  4. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    Yeah ohana's script had a lot of typos.
  5. Rouge Angle of Satin

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    Thanks for this translation, it cleared up a few things for me.
  6. calimike Akatsuki Supporter

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    Naruto 575 RAW Scan here :p
  7. Faustus Immortal

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    So, in your translation Kabuto also didn't directly say that he created Madara/Hashirama fusion. Kabuto just says it's his fusion, which is only logical because he did summon Madara. So, all these discussions in the library about the contradictions between Madara's and Kabuto's words were pointless?
  8. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    I guess so. It's true that in the Japanese text Kabuto doesn't directly say that he's the one who fused them, but it doesn't necessarily rule that out. But yeah, that's not likely since that does contradict some earlier stuff.
  9. Faustus Immortal

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    Thank you, I can now see hope logic again in this manga smile-big

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