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Naruto 577 translation by Geg

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Geg, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    Chapter 577: Blade of Hatred
    Madara: You think you can defeat me with the will left by Hashirama? Power is not will; it is a real thing with real consequences.
    Tsunade: You're wrong! The will of the dead awakens power in those who receive it! The medical ninjutsu I created was born from that will... As well as medical ninja and the rules they follow! Rule #1: The medical ninja must never give up on treating his or her teammates as long as they still have life! Rule #2: The medical ninja must never fight on the front lines! Rule #3: The medical ninja must not die before the rest of his or her platoon! Those are the only rules I taught my students. But there's one more rule!

    Tsunade: Rule #4: Only a medical ninja who has mastered Ninpou: Souzou Saisei Byakugou no Jutsu may break the preceding rules! (Ninja Art: Creation Regeneration One Hundred Strong Jutsu)
    Mei: !?
    Gaara: !
    Ohnoki: !
    A: !
    Madara: Byakugou no Jutsu...? Never heard of it.

    Tsunade: It's a forbidden jutsu only I can use... Meaning I'm the only medical ninja allowed to fight!
    Madara: So the pollen was blown away by that Jinton... But all this means is I have to fight one extra medical ninja.
    Tsunade: If four aren't enough, we'll fight with all five! I'm not just a medical ninja!
    Madara: (She's slower than the Raikage... But stronger than him.)

    Madara: Katon: Goukaku Messhitsu!! (Fire Style: Great Fire Ruination)
    Mei: Suiton: Suijinchuu!! (Water Style: Water Encampment Pillar) Followed by... Suiton: Suiryuudan!! (Water Style: Water Dragon Bullet)

    A/Ohnoki: Kajuugan - Raigyaku Suihei Chop!! (Weighted Rock - Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop)

    Madara: You were right... You aren't a frail woman. But if you keep fighting recklessly and die, the other Kage are finished as well. You're the only one who can heal their wounds after all.
    Tsunade: That's only if I die.
    Madara: Hashirama... I don't know what it is that you left behind... But their strength still falls short of yours! If you wanted your underlings to inherit something you should have taught them a way to revive you like I have been. The only thing you left after you died was the life force of your cells within me.

    Madara: The only thing my brother left after he died was the power in my eyes.
    Tsunade: I told you you're wrong!
    Madara: If anything truly can be handed down... It's hatred.
    Dan: What!? The legendary Madara was revived by Edo Tensei!?
    Chouza: After the real Madara showed up, the Five Kage had to step in. Tsunade-sama is also fighting as the Hokage.

    Dan: !!? Tsunade is the Hokage...! She... she became the Hokage!?
    Chouza: I guess I forgot to tell you. Well, a lot happened to Tsunade after you died... She missed you greatly...
    Dan: Tsunade...
    Chouza: Tsunade will never lose! That's why she's the only one of the Legendary Sannin still alive!

    Tsunade: (You are dead... So don't spread around anymore hatred...)

    A: Kazekage! Now!
    Gaara: Sabaku Soutaisou!! (Desert Layered Imperial Funeral) I sealed him!!
    Tsunade: Yes!!

    Tsunade: ...

    Kage: !! !!
    Madara: This is the Mokuton Bunshin Hashirama created. (Wood Clone) How very well-made... In the past, I was the only one of his enemies to see through this... With the power of these eyes... Now then... This means the other Kage are finished as well.

    Dan: You mustn't underestimate Madara!! In order to stop Madara, you must stop the user of Edo Tensei!
    Chouza: Madara... Is he truly that strong of a shinobi? He's fighting the Five Kage after all...
    Dan: Most likely no shinobi can defeat Madara... Other than the late First Hokage.
    Chouza: ...
    Dan: Anyone who's not guarding me or maintaining the barrier should start searching for the Edo Tensei user! How is correspondence with your headquarters going!?
    Chouza: We're doing our best of course. But if they don't get this information...

    Dan: ...! (Don't die... Tsunade...)
    Itachi: Kuchiyose no Jutsu!! (Summoning Jutsu)
    Sasuke: !! !! Shit!
    Itachi: ...You stay here.

    Kabuto: !! You passed through my barrier... I'm surprised you knew where to find me.
    Itachi: When I was being controlled by you... it was very easy to sense where your chakra was coming from. That's the risk of this Jutsu... Though there's no point in you learning about that now.
    Kabuto: I'll keep that in mind... After all, no one can stop this Jutsu in the first place, so I never worried about that...

    Kabuto: Ah yes... In exchange, there's something I'd like you to learn too.
    Itachi: ?
    Kabuto: Edo Tensei will not stop even if I am killed. I'm the only one who can stop it. In other words, you can't kill me. If I die, this Jutsu will never end. Hehehe... Ahahahaha!! It looks like my luck is still as strong as ever!
    Itachi: ... ...Nothing's going the way I planned it. Geez...

    Also since I've been asked a couple of times yeah if you want to make a scanlation with my translation that's fine. It's not really formatted well for scanlations though; like I don't indicate breaks for different speech bubbles or panels.
  2. Cjones Force Your Way

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    Thanks Geg. This is a lot better.

    Though about the Byakugou jutsu. I also read it could be translated as "Fine White Hair" or something along those lines. Is there a difference?
  3. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    In Ohana's script it uses the kanji for hundred (百) rather than white (白). And the second kanji 豪 means strong/hard/manly.

    She did make a couple of typos later on in the script so I dunno. I can't really check until I see the raw.
  4. Klue Youth Losing

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    Thanks bro.
  5. Glutamminajr Proud Poster

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    Thanks.You are really kind.
  6. Virys Killer of buns

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    Raw is out http://raw.narutoverse.org/Raw/577/narutoverse02/
  7. Geg Very Rude Advisor

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    Made some adjustments; there were a couple of things I messed up on due to either ohana making a typo or me misreading something.
  8. Naruko Administrator

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    Thanks, Geg!

    Would you mind if we used your translation in a staff-scan from now on (the weeks you do one?)

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