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Naruto 464 - cnet [Translation]

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Naruko, Sep 18, 2009.

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    #464: The Power of Darkness
    [Insert text: With hatred by his side... Sasuke falls...?!]
    Sasuke: Ngh!
    Raikage: Guillotine Drop!!

    Sasuke: Enton: Kagutsuchi!!
    [TN: Uh, "Enton" = "Flame Element". I don't even know how to begin analysing "Kagutsuchi".]

    Shii: He's still...!!
    Karin: (Sasuke~!!)
    Sasuke: !!
    Raikage: ! // (Sand!!)
    Sasuke: (This is...!)
    Samurai: !
    Shii: !

    Sasuke: Gaara of the Desert...
    Temari: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!!

    Kankurou: So these are the undying flames of "Amaterasu"...
    Gaara: Stay back, samurai. / This is a shinobi quarrel. // There is no need for you to sacrifice yourselves.
    Samurai: M... My apologies, Kazekage-dono... // Ungh...
    Suigetsu: ...What's going on?

    Raikage: Why do you obstruct me, Kazekage?! / Depending on your answer, I may not forgive you!!
    Gaara: Had you continued your attack, you would have subjected yourself still further to those black flames and worsened your injuries. // Besides which... I have something to discuss with Uchiha Sasuke.
    Raikage: Hmph!
    Darui: B... Boss!!
    Raikage: Shii, hurry up and stop the bleeding! / As soon as you're done, I'm taking out Sasuke!!

    Shii: Yes, sir! // (He succeeded in harming the Raikage-sama through his Raiton armour... / He took those two mighty attacks and still lives... // His left eye wields Amaterasu... // ...and it seems that his right eye possesses the ability to perform shape manipulation upon Amaterasu's black flames... // This Sasuke may truly have succeeded in capturing Killer Bee... // The shinobi world... is wider than I had imagined......)
    Gaara: Your eyes are just as I remember them...
    Flashback!Gaara: As I told you already... You possess the same eyes as I...... // Eyes brimming with hatred and hostility, ever seeking power.........

    Flashback!Gaara: Just like my own......... // ...they are thirsting to kill those who drove you into the hell of solitude in which you reside.
    Sasuke: .........
    Gaara: ...I have learned through my experiences that living for revenge alone solves nothing. // It is not too late for you. Stop allowing yourself to be possessed by the hatred; stop fleeing into your own solitary world. / You may find yourself unable to return.
    Sasuke: And if I were to return... to where you now stand...... / What would I find there?
    Kankurou: Gaara, give it up... If he could be convinced, do you really thing Naruto would have failed? / This criminal has fallen so far that he's even associating with Akatsuki... he's not like you now.
    Temari: Besides which, the Raikage... and others who have been hurt by Akatsuki... will not forgive him. / He has invaded this summit of the Five Kages; he is an internationally wanted man. There is no future left for him.

    Gaara: ......... // Sasuke. You and I are similar... // We have both experienced the darkness of this world... // As such, even the tiniest of hopes can reach our eyes like a beacon. // In the past... and even now...
    Sasuke: I closed my eyes long ago... // My objective lies only in the darkness.
    Kankurou: Don't get caught up in personal sentiment... / You're the Kazekage, remember.
    Temari: Gaara...

    Gaara: Yes...... // I am quite aware!

    Karin: (Found it! Danzou's there too! // I have to let Sasuke know, quickly! // Still... I'm sensing nothing but overwhelming chakra all around...)
    Fuu: ! // (So they do have a tracker with them...) // It seems that the enemy group contains a tracking-type shinobi. / We cannot be sure when they may arrive here. What action should we take?
    Danzou: We stay where we are... / If they do come here, we can take advantage of the confusion and leave this place.

    Ao: Enough muttering to one another! // I happen to be a tracking-type myself. / ...I'm aware that the enemy has uncovered our position. // However, you are not to move under any circumstances. // We will take care of the enemy ourselves.
    Tsuchikage: (This summit is getting rather interesting...)
    Kurotsuchi: (Wh... Whoa...)
    Sasuke: To think that you would be able to guard against my Enton to this extent. / Your Absolute Defence is still in good shape, I see.

    Raikage: Are you still not done, Shii?!
    Shii: Just a little longer!
    Darui: I will assist you, group from the Sand!! // I will fire the first shot! The rest of you, follow up and don't give him a moment's rest!
    Everyone: Right!
    Darui: Ranton: Laser Circus!!
    [TN: "Ranton" = "Storm Element"]
    Temari: Ookamaitachi!!
    Kankurou: Aka-Higi: Kiki Sankaku!!
    [TN: "Red Hidden Technique: Machine Triangle"]
    Gaara: Rendan Suna-Shigure!!
    [TN: "Sand Shower Combination"]

    Karin: ?! // (Th... This is...!!)
    Darui/Temari/Kankurou/Gaara: !!

    Sasuke: Gaara... This Absolute Defence surpasses even your own.

    Raikage: Is that what he used to guard against my attacks...?
    Shii: (This chakra... it's the same as that genjutsu from before...!)
    Suigetsu: Now, that... looks nasty......
    Juugo: Ungh...... // (Is this... the technique he wanted to try...?!)
    Karin: ...This chakra... It's like he's a completely different Sasuke... / It's just too cold......!!
    Samurai: What... is that?
    Gaara: The power... of darkness...
    Sasuke: This is a power that only one with two awakened Mangekyou can achieve... // The third power...... "Susanoo".
    [Insert text: Sasuke's darkness... is overpowering!!]


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    Thank you for the translation. :wtf
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    Thanks for the translation!
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    thanks for the translations as always
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    Ah, Carlos Summoning, nice.
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