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Kakashi Poem

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by SweetDesire, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. SweetDesire Proud Poem Writer =)

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    Kakashi is the son,
    Of an honorable man,
    Kakashi acted like him,
    To prove anything he can.

    Kakashi was strong in,
    The top mark class,
    So it was not a surprise,
    When he always would pass.

    He graduated as a Genin,
    At the age of five,
    Kakashi was proud,
    When his life would thrive.

    Along with good,
    Comes a bit of bad,
    A mission had failed,
    That linked to his dad.

    Deep in depression,
    Sakumo passed away,
    This incident told Kakashi,
    The Ninja Code was his way.

    Teamed with Obito,
    A boy always care free,
    But Kakashi realized that,
    He liked him to a degree.

    When Obito died,
    Kakashi was in distress,
    He may be a jonin,
    But he had to confess.

    He missed Obito,
    But Rin disappeared,
    Which to Kakashi,
    He had truly feared.

    Later on,
    He taught the seventh squad,
    And at first he thought,
    Naruto was odd.

    Kakashi is awesome,
    In so many ways,
    He makes me smile,
    For most of my days.
  2. Prince Vegeta Neg Me xD

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    great man do one for orochimaru
  3. raizen28 I dunno

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    ................you already know

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