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How far can Genos get in S-Class?

Discussion in 'One-Punch Man' started by Biothrang, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Biothrang Member

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    Excluding King, I think he could get at most above Metal Knight if he's lucky.
  2. Aduro Definitely not a villain.

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    He's growing pretty fast as a hero. But I definitely can't see him overtaking Tatsukmaki. I think he's being set up against either Metal Knight or Drive Knight so he'll probably surpass those two. He might be able to catch up with Atomic Samurai and Silver Fang someday if he gets some good spare parts. But Child Emperor is also very young and learning quickly so Genos might not be able to surpass him either. Genos will probably by in the top 5 heroes in the entire association by the end. Behind Saitama, Tatsumaki and Blast and maybe Child Emperor or Sweet Mask.

    Not that it matter much, since power levels in OPM mostly exist to make people look stupid for believing a character is at a certain level of strength.

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