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Gaara's Childhood Story

Discussion in 'Naruto Fanworks' started by Strieth, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. Strieth Member

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    Deep within the shadows I creep
    Is there something that I seek?
    To find a reason why I live
    For in fear of death, it's death I give
    Anyone who crosses my way
    Won't live to see another day
    As long as there are people to kill
    The world is completely at my will
    Is it I or is it you?
    Try to see this from my point of view
    Full of bloodlust, full of hate
    I never had a choice in fate
    Is this darkness, or is it light?
    Who can teach me wrong from right?
    I'm invincible, with power over sand
    You'll know it's the end when I reach out my hand
    I'm the Angel of Death so you'd better watch out
    I'll kill you all, without a doubt
    What can save me from this life I dread?
    It's the word that's been scarred on my head
    This loneliness that eats me inside
    These horror-filled fears that I try to hide
    Now the whole world can read what I lost
    I was made a weapon, and my life was the cost
    My mind is unstable, you may think me a freak
    But you'll tremble in fear because I'm so bleak*
    I love no one and fight for me only
    You wouldn't understand, you've never been lonely
    Innocent souls or my demonic mind
    Who is the victim of this crime?
    Shunned by everyone and feeling this pain
    Now do you understand why I'm insane?
    Surrounded by darkness, no where to hide
    If I fall asleep I'll be eaten from inside
    This demon is restless, it's presence I dread
    Every full moon it must be fed
    Your blood will make for a tasty meal
    Is this true aliveness I feel?
    Something is missing, something's not right
    How could I have lost that fight?
    Am I just like him, and him like me?
    Is there something that I can't see?
    Perhaps there is something more to life
    But how can I look past my strife?
    Why can't I see it? It's very clear
    It's only the aloneness I fear
    Is there truly a lesson to learn?
    I think my life is in for a turn
    For better or worse? I may never know
    But I'll have to accept that what will come, will go
    Confusion is suffocating me, I'm up to my head
    If this keeps up, I might as well be dead
    A new reason to live? What might that be?
    I'm so tired, so we'll just have to see....

    This is my story.. my pain..
  2. Miss Fortune I'm sleeping

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    oh~~!! Gaara!! :scry I'm sorry I wasn't in your village to hug you when you were little!! Awww!! :scry I feel so bad!!! :scry
    It ok gaara... *hug*
    ga: WTF?! I'M GROWN UP NOW!!
    It still ok...
    ga: .... -_- I swear... you're going to be the death of me-
    DON'T THINK OF SUICIDE!! LIVE!!! *hug tighter*
    ga: Gah!! Air!! Restricted! Can't breath!! *cough*
    ga: I'm better now! :)
  3. Strieth Member

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    What is this pain? Where's daddy? Why doesn't anybody love me? What is pain? All these questions; they hurt me inside. I think I've finally felt pain. These salty tears burn my tongue. The blood on my fingers; my murder subject. Was it the right thing to do? Well, nobody told me otherwise. My slits on my palm remind me of my own life. What do I need to do for love?

    Why does this swing creek? Why does the wind blow in my face? Is everything in exsistance against me? This sand disallows me to take my own life. It's a curse compelling my every thought. Don't run away from me! I'm not a monster, it's the sand. Someone just take my life!

    I lay on the very swing I had slaughtered the girl who gave me that repulsive glare. I don't deserve to be treated differently: Daddy, where are you? I need love. The grainy grass below me is stained with think, red blood. The thing is, I don't know if it was my own blood from my self-inflicted wounds or if it was my targets. I sit on this swing every day for hours on end, listening to the nasty creeks the mechanism makes. What will break first, my heart or this swing?

    I need a cuddle. The only one who respects me as a human being is my stuffed animal, Tim. I breath heavily on Tim's tattered shoulder as I snuggle my chest into him. Tim loves me and I love Tim. He's my best friend - my only friend.

    Nightfall comes, but I don't sleep. I'm frightened of my dreams. The thoughts that stir up in my mind repel into nightmares. Why did mummy have to die? It wasn't my fault! Why does everyone say it's my fault! It was the curse, everything was the curse. I'm blaming my sins on iron grains of pain; everyone thinks i'm crazy. I'm not a killer.

    Taking a life; is it right or wrong? It's just evolution. I mean, nobody told me it was a sin to take a life. I have an thirst for blood, a urge for pain. The swing is still creaking, why hasn't it broken yet? Oh, yeah; even the swing wants to see my heart break into two. What is this world I live in. Where are my rights? My right to be loved? If this is pain, and I expect it is; I want to live. I want to deify the people who look down apon me and I want to rip them apart and feed on dominance~

    Why won't anyone just love me so I don't have to hurt anybody?
  4. Strieth Member

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    My eyes slowly open from a deep sleep. Did I fall asleep again? There is a foul smell in the air. As I arch my upper half of my body up, the smell fades away. The smell is coming from many slaughtered bodies spread all across the grainy field. Blood is leaking down the road; I better get out of here. Tim's missing! There lays a slaughtered boy, about the age of four. He's holding Tim, the bastard.

    Nobody.. touches.. Tim..

    The boy is still breathing. He glares up at me with His gloomy eyes. What have I done to these children? The curse, it hurts. My birthmark begins to sting a little. I reach down to retrieve Tim, but the boy won't let go. I do not speak a word, for my actions will speak for me. The cork pops off. The fear in the boy's eyes fill me with dispair, but the sand won't stop. It has a mind of it's own. It wraps the boy around His neck, squeezing until it full-out bursts. I retrieve Tim, giving him a long and thoughtful hug. The swing finaly broke, but so has my heart. They call me..

    The Shukaku..
  5. Strieth Member

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    I faintly remember my mother. All my memory has stored are her eyes. Gloomy, blue eyes. The thrills guided me to take her life. The thrill of a lifetime, the thrill I don't deserve to have in my pathetic life. The very first grain of soil I lay my feet in was soaked in my own mother's blood. It haunts me; it fuels me. Is violence the true answer? Nobody told me otherwise.

    Another day, another collection of harmless breaths. This is no ordinary day; this is my emergence from life. The Beast and the Harlot. This pipeline I lay my back on is leaking. Is it water or is it blood? It's hard to tell the difference. Both are tasty. The substance is leaking all over my face, but my head is still burning as I begin to feel flushed.

    I can hear faint footsteps, but they soon start to pick up on volume. "Are you here to assassinate me, sir?" I simply ask the stranger. I look up to see a middle-aged man in a Sand Jounin vest. His hair was long, but shaggy and was finished with a goattee. He appeared to be nasty, but His smile was peaceful. You can tell alot about a man from their smile.

    "No, I am not. Are you Gaara of the Sand?" He asked me in a formal mannor, still carrying the smile that made me feel so good inside. Is He smiling at.. me? "Yes, mister" I reply. "I have a propersition for you. I've heard the stories, and I pity you. I have a warm, loving home that we will gladly accept you into, but on one condition" He softly spoke to me. A.. loving home? On any condition, i'll be happy to follow this stranger home!

    "You possess a quality that I could very well use. Your killer instinct, Gaara of the Sand. I need you to kill a few shinobi for me, just a few. They are.. uhh, bad bad people Gaara. I could use your help" He would say to me, still containing that very smile that made me feel so good. He is the very first person who has spoken to me like I am something special. "Okay" I reply, my eyes watering from joy. "You can call me Uncle Keiji. You can come home with me.." He told me. Uncle Keiji - He sees me for not what I can do for making others suffer, but what I can do for making others suffer for the good of the people. I am finally loved.

    The pain is easing..

  6. Strieth Member

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    That very faithfull night, Keiji and Gaara had left the village with a goal ahead of them. "Where are we going, Uncle Keiji?" I would ask out of curiousity. "We're going.. camping for the night; in the Hidded Mist Village" Keiji would respond, placing His palm on my head, ruffeling up My hair. He's acting just like a father would. He loving and kind; my dream companion. There is no need for Tim anymore, for I have a real friend. "We are also keeping our eyes open for any.. criminal activity" Keiji would add.

    We've been walking for hours. My legs feel like they are going to snap off. This gourd is not helping either; This curse is holding me down from my capacity. "Uncle Keiji, can I ride on your back?" I would ask. I see many children 'riding' their fathers back. I guess it's a bonding thing. Keiji would then heave me onto His back. The wind blows in my face over Keiji's shoulder, as I slowly close my eyes and rest apon Keiji. The Sand that blows into my face will keep me awake - I hope.

    The voices in my head..

    "Gaara.. stay strong.."

  7. Miss Fortune I'm sleeping

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    :scry ohhh!!! I feel so bad!!!
    Gaara!! I want to cuddle you!! :scry
    Don't be sad!! I'm here!!! Come to me! I'll love you forever!!!:scry:scry:scry

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