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Dresdenverse Respect Thread

Discussion in 'Respect Dome' started by Estrecca, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Estrecca Active Member

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    I kind of lost momentum a long time ago about finishing the Sith Lords thread, but since I am currently reading the Dresdenverse books and they are popular enough I wondered 'Why not?'.

    Just a placeholder for now. Actual content should be posted soon.
  2. Dante Alighieri Dead Florentine Poet

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    Ebenezar McCoy Feats

    Brings a Russian satellite from space to annihilate a vampire stronghold.

    Caused the explosion at Krakatoa, Tunguska, and the 1812 New Madrid earthquake.

    Uses magnetism to disarm Kincaid of his gun.

    Casually tosses a ectoplasmic monster a quarter mile away. Also smashes another monster and then casually binds Lara Raith.

    Casually kills about 200 men with a wave of his staff.


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