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Databook Collection Thread Part I

Discussion in 'Naruto Translations' started by Chainer, Apr 24, 2009.

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  1. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Bunshin no Jutsu
    Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura, et al

    Creating one's own after-image and confusing the enemy!!

    A ninjutsu that creates an after-image of one's own body, without any substance. Since the clone itself doesn't have the ability to attack, and thus can only be used to confuse the enemy, it is mainly used in combination with other ninjutsu. It's a basic technique, but depending on one's ingenuity, it can be used effectively.

    [picture of Sakura and two of her clones attacking Ino]
    ↑As Ino said, the "Clone Technique" is a ninjutsu that every ninja can use.


    ◆Shinobi◆An elementary technique, even used as the Academy graduation exam

    This technique, used in the graduation exam, is one of the ninjutsu Naruto is poor at. Because of it, he has failed the exam three times...
  2. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Byakugan
    KEKKEI GENKAI; Byakugan
    Users: Hyuuga Neji, Hyuuga Hinata
    Supplementary; Close, Medium, Long Ranges; Rank: none

    Main text

    The Hyuuga clan is a distinguished family, and one of the Hidden Leaf village's two brightest jewels, the other being the Uchiha clan. The Kekkei Genkai that circulates within House Hyuuga is the Byakugan. Upon using Byakugan, the caster sees right through immediate obstacles, even catching a glance upon things situated remotely ahead of them. But Byakugan possesses an even more astonishing ability. It can also distinguish the inner body's "acupuncture network" through which chakra circulates, and the apertures though which it is released outside the body, the "chakra openings". Because of that ability, the Hyuuga are praised as the clan which has the most outstanding ability. That said, this is also the reason why they have accumulated tragedies throughout their history...


    -The heritage of the Hyuuga clan, the white eyes that see through everything!!

    Picture comments

    -When Byakugan is activated, it is so powerful it causes the veins around the caster's eyes to protrude!

    -How exactly does chakra circulate inside the body...? If one has the power of the Byakugan, even such a thing can be understood just like that, with absurd ease.
  3. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Fuuton: Daitoppa
    NINJUTSU; Fuuton: Daitoppa
    User: Orochimaru
    Offensive; Close, Medium ranges, Rank: C

    Main text

    This is a relatively simple jutsu that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the caster. And if used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. Naturally, when Orochimaru used it, it became a violent gale which blew off everything in his line of sight.


    -The wind from the squall blows away all things in one's line of sight!!

    Picture comments

    -The hurricane that assaulted Naruto and his companions was caused by a ninjutsu.

    -The wind breathed through the mouth is amplified. This jutsu is more advanced than it looks.
  4. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Gogyou Fuuin
    Five Elements* Seal (五行封印, Gogyou Fuuin)
    Fuuinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Orochimaru

    [picture of Orochimaru performing the Five Element Seal on Naruto]
    [picture of the kanji for the Five Elements appearing on Orochimaru's fingertips]
    →The moment the "Five Elements Seal" is used, Orochimaru concentrates wicked chakra to his five fingertips!

    A demonic seal carved to disturb the Kyuubi's power~~

    To disturb the effect of the "Four Images Seal" the Yondaime Hokage performed on Naruto, Orochimaru sealed Naruto once more. Because the "Five Element Seal," an odd-numbered seal, was put on top of the even-numbered "Four Images Seal"**, the Kyuubi's chakra was prevented from returning to Naruto. From then on, Naruto's own chakra and that of the Kyuubi's became jumbled and Naruto lost the ability to skilfully control it.

    *Gogyou (五行) refers to the five elements from Chinese philosophy: Metal (金, Chinese: Jīn), Wood (木, Chinese: M?), Water (水, Chinese: Shuǐ), Fire (火, Chinese: Huǒ), and Earth (土, Chinese: Tǔ). The elemental techniques in Naruto use different elements: Earth (土, Tsuchi), Water (水, Mizu), Fire (火, Hi), Wind (風, Kaze), and Lightning (雷, Kaminari). Those are based on the five elements from Japanese philosophy, the Godai (五大): Earth (地, Chi), Water (水, Sui), Fire (火, Ka), Wind (風, Fuu), and Void (空, Kuu).
    **Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)
  5. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Gogyou Kaiin
    Five Element* Unseal (五行解印, Gogyou Kaiin)
    Fuuinjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Jiraiya

    An unsealing technique for destroying evil seals~~~

    The unsealing technique Jiraiya used to release the "Five Elements Seal"** Orochimaru performed on Naruto. By concentrating chakra to his fingertips and hitting Naruto's navel, the sealing formula carved into Naruto's abdomen unravels and disappears. Jiraiya, being who he is, removed the seal easily, but this is an unsealing technique of a considerably high level. Even for jounin using this technique would be difficult. Thanks to this unsealing technique, Naruto regained the ability to control his chakra.

    [picture of Jiraiya hitting Naruto's stomach with the Five Element Unseal]
    ↑Naruto's face... is kind of pained?
    [picture of the Five Element Seal disappearing]
    ←The moment Orochimaru's sealing formula disappears.

    *Gogyou (五行) refers to the five elements from Chinese philosophy: Metal (金, Chinese: Jīn), Wood (木, Chinese: M?), Water (水, Chinese: Shuǐ), Fire (火, Chinese: Huǒ), and Earth (土, Chinese: Tǔ). The elemental techniques in Naruto use different elements: Earth (土, Tsuchi), Water (水, Mizu), Fire (火, Hi), Wind (風, Kaze), and Lightning (雷, Kaminari). Those are based on the five elements from Japanese philosophy, the Godai (五大): Earth (地, Chi), Water (水, Sui), Fire (火, Ka), Wind (風, Fuu), and Void (空, Kuu).
    **Five Elements Seal (五行封印, Gogyou Fuuin)
  6. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Hakke no Fuin Shiki
    Eight Trigrams* Sealing-style (八卦の封印式, Hakke no Fuuin-shiki)
    Fuuinjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Yondaime Hokage

    The double seal that sealed the Kyuubi's immense chakra~~~

    When the Yondaime Hokage sealed the Demon Fox inside of Naruto, the effect was made stronger by putting together two "Four Symbols Seals"**. At that time, he also left an opening at the space where the sealing formulas meet, allowing the Demon Fox's chakra to merge with Naruto's chakra. This sealing-style, because it consists of two "Four Symbols Seals," is called an "Eight Trigrams Sealing-style".

    [picture of the Kyuubi attacking Konoha]
    ←The tremendous Demon Fox's chakra is inside the small body of Naruto!!

    *The Eight Trigrams (Bāgu? in Chinese) come from Taoist cosmology and are closely related to the concept of Yin-Yang.
    **Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)
  7. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Hakkeshou Kaiten
    KEKKEI GENKAI; Taijutsu: Hakkeshou Kaiten (Titanic Revolution* of the Eight Trigrams Palm)
    User: Hyuuga Neji
    Defensive; Close range; Rank: none

    Main text

    A taijutsu where one releases a large amount of chakra from their body's chakra openings to catch the blows from an enemy's attacks, while making one's body spin to repel them. A secret transmitted by oral tradition within the Hyuuga's Main House, though Hyuuga Neji came up with it own his own, despite him being from the Branch House. It stands in the same league as Gaara's Sand as an ultimate protection, and was even called "the other Absolute Defense". This is the high grade taijutsu that made Neji's prodigious talent known during the Chuunin exam.


    -An application of Juuken, the other "Absolute Defense"!!

    Picture comment

    -The Byakugan's nigh-360? field of vision perceives the rear attack, and Kaiten intercepts it (tn: some words were illegible to me so that sentence is partly made up, and probably wrong).
  8. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Henge no Jutsu
    Transformation Technique (変化の術, Henge no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Iruka, et al

    Deceiving the enemy by changing ones appearance!!

    Given all the missions ninja are assigned to -battle, intelligence gathering, diversions- this is a priceless ninjutsu. It is typically used to change into people other than oneself, but one also has the ability to change into animals, plants, and even inanimate objects like weapons. This gives this technique an abundance of uses.

    [picture of Naruto's terrible transformation into the Sandaime Hokage]
    ←On the other hand, a "Transformation Technique" performed by an inexperienced person will have... obvious discrepancies. It will be impossible to deceive anyone with it.

    [pictures of cancelling his transformation into Naruto]
    ↑→The transformation of a skilful shinobi will be exactly like the genuine article!! It will be impossible to tell the two apart.
  9. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
    Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

    A ninjutsu that creates a true copy of something. What makes it different from the normal "Clone Technique"* is that it creates a clone with substance, making them able to perform physical attacks. It's a high grade ninjutsu, allowing the clone to various techniques of the user. It used to be Naruto's worst skill, but nowadays it's his favourite by far. The way he uses it is also extraordinarily clever.

    That shadow
    It changes into yet another real body!!

    [picture of Naruto attacking Zabuza from behind]
    [picture of Naruto attacking Neji from the ground]
    ←↑By using the clone to attract the enemy's attention, the real body can appear from an unexpected place and launch an attack! This is the clever way the "Shadow Clone Technique" can be used.

    *Clone Technique (分身の術, Bunshin no Jutsu)
  10. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kage Shuriken no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Kage Shuriken no jutsu (Shadow Shuriken technique)
    User: Uchiha Sasuke
    Offensive; Medium, Long ranges; Rank: D

    Main text

    It's an extremely simple jutsu where two shuriken are piled one onto another and thrown simultaneously. However, depending on the way it's used, it can prove its absolute efficiency! The trick is to somehow draw the enemy's attention towards the upper shuriken. Then, to deal with the path of the lower shuriken. If the enemy notices both shuriken, the technique ends up losing all of its efficiency.


    -An unexpected assault coming from a blind spot!!

    Picture comment

    -Sasuke is pulling off an advanced Kage Shuriken with this here "Shadow Windmill".
  11. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kamaitachi
    Kamaitachi* Technique (カマイタチの術, Kamaitachi no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
    User: temari

    A whirlwind of blades, crowned with a bewitching name!!

    This bold move is Temari's speciality. By freely manipulating the gale brought forth by her giant fan, the many air currents collide and create vacuums pockets. The person enveloped by this gale is assaulted by countless invisible blades, carving up their body. Also, the strong wind power will blow away all incoming projectile weapons and will even make the opponent unable to stay on their feet.

    [picture of the Kamaitachi Technique cutting into a tree]
    →The invisible blades created by the air turbulence slash at the surface of a large tree. That sounds echoes like an extremely sharp knife...!

    *A Kamaitachi (鎌鼬), or "Sickle Weasel" is a creature from Japanese folklore. It's a weasel holding a sickle, or having sickle-like claws. They ride whirlwinds, often in pairs of three, and cut people.
  12. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kanashibari no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Kanashibari no jutsu (Temporary Paralysis technique)
    Users: Orochimaru; ANBU, etc...
    Supplementary; Close, Medium ranges; Rank: D

    Main text

    A jutsu for physical restraint, quite as if the oppenent had been tied in invisible steel ropes. This is a basic ninjutsu usable even by Genin classes, but its intensity will vary greatly according to the caster's level. In addition, depending on the caster, the jutsu can be cast on every target at once, and won't fail a shinobi during his missions.


    -The immobility jutsu that binds with an invisible force.

    Picture comment

    -Before this jutsu, even the giant tigers that showed up in the Forest of Death became incapable of movement, down to their whiskers.
  13. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu (Fire Release: Hulking Fireball technique)
    User: Uchiha Sasuke
    Offensive; Close range; Rank: C

    Main text

    A jutsu where the chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled forward in a massive orb of roaring flame. The scope of the attack is altered by controlling the volume of chakra that is mustered. The blazes, released with a thunderous roar will engulf their target, and leave a crater on the ground's surface. That's how terrifying they are...!!


    -The massive flame engulfs and vaporizes everything!!

    Picture comment

    -The seals to activate it are Uma (Horse) and Tora (Tiger). Sasuke already has the skill to handle that advanced technique.
  14. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Katon: Housenka no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Katon: Housenka no jutsu (Fire Release: Incendiary Balsam Dehiscence technique/Flames of the Firebird Sage technique*)
    User: Uchiha Sasuke
    Offensive; Close range; Rank: C

    Main text

    Just like a balsam bursts open when touched, the flames spat out of the caster's mouth will fly wildly in every direction, assaulting the enemy!! In addition, the flames are controlled one by one with chakra, so avoiding them all is extremely, distressingly difficult. This jutsu is a beautiful thing to see, but it hides fierce might and power.


    -A dehiscence of raging flames, the fiery petals dance into the air!!

    Picture comment

    -He conceals a shuriken among the rampaging flames... Together with those flames, the shuriken is also controlled through chakra.
  15. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Katon: Ryuuka no jutsu (Dragonfire technique)
    User: Uchiha Sasuke
    Offensive; Mid-range; Rank: C

    Main text

    Quite like the flames spat out by a dragon, the innumerable blazes rush forward in a straight line, seizing the enemy and combusting them entirely...!! If Goukakyuu engulfs the enemy in raging flames, in the case of Ryuuka, a sharp fire targets and assaults the enemy's upper body just like a projectile weapon. Making use of his Sharingan with the Ryuuka, Sasuke lands a remarkable hit in Orochimaru's face.


    -The swift flames assault in a straight line!!

    Picture comment

    -Even a master like Orochimaru was unable to avoid the technique although he'd noticed its activation!!
  16. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kawarimi no Jutsu
    Change of Body Technique (変わり身の術, Kawarimi no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, E-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Hatake kakashi, Uzumaki Naruto, et al.

    That body - In an instant, it changes into a block of wood, taking the enemy by surprise!!

    With this technique, one replaces their own body with a block of wood or something, the moment an attack lands. This creates an optical illusion, making the enemy think the attack was successful. From this, the user can use the lapse in the enemy's attention to attack or flee from the battlefield. It's a basic ninjutsu even taught at the Academy, but it's a useful art that can be applied in variety of situations!!

    [picture of Kakashi being hit by kunai and shuriken]
    [picture of the log Kakashi switched with, filled with kunai and shuriken]
    ←↓Kakashi's magnificent "Change of Body technique". Naruto saw nothing else but him being hit by the attack.
  17. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kuchiyose no Jutsu
    Summoning Technique (口寄せの術, Kuchiyose no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, C-rank, Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
    Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

    [pictures of Jiraiya smearing blood over his summoning tattoo and slamming his hand on the ground]
    →Jiraiya uses his left hand. Naruto uses his right hand for the contract. In any case, the user's blood is essential.

    Through a blood contract, fantastic creatures can be called forth!!

    This is a kind of space-time ninjutsu, allowing the user to summon any living being with whom they signed a contract in blood, at any time and place they desire. The summoned creature will obey the user with its life, helping in every situation, whether it be fighting or fleeing. The user smears their own blood on the hand they signed the contract with and kneads chakra by doing handseals. Then by turning the palm of that hand to the place they want to summon, they call forth a subordinate they can rely on.

    ↓It's not a technique someone of genin-level should use. However, Naruto successfully signed a contract.
    [picture of Naruto signing the Toads' contract scroll]
  18. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei
    Summoning: Impure World* Ressurection (口寄せ・穢土転生, Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei)
    Ninjutsu, S-rank, Supplementary
    User: Orochimaru

    Using a living person as a medium**, it calls back a deceased person to this world.

    [picture of Orochimaru putting a fuda*** inside the Shodai Hokage's head]
    ↑Within this body is a human sacrifice!?

    [picture of the resurrected Shodai and Nidaime Hokage]
    →The deceased has to obey the user of the technique...

    A sinful summoning technique, resurrecting a deceased person back into this world. It uses a living human sacrifice as a vessel to hold the deceased in this world. The sacrifice the deceased descents in, is covered by a shroud of dust in the shape the deceased's body had in life. The technique itself, because it's a kinjutsu that's too inhuman, had it's existence concealed...

    *Edo (穢土, "Dirty Soil") is what Japanese Buddhists call the world normal, unenlightened people live in. The current, living world. The world of the people who have not yet have escaped the polluting thoughts (greed, hatred, delusion, etc.) that result in suffering.
    **The word used for medium is "yorishiro" (依り代). A yorishiro is an object capable of housing a Kami (神, the shinto concept of gods), allowing them to occupy physical space. Persons can also house Kami, but they are called "yorimashi" (依巫). The fact that the word yorishiro is used here shows how inhuman this technique is, treating the sacrifices as nothing more than objects.
    ***A fuda, or o-fuda (御札) is a kind of talisman or charm, made of paper. It is placed on walls, pillars, doors , and windows as a guard against evil spirits and such. They are often seen in manga and anime as a kind of mystical weapon. The exploding tags in Naruto are fuda, for example.
  19. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Makyou Hyoushou
    Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals (魔鏡氷晶, Makyou Hyoushou)
    Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Close to mid-range (0-10m)
    User: Haku

    The abominable and tremendous ability, passed down only within Haku's clan... The "Kekkei Genkai: Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals" is a technique wrapped up in many mysteries. Only one thing is clear: it is said that no method in existence can defeat this technique. In an instant, multiple mirrors of ice are created around the enemy, reflecting nothing but Haku. For Haku, it's possible to move between the mirrors at the speed of light. It's impossible to see attacks send out from this literal light speed movement. For the opponent, nothing is left but to wait in amazement.

    ↓Every single ice mirror shows Haku's reflection!? Under these circumstances, one could say it's impossible to see all of Haku's attacks.
    [picture of Sasuke being surrounded by mirrors reflecting Haku]

    The technique carved in cursed blood
    Inside the demonic mirrors is Haku's phantom world!!

    [picture of Naruto's Shadow Clones being defeated by Haku]
    ←Naruto tries to attack the real body, but the moment after he starts his attack, Haku has already moved to another mirror.
  20. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Sharingan
    Kekkei Genkai: Sharingan
    Users: Hatake Kakashi, Uchiha Sasuke
    Support, Short, Mid, Long ranges. Rank: none.

    Main text

    The Kekkei Genkai withheld in the blood of Konoha's finest lineage, the Uchiha clan. This unique ability, manifested only in a mere fraction [of people] even within the clan, is characterized by comma*-shaped markings in one's pupils. On top of an all-encompassing insight and powerful hypnosis, these eyes are hosts to a jutsu-copying ability that memorizes the techniques their gaze falls upon in an instant, and replicates them. Just like Kakashi who, in his fight against Zabuza, used it in such a way as to look like he could predict the future; according to their methods of use, the field of variations the caster can apply to their offense and defense expands indefinitely!!

    The power of insight hidden inside these eyes discerns the mechanics of all ninjutsu, taijutsu and genjutsu without restriction, putting it above the crowd even by doujutsu standards. Furthermore, one can even see the patterns of their opponent's movements and attacks, striking firmly without fear of a counter-attack, avoiding lethal blows when defending, evading from offensive moves and so forth: one's combat ability is significantly improved in all kinds of aspects. An awe-inspiring ability for which the "Clairvoyant Eyes of Heaven**" would be an appropriate name indeed!!

    The Sharingan's true power, in addition to the threat posed by its insight... is its copying ability, that of making one's own any technique one sets eyes upon. Chakra, handseals... all the principles bringing the jutsu into existence will be recorded into the caster's memory in the blink of an eye, making its utilization possible. Of course, the necessary volume of chakra and physical ability requirements must be met, but should one find themselves in some kind of dire situation, the Uchiha blood will demonstrate its accumulated experience, and never will those who have inherited it know any limits (tn: i.e even if you can't use the jutsu you've copied, the info will still prove most useful provided you can rub two brain cells together)!!


    -The Uchiha clan's God-given, clairvoyant doujutsu, transmitted by blood!!

    -Seeing through something and duplicating its principles for oneself.

    Picture comments

    -The Sharingan in Kakashi's left eye. With that power, he's copied over one thousand techniques.

    -Sasuke's Sharingan slightly differs from Kakashi's. Is it because it's not complete yet, or is there something else (tn: just goes to show you Kishi will squeeze all the mystery he can out of any situation, LOL)?

    -Reading through countless illusions in an instant. The jutsu's fundamentals, chakra amount and the like: those eyes will reflect matters in their entirety!!

    -Receiving a taijutsu blow only once, he makes it his own move!!
  21. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Shikakyu no Jutsu
    Quadruped Technique (四脚の術, Shikyaku no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
    User: Inuzuka Kiba

    Accelerated fighting instinct
    The speed of a wild animal baring its fangs!!

    One of the Beast Imitation Ninja Arts*, a beast transformation allowing one to mimic the beasts' movement. By stretching chakra around one's entire body and moving on all fours, one obtains super-high speed, like that of a wild animal.
    The power of an attack during this acceleration is incredible, and because the accuracy is also increased, hunting down the prey with a hit-and-run tactic fits Kiba best while using this technique.

    [picture of Kiba standing on all fours]
    [picture of Kiba attacking Naruto after having used this technique]
    ←↑From that characteristic pose, he charges at once with breakneck speed, unable to be followed, even with one's eyes!!

    *擬獣忍法 (Gijuu Ninpou). Literally "Imitation Beast Ninja Art".
  22. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Shishi Enjin
    Four Purple Flames Formation (四紫炎陣, Shishienjin)
    Ninjutsu, B-rank, Supplementary, Mid-range (5-10m)
    Users: Sound Four

    Burning purple walls
    An absolute barrier ninjutsu!!

    A solid, strong barrier formation, performed by the four elite Sound-nin. Standing in a square formation, the performers are covered from all sides. The faces of the barrier are made form purple flames. The body of anyone touching it will immediately be engulfed in flames. In addition, there is no way to destroy the formation from the inside the barrier, since the four people also have a barrier inside the barrier, protecting them. Breaking out is extremely difficult.
  23. Chainer Flame of Ud?n Advisor

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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Shishou Fuuin
    Four Images Seal (四象封印, Shishou Fuuin)
    Fuuinjutsu, No rank, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
    User: Yondaime Hokage

    A sealing formula that seals evil using a circle four images!!

    As the result of a fuuinjutsu, a sealing formula is carved into, for instance, a human body or an object. The "Four Images Seal" is one of these. This sealing formula is mainly used when a giant enemy or evil spirit needs to be sealed. To use it, it is necessary for the user to have great ability. In Naruto, two of these "Four Images Seals" have been carved. This is called an "Eight Trigrams Sealing-style"*.

    [picture of an infant Naruto with the freshly carved Kyuubi seal on his stomach]
    →On Naruto's abdomen is the "Sealing Formula of the Kyuubi." The Yondaime Hokage performed it on the infant Naruto.

    *Eight Trigrams Sealing-style (八卦の封印式, Hakke no Fuuin-shiki)
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Shoushagan no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Shoushagan no jutsu (Photographic Portrayal Disfigurement technique)
    User: Orochimaru
    Supplementary; Close range; Rank: B

    Main text

    A ruthless jutsu where one applies their hand onto the subject's face, stealing its physionomy and making it their own. Since what is stolen is the face itself, the disguise achieved through facial features alteration* won't reveal the tiniest flaw. Orochimaru used this jutsu to infiltrate the Chuunin preliminary exams, impersonating a Grass ninja. The victims discovered later had been reduced to faceless corpses atrocious even to look at...


    -A heartless masquerade of death without cosmetics. The Orochi's portraiture masterpiece (tn: the translation here is kinda arbitrary)!!

    Picture comment

    -Anko instantly recognizes her former master, Orochimaru's technique.
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Shunshin no Jutsu
    Body Flicker Technique (瞬身の術, Shunshin no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, D-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Gaara, Hatake Kakashi, et al

    A movement technique with extreme speed like a gust of wind!!

    Appearing along with the wind, disappearing like the wind: the ninja's instantaneous movement technique. This super fast movement is almost impossible to grasp with the naked eye. If seen by an ordinary person, it would seem as if the user has teleported... In reality, the user has vitalized his body with chakra and moved at super speeds. The amount of chakra used up differs depending on the distance and elevation of their stopping point in comparison to the starting point.

    The cloud of sand dances in the wind

    [picture of Gaara using the Body Flicker]
    [picture of Haku using the Body Flicker]
    [picture of Kakashi using the Body Flicker]
    ↑→Haku's and Kakashi's Body Flicker. Dancing leaves and disappearing in an instant like mist. There are many variations of the "Body Flicker" for the various villages and user. Gaara's use includes the "Sand Body Flicker"*. There are also the "Mist Body Flicker"**, "Water Body Flicker"***, and "Leaf Body Flicker"****, among many others.

    *Sand Body Flicker (砂瞬身, Suna Shunshin)
    **Mist Body Flicker" (霧瞬身, Kiri Shunshin)
    ***Water Body Flicker" (水瞬身, Mizu Shunshin)
    ****"Leaf Body Flicker" (木ノ葉瞬身, Konoha Shunshin)
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Suiton: Daibakufu no jutsu (Water Release: Grand Waterfall technique)
    User: Momochi Zabuza
    Offensive; Medium, Long ranges; Rank: A

    Main text

    The water extends over a large scale, surges and rises up to several dozen meters high. Then it streams down to the ground in one big cascade*, much like a gigantic waterfall...!! In doing so, it quite resembles a humongous high wave, the absurdly tremendous power of which hollows out the ground. What remains after that jutsu's utilization is reminescent of no less than the aftermath of a natural disaster. This is considerably advanced ninjutsu, and activating that technique requires a fair share of chakra.


    -The manipulated water turns into a waterfall, washing away* absolutely everything in sight!
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Suiton: Suiryuudan no jutsu (Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet technique)
    User: Momochi Zabuza
    Offensive; Close, Medium, Long ranges; Rank: B

    Main text

    A jutsu where a large amount of water hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical damage. It was named after the fact that the manipulated water takes the shape of a dragon. The ideal place to use it is near a body of water but if the caster's skill allows it, it is possible to use it even in a place where there is none. That said, the amount of water used will be in proportion with the caster's skill.


    -The dragon-shaped water column swoops down with violence!!

    Picture comment

    -He takes out Zabuza's Water Dragon with the same technique!!
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Soufuusha San no Tachi
    NINJUTSU; Soufuusha San No Tachi (Windmill Manoeuver: Sword Three)
    User: Uchiha Sasuke
    Offensive; Mid-range; Rank: C

    Main text

    First, strings are attached beforehand onto the tossed shuriken and the kunai thrown after it, then the shuriken is pulled back using the tree as an axis, based on the yo-yo's principle. Sword One: the shuriken and Sword Two: the kunai are decoys, and the true attack is the backtracking shuriken. Namely, Sword Three! The trick in making this technique successful is to somehow be able to read the enemy's movements. That's what Sharingan is made for.


    -Strings are used to handle the two blades, giving birth to the third one, which digs the enemy's grave!

    Picture comment

    -Reading in advance Orochimaru's escape route, Sasuke pulled off an invisible "third move" trick
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu
    Multiple Shadow Clones Technique (多重影分身の術, Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu)
    Ninjutsu, A-rank, Supplementary
    Users: Uzumaki Naruto, Hatake Kakashi, et al

    That shadow... wiping out the enemy by becoming a thousand warriors!!

    [picture of the masses of clones Naruto summoned during his fight with Mizuki]
    [Naruto's clones starting their attack]
    ↑←Ever since he first used it to defeat Mizuki, the "Shadow Clone Technique" became one of Naruto's most frequently used ninjutsu.

    A technique developed from the "Shadow Clone," a ninjutsu that creates clones with actual substance. Countless Shadow Clones... The exact number depends on the amount of chakra used, but in any case the amount of. chakra consumed is far too great. For this reason, no ninja below Hokage, save for a limited few, can use this technique without risking their life. For that reason, the Shodai Hokage sealed this technique inside the Scroll of Seals* as a forbidden move. The reason Naruto was able to learn this technique was his amazing stamina.

    *Scroll of Seals (封印の書, Fuuin no Sho). The scroll Mizuki tricks Naruto into stealing.
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Toomegane no Jutsu
    NINJUTSU; Toomegane no jutsu (Telescopic Observation technique*)
    User: Sandaime
    Supplementary; Long range; Rank: A

    Main text

    A jutsu that uses a crystal ball to track a particular individual anywhere they are. There are a few restrictions about the person that is subjected to pursuit. The caster must know that person's chakra pattern. If someone can be targeted for pursuit, they may be miles and miles far away, the crystal ball will be able to confirm their position. As this jutsu is unfallible for intelligence purposes, Sandaime Hokage uses it to maintain public order in the village.


    -The unfathomable clairvoyance that sees everything without obstruction.

    Picture comment

    -If the targeted individual is inside the village of Konoha, they will be observable even on top of a mountain or in the middle of the ocean.
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Chidori

    Type: Ninjutsu
    User(s): Uchiha Sasuke
    Use: Attack
    Range: Close
    Rank: A

    Black: That chirping penetrates even the most tenacious rocks.

    Picture 1: The released chakra gives off a "chicchicchi" noise which can be
    compared to birds' voices.
    Picture 2: When Kakashi uses it, "Chidori" is known as "Raikiri".

    By activating the body, a great amount of chakra is brought forth and
    concentrated into one arm. Furthermore, by running a long distance, this turns
    into a high-speed stab of destructive power!! The movement is a mere stab, but
    this great technique boasts such large power that it was able to open a hole in
    Gaara's sand defence.
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    Spoiler: Databook 1 - Raikiri

    Type: Ninjutsu
    User(s): Hatake Kakashi
    Use: Attack
    Range: Close
    Rank: S

    Black: In one swing, this swift stab turns into a famous blade that can even cut

    Picture 1: Ending in a single point, this huge amount of chakra is a wonder even
    to the eyes of the enemy!! It predicts a hopeles future.
    Picture 2: Kakashi's "Chidori" cut lightning...that legend is the origin of the
    name "Raikiri".

    The one who is said to have copied over 1000 jutsu, Kakashi's single original
    technique, this is "Raikiri"! Gai says that the true nature of this technique is
    "a regular stab", but the amazing time when you see this huge amount of chakra
    is gathered in the hand, Kakashi's arm becomes a famous blade that can cut
    through anything.
    Kakashi, named "Konoha's greatest technician", created this ultimate secret art
    himself. It is really a simple technique perfected by honing it to the limit, an
    artisan's technique.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Aburame Shibi
    Aburame Shibi   



    A self-possessed figure, the pride of Aburame.

    CAPTION: Sentiments do not leave as a voice gives Shino relief, his trust in his father, Shibi, is strong.

    Since he kept calm in his son's crisis, the pride of the Aburame clan grasped the situation. At the time when he shakes he's strong "the ego"... Shibi can understand well the noble blood that flows through the Aburame clan.

    Ninja Registration Number: 005480
    Birthday: 7th September (39 years old, Virgo)
    Height: 181.3cm Weight: 68.9kg Blood Type: A
    Personality: silent
    Favorite words: Even the soul of an insect has 5 parts.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Aburame Shino
    Aburame Shino Genin - Pgs. 18-21

    His partners are the insects...their power goes towards his!

    In any situation, when he is agitated, they give his heart the self-confidence to challenge a person in battle!

    "A wise man keeps some of his talents in reserve". The reticent Aburame Shino never lets his true character show, he hides
    within his suitable coat. His calmness in battle supports this. The Aburame clan's are symbolised by their host of bugs in their bodies, and Shino analyses the battle by controlling the bugs like fingers. He does not flaunt his self-confidence, it is important to store away that treasure.

    NARUTO:"...an excellent person i said...so you invited Shino!"

    TOP CAPTION: In battle, the front line is always attacked, any kind of enemy strike can be dealt with if preparation is made prior to moving.

    MIDDLE CAPTION: A result of giving an instinctal estimate. The determined Naruto does not acknowledge Shino's superiority.

    BOTTOM-LEFT CAPTION: Shino enjoys making his insect collection, but they are also to study. Contact with the bugs boosts his jutsu accuracy.

    SHINO: "Well...you will probably hear that there is something called teamwork."

    During the rescue operation to recover Sasuke, Shino had an unusual feeling. His ego is hurt but he does not stop the search until an agreement to do so is made. This is an investigation of strength and power, Shino's power alone supports him when the group all part each others sides.
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Aburame Skills bit

    The habits of bugs are used
    The secret techniques of the Aburame clan


    TOP-RIGHT CAPTION: Only the male bug can smell the scent of the female bug, making this a high-level pursuit technique.

    The habits of the bugs that have been provided to the Aburame clan have meant they could develop techniques. The bugs are used for attack, defense and capture...their use is truly diverse.


    Using the bugs, a replication can be created! A variegated jutsu.


    If the bugs that live in an Aburame's body are utilised, harmful internal matter can be removed.

    Text over Shino:
    No matter what weak little bug they might be, I never underestimate my opponent… I fight with all my strength!

    Right info box:
    忍者登録番号 012618
    Ninja registration 012618

    誕生日 1月23日 (13歳・みずがめ座)
    Birthday 23rd of January (Age 13 || Aquarius)

    身長 161.cm 体重 48.5kg 血液型 AB型
    Height 161.cm Weight 48.5kg Blood type AB

    性格 厳格、秘密主義、ポーかフェイス
    Character Strict, secretive, poker faced

    好きな食べ物 野草サラダ、とうがん
    Favourite foods Wildgrass salad, white gourd-melon

    嫌いな食べ物 匂いの強い物
    Hated foods Strong smelling foods

    戦ってみたい相手 強い者
    Desired opponent A strong person

    好きな言葉 切り札
    Favourite phrase Trump card

    趣味 蟲の観察 (生態調査)
    Hobby Insect watching (ecology research)
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Akamaru
    Akamaru Pg. 15

    With Kiba he runs, coming reliably as his partner!

    For a person of the Inuzuka clan, a shinobi dog is always there.
    While living together, shinobi dogs live like shinobis, who study in depth to be able to summon them.
    While in battle, Akamaru bites and attaches himself to a timid Kiba, which will invigorate him.
    The blood of the Inuzuka clan also flows in Akamaru.

    He's a shield,he's a weapon...!
    Kiba's life is protected, Akamaru is an excellent ninja dog!
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Akimichi Chouji
    Akimichi Chouji pg 16-18

    Can’t give up this last piece to anyone!!

    In his heart, warmth, in his stomach food! The young ‘butterfly????’ that flits round Leaf Village. <don’t’ ask!>

    He searches for the sources of life, food, and uses its for strength. Eating is destiny for the Akimichi clan. The destiny of a full stomach does not allow Chouji to be thin. Chouji knows that someone is calling him ‘fatty.’ But he still eats. With that large(kind) mind of his, he forgive and chews.

    (Pic of Chouji stuffing his face)
    Eating is replenishing his chakra. Even before combat he eats.

    Shikamaru is the first one to acknowledge Chouji’s heart and become his friend. They still show their friendship and are on the same team.

    (Pic of young Chouji and Shika)
    Chouji, “Special seat?”
    Shika, “I like to lie here and watch the clouds.”

    Ninja Registration: 012625
    Birthday: May first (13 Taurus)
    Height: 156.3 cm, weight: 69.3 kg, bloodtype: B
    Personality: gourmet, optimist
    Likes: roasted ribs, biscuits
    Dislike: inedible stuff
    Wants to fight: If food is compensation, anyone is ok!
    Likes to say: Meat!
    Hobbies: buying treats

    Ninja Academy graduation: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignment ranking: D:8, C:3, B:0, A:1, S:0

    Why do they keep on eating? Because there is food! For the Akimichi clan, food is everything!

    Pg 18.
    The gentle expression-Inside resides fiery friendship!!

    (Pic of angry Chouji)
    “Everyone be quiet!”
    Shika’s plans which fool not only the enemy but also his own side, are recognized immediately only by Chouji and supported.

    Trust in his friend
    Friendship with Shikamaru which stemmed from childhood is the most precious treasure to Chouji. Is it because two were friends for such a long time that they work well together? Even without an explaination, Chouji immediately recognized Shikamaru’s plans and moves to fulfill them.

    (Pic of the three medicine balls)
    The Akimichi clan’s greatest nostrum, the three medicine balls imbued with great energy. Once consumed, explosive power is gained but there are severe side effects. The use of these medicine balls by the self abasing Chouji is evidence of his commitment to his friends.

    In stage two, he single handedly block the enemy. The ultimate strength of the Akimichi clan is shown here!
    (Pic of Chouji blocking a fist)
    “It’s no use.”

    Mocking himself and his friends cannot be forgiven! He puts into his mouth the red medicine ball which will surely kill him. The great mass of chakra which changes him physically flows from his entire body.

    This is not an exaggeration. The strength that erupts from one who has risked his life brings out confidence.
    (Pic of determined Chouji)
    “I’m 100 times stronger than before!!”

    Page 18-19

    Akimichi Chouji’s page

    Top left picture, caption:
    Blue, yellow, red… the three risks Chouji takes to obtain power.

    Last paragraph, right at the bottom:
    The wings of a phoenix butterfly sped on by friendship…? The ultimate power in Chouji’s fist howls!!
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Akimichi Chouza
    Akimichi Chouza - Jounin - Pg. 15

    The massive Akimichi clan are supported by the big heart of Chouza, their central pillar!!

    Believing in the growth of his son and the benefits of obesity, he has watched over Chouji.
    Knowing that Chouji is kinder than anyone, he is no different, and so is the shinobi who is kinder than anyone.

    Smashing the enemy with the super force of Multi-size no jutsu!
    His big body is used in order to protect the people of the village!

    "Chouji...you are a person who is kinder than anyone..." Chouza to Chouji
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Dan
    Page 103 Dan

    A wise hero who died halfway to his dream

    Dan lived in a generation where conflict endlessly broke out all across the land and the world was covered with blood and massacre. In the midst of the mayhem, Dan was visited by tragedy, one day suddenly losing his precious younger sister…

    Top left pictures, speech:

    この道はよく忍者学校まで妹を迎えに行った || 大好きな道だから
    I often took this path to pick my sister up from the Ninja Academy. || I love this path.

    Top left picture, caption:
    ↓Hiding an unforgettable sadness inside… The far too kind smile shown to Tsunade.

    2nd picture, speech:
    みんなを守る存在・・・ 火影はオレの夢だからね
    Someone to protect everyone… because becoming the Hokage is my dream.

    2nd picture, caption:
    ←In order to never again lose an important person…

    Big heading in the middles:
    I love my village and my friends… so I want to protect them

    Paragraph on the left:
    As well as tingeing Dan’s heart with sadness, the loss of his sister gave birth to a grand ambition. Dan burned with passion to become ‘Hokage’, a person to protect everything.

    Top info box:
    忍者登録番号 002973
    Ninja number 002973

    誕生日 12月4日 (享年27歳・いて座)
    Birthday 4th of December (Age at death 27 || Sagittarius)

    身長 180.2cm 体重 87.1kg(or 67.1??) 血液型 A型
    Height 180.2cm Weight 87.1kg Blood type A

    性格 思慮深い、正義
    Character Thoughtful, righteous

    好きな言葉 平和
    Favourite phrase Peace

    Second info box:
    忍者学校卒業年齢 10歳 中忍昇格年齢 ?
    Age at graduation 10 Age at promotion to Chuunin ?


    D rank – 72 C rank – 84
    B rank – 223 A rank – 168
    S rank – 22

    Bottom box, heading:
    Hundred Leaves Collection … … The eleventh

    Tsunade’s necklace was originally owned by the first Hokage, Shodaime. Made from a unique mineral, it was a ‘treasure’ to Tsunade and the shinobi who aim to be Hokage. Until it was bathed in the blood of two shinobi…

    Big heading:
    火影の  首飾り  -その重み
    The weight of the Hokage’s Necklace

    Picture captions:
    Nawaki and Dan, the two to whom Tsunade entrusted the necklace. Now, it is a memento of them…
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Enma Enkou'ou
    Main text

    The Monkey Ancient Sandaime Hokage summons by means of a blood pact. A war veteran and a powerhouse, he was always to be found as Sandaime's right hand man, together with him on the battlefield, shapeshifted into the expandable Kongou Bou**. His fighting strength and the brilliance of his combat experience leave no leeway to imitators.
    Enma's connection with Sandaime is built on deep and cordial trust, enough for him to bluntly offer his advice on occasion. Rather than master-servant their relationship should be depicted as that of a unique couple of brother-in-arms. As he was involved even in Sandaime's fate with Orochimaru, he has a profound understanding of his heart's suffering.


    -The Monkey Ancient who travelled across a world of extreme chaos and conflicts alongside Sandaime!!

    -That ain't like you... What's going on?

    Picture comments

    -He understands the pain of Sandaime, who was unable to stop Orochimaru when he was starting to develop his inhuman, amoral techniques.

    -Sandaime fell protecting Konoha from Orochimaru's evil schemes. Enma took care of the one who'd been his brother-in-arms for so long in his last moments.
    *Enma (Ape Demon), King of Apes.
    **"Bou" simply means "staff". "Kongou" translates as "adamantine", "diamond", but is also a reference to "Vajra", Indra's indestructible weapon. Indra is an Hindu god. As usual, please refer to Wikipedia and Onmark Productions for better info.
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    Random "HI!" from Hiroshi. :hiro
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Gamabunta
    Page 70-71 Gamabunta etc

    Page 70

    Writing over toad:
    I’ll make sure you pay me back for this…

    Heading down right side:
    Majestic and magnificent!!

    仁義を尊ぶ 任侠の蝦蟇!!
    An honorable toad, defender of justice, protector of the weak!!

    Paragraph at bottom right:
    The big toad summoned by Jiraiya and Naruto. The sight of him wielding his giant knife is the very picture of the boss of chivalry. His violent fights against Shukaku and Manda show why he is known as the strongest toad.

    His life is also that of a boss. Having yet to pledge his loyalty to Naruto, Gamabunta had no obligation to help him. However, upon learning that Naruto had saved Gamakichi, he joined Naruto in the fight against Shukaku. He is a true warrior among warriors who understands the lifelong shame of an unchivalrous action!

    Middle right picture, speech:
    Now, don’t be sayin’ that and just listen to him, would ya! (<------ borrowed... thankyou to the translator)

    オレ こいつに助けられたんじゃけん!
    This guy saved me! (<-------- i prefer it without the passive)

    Middle right picture, caption:
    Unable to ignore the desperation of the one who saved his son. A true champion.

    Bottom right picture, speech:
    わしゃ ちょうどヘビ革の財布が欲しゅーてのォ・・・
    Just when I was hankering for a snakeskin wallet...

    Bottom right picture, caption:
    His voice rings like a knife no matter who his opponent his. His power is no bluff.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Gaara
    Gaara pg 62-66

    A huge debt must be paid to Leaf Village

    The unparalleled power of the Sand, that power is unleashed and fells enemies

    Having no human-like feelings, he repeatedly kills as he wishes. Born as the result of an experiment with the Sand’s reincarnation trapped in him, he has walked the way of the evil monster, one experiencing solitude and suffering. But fighting Sasuke, Lee during the chunnin exams and watching Naruto’s way of fighting, there is change in his mindset. Killing others is not the only way of proving one’s existence. Facing others, making relationships, gaining acceptance…These might be the way of truly proving one’s existence.

    (Pic of Gaara talking)
    “I can do anything if there is sand.”
    Absolute confidence, is this the pride of having lived with sand?

    After, “Destroying the Leaf”, he rushes to help the Leaf that has forged a friendship with the Sand. Is this because of orders or some other emotion? Gaara’s desire to be a different existence, one that is not the perfect killer but rather something else…

    Registration Number: 56-001
    Birthday: Feb 19th (13 Capricorn)
    Height: 148.1 cm, weight: 40.2 kg, bloodtype: AB
    Personality: cold, egotistic
    Likes: gizzards, roasted ribs
    Dislikes: anko sticks, marrons glaces
    Likes to say: self love
    Hobbies: combat

    Nina school graduation: 12
    Chunnin: -
    Assignments: D: ?, C: 9, B:1, A: 1, S:1

    (Pic of Lee and Gaara)
    Protecting a wounded Lee he fights the opponent. This is unthinkable behavior from the old Gaara.

    Pg 64
    Shukaku, the sand reincarnation that invades the mind and body

    When his emotions are inflamed, the Shukaku opens its eyes! The annoyance of witnessing the Leafs risking their lives to save their companions. The expectance for Sasuke who like himself, is possessed with hate, the confusion that comes with Naruto who brings such passion to the challenge…All these are contributors to the opening of the forbidden gate.

    (Pic of Gaara holding his head)
    The consuming ache in his head is a sign of the formation of the Shukaku. With strength comes a price.

    (Pic of Shukaku)
    In front of Naruto appears the full reincarnation of the Shukaku. It surpasses all imagination.

    Complete form
    A fully possessed Gaara leaves him unrecognizable. The Shukaku envelops its vessel and turns into a giant ichibi(raccoon). And when the vessel Gaara is asleep, it completely possesses his person and unleashes its true power. The sand reincarnation, the Shukaku, is terror itself!

    Pg 65
    A childhood starved for love, knowing love, losing that love!

    Unable to control the Sand’s power, he repeatedly hurts people. Because of this, he himself as well as his family fear him and he spends days filled with loneliness.

    (Rest is about his uncle Yashimaru, who he thought loved him, but ended up trying to assassinate him under orders of the Kazekage, his father.) This is is why he tattoos ‘love,’ on his forehead meaning to love only himself.

    Pg 66
    A truly strong person, and the meaning of being strong!

    To realize his own way of living, he cannot lose to Naruto!
    (Pic of ichibi Shukaku)
    “I fight for myself!"

    Fight with Naruto
    Gaara believed that only those who fought for themselves were the strong. But during the fight with Naruto who fights to protect others, he finds himself in a hard battle. How could this boy be so strong….
    One answer appears in his head. That is love. From some place deep in his memory he remembers Yashimaru’s words. What is the meaning of being strong…The fight with Naruto brings on a ray of light.

    (Pic of Yashimaru and Gaara’s tattoo)
    “A love that makes you want to give everything to that special person close to you, a heart that watches over that person,”
    Naruto’s fight to save others, he remembers the definiton of ‘love’ Yashimaru taught him.

    To repay that debt, Gaara appears in front of Kimimaru and Lee’s combat. Is the debt that Gaara talks about an act of redemption for his involvement in ‘destroying the Leaf,’ or a repayment to Naruto for teaching him something special?

    (Pic of Gaara)
    For me…..
    Gaara thinks. One day, will something that he really wants to protect appear? Like it has for Naruto Uzumaki…
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Haruno Sakura
    Sakura Haruno pg 130-135

    pg 130

    Next time, I?ll go too!
    No matter how many times she?s hurt, she gets up. The unbreakable girl who grows every day.

    pg 131

    Ninja Registration: 012601
    Birthday: March 28th (13 Capricorn)
    Height:150.1 cm, weight: 35.9kg, Bloodtype: o
    Personality: Perfect student, bratty(does things her own way)
    Likes: shaved ice with fruit, green plum pickles
    Dislikes: spicy food
    Likes to say: courage
    Hobbies: quizzes, writing diary

    Graduated ninja academy: 12
    Chunnin: _
    Assignment ranking: D: 7, C: 1, B:0, A:1, S:0

    People say that becoming an adult means more worries. Sakura too, is no exception as she worries and sheds tears at every stage. But her strength is her ability to find hope despite odds. With the pride of being a ninja deep in her heart she does not wither but faces all challenges.

    (Pic of Sakura giving apples to Sasuke)
    Even with concern in her heart, she acts bright and happy.

    (Pic of Sakura and Sasuke)
    ?Sasuke! You?re doing it again. You don?t have to be shy. For certain, Naruto has grown stronger but that sand guy??
    Sasuke, ?It?s true."
    Her passion for Sasuke is unchanging. In front of Sasuke, her personality changes but his apathy is constant.

    (Pic of Sakura with fish)
    As Tsunade?s student, she develops a new ability called medical jutsu. In the battle field she was unnoticeable, but she is endlessly heading towards becoming the greatest of female ninjas.

    A strong ?other Sakura?! In front of Sasuke, the difference between their actions make it impossible for them to be the same two people. Is this a part of her charm?

    (Pic of Sakura with scary face)

    pg 132

    Fighting Spirit!

    A spirit that doesn?t back down but fights back! To protect what is precious to her!!(Pic of Sakura over Sasuke)

    ?First we have to get out of here. Somehow I must get Sasuke to Kakashi sensei.?
    Emergency where Sasuke is down. There is no emergency greater than this! But she tries to calmly make decisions.

    One can see her strong spirit during missions. She erases fears of the opponent, doesn?t back down, and bravely and boldly fights back.

    What moves Sakura is her strong belief in becoming the greatest of female ninjas. She suppresses her fear which is about to explode and fights. Is this not true courage?

    (Pic of Sakura crushed against tree)
    A female is likely to be the enemies? target on the battlefield. Despite this, jumping into this world is courage itself.

    (Pic of Sakura fighting)
    Towards a great enemy, she doesn?t take step back. This is to not shame her way of ninja.

    pg 133


    With the growth of her two teammates, Naruto and Sasuke, their relationship also worsens. The conflict between the two ninja, this is sacred ground that no one can cross. Sakura can only believe? the happy days of the three.

    Acknowledging Naruto?s power, Sasuke see red! As it is being crushed, her heart cries out.


    She feels uncertain whether the three can get together again as a team. Her suffering will help a reliable and strong mind bloom.

    (Pic of Sakura between Naruto and Sasuke)
    ?Sa, Sasuke, why are you doing this? Naruto, say something?
    She tries to get involved but there is no room for her. In front of their heated glares, she does not exist.

    *Finally the conflicts brews before her. Sakura does all that she can but to no avail. She wishes for things to go back to as they were but....

    At Kakashi's words that everything will return back to as they were, she nods her head. That thoughtful consideration helps bring reassurance to her mind at least for a little while.

    pg 134

    A parting with a loved one that tears at her heart

    (Pic of Sakura)
    ?How is it you never say anything, why do you always say nothing to me??

    Sasuke left the Leaf Village. Sakura?s heart did not reach him. Naturally lonely and peace loving, for Sakura, the loss of one teammate causes her great pain.
    Thus, if that person is someone she loves, the pain is greater. So she shouts out her love which goes unheeded, squeezing the words out of her throat. It?s as if this is her imprisoning destiny.
    ?Sasuke, I love you so much I don?t know what to do!?


    Totally unreliable and full of baseless confidence is Naruto. But this Naruto becomes to Sakura someone she can rely on the most. The moment she acknowledges this, one can say her true development began.

    A companion is always by your side. It is because she knows this that she can get up again from swamps of despair.

    pg 135

    The girl who travels a new path, her eyes only gazing at the future.


    After realizing Sasuke is someplace unreachable, Sakura takes a look back at herself, as a friend and as a ninja. And she realizes this is not the end but rather the beginning.

    A Sakura who pretends to be strong in front of Naruto. This is probably her bright attitude.
    (Pic of smiling Sakura)
    ?Why are you apologizing??

    A new beginning
    Sakura who swears to begin anew. This is her resolution to bring back Sasuke by her own self. No matter how hard the journey, Sakura will never give up?because to her this is the ninja?s way.

    (Pic of Naruto in bandages)
    ?Sakura, I?ll keep my promise. Because this is a once in a life time promise.?
    Naruto?s words are always filled with hope. Sakura always finds hope in his words and moves ahead.

    (Pic of Sakura)
    ?Take me as your student!?
    In Sakura?s eyes there is passion. To become the person she does not even know, the girl chooses the last possibility.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Hatake Kakashi
    Hatake Kakashi (jounin): I think many have waited for this translation. Pgs. 122-128

    Pg 122

    “To him, Sasuke is a friend and rival. He is someone that he always wants to be equal to”
    He has a knack for reading into his follower’s minds. This is not because of the Sharingan but rather something he gained through experience.

    “Don’t worry! He will return to his old self!”

    pg 123
    Much time has passed since Kakashi has walked the Ninja way. But the way has not always been filled with glory. The scar on his left eye is a heavy chain that burdens him. But he still leads with an easygoing attitude. And he teaches though action that the way of Ninja is filled with hope.

    “Why do such a childish thing.” So the encounter with Itachi was…
    Kakashi gets a glimpse into the dark mind of Sasuke. Unsure thoughts of sympathy and uneasiness wrestle in his heart.

    (Pic of smiling Kakashi)
    “They’re already dead.”
    Kakashi shows that when one suffers, one should smile.

    Ninja registration: 009720
    Birthday: Sept 15 (27 Virgo)
    Height: 181cm , weight: 67.5kg, bloodtype: 0
    Personality: easy going, laidback and calm
    Likes to eat: boiled mackerel, eggplant
    Dislikes to eat: fried food, sweets
    Wants to fight: the 4th Hokage
    Hobbies: u know

    Assignments: D: 197, C: 189, B: 414, A: 277, S: 39

    In the strict world of Ninja, he acts and lives in his particular way, but the reason he seems to live in his own free way, is that he believes in this world of Ninja more than anyone.

    In contrast to his laidback and fearless attitude, he knows how to acutely read people’s minds. This is something all top ninjas must do.
    “Wait! You said you were Gaara, right?”

    pg 124
    “Sasuke. Forget about revenge.”
    From experience, Kakashi warns Sasuke and his words pierce Sasuke’s heart.

    Kakashi warns Sasuke against revenge. He does not want to see his acquaintances get hurt. His words carry sincerity. Copy Ninja Kakashi, who is feared from even afar, is someone who thinks more for his companions than anyone.

    “Isn’t this a little too large scale for a scuffle? What are you doing on the hospital roof?"
    There seems to be sadness in his usual poker face.

    In front of Naruto and Sasuke’s great fight, Kakashi is helpless. But as if he knows the outcome, he remains calm. He knows that in the way of Ninja, there exist conflicts.

    <Hope for the future>
    Betrayal of the village by Sasuke, the loss of a friend for Naruto, Kakashi completely understands their feelings. And for now, he remains an observer, trusting that in the future there will be a ray of hope.

    Pg 125.
    Although he has many attack skills, his greatest weapon is the Sharingan which many still fear. In front of Akatsuki, Kakashi shows his great copy jutsus and proves his abilities once again.

    “Who’d have thought someone other than Itachi san would have that eye… the name is undoubtedly Copy Ninja Kakashi.”
    Although the copy jutsu should have been well used by now(banal), it seems it has become even stronger. Perhaps because he is a genius…..

    A basic of combat, Kakashi’s speed is in the top class among the jounins. The precision that comes with the speed of a whirlwind is thanks to the Sharingan.

    Pg 126 (This part is about Kakashi’s past)
    The heavy door of time opened with regret and childhood strife.

    The source of the legend is the fight at the Kanabi Bridge.

    During the third great Ninja War, let’s take a look at Kakashi’s journey. For Kakashi, this fight was the source of his self development. He gained new ideals and pain that are almost too hard for just one person to bear.

    Yondaime, “From today, Kakashi is the same ranking jounin as I am, thus for efficiency, we will divide into me and team Kakashi since there is a lack of man power in Leaf Village.”
    His first assignment as jounin will be strongly imprinted in his memory.

    Kakashi,“You mean the bridge, right? So it’s a sneak infiltration mission.”
    Even then he was bright, quick to understand. There is no doubt that this young jounin’s future was looked upon with anticipation.

    This mission tested Kakashi’s ability as leader. Because of his father’s death, he was obsessed with following the rules. This would later come back to haunt him as the seeds of regret.
    Kakashi,“We’ll deal with Rin later. The enemy won’t kill her right away. Plus she’s a medic….”

    Kakashi’s choice was the mission over saving a comrade. He ignores Obito’s pleas.
    Kakashi, “Emotions don’t help. All ninja’s need are tools to make the mission successful.”

    For the first time, with the plight of being a leader, he experiences the deep sufferings of a ninja. To save a friend or carry on the mission….For just a fledgling like Kakashi, this is too cruel a choice.

    “I’m..I’m trash that tried to leave you.”
    He hates himself for his decision. Without this incident, there would be no Kakashi as we know today.

    Kakashi’s combat skills were remarkable from the beginning. Dealing with enemies with his father’s inheritance in his hand, he is reminiscent of his father Sakumo. The legend of White Fang is revived through his son.

    Using his small body, he moves in battle. As a ninja, he is self conscious of the need to protect Konoha.

    His signature jutsu, Chidori, is perfected through this fight. It is also evidence of his friendship with his dead friend.

    Pg 128
    Sharingan, an inheritance from his friend!

    In Kakashi’s left eye, the blood type inheritance, the Sharingan, shines. It is the last gift of his self sacrificing friend. Obito’s Sharingan still protects Kakashi and through Kakashi, it will always protect the people of Konoha.

    Obito who gives his left eye to Kakashi. His will to always protect others becomes Kakashi’s own.

    Legend of White Fang

    In front of his skills, it is said that even the three sannins’ names would have been overshadowed. In Kakashi flows the blood of a great hero.

    Kakashi’s father, Hatake Sakumo was known as White Fang. He left countless legends. Through the hands of his son, the source of his nickname, the white chakra sword, defeats the Leaf’s enemies after his death. Also, Sakumo’s legend does not stop with only honors on the battlefield. Always concerned with the mission and his companions, his way of life that left a mark on the Ninja’s way of life for the future progeny, is still approached with awe.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Hoshigaki Kisame

    Village: Mist
    Rank: -

    Ninja Registration Number: -
    Birthday: 18th March (Pisces)
    Age: 29
    Height: 195cm
    Weight: 83.1kg
    Blood Type: AB
    Personality: Brutal, Battle-Loving
    Desired Opponent: Anyone
    Speciality Jutsu: Suiton - Suikoudan no Jutsu, other water-related jutsu
    Favorite Words:
    Jaku-niku-kyou-shoku - Survival of the Fittest

    Academy Graduation Age: 10
    Chuunin Promotion Age: ?
    D Rank - 3
    C Rank - 68
    B Rank - 154
    A Rank - 78
    S Rank - 29

    "This person is quite loud. Shall I kill him?"


    Black: Madness concealed in friendly speech and conduct, the one known as the
    "Kaijin* of Hidden Mist"!!

    (*: Kaijin means literally "mysterious person", but has connotations referring
    to something ghostly or supernatural.)

    A ferocious-seeming mouth, eyes of blackness that cannot feel the light of
    emotion, and holding a blade longer than his own body, Kisame's form is surely
    recollective of his common name, "Kaijin". But wrapped in a jet-black coat as
    evidence of Akatsuki, making him seem like a lord, Kisame's open movements are
    unseen and his own fury is also covered by the coat.

    Right Picture: For the sake of Akatsuki's mission, Kisame is avoiding showy
    movements as much as possible. But in all of his speech and conduct, his natural
    ruthlessness appears and disappears.

    Left Picture: Kisame is unable to control his desire ti take part in the fight
    before his eyes. A hungry light resides in his eyes.

    But as his many crimes in the past indicate, it is obvious that his true nature
    is ferocious, raw battle instinct. When he moves to raise Akatsuki's true
    aim...that should be when Kisame's true madness is released.


    Black: The ferocious shark sword swallows up all of the opponent's chakra!!

    Top picture: With the details of his perpetrated crimes, his bad reputation is
    known all over the world.

    -Bingo Book

    Every nation's intelligence keeps a "Bingo Book" where they record particulars
    of observation of dangerous ninjas. Despite being in this, Kisame commits many
    large crimes such as daimyo killing and village destruction. It is recorded that
    you should exercise special caution around him, as he is an "S Rank Principal
    The real intention behind taking part in countries' destruction is as yet
    unknown. But many of the charges written in the Bingo Book indicate that he took
    a different path from that standard path of shinobi.


    Kisame's favorite sword, "samehada" is not a killing sword, he aims to slice
    down at the enemy with covered, fine blades. But Samehada's true terror is that
    it doesn't just go for the body, but can remove chakra too! When its target is
    caught once it is the last time, the bloodthirsty shark butchers the opponent to
    the bone!!

    Picture: Like of its own will, the ghastly blade swallows up chakra!!

    Picture: Like teasing, gradually scraping away the opponent's life...that is the
    fighting style of "Kaijin" Kisame!!


    For Akatsuki's mission, Kisame travels together with Itachi, but at times he
    shows unexpected docileness towards him. Is it from loyalty to the organization
    and comrades or is it from the fact that Itachi's power surpasses his own? Only
    he himself knows the truth.

    Picture: He shows a sense of awe for Itachi's ability, and Kisame worries about
    the welfare of his body...
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Hyuuga Hiashi
    Hyuuga Hiashi

    Village: Konoha
    Rank: -

    Ninja Registration Number: 005159
    Birthday: 8th January (Capricorn)
    Age: 42
    Height: 176.5cm
    Weight: 66.4kg
    Blood Type: B
    Personality: Strict, Loyal, Honest
    Speciality Jutsu: Hakke Kaiten, Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, etc.
    Favorite Words:
    Kakko Fubatsu - Unshakeable and Indomitable
    Hobbies: Go, Calligraphy

    Black: With great dignity, he leads the Hyuuga clan!!

    Quote: The Hyuuga are the strongest in Konoha...remember that.

    Picture 1: The mastered Jyuuken is the pride of the Hyuuga clan! The force said
    to be Konoha's strongest is here!!

    Picture 2: Transcending the divide between Main House and Branch House, as his
    younger brother's keepsake he aids the training of Neji.

    As the family head of the strongest bloodline in Konoha, the Hyuuga house,
    Hiashi brings together the clan. Opposing those who threaten Konoha, as a single
    shinobi, as the chief and protector of the Hyuuga house, he always stands at the
    head to drive them away. And still, Hiashi strictly and warmly continues to wish
    for the clan's prosperity...
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Hyuuga Hinata

    Village: Konoha
    Rank: Genin

    Ninja Registration Number: 012612
    Birthday: 27th December (Capricorn)
    Age: 13
    Height: 148.3cm
    Weight: 38.2kg
    Blood Type: A
    Personality: Shy, Withdrawn
    Liked Food: Soft bean-jam, Cinnamon Rolls
    Disliked Food: Crab, prawn
    Favorite Words: Self-confidence
    Hobbies: Pressed flowers

    Academy Graduation Age: 12
    Chuunin Promotion Age: -
    D Rank - 5
    C Rank - 3
    B Rank - 0
    A Rank - 0
    S Rank - 0

    Black: Turn a pure heart into strength...

    Quote: I must...do my best too...

    Picture: Hinata, always feeling the same towards Naruto. Will the day come when
    she can face him directly?

    Hinata passively gave in to everything, but with the support of Naruto's
    cheering, she had a fierce battle with Neji, and matured greatly. There is still
    a lot of her that is not sufficient as the child of the Hyuuga Main House, but
    indomitable strength is added to her original pure heart, and little by little,
    but steadily, Hinata progresses ahead... She wishes that she could move even one
    step closer towards the back of Naruto, her idol...
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Hyuuga Neji
    Hyuuga Neji pg 136-139

    Pg 136
    Destiny is not something someone chooses!

    pg 137

    Released from the chains of destiny, the Hyuuga’s gift, the ‘eye’ looks up at the endless sky. Even though born in the great house of Hyuuga and loved for his gift, the chains of destiny which bind him as a branch house member bother him. But the strength that Naruto shows him during the chuunin exams bring changes to his heart.

    (Pic of Neji’s back)
    “seven, 2 o clock within 2 meters behind”
    He strives to reach higher levels and does not forget to train.

    What is important to people is not where you were born but how you live. Always cool and calm, but his heart is already aflame and looking at higher places.
    “It seems that there might be a high possibility of hidden enemies. If that is so, then make a strategy against that.”

    Because of great defense and analysis through the Byakugan and impressive understanding of situations, Shikamaru assigns him platoon leader.

    His place behind his companions, Neiji bravely faces the enemy. This shows his rationality and how important teamwork is to him.

    Training severely in order to reach higher levels. Another aspect of his character is ignorance of information he has no interest in. He possesses a Spartan like personality.

    Registration number: 012587
    Birthday: July 3rd (14 Cancer)
    Height:160.1 cm, weight: 46.8 kg, bloodtype: 0
    Personality: cook, realistic
    Likes to eat: herring noodles
    Dislikes: pumpkins
    Likes to say: progress (take flight)
    Hobbies: meditation

    Graduation from Academy: 12
    Assignment ranking: D: 22, C:12, B:0, A:1, S:0

    pg 138

    Vision granted by heaven!! One blindspot leads him to trouble

    Byakugan, Hakkesho Haiten, all attacked one by one by Kitomaru. The seemingly undefeatable jutsu’s weakness is revealed. With the jutsu’s vision pierced, Neji is wounded. But he does not lose his calm. Till the end of the very end, he analyzes the situation and makes victory his!

    The arrow pierces through his vision and goes through Neiji. But Neji knows better than anyone his weakness. That is why he deliberately faces the arrow. The ultimate secret plan of finding life in the face of death! Using its effect, Neji uses his taijutsu on Kitomaru. Never complacent with his ability and a constantly training striver, coupled with the ‘never give up’ attitude he learned from Naruto, a new evolution descends on this true genius.

    (Pic of spear piercing Neji)
    Giving up on evading, Neji is pierced with the arrow.

    Giving up on evading! This is his last strategy. Through the strings of victory in his hands, he lets out his taijutsu!

    Pg 139
    Severing the bonds of destiny and forging new ones with friends!

    Always showing unique ability, Neji one day began to be called a genius. But there is a contrast to the praise and his position in the clan. This difference forms the character of Neiji who is troubled by his talent and destiny. But severing the bonds of destiny and finding companions, for Neji, the word genius becomes the motivation towards victory for friends who trust in his ability.

    The one who gives light
    The customs of Hyuuga, and the destiny through blood which oppress Neji, because of these he can relate to Sasuke.

    “To save those who call me undeservingly, genius!"

    Because he was living in abysmal darkness, and because he was saved from that darkness, he believes in the ‘one who gives light.’ “Destiny is not chosen for you,” is something he can state. Naruto Uzumaki- Neji leaves everything up to the the blinding light that will save Sasuke!

    (Pic of Neji)
    “He will save him. He will find Sasuke in the darkness”
    Neji is already freed. That light will undoubtedly shine through Sasuke’s darkness.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Inuzuka Hana
    Inuzuka Hana (Chunnin)

    Ninja Registration: 012368
    Birthday: April 13th (18 Capricorn)
    Height: 170.3cm, weight:52.5kg, B/T:0
    Personality: researches greatly, loves her brother and dogs
    Likes: Meatballs

    The woman the clan is proud of is intelligent and calm!

    And don't forget it's the same for you as well!

    Hana truly loves animals. In contrast to her brother Kiba, she is calm and steady. As a talented veternarian, she has gained the deep trust of the villagers.

    (Pic of hospital room)
    She gives her heart and soul to nursing the wounded Akamaru.

    The Three canine-brothers Hiemaru

    The three souls that do great deeds! The fierce and beautiful howls that resound throughout the heavens!!

    The triplet ninja dogs that reside in the Inuzuka clan. Normally, they are friendly and calm but once the fight begins, their combative spirits flare up like fire and fight the enemy.
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    Spoiler: Databook 2 - Inuzuka Kiba

    Village: Konoha
    Rank: Genin

    Ninja Registration Number: 012620
    Birthday: 7th July (Cancer)
    Age: 13
    Height: 152.5cm
    Weight: 44.7kg
    Blood Type: B
    Personality: Active, Quick-Tempered, Wild
    Liked Food: Beef Jerky, Cartilage
    Disliked Food: Unchewable food
    Desired Opponent: Uzumaki Naruto
    Favorite Words: Akamaru
    Hobbies: Strolling with Akamaru

    Academy Graduation Age: 12
    Chuunin Promotion Age: -
    D Rank - 7
    C Rank - 4
    B Rank - 0
    A Rank - 1
    S Rank - 0


    Quote: Woof!
    Quote: Akamaru! Here's a soldier pill.


    Black: The increasingly skillful whirlwind Rouga*, together with Akamaru running
    through Konoha!!

    Picture 1: To Kiba, being on a stroll with Akamaru is a friendly, carefree time.
    Picture 2: His spirit of rivalry towards Naruto has been blazing ever since the
    Chuunin Exam.
    Picture 3: In the Konoha Squad, Kiba's loudness is comparable to Naruto. He
    dives into it violently like a fierce beast!!

    In the Inuzuka clan, where humans fight with dog partners, the technique based
    on human and dog changing into one body, "Juujin Bunshin"** is specialized in by
    Kiba. In the Chuunin Exam, he hurt Naruto with his sharp claws and fangs.
    After the Chuunin Exam, he tightened the bonds between hinself and Akamaru, and
    naturally at the end, Kiba's claws and fangs were polished up...! He even
    learned a new jutsu, and increasingly sharpened his mental keenness. Using the
    winning odor as a key, he dives down!!

    Kiba has a belligerent character, being eager to fight. If he is in difficult
    circumstances, if he has a fight in front of him he is excited. Like a fierce
    beast grasping the winnings, a natural smile appears at his mouth.

    (*Rouga = wolf fang. Garouga is their combination technique, Rouga implies Kiba,
    as opposed to Kiba+Akamaru.)
    (**Juujin Bunshin = Beast Human Clone)


    Black: A wild fighting style based on cooperation with his partner!!

    Picture 1: Absolute harmony! Like a reflection in a mirror, they release their
    attack with perfect timing...!!
    Picture 2: "Resolution" as a shinobi...!! There is not a single bit of
    hesitation there.
    Picture 3: Rushing the target with "Gatsuuga"!! Smashing through the ground and
    levelling boulders, this is Kiba and Akamaru's favorite technique.

    -Gijuu Ninpou*

    The characteristic of the Inuzuka clan is wild intuition and a keen sense of
    smell. Using these, they stretch chakra to their arms and legs, mimic the
    actions of a wild beast, and can gain speed and attack power beyond human
    knowledge. That is "Gijuu Ninpou"!!
    Kiba and Akamaru specialize in "Juujin Bunshin", which combines Kiba's "Gijuu
    Ninpou" and Akamaru's "Gijin Ninpou"**. Without consuming a large amount of
    chakra, this creatable "Juujin Bunshin" has from childhood had them share their
    joys and sorrows. Also, as the two have a deep connection of trust, this creates
    a practical combination...!!


    Against Ukon's assassination jutsu, from the keywords "Body Sharing", Kiba
    immediately moved towards self-sacrifice. That is to wound himself so that the
    opponent would take the same damage, and break the jutsu. This was based on his
    wild intuition, and he carried out this "resolution" to rescue Akamaru.

    (*Gijuu Ninpou = Beast Imitation Ninja Arts)
    (**Gijin Ninpou = Human Imitation Ninja Arts)


    Black: What connects Kiba and Akamaru, bonds transcending master and servant!!

    Picture 1: Because they trained together and gained a new jutsu, they have
    absolute confidence!!
    Picture 2: When falling into a crisis situation, the disappearing fighting
    spirit is awoken by Akamaru's reprimanding and encouragement!!
    Picture 3: An unintentional tear runs down his cheek due to Akamaru's survival.
    Kiba's affection for Akamaru runs deep...
    Picture 4: He won't let that happen again... Kiba vows this, warmer than his


    To Kiba, Akamaru is not a mere ninja dog. Since Akamaru was born, they have
    always been together, encouraging each other to train, exchanging conversations.
    In that way, deep, firm bonds of affection tying them together, surpassing those
    bonds of brothers, can be felt.
    Even in a fight, Kiba, while assessing the situation together with Akamaru, lets
    loose with a refined combination attack. If in a crisis, they encourage each
    other, to make their way through the battle situation. It's not "one person and
    one animal". Akamaru and Kiba truly fight as "two people"!!
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