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Any Mangaka/s similar to Grant Morrison?

Discussion in 'Akihabara Lounge' started by Drsoe08, May 8, 2017.

  1. Drsoe08 Member

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    Any Mangaka/s similar to Grant Morrison?

    Grant Morrison is a Scottish comic book writer, best known for the complex use of meta-fiction/crazy concepts within his stories.
    Some of his works include the following:

    1. Animal Man (1988 - 1990):
    Grant Morrison made his American comics debut with a run on Animal Man, an obscure DC Comics superhero blessed with the power to temporarily mimic the skills of animals. Paired with artist Chas Truog, Morrison told the story of a kind-hearted, vegetarian hero who loses his family and is pushed to the brink of insanity before confronting his author in the run's extraordinarily meta finale.

    2. Doom Patrol (1989 - 1993):
    Morrison's take on a bunch of misfit weirdo heroes, but amped up the weirdness by making the full-body amputee known as Robotman the straight man to a crew of tragic oddballs including the radioactive hermaphrodite Rebis, a gay teleporting transvestite street named Danny and Crazy Jane, a sexual abuse survivor with a horrific superpower for each of her 64 personalities. The group faced off against all manner of surreal threats, from the reality-slashing Scissormen to the madcap pranksters of the Brotherhood of Dada. Morrison's final issue on the series, in which Crazy Jane is trapped in a "hell" that closely resembles the drab "real world," is perhaps the most emotionally gutting comic of his career.

    3. Flex Mentallo (1996):
    This is a spin-off mini series of his book "Doom Patrol", the miniseries follows Flex Mentallo who can warp reality by flexing his muscles. It is a part of Morrison’s Hypersigil trilogy with “The Filth” and “The Invisibles". Flex Mentallo is basically very meta, spinning a character from comic book ads into a comic book protagonist and investigating the effect that has on a reader

    4. The Invisibles (1996 - 2000):
    This sprawling, psychedelic story – about a secret organization of sexy mystical libertines battling the oppression of interdimensional aliens who have quietly enslaved the world

    5. All Star Superman (2005 - 2008):
    This run by Grant Morrison is considered to be the most definitive take on the Man of Steel (Considered by many to be Morrion's Magnum Opus), All Star Superman essentially boils down 70-something years of Superman into one book. It truly encapsulates everything that embodies the character and is a love-letter to everything that is comic books. The story is essentially about Superman becoming mythic and completing 12 trials as he slowly succumbs to death.

    Similar in terms of the following:

    1. Writing Style
    2. Characters/Character Development
    3. Plot Development/Story
    4. World Building
    5. The use of Meta fictional devices/tropes in their stories
    6. The use of crazy ideas in their stories (ex. surrealism, fourth wall breaking, existentialism, drug use, dadaism, general metafiction, occult etc.)
  2. God Qayamat ke din ka malik

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    Excellent thread. Would love to hear some people's thoughts on this.

    For intricate stories bound with terrific storytelling, look no further than naoki urasawa. Uses a ton of crazy elements in his manga (20th century boys, monster, pluto)

    Be sure to check out qualia the purple. Won't give away anything but it involves philosophy and science and is just an incredible read.
  3. Esdese Well-Known Member

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    Try these three manga:
    Imawa no Kuni no Alice
    Billy Bat

    Their Mangaka have put out some consistent good works. It may be what you're looking for.

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