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A peculiar problem with my Firefox

Discussion in 'Tech Hub' started by Amol, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Amol Chief of Wisdom

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    Everything was going fine untill I updated my Firefox from version 51 to 52 two days ago .
    After that update firefox started blocking websites randomly on security reasons for random amount of time. If I retried the websites for few times it would then allow them to open .
    So I refreshed the browser.
    After that I re-installed my VPN(Zen Mate) in it again. I use college wifi for internet so about everything is blocked in it. After refresh for some reason VPN stopped working properly. Either I wouldn't able to connect through VPN or even if I connect it, it wouldn't actually do it's job. I couldn't see blocked websites(like facebook or TPB for example).
    I uninstalled firefox and re-installed it from scratch and still couldn't access blocked sites . I even tried different VPN.
    Most peculiar thing about this is that Chrome worked just fine. I use same VPN for Chrome and I could access every single blocked website by it on Chrome.
    So can anyone explain to me what was the problem here?
    Why was I able to use VPN properly on Chrome but not on Firefox on same wifi?
    I really like firefox and I want it to remain my primary browser but it is no use to me if VPNs are not properly working on it.
  2. Toby Detective Dollars Advisor

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    Take a screenshot of the issue in Firefox and we can review it.

    Without examples I would go through a list of things you could try - BUT it's kind of pointless if you don't know what to look for or how to identify the issue. So take a screenshot of the error screen you get on the blocked pages and list the browser, version and so on, please.

    Checklist of stuff:

    Regarding browsers
    Chrome and Firefox SHOULD warn you now of several security threats on the web, including
    - Sites not served with HTTPS
    - Sites reported to contain malware
    - Sites reported by local authorities

    Do check first of all if your browsers haven't been hijacked in some way by installing some kind of addon or malware. The easy way to spot that in Chrome is to go to the advanced settings to review all installed extensions such as Adblock. Go here


    In firefox, go to


    It is also possible that some kind of malware is installed on your PC and hijacks the default browser only.

    Your ISP - or the college ISP - could be blocking domains like TPB.

    Your campus IT crew may also be blocking a list of domains - and in that case, those won't be available in any browser.

    Your VPN should always work, provided it's a full VPN with proxy included.

    Finally, there's the possibility that your device itself is part of the issue. Is this your personal laptop and did the college install anything on it in order for it it work on your campus wifi?

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