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A peculiar problem with my Firefox

Discussion in 'Tech Hub' started by Amol, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Amol Chief of Wisdom

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    Everything was going fine untill I updated my Firefox from version 51 to 52 two days ago .
    After that update firefox started blocking websites randomly on security reasons for random amount of time. If I retried the websites for few times it would then allow them to open .
    So I refreshed the browser.
    After that I re-installed my VPN(Zen Mate) in it again. I use college wifi for internet so about everything is blocked in it. After refresh for some reason VPN stopped working properly. Either I wouldn't able to connect through VPN or even if I connect it, it wouldn't actually do it's job. I couldn't see blocked websites(like facebook or TPB for example).
    I uninstalled firefox and re-installed it from scratch and still couldn't access blocked sites . I even tried different VPN.
    Most peculiar thing about this is that Chrome worked just fine. I use same VPN for Chrome and I could access every single blocked website by it on Chrome.
    So can anyone explain to me what was the problem here?
    Why was I able to use VPN properly on Chrome but not on Firefox on same wifi?
    I really like firefox and I want it to remain my primary browser but it is no use to me if VPNs are not properly working on it.

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