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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
narusmile The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki

I started this fanfiction on another site a while ago that recently just shut down and i wanted to continue it. so i will regularly be posting my Fanfiction... So i hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning

The scene Starts off at Sasuke Facing masked Tobi ,there is No one else around

Sasuke – You Lied to me from the very beginning you made my whole purpose feel like it was just an illusion but you were in control this whole time!!!!

Tobi- Indeed I have, and yet there was one thing that kept destroying my goals, my plans, and total control of you.

Sasuke- what’s that?

Tobi- That stupid Will of Fire!!!

~Sasuke Flashbacks to Itachi last moments~

Itachi lay’s in Sasuke’s arms disappearing slowly.

Itachi- Sasuke I have always watched over you and I have always watched over Konoha these were the two things in my life that were most precious to me and I have loved them and you so dearly. I wanted you to hate me just as much as Konoha hated me for what I did to our clan, I wanted them to see you as a hero and protector of Konoha which I was once upon a time. But I can see I had it all wrong now….

Itachi pictures Naruto’s Face

Itachi- look what hate did to you, Konoha and this world. The Sage was right… love and passion is the only true way to peace…. Sasuke I always hoped you would take on my Will of Fire…

Sasuke- Will of Fire?!

Itachi- it is something in Konoha that we all strive to protect and that’s protecting the future Generations. It is my fault you are just learning about it now; I took you down the wrong path when you should have been walking beside him on his path….

Sasuke- who’s Itachi.

Itachi- Naruto’s....

Sasuke's eyes widen

Itachi- Naruto from the day he met you Sasuke, he has made his own path and has collected so many other peoples Will of Fire. That his own Fire is the Brightest I have ever seen…. But Brother now that I have finally looked into your eyes brother I see you have a strong Fire in you too.

Itachi fades away and we zoom in on Sasuke’s eyes which are now tearing up.

Sasuke – your damn right I have I have Fire, yours, our clans, and somewhere deep I feel my will of fire building up inside of me, now I must go and protect what is precious to me and you Brother…. Thank you Itachi!!!

~Flashback Ends~

Sasuke- Take that back you Bastard!!!!

Tobi- why should I?!!.... You never followed that brainless Konoha Tradition before...

Sasuke- This was True… But the Smartest Man I ever knew changed my heart on the matter.

Tobi- Was, huh… that damn Itachi, your brother was smart I can’t disagree, but he was an idiot for ever having faith in the Next Generation especially YOU Sasuke!! But I see now you do have the will of fire growing in you little by little and I must end that right now.

Sasuke with EMS Eyes and hand on his blade gets in a battle stance
while Tobi grabs the end of the fan, and unsheathes a hidden blade. So in one hand he holds the blade and in the other the fan. And starts running head on at Sasuke who just stands waiting…. When Tobi is 30 yards away Tobi jumps in the air and spins so rapidly he is a complete blur. Out of the blur comes a yell

Tobi-Fire Release: Grand fire Vortex!!!!

The fire Vortex is spinning fast and heading straight towards Sasuke… Sasuke is about to use Grand Fireball Jutsu to cancel out his jutsu when … Tobi stops spinning and waves his Fan to strengthen the power of the flames which erupts into a mile high pillar of Fire heading towards Sasuke.


Scene switches to Naruto and the wounded 5 Kages

Naruto- I’m glad you are all alright, I came as soon as the other Madara ran off.

Ei- don’t worry about us we nearly sealed Madara, but he was summoned somewhere else... how’s Bee?

Naruto- Oh... he’s tired and almost out of chakra but he is fine he is moving Kakashi and Guy sensei to where Sakura and other medics are.

Tsunade who is helping Gaara sit up and trying to heal the Mizukage and Tsuchikage glances at Naruto and see the image of Jiraiya and Minato’s hands on Naruto’s Shoulder…. But suddenly in the Horizon she sees the Mile high Pillar of Flame. Tsunade is about to point out the flame to Naruto, But he is already gone…

Tsunade- {yells} GO GET HIM NARUTO!!!!

As soon as Tsunade is done yelling the mile high Pillar of Flame turned black and disappears.

Gaara- Sasuke…. I wonder what he will do differently to show you the light that I could not show you myself.

Scene cuts back to Sasuke and Tobi

Sasuke is covering his eye, while a plume of smoke covers the whole battle field

Tobi- Amaterasu… you’ve become very good at that technique

Tobi is seen walking through the smoke as if it was parting with every step he made… Sasuke seems shaken with anger and goes in Sasanoo mode and shoots arrow after arrow but hits nothing but smoke

Tobi- you have No Control, didn’t your mindless brother teach you anything while I allowed Kabuto to bring him back to be my puppet for a second time. Hahaha

Sasuke slowly breathes in and exhales

Sasuke- you right he did teach me something…

Tobi- so what is it more Will Of Fire crap?

Sasuke- No… Every Jutsu has a Weakness and I’m yours

Sasuke in Sasanoo mode launches all three arrows with Amatersu at the tips … they miss and strike right in front of Tobi and the black Flames rise and blur Tobi’s Vision…

Tobi- you eyes are weak you are no true Uchiha

out of nowhere another arrow almost hits Tobi straight in the head but lands right behind him. Tobi looks back and says

Tobi- that’s more like it.

Tobi faces forward to face Sasuke in Sasanoo mode but it vanishes… by the time he looks back at the arrow Sasuke has his blade in Tobi’s chest.

Sasuke- I can’t believe something like that still works. I owe you one Naruto.

Tobi- No I owe him one…

Sasuke looks at Tobi, and a poof of white smoke appears.

Sasuke-!!! Shadow Clone!

Tobi swirls in right behind Sasuke with Blade in hand…

all you see in the next panel is Sasuke’s knees on the ground, and blood dripping down next to them.

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
narusmile Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning- Continues


Chapter 1- The End is Just The Beginning

The Panel zooms out to see that Naruto has been stabbed in the back and the blade went all the way through and almost got Sasuke as well but Naruto grabbed the blade halting its progress. Sasuke looks up and realizes that the blade is inches in front of his face and Naruto is slumped over Smiling over him bleeding.

Sasuke- Na…Na... Naruto Why?

Tobi- NARUTO!!! Why do you always interfere with my business?

Naruto- {cough… Cough}- Be…Becau..Because you business always ends up….

Naruto is now looking eye to eye with Sasuke

Naruto- ….Hurting my Friends

in that moment Naruto Falls to the Ground clutching the blade and still Smiling. Sasuke is seen dipping his hand in his Blood, and slowly rising to his feet

Tobi- hehe hahaha…Well that’s not what I was going for but at least I Killed my biggest obstacle First and now all I have left is little weak Sasuke Uchiha…

Sasuke- WRONG!!

Sasuke is standing above Naruto with bloody hand in the Air

Sasuke- Naruto is not DEAD… He promised... HE PROMISED EVERYONE he would not die until he became HOKAGE….AND…NARUTO NEVER GOES BACK ON HIS WORD…So NOW Disappear with THUNDER… KIRIN!!!!!

Kirin Strikes and when the smoke clears blood is seen all over the ground.

Sasuke- it’s Done.

Sasuke turns around and kneels on the ground next to Naruto

Sasuke- you’ve done it Naruto…

Naruto {mumbles}…………

Sasuke- what?

Sasuke puts his ear next to his mouth


Just then Sasuke goes Sasanoo mode turns around to see…

Tobi- YOU WERE SUPOSE to kill him so I could Kill YOU!!!!

The Panel is zoomed in on Tobi’s Face which can be seen that one of his eyes has closed

Sasuke- Izanagi!!! You Bastard!!!!!!

Tobi- I know I can’t win right now but I will be back and since I know where the Ninetails Brat will be hiding I will come and destroy Konoha and its will of fire all over again!!!!

Sasuke looks at Naruto who is trying to saying something, Sasuke bends down to hear.

Sasuke- Hey Tobi !!!

Tobi- WHAT Now?!!

Sasuke- Naruto has some parting words for you!

Tobi- What?

Sasuke- he says we are EVEN!!!

Out of the dissipating smoke comes a sage Naruto clone with a RasenShuriken in hand… Tobi see this his Eyes widen and he starts to swirl away. The clone Throws the RasenShuriken and it goes into the swirl as Tobi disappears. And so does the clone.

the panel cuts back to Sasuke who is out of Sasanoo mode and is kneeling next to Naruto

Sasuke- Naruto I’m sorry

Naruto- …D..Do..{Cough}..Don’t Be Sasukee, b..b…but I need to be healed.

Sasuke- I can’t leave you hear like this or you could die

Naruto waves him off

Naruto- D..don’t be a scaredy cat and j..j.just GO!

Sasuke summons a hawk and jumps on its back and fly’s off

Sasuke- I will be back with help I promise!!

Naruto- I know…..

You see Sasuke fly off into the horizon, when there is barley any sight of him Naruto sits up and pulls the blade out of him. Naruto then summons Fukasaku at his side

Fukasaku- is everything ok Naruto?

Naruto- sighs- it will be, but I need a favor from you

Fukasaku- Name it Naruto and it’s done…

Naruto nods his head smiles and bends down on his knees

Scene cuts to Sasuke who is landing near a large mass of Shinobi, Sasuke jumps off and is immediately surrounded by everyone and 4 of the 5 Kages Push to where Sasuke is

Sasuke- I’m not here to fight you… I need your Help

Ei- HAHA our Help why should we help you?

Sasuke- it’s not for ME!! You idiots!!

Ei- Idiots you’re the idiot for coming here by yourself

Tsuchikage- that’s actually plain Stupid for an Uchiha to do.

Sasuke- that’s what I’m saying I’m not here for myself

Gaara- Where’s Naruto Sasuke? He went to help you.

Sasuke- that is who needs your help! Naruto is Badly Injured we must go NOW!!!

Ei- HOW…do…WE know this is not a stupid Uchiha Trick?

Sasuke – This is about Naruto Uzumaki!! I need you to come Heal him Now!

Sasuke drops to his knees in the bowing position

Sasuke- I know this is a crazy thing to ask especially now after all I have done…But…..

The panel shows Neji, Lee, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru, Tenten, Ino, Sai, Choji, Shikamaru, Might Guy, Bee, Kakashi, Tsunade, Hinata and Sakura push through the crowd to be in front of Sasuke.

Sasuke-…this is all I can do… Naruto is my friend I realize that NOW. You just can’t stand here and do nothing

Ei- we can

Tsunade- I just don’t believe you, Naruto would not fall so easily! He saved Konoha from an organization you joined. He is a Hero!!

Sasuke- and I absolutely believe you I have seen his heroics with my very own eyes. But where is he now? He would be here checking if everyone is OK… I understand why you don’t believe me this war was because of ME, and my hatred. But I don’t want my mistakes to lead to Naruto death

Sasukes head is touching the dirt now and can easily see tears coming from his face.

~Ei has a Flashback of his first meeting with Naruto in the Woods~

~Flashback Ends~

Ei- we are leaving……Konoha, Tsunade we are going with this Uchiha to Naruto. Naruto needs are help!

Scene cuts to a Large group walking to where Naruto is…. or Was… because In Naruto’s Place is Fukasaku and he has a scroll with him by his side. Sasuke is in complete Shock

Sasuke- he was right here I Promise you

Ei and Tsunade- you Lied you will Regret that!!!

Ei and Tsunade are about to cave in Sasuke head when Fukasaku jumps on top of Sasuke head holding his arms in the air to stop them from killing him

Fukasaku- he speaks the truth Naruto was here

Tsunade- Was where is he NOW?!

Fukasaku- I’m sorry Tsunade, I’m not at liberty to say

Tsunade- what do you mean you can’t say I’m the Hokage.

Fukasaku- I promised Naruto I wouldn’t

Kiba- me and Akamaru will find him easily!!

Fukasaku- I’m sorry young one that will not work, he does not want to be found.

Hinata- he won this war for us…Why would he leave us?

Sakura- yeah that does not make any sense.

Fukasaku- He said that this scroll would explain everything

Fukasaku points at the scroll on the ground Kakashi goes and picks it up

Kakashi- Tsunade, may I?

Tsunade nods

Fukasaku- Naruto also told me to give this to you.

Fukasaku jumps down in front of Sasuke and hands him a Leaf head protector band. Sasuke smiles and takes it. Kakashi moves over to Tsunade and Ei

Tsunade- it seems that Tobi got away but was severely weakened and Sasuke was the one who did it, Naruto Says Sasuke’s the Hero Not him.

Sasuke- he lies I would not be here in front of you all if Naruto did not step in front of Tobi’s Blade for me.

Ei- who cares who the Hero is…

Bee- thinking- I see Naruto you saved this Sasuke from any punishment by calling him our Hero, who can doubt what you say when your words are so pure. I promise you bro that the charges won’t stick as long as I have a humongous Black D***

Ei –So this Tobi Bastard is still alive?

Fukasaku- that’s what Naruto told me

Sasuke- Tobi said he would be back for Naruto and he would destroy Konoha in the Process

Hinata- so that’s why he left

Hinata starts to tear up

Kakashi- That is most likely why. Naruto just does not want a war like this to happen again because of him.

Tsunade- please Fukasaku tell him to come back Home we will fight this together

Fukasaku- Tsunade this is not forever Naruto said he will return for the Title of Hokage when the masked man makes his self known to the world again. He also said for the 5 Kages to be ready and united together at the summit when he does….

Everyone nods and with a determined look upon their face the scene fades out to black.

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
narusmile The Chronicals of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 2- The Traveling Man

Here is Chapter 2, I Hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 2- The Traveling Man

Five years pass, Five years of Peace, but that is about to END….

Scene starts with a 4 split panel of the 4 of the hidden village’s Sand, Mist, Cloud and Rocks main entrance. It zooms to old man walking into each of the village’s.
The man has red hair and is dressed in a silver-ish cloak with a wooden staff he walks up to each of the main entrance guards and says.

Old man- I Must speak with your Kage or Else….

Scene cuts To Konoha’s main entrance where the same man appears. The man stumbles to the ground and the Konoha guards help the man up

Old man- with a weathered voice, thank you.. youngins how nice to help a old man to his feet.

Guard 1- it is no problem sir, but what are you coming into our village for Business or pleasure

Old man- oh hoho I’m here on strict business sonny but it will be my pure pleasure doing it here in this glorious village, I have heard so many wonderful things from this young man who saved my life about a year ago that I had to see if this place was as good as he described.

Guard 1- Oh,who is this man’s name

Old man- Naruto…

Just then a young teenager with a long Black scarf comes running into the village.

Old Man-…Uzumaki

Konohamaru- NARUTO!!?

Guard 2- Old man are you sure his Name was Naruto Uzumaki?

Old Man- hmmmm yep, it’s hard to forget the kid pretty much screamed it at the top of his lungs “MY NAME IS NARUTO UZUMAKI and don’t you forget it!” and I never did.

Konohamaru- Shikamaru did you hear this guy seen Naruto

Shikamaru comes up behind Konohamaru and puts his arm around his shoulder.

Shikamaru- huh!?

Old man- Shikamaru’s your name?

Shikamaru- yeah what of it old man.

Old man- Nothing that man just told me stories of this place, and like I was telling guards 1and2 over here I had to come see if the characters in his story were real and so far he they are, how delightful.

Konohamaru- how so old man?

Old man- well Naruto described a character with the name Shikamaru in his stories as the smartest man he ever knew had a plan for every situation.

Shikamaru- that could be describing any number of people

Old man- he also described him as being extremely LAZY

Konohamaru- Nope … Only you Sensei.

Old Man- oh hohoho now you reminded me he has mentioned you quite a bit in stories as well

Konohamaru- REALLY!?

Old Man- he spoke of you as a brother but always ended the conversation with, “he will challenge me for the title Hokage one day.”

The old man tosses his hand on Konohamaru’s head and messes his hair up and with that Konohamaru and Shikamaru both smile at each other.

Shikamaru- Gaurds I will take it from here he must go see the Hokage.

Old man- Perfect… that is why I’m here

Shikamaru- what…? Why?

Old man- Naruto would not let me pay him for his services of saving me but he made a request that I could not refuse.. he asked me to give an urgent message to the Hokage.

Shikamaru- Then we must go now… Konohamaru go and tell Temari that I will be Late tell her code Orange has remerged

Konohamaru- huh?

Shikamaru- she will know what that means now GO!

Konohamaru dashes off. While Shikamaru walks swiftly to the Hokage’s Office
which the old man can’t keep up with his pace…

???- Yo Shikamaru where’s the fire

Kiba and Shino are walking towards the direction of the gate when they stop Shikamaru

Shikamaru- can’t talk now guys I have to escort this old man to the Hokage

Kiba- what old Man?

Shikamaru- what a drag…. Wait there he is… where are you going old man.

Old man- you walk way to fast to be Lazy

Kiba- Snap this old man just called you lazy

Shikamaru- no Naruto called me that.

Kiba- he’s back!? Where is he!?

Shikamaru- no he’s not back, this guy met him about a year ago, and has a message for the Hokage

Old man- Kiba hmmm…{sniff.. sniff}

Kiba- old man why did you just sniff me

Old man- oh hoho he’s right again he smells like Wet Dog oh hoho.

Kiba- grrr

Shino- calm down Kiba it’s not his fault Naruto gave bad descriptions of the two of you. What did he say about me?

Old man- Shino.. Shino….. Shino? … Sorry not ringing any bells. Who are you?

Shino goes into shadowing super doom mode

Kiba says to himself

Kiba- Not this again.

Shikamaru- we got to go, so see you guys later.

Old man- can you slow down the pace this time

scene cuts to Ichiraku’s

???- give me his special again sir

Sakura- not that again, if you keep eating that… you will…..Hell give me one two sir.

Mr. Ichiraku- 2 orders of the Great Naruto Specialty coming right up

Sasuke- haha … see you like it two

Sakura- maybe it’s the name…

Sasuke- I know what you mean every time I come here I see his name and I must order it.

Sakura puts her hand on his shoulder rubbing his back. While Sasuke turns and smiles at her… this time a weathered old yell can be heard by all outside Ichiraku’s

Old Man- I..ITS HERE!! its actually here! we must have a bowl I’ll treat

Shikamaru- maybe later you need to see the Hokage Now!

Old Man- Naruto Talked about this place all the time he has made me have cravings for it.
Sasuke stands up abruptly and walks out Ichiraku’s, sakura puzzled but follows.

Sasuke- Old man did You say Naruto as in Naruto Uzumaki??

Sakura- What?… leave this man alone Sasuke he did not say Naruto.

Shikamaru- Actually he did Sakura, I’m taking him to the Hokage as we speak. And NO Ichraku’s for you yet old man.

Old man- alright lets go then… wait your Sakura and Sasuke

Sasuke and Sakura- yes

Old man- by god bless my lucky stars, you are all right, When Naruto talked about the two of you he was always worried happened to you both. But I can see now you are in a happy place.

The Old man smiles

Sasuke- wait when did you see him

Old man- about a year ago

Sakura- is he alright?

Old man- he is perfectly fine, if I say so myself he is at peace.

Shikamaru- we must be going

Shikamaru guides the old man with hand on his back nudging him forward, the old man yells back to Sasuke and Sakura

Old Man- I’m glad I got to meet his Friends especially the two of you!

The panel shows the face of the old man smiling and in the back ground you see Sasuke hugging Sakura and swirling her around.

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
narusmile Chapter 2- The Traveling Man- Continues

Chapter 2- The Traveling Man Continues....


Scene cuts to the Hokage’s Office, it zooms in on the Hokages chair which is facing the window. Shikamaru walks with old man right behind him.

Shikamaru- Hokage we have urgent news on Naruto.

The chair swivels around revealing…. Kakashi who is still wearing his signature blue mask but is now wearing the white cloak and a white headband over his left eye with the shadow insignia on it.

Kakashi- So he has returned

Shikamaru- Not quite sir.

Kakashi- then what?

Shikamaru- this old man.

Shikamaru step aside revealing the old man

Shikamaru- he has a message from Naruto for you

The old man smiles and then squints his eyes

Old man- Naruto Told me to give the Message to an old Granny in disguise. And you look like a man so Bravo for the disguise because you fooled me.

Shikamaru and Kakashi smile

Kakashi- Haha that Naruto. I was appointed as Hokage 3 years ago. Though everyone in the village knows it will be Naruto’s position when he returns.

The old man smiles

Old man- whatever happened to the previous Hokage

Kakashi- she is fine, she is teaching all the medics in the village to become masters of healing…. I’m sorry to be blunt and end this pleasant conversation here but what is the message from Naruto sir?

Old man- ah yes… the business part of my trip… Naruto wanted me to say

Suddenly someone barges into the room yelling

???- Is it True, is it True?!!

Shikamaru- Hinata… this is not the right time!!!

Hinata- I must know if this man has seen Naruto I must know if he’s alright…I must…

Kakashi halts her with his hand signaling her to Stop!!

Kakashi- sorry about that please continue old man

The scene cuts to a split panel of all 5 Kage offices
in one room is Gaara with Kankuro.
the Second room is Ei with Killer Bee.
The third room is Mei with Ao and Chojuro.
the fourth room is Akatsuchi who is in Tsuchikage cloak now and with Onoki by his side.
And finally Kakashi with Shikamaru and Hinata
Every room is waiting on the words of this one old man

The panel zooms in on the Old man’s Face

Old man- Naruto told me to say that he has returned so be ready….. hmm well I best be leaving now

Split screen all 5 rooms

All 5 rooms- wait!!!! that’s all??!!! nothing else?!!

Old man- he said you would all know what that means

All 5 rooms- we do… but… how do we know this is not a trick? How do we know we can trust you?

Old man – Naruto said you would trust his words even if I were to speak them but maybe he was wrong.

Hinata- No!!...

Mei- We…

Onoki- Trust…

Ei- His…

Gaara- Words…

Kakashi- he has guided us down this peaceful path for 5 years I will trust Him NOW!

Old man smiles nods his head and goes and shakes the hands of the 5 Kages

The scene cuts to gaara’s room where the old man shakes his hand

Old man- Naruto always spoke of you as a true friend

Gaara smiles

Scene cuts to Mei’s room where the old man is shaking her hand

Old man- you’re not as scary as Naruto described

Mei gets a death glare but directs it towards Ao

Scene cuts to Akatsuchi shaking the hand of the old man. The old man looks over at Onoki and says

Old man- Hey your getting pretty old yourself are you sure you ready for this?

Onoki scoffs at this comment

Onoki- I can still take you on Old Man

Scene cuts to Ei and Killer bee, where the old man is done shaking Ei’s hand and walks over to Bee and sticks out his fist.

Old man- this is how it’s done,right?

Killer Bee smile and bumps fists with the old man.

Killer bee- you got it old dude with such great attitude

Old man- “Ya know Ya know” it

The old man smiles at Bee

Scene cuts to Kakashi who is shaking hands with the old man. When they are done the man walks towards the door and stops… and turns towards Hinata..

Old man- Hinata was it?

Hinata who is taken aback say’s

Hinata- yes

Old man- Naruto had a special message for you

Hinata- what is it?

The Old man motions his hands to come closer. Hinata leans and bends down to hear more clearly what he has to say. But when Hinata got close the Old Man kisses her cheek and say’s

Old man- I love You Hinata

Hinata looks up shocked at the old man’s face until “Poof” the old man transforms into Naruto

Shikamaru- what the?!!!

Kakashi-?!!! Naruto???

Hinata- Naruto-kun?

Naruto looks in Hinata’s eyes

Naruto- yep it’s me…

Naruto looks over at Kakashi

Naruto- thanks for still having faith in me Kakashi….I will see you at the Kage Summit Soon….

The a split panel shows that all 5 rooms are filled with white smoke and when the smoke is gone so is Naruto and his Old Man

scene goes back to Kakashi Hinata and Shikamaru

Kakashi- that Knucklehead fooled us all… but you got to love him right Hinata?

Hinata is blushing and looks like she going to faint.

Hinata- yea

Kakashi- Shikamaru and Hinata tell everyone it Begins again…GO NOW!!!!!

The scene cuts to the Sky over Konoha and a group of birds flying over head.
the panel is zoomed in on the birds which we now see the birds eye view that we are now traveling over land, woods and mountains. Now it seems they have come to a canopy wooded area where they come to a waterfall. We see the Arial view of the waterfall and what it seems to be dozens of whirlpools surrounding the area. We zoom closer and closer until we see a man sitting still among all the whirlpools. The man is Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto- It begins again, and this time I’m ready for anything.

He smiles lays back with arms behind his neck in the water and spins around and around and around until the scene cuts back to the sky with the birds flying towards the Horizon.

To Be Continued…..

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Naruto Chapter 3- Naruto’s retrieval team

This chapter is very short but its a transition for the next chapter, Hope you enjoy and please tell me what you think of my work.

Naruto Chapter 3- Naruto’s Retrieval Team

The next day in Konoha, in the Hokages office we see Kakashi stands before Shikaku and Shikamaru.

Kakashi- Shikaku are you sure Shikamaru is ready for this?

Shikaku looks over at Shikamaru closes his eye and smiles

Shikaku- Absolutely… he has become as or maybe even smarter than myself, he is the perfect person to be your advisor on this mission, and I think I’m better off here planning and strategizing from Kohona’s home front, I will get all the preparations ready for you return.

Kakashi looks over at Shikamaru nods towards him

Kakashi- then get ready Shikamaru We must be ready to move out tomorrow.

Shikamaru – Yes, Hokage

Shikaku and Shikamaru turn and leave the room…you see them walking side by side down the hall at a very slow pace Shikamaru has his hands behind his head.

Shikamaru- Dad, are you sure I’m ready?

Shikaku- Shikamaru the question is, do you think you are ready, because if not I will take your place and try to help Naruto to the best of MY ability, because HE would and has done that for us.

Shikamaru hands fall to his side and his lazy walk becomes a determined stride but stops and goes back towards the Hokage’s office … the scene zooms in on Shikaku’s face which has a big smile…

Shikaku-{whispers}- yeah son, you are ready…

The Scene fades out and cuts to the Next Day…

Kakashi and Shikamaru are seen walking together towards the gate

Kakashi- is everyone ready?

Shikamaru- Yes, Hokage

Kakashi- please stop calling me Hokage, I never have got used to that

Shikamaru- hehe yes Hok…

Kakashi tilts his head and glares at Shikamaru

Shikamaru- Yes, Kakashi sensei

Kakashi- So how are they doing?

Shikamaru- they are excited…

The scene cuts to the gate and shows four peoples backs all looking at Kakashi and Shikamaru

?????- HELL YEAH we are excited!!!!…

The scene zooms around and focuses on the faces of the four individuals
The scene does a four panel split screens revealing the four to be Sakura, Sai, Hinata and Sasuke.

Kakashi smiles

Kakashi- Good….. So Shikamaru did you tell them what they will be doing on this mission

Shikamaru- No

Kakashi- perfect then let me. Myself and Shikamaru handpicked you four for this mission, because you are the best at what you do and that all of us here will do anything for Naruto.

Shikamaru, Sai, Hinata, Sakura, and Sasuke all nod their heads in agreement.

Kakashi- Sai you have the task of passing info, notes and plans back to Konoha with your ninja art, we can also travel to the summit all the quicker with your art.

Sai nods his head in agreement

Sai- yes Hokage

Kakashi- Sakura I chose you because beside Tsunade you are the best healer in the land and the alliance will need your input on what is needed for the possible battle ahead.

Sakura- Right, Hokage

Kakashi- Hinata you are going to be my eyes, and will have a joint mission with Sasuke.

Hinata- OK Hokage

Kakashi- and you Sasuke, well Shikamaru thought we should bring you along

Kakashi looks at Shikamaru

Kakashi- what is it you said, oh that’s right … he will fight harder than anyone for Naruto because he owes him one, but you and Hinata will protect Naruto at this Summit.

Sasuke- Done!!

Shikamaru- but who knows if that’s even necessary at this point.

Kakashi smiles

Kakashi- True, but it must be done to protect the future Hokage…
Everyone Smiles

Kakashi- Lets Go retrieve Naruto Team!!!! And please STOP CALLING ME HOKAGE !

The scene show everyone jump on one of Sai’s ink Eagles and fly off into the Horizen… the scene fades white and cuts to a wooded area and is zoomed in on someone’s feet walking….. buts then cuts to a split screen of 20 pairs of eyes… we fade out.

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 4- The Power of a Name

I hope you enjoy another short chapter! lol

Chapter 4- The Power of a Name

The scene begins with us still following the mans feet

???- Boss man are we going to see some action today?

???- Bro you know we always do

???- well you never know boss could…

???- what could I do?

The scene cuts to the man’s back.

The man is wearing a black cloak that has orange flames. He also has a Giagantic scroll where to frogs the size of Fuskaku and shima sit. On the left is a white frog with black and gold eyes and on his right is a black frog with white and gold eyes.

Makura{the Black frog}- you …Know exactly what i..i….Nevermind

Koudo{the White frog}- Sorry about bro today

Naruto- don’t worry about it, its been fun having you guys around these past five years, I was hesitant at first but Geezer sage was right again.

Naruto pauses suddenly but then continues to move forward

Naruto- we don’t have time for this, we are going to be late as it is.

Koudo and Makura- what is it boss?

Naruto- Makura it looks like you will be getting your action soon enough, so watch my back you guys.

Koudo and Makura- Roger That Boss Man.

Scene cuts to the wooded canopy above where we see 20 ninja come falling down from above to surround Naruto… Naruto calmly stops and looks around.

Naruto- so are you trying to make a name for yourself ?...

Naruto notices their headband protectors say Sound...Naruto nods his head in disapproval

Naruto- Oh so you’re here for revenge then?

Sound Ninja- Revenge? No we want your money and that scroll you have there.

Naruto- Oh!?

Naruto starts walking towards the enemy

Sound Ninja- Stop!!! Are you stupid or something WE will Kill You!!!

Makura- HA Ha ha, Kill Boss Man no way, who is stupid now

Koudo- I must agree with my brother, how stupid can 20 ninja be not to know who you are attacking especially this man.

Sound Ninja- we are not stupid we know exactly who you are!

Makura- and Yet you do not run away.

Naruto- shhh Makura…

Sound Ninja- why would we run from ONE Leaf shinobi who is so stupid that he has two little frogs speak for him…Besides there are 20 of us and only 3 of you..

Koudo- well boss they are stupid, they should fear any leaf shinobi and yet they don’t… and and they still don’t know who you are

Makura- Please boss can I tell them your name, I want to see them shit themselves

Naruto shakes his head as to say No but suddenly freezes with anger with what came out of the sound ninjas mouth next

Sound ninja- Screw your name, screw whoever you are!! All we needed to know was you were from Kohona’s Hidden Leaf Village… Because every sound ninja knows that every ninja there are all WEAK!!

Naruto violently turns and glares at the man. The Sound ninja step back all shocked, while Naruto shouts out.

Naruto- Makura, Koudo…JUMP!!!!

Scene cuts to Makura and Koudo Jumping up into the air
Scene cuts back to them landing on Naruto’s Scroll where he has already began walking towards the summit.

The panel zooms out to see all but the sound ninja who made the comment knocked unconscious

Sound Ninja- Who… are You. WHAT… iiis..your Na..Name?

The panel zooms to Makura and Koudo who are on Naruto’s Scroll staring at the man an yell out to the man while Naruto Keeps walking forward.

Koudo- Boss man goes by many names

Makura- The 1000 Man Army, The Toad Sage Kid

Koudo- The Child of The Prophecy

The sound ninja is seen shaking terribly

Naruto – but in Konoha I’m just known as…

Naruto disappears and reappears face to face with the sound ninja

Naruto- Naruto Uzumaki….But if you ever speak ill of Konoha in front of me again the last thing you will ever see is Kurama’s face..

Sound Ninja- wh..ho….who is Kurama?

Naruto looks at Koudo and Makura who both nod their heads, Naruto then stares Directly into the Sound ninjas eyes and smiles

Naruto- HeHE Kurama is part of me and my Family!!

With that Naruto steps back and goes mini Kurama mode where Kurama gives a Evil smile and gargantuan roar in the direction of the sound ninja which pushes him 100 feet. Before the sound ninja starts to fall backwards and pass out.

Sound Ninja- I…Thought…you…were…Just…A…MYTH… a man…of…legend

Scene cut to a zoomed out panel of Naruto walking through the 20 unconscious bodies on the ground.

Makura – See Boss we did nothing again, you always say we will see some action but this always happens instead.

Koudo- well technically brother we did see some action but just was not a part of it.

Naruto- Sorry guys I just got carried away again.

Koudo- Don’t be Boss, Bro is being a whiny baby today

Makura- No I’m not

Naruto- hey I totally thought of a name for the two of you

Makura & Koudo- What Boss?!

Naruto – The Ying and Yang Brothers: Guardians of the Prophecy

The scene slowly fades away

Koudo- I like the Ying and Yang Brothers but not so sure about the rest

Makura- Yeah and how can we guard something when we never get the chance to fight

Naruto- Never mind you two….

To Be Contiued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 5- Naruto’s Summit

For the flashback scenes i used a link so i would not have to type out a whole scene when the manga did it for me....I hope you enjoy it!

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 5- Naruto’s Summit

2 Days Pass

Scene Zooms in on a snowy landscape, where the snow is constantly falling.
The scene Fades out white and cuts to a table.
We Zoom in on the table to see four hats are present, we Zoom in closer to see a hat being place on the table. We Pan out to see that the hat belongs to the Raikage and if we Pan out more we see that all Five Kages are standing around the table and we continue to pan out until you can see all who accompanied the Kages Standing above on a balcony

Kakashi- Well I’m glad everyone could make it on such short notice.

He motions with his hands to tell everyone to sit

Raikage- of course we made it, But now where is that brat Naruto who ordered it? I owe him one for tricking me.

Mei- I do as well he called me scary looking and disguised himself as an old man, so I was not able to punish him for the comment.

Kakashi- HEhe…he {Cough cough}

Mei- what was that Kakashi?

Kakashi- oh sorry, just had a tickle in my throat.

Akatsuchi- Is this like Naruto, to call a meeting but be late for it.

Kakashi, Konoha Team, Gaara, Kankuro and Temari – YES!!

Gaara- But I am surprised he is not here by now.

Kakashi- I am sorry for Naruto’s………

The conversation of the Kages fade out and the conversation up in the balcony fades in.

Shikamaru- How is it Naruto is that fastest man alive and yet he is late?

Killer Bee- yo Yo YO Shika, a Hero is Neva Late 4 Any Date & Naruto in a Flash will Neva make U Wait!!! You Got Me?!

Hinata- Yeah Shikamaru, Bee is right. Naruto might not always be there when we want him, but when we NEED him he’s always there for us!


Killer Bee- You go Home Girl


Skip ahead

~Flashback ends~

Kankuro thinking

Kankuro- Naruto, the moment you met and Fought Gaara, You gave Me back my Brother, you gave us our Kazekage, You changed him for the better. And for that…

Kankuro stares down at Gaara from the balcony who is still talking with the other Kages and Kankuro who is still in thought thinks to himself.

Kankuro- I will wait.

Onoki- Of course will Wait for Naruto, this war is not going anywhere without him.

Sakura- When did you get here?

Onoki- I’ve been here, but I had to go lay down my back was killing me from the trip here.

Kurotsuchi- Old man are we sure we need Naruto, the meeting seems to be almost over as it is.

Onoki- Watch what you say about Naruto, he is the one who brought peace to us for Five years, this meeting will truly only begin when he arrives, we must wait to hear what he has to say.

Kurotsuchi is shocked about Onoki’s Praise of Naruto.

Kurotsuchi- Ok Old man….

Sakura is Yelling at Shikamaru

Sakura- Shikamaru TAKE IT BACK!!!! Or I will Clobber YOU!!!!

Shikamaru- What a pain… It was only a joke

Scene cuts to Temari in thought

Temari- For some reason Naruto I always talked down to you


Temari- Even after what you did for my Brother

Temari- "Naruto… You really are a mysterious person. You have the power to change people…

Chiyo-sama was always saying how she didn't care about the future of the village… She wasn't the kind of person who would do something like this for Gaara…” And even though I have see what you can do I kept on having doubts in your abilities

~Flashback Ends~

Temari still in thought

Temari- and you kept proving me wrong time and time again, and like the old man said you brought us peace…. So I too will wait.

Scene cuts to Sakura Clubbing Shikamaru on the head

Shikamaru- Wait… Ouch… OK! I take it back I’m sorry…. It was only a joke

Sakura- Hmph.... Good.

Sakura stops punching Shikamaru and turns to face Sasuke.

Sakura- Sasuke I am worried about Naruto, why do you think he is so late?

Sasuke- I have no clue, but knowing Naruto it will be an interesting answer.

Killer Bee is seen walking over to Sai who seems to be spacing out looking off into the distance.

Killer Bee- What ya thinkin Kid? it B lookin like you are Flyin higher than a bird on grass u Dig….

Sai-………..Oh sorry, I was thinking of a New Nickname for Naruto

Killer Bee- Watcha Got ?

Sai- …Delayed Flash

Killer Bee- Delayed Flash?..... Bwa hahaha HWawa!!!!!

Scene Cuts back to the Kages Conversation

Raikage- SHUT IT BEE!!!!! Do NOT INTERUPTS US AGAIN!! You hear me?!

Killer Bee- Sorry Bro, but this Kid made the craziest Nickname for Naruto.

Makura- Cool, Boss you got another Nickname.

Naruto- Trust me, if Sai made it Makura it Sucks…SO am I Late to the meeting?

Every kage and everyone in the Balcony smiles while Hinata blushes and Bee…

Killer Bee- BWahahahah Hehe !!!!

Raikage looks up and Killer Bee goes Silent

Kakashi- Yes Naruto you are late, what happened?

Naruto- Sorry, I ran into some trouble on the way here.

Koudo- well technically we were never in any kind of trouble

Makura- Yeah they were the ones in trouble the moment they talked bad about Konoha.

Naruto- Shh Makura…

Kakashi- who was it?

Mei- well who ever it was they must have been powerful to stay and fight you.

Makura- not the case at all.

Koudo- yeah they had no clue who boss was until they saw a flash and it was too late.

Naruto- Excuse these two, it was 20 Sound Ninja who tried to attack me.

Raikage- Was it Tobi’s doing?

Naruto- Na, I don’t think so. Like Makura and Koudo pointed out, they had know clue who I was, and if they did they would have probably brought more men to attack me. …Anyways should we start this meeting?

Akatsuchi- Well we were just about done

Naruto- oh…?

Onoki- No you weren’t.

Onoki flies from the balcony and lands next to Naruto

Onoki- We were just waiting for you to arrive, to hear what you have to say.

Naruto looks down and smiles

Naruto- Thanks

Onoki pats the back of Naruto’s knee and motions Naruto to come and sit at the table. Once Naruto is seated, Onoki flies back up to the balcony.

Raikage- Well?!

Naruto- How should I begin…

Gaara- start off with how you have been these past five years.

Naruto nods and takes a deep breath

Naruto- Busy but good.

Kakashi- as we are all pleased to hear that you’ve been good these past five years Naruto. War is upon us can you continue on with the needed info you have gathered.

Raikage- Yeah, hurry it up!

Naruto- Of course.

Naruto closes his eyes crosses his arms and leans back in his chair.

Naruto- from what gathered these past 5 years is word that Tobi has found a weapon that could change tide of the upcoming war.

Akatsuchi- Wouldn’t he have used this weapon in the last war, if he had such a thing?

Gaara- Not if he did not have possession of this something in the last war.

Naruto sits up straight in his chair and opens his eyes

Naruto- Correct Gaara, but this weapon is not a something it is a someone….

Kakashi- Madara?.

Raikage- the past Kages are sealed, so it can't be them.

Akatsuchi- He does have the seven Bijuu..

Mei- yeah but he had all of them last time.

Gaara- and Naruto and Bee Handled them pretty easily anyway it has to be someone new.

Naruto- well I’m not sure about that Gaara. In my Reconnaissance these five years I intercepted many messengers and they had the same message “NOT FOUND” until a month ago the message changed….

Raikage- Spit it out boy!!!

Onoki floats down from the balcony and hovers and places his arm on Naruto’s Shoulder.

Onoki- do not pay any attention to him boy, please continue….

Naruto takes a deep breath in and exhales four words.


Shocked faces fills the room.

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 6- The Keepers

Hope you enjoy the chapter.... tell me what you think


The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 6- The Keepers

Scene continues where we left off…..

We pan around the room zooming in on everyone’s shocked face. The panel cuts to Onoki who suddenly stops floating and falls and crashes in the center of the table.

Naruto- are you okay flying gramps?

Onoki nods at to say he’s fine and then slowly sits up and looks at Naruto.

Onoki- are you absolutely sure ?!!

Naruto leans back in the chair arms crossed

Naruto- Yes!

Kakashi- The Sage of Six paths, I thought he was a myth.

Onoki- NO no no, Kakashi he is no Myth he was a god amongst men.

Raikage- Don’t be so foolish old man. People can call themselves a god all they want, but that does not make it so…

Onoki looks at Raikage

Onoki- That may be true, but that’s what made him so different he never once called himself a god…It was the people around him that gave him that title.

Gaara- Onoki how do you know so much about a man that has been gone way before our time?

Mei- yeah!

Kakashi- yes, please tell.

Onoki sighs

Onoki- …OK you must understand the info I have gathered on this man comes from a very credible source.

Kakashi- how credible can it be? As Gaara pointed out he’s been gone for quite some time.

Onoki pans his gaze at all the Kage, first to Mei, Katsuchi, Raikage, Gaara then to Kakashi

Onoki- My source came directly from the Keepers of History… the Guardians of Our Past…

Gaara- The Keepers of History?

Onoki looks at Gaara

Onoki- Yes, the Keepers of History… Gaara you yourself have pointed out the sage came way before our time. Which is certainly true for us but not for them..

Kakashi- what do you mean not for them?

Raikage- WHO ARE THEY ?!!!

Onoki glances at Raikage but turns and focuses on Naruto, who is still leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed.

Onoki- The Keepers of History…The Guardians of Our Past…. {sighs}… were None other than the Uzumaki clan.

Everyone is in shock except for Naruto who has no reaction.
Kakashi glanced at Naruto but quickly brings his attention back to Onoki.

Kakashi- please continue…

Onoki nods

Onoki- as I was saying before, we might be connected with the sage 15 degrees of separation generation wise… but the Uzumaki’s would have only needed 5 generations to be connected to the sage.

Raikage- how is that even possible?!!

Onoki pans the Kages faces but ends up focusing on Naruto once again

Onoki- Naruto….

Naruto opens his eyes and looks at Onoki

Onoki- Your clan was known for their Longevity… while on average a normal shinobi could live to a feeble and barely mobile age of 92. Your Clan the Uzumaki’s surpassed that… They on average lived to be a healthy and very much active 125 years of age sometimes more.

Mei is now looking at Naruto

Mei- I knew they were know as the longevity clan, but 125 years that just sounds so unlikely…

Onoki- It is very much true… I was told by an elder of the Uzumaki clan himself.

Onoki sighs and looks down at the table

Onoki- They were such a peaceful clan, and yet they had to be feared.

Naruto- FEARED?!!! FEARED?

Kakashi- Calm down Naruto…

Onoki- You must understand Naruto, that every village feared the Uzumaki clan, their seals were legendary, their life seemed never ending and when threatened…. They would become the fiercest warriors anyone has ever seen!... and Naruto they were the most respected clan in the Shinobi world.

Naruto- Then who tried to wipe them out?!!

Gaara- Tried?

Naruto points to himself

Naruto- I’m still here aren’t I.

Gaara smiles All eyes go back on Naruto and Onoki

Onoki- I do not know.

Naruto- How is THAT Possible?! You just said it yourself that the Uzumaki clan was known to be the fiercest warriors in our world and the most respected clan….and YET you do not know the name of who tried to wipe them out!!

The room goes silent

Naruto- Their Names should be Legendary with that feat alone!!

Onoki- You are correct, they would be legendary, and yet I know not who attacked your clan…

Naruto abruptly gets up from the table and faces away from the kages and Onoki…

Kakashi- Naru…..

Onoki- Naruto!

Naruto turns around


Onoki is on his knees on the table bowing in front of Naruto …

To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 7- The Lesson

Hope you all enjoy chapter 7

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 7- The Lesson

Scene starts where we left off, Onoki is on his knees on the table bowing in front of Naruto …

Onoki- Naruto I’m Sorry for the loss of your clan but I’m more sorry I can’t tell you what happened to them

Onoki moves his hands to his face and shakes his head

Onoki- and the troubling thing is I should know what happened to them, I had many friends that were Uzumaki’s

Onoki removes his hands from his face and looks at Naruto, Onoki’s eyes are red but no tears are present…

Onoki- How do you all think I came of this information, Interrogation… NO! I went to them to learn about our history, they were my teachers they were my friends they were my comrades that I had complete respect for the Uzumaki’s. Yet Naruto I cannot tell you how they met their demise…

Onoki bows again

Onoki- I’m sorr…..

Naruto- Stop!… Please know more bowing, I know your being sincere…{sighs} and I am not mad at you.

Onoki lifts up his head to see Naruto smiling

Naruto- Gramps please come sit here…

Naruto motions his hands to invite Onoki to come sit in his seat… Onoki nods stands up and floats over and sits in Naruto’s seat. Naruto pats him on his shoulder and moves to the opposite side of the table.

Naruto- Let us please forget about the past for right now and focus on the present. I did not just request this summit just to tell you about the sage, I requested it, because I need your help and your guidance.

Mei- Guidance?

Naruto nods his head… and stares at the Raikage..

Naruto- Raikage you once told me, “ Ninja Respect actions and strength!{…} The Weak Will Be Crushed! That Is The Inescapable Truth Of The Ninja World!” This is true but I learned one of my greatest lessons from….

Naruto looks up into the Balcony and looks at Sasuke

Naruto- The Great Itachi Uchiha, “ If Now that you are more powerful you start to forget about others, to be arrogant and to be attached to your Ego……. One Day you will become like Madara. No matter how powerful you become never try to shoulder everything alone. Otherwise you will undoubtedly fail.”

Naruto looks back at the Kages

Naruto- I do not want to fail anymore… I failed you all once and I don’t want to fail you again…

Kakashi- You failed us? No Naruto…

Naruto- Kakashi you must understand that I know my limits and I am weak…

Raikage-Hmm... Weak, you got to be joking…

Naruto- I am a fighter but I am considerably weak at many things. I know this now, but that is why I need your strength, your wisdom and your guidance to overcome my limitations.

Gaara- what do you need from us Naruto.

Kakashi- We will do whatever we can to help you.

Raikage, Mei, Akatsuchi and Onoki nods in agreement….Naruto smiles

Naruto- what I need from all of you is to teach me…

Akatsuchi- Teach you what exactly?

Naruto looks at Raikage

Naruto- Lighting Affinity

Naruto looks at Sasuke up in the Balcony

Naruto- Fire Affinity

Naruto looks down at Onoki

Naruto- Earth Affinity…I know this is a lot to ask and on such a short time table but I can’t do this on my own anymore.

Mei- wait…

Naruto looks over at Mei

Mei- what about Water Affinity

Naruto- Oh!... Hehe, yeah I mastered that one.

Kakashi- Really?!

Naruto scratches his head and smiles

Naruto- So… shall we get into the details of our war plan?

Naruto looks up into the Balcony

Naruto- Shikamaru… Get down here and tell us the plan already…

Naruto waves Shikamaru down, but Shikamaru hesitate and looks at Kakashi…Kakashi nods and with that Shikamaru jumps down and stands next to Naruto. Shikamaru pulls out a scroll from his Vest pocket, unravels the scroll and {POOF} a map of the battle field appears……..
Scene Fades out from the Kages Conversation and focuses on the Balcony.
Scene zooms on Hinata who can’t keep her eyes of Naruto

Hinata- Naruto is SO Incredible!

Sakura- I guess, but he is still no Sasuke

Sakura looks at Sasuke and Sasuke looks back at her and gives her a smirk, but quickly returns his focus to Naruto with a serious look upon his face.

Sasuke-{thinking}- Though I myself have grown these 5 years Sakura, I’m surprised you still can’t sense this is a completely different Naruto…. Weak my ass Naruto, you were impressive when you left , so I’m excited but a little bit terrified at what you can do now.

Kankuro- So how does it feel that Konoha will have Naruto for another Century or so? Hehe…

Sasuke gives a smirk

Sasuke -Tiring…

Hinata- Happy …. but also Sad.


Sakura- Sad…Why sad Hinata?

Hinata- Though I am so happy I will get to spend my whole life with him…

Hinata who is still looking at Naruto, her eyes begin to water

Hinata- When I’m gone or Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi, Bee, or Even our entire Generation is gone…. Naruto will be all alone and that is too painful to think about.

Sakura is now looking at Naruto with a tear running down her cheek, we see the tear falling towards the ground and when it hits the scene cuts back to The Kages Conversation.

Naruto- So that settles it.

Naruto Pats Shikamaru on the Back

Naruto- I will send either Makura or Koudo to you when I am ready to train…So shall we officially make this meeting adjourned?

Kakashi- Does anyone have any questions?

The Kages are Silent

Kakashi- Good, Because we have a lot of work to do.

Kakashi stands Nods to the other Kages and looks at Naruto

Kakashi- Shall we get going to Konoha Naruto?

Naruto sighs deeply

Naruto- NO.

Everyone is Shocked and speechless

Kakashi- …and Why Not?!

Naruto- I’m Sorry..


Naruto Looks up towards the Balcony at a crying Hinata

Hinata- We have been waiting for you {Sniff..Sniff} We’ve been waiting for 5 years for your return…

Scene zooms in on Hinata’s face which was crying but now has a shocked expression on her face. Scene pans out to see Naruto is standing on the Balcony Railing, Naruto kneels down face to face with Hinata…

Naruto- Hinata…

Naruto brushes her hair over her ear and kisses her on the forehead

Naruto- It is not my time to return to Konoha, Not yet anyways, but very soon.

Naruto flashes to the doorway where he first entered the summit…Stops and turns to everyone

Naruto- Makura, Koudo Lets Go!

Makura and Koudo come from under the Table and in a Black and White Flash land on Naruto’s Scroll. Naruto turns and starts to walk out the door buts sticks his hand in the air and says

Naruto- See ya later everyone…

Naruto leaves

Scene cuts back to the Kage Table where everyone is still in shock

Raikage- wha..wha….WHAT is the meaning of this Kakashi ?!!!

Kakashi shrugs his shoulders

Kakashi- I…I ….I have No Clue, but I will find out.

Kakashi snaps his Fingers

Kakashi- Sasuke, Hinata!

Sasuke and Hinata jump from the balcony and land in on the table in kneeling in front of Kakashi…

Kakashi- Follow Naruto and though it will be difficult try not to be detected.

Sasuke and Hinata Nod

Kakashi- GO NOW!

With That Sasuke and Hinata Dash out the door after Naruto

Raikage- Do you want Killer Bee to go with them?

Kakashi looks up in the balcony and see’s Bee dancing and throwing Gangs signs..

Kakashi- Bee doesn’t look like he can do under the radar, but thanks anyways.

Raikage looks up at Bee and starts shaking his head

Raikage- Good choice Kakashi, because you’re absolutely right.

Killer Bee- Bro don’t be so cruel, I can dance and throw any beat, without any MoFo Havin the Slightest clue you dig!

Onoki-{whispers}- Because people ignore you just so they won’t go blind and deaf from watching you dance and hearing you sing… Hehe

All the Kages hear this and laugh to themselves

Scene cuts to Naruto walking on a snowy mountain trail

The scene cuts to Naruto Mind where we see him sitting with Kurama

Naruto- Kurama, Were they all telling the truth?

Kurama- there was no disturbance in their chakra network so it seems they were telling the truth.

Naruto- Hmm….

Kurama- I know what you mean, with all are research one of the Kages should have known something….

Naruto- I Know… That’s why it makes it more puzzling.

Kurama- Naruto, Koudo and Makura are…

Naruto- yeah I sense it too…. Kurama can you go over and see if I missed anything, because this summit made me have more questions that I will have to go ask…

Naruto sighs

Naruto-.... that Geezer.

Kurama- Grrr… It’s a pain but I will do it.

Naruto- Thanks

Scene cuts back to Naruto walking

Makura- Boss!

Koudo- We are being followed..

Naruto- I know… Let’s put on a show for my two friends…

Koudo- Right.

Makura- You got it, what do you have in mind Boss?


To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 8- The Five Year Secret

Heres Chapter 8

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 8- The Five Year Secret

Scene cuts to Sasuke and Hinata who are keeping their Distance from Naruto but with Hinatas eyes have constant visual contact with Naruto

Hinata- Sasuke where do you think he is going?

Sasuke- Truthfully I have no clue Hinata, but it must be important if he is not returing home with us to Konoha

Hinata looks down but quickly regains eye contact on Naruto.

Hinata- I am so afraid that is the case Sasuke. That he has found someone else over these 5 years.

Sasuke- Don’t be stupid, Naruto and I are lucky to have found women who loved us from the very beginning and have stayed with us through the ups and downs. Hinata How could Naruto ever forget you in the first place the one that risked her life for his against Pain.

Sasuke looks at Hinata and smiles but notices she has a puzzling look on her face

Sasuke- Whats wrong?

Hinata- Soo aren’t you a little surprised Sasuke

Sasuke- Surprised about what?

Hinata- That he has not detected us yet? Considering how adept he is as a sensor…

Sasuke- No…

???- No?!

Sasuke and Hinata are stunned!?!

Scene cuts to above Hinata and Sasuke where we see Makura and koudo jumping in sync with them stride for stride.

Makura- Koudo, you hear this, Sasuke is not surprised.

Sasuke and Hinata look up

Sasuke- it’s you two

Hinata-{whispers}-How did I not see them

Koudo- it’s not surprising you did not see us, when you have been looking at us this whole time…

Hinata’s focuses on Naruto and see’s that both Makura and Koudo are still sitting on Naruto’s
Scroll chatting away.

Sasuke- when did he Notice?

Makura- You’re a complete dumbass to think he would not.

Koudo- Brother, Shut it! These are the Bosses friends.

Koudo looks at Hinata

Koudo- You will come to learn Hinata and…

Koudo looks at Sasuke

Koudo- Sasuke, it is hard to sneak up on the Boss, He can sense your intentions to see if your friend or foe. He can sense your chakra and he has us two watching his back as well. So the only reason he wanted you to think he had not noticed you was….

Koudo jumps infront of Sasuke and Hinata haulting their progress.

Koudo- to have some fun with you…

Sasuke- Fun?

{POOF} Koudo Transforms into Naruto and Makura just disappear.

Naruto- Hey you two, miss me already… HEhe

Sasuke- God Damn It Naruto!!! Hey wait a minute you Called me a Dumbass!! Err….

Hinata runs and hugs Naruto… Naruto picks her up and swirls her around and puts her on the ground again.

Naruto- So Kakashi sent you to follow me?

Hinata- are you mad?

Naruto- No not at all, I can’t blame him. I’m actually quite pleased he sent you two.

Sasuke- Pleased, How so?

Naruto- for one thing I can do my training with you in person and not just by sending one of my clones.

Hinata- so you were never planning to come back to Konoha then… Why?

Naruto Smiles

Naruto- I’ll show you…

Naruto snap his fingers and in a black and white flash Koudo and Makura lands on Naruto’s back scroll

Koudo & Makura- Boss?

Naruto- Koudo go get a pass for two visitors from that geezer.

Koudo- On it Boss!

Koudo disappears in a puff of smoke

Sasuke- What is he doing?

Naruto- you will see, he will be back very soon

Hinata- What are you going to show us Naruto?

Naruto looks at Hinata and Smiles

Naruto- exactly what I’ve been up too these five years…

Naruto looks at Makura who is still sitting on his scroll

Naruto- Makura.. Summon your brother back, He will have what we need by now.

Makura- is that really necessary, I was beginning to like being solo..

Naruto stares at Makura

Makura- OK Boss, Here come KOUDO!

Makura does the summoning ritual. And in a poof of white smoke Koudo reappears, holding two passes.

Koudo- hey bro did you miss me?

Makura- Of course I did I’ve been saving your seat right next to me…

Hinata giggles

Naruto- Koudo did you get them?

Koudo- yes, here are the two admission passes, Boss.

Naruto smiles and takes the two passes…

Naruto- Good

Naruto Motions Sasuke and Hinata to come closer…. Sasuke and Hinata reach for the passes but Naruto pulls them out of reach to his chest

Sasuke- what’s the meaning of this?!!

Hinata- Is everything ok, Naruto?

Naruto- These passes are a privledge, and I need two things from you before I allow you to use them….

Hinata- two things?

Sasuke- what are these two things you need from us?

Naruto- 1st …. I need your word.

Hinata- our word?

Naruto- your word that whatever I show you besides our training can never be spoken to anyone….

Hinata- Anyone?!

Sasuke- even Kakashi, Naruto?

Naruto- Especially Kakashi, I will tell him when he needs to know, and that time is not now.

Sasuke- that’s fine, as long as you plan on telling him…

Naruto- Hinata?...

Hinata is squirming and seems to be extremely Nervous

Naruto- If you cannot do that Hinata I completely understand, however I cannot allow you to come any further with us….

Hinata- NO Naruto!!... Im coming im not going to be left behindand away from you any longer!.... I I….I Promise Not to say anything of what I see to Anyone!!

Naruto smiles nods

Naruto- Good.

Sasuke- so what’s the second thing you need?

Naruto- Ummmm…. Well I need.. your…

Makura in a horror voice

Makura- BLOOD!! Moohwaah ha ha

Hinata- Blood!!?

Koudo- don’t make it sound so ominous Makura

Naruto glares at Makura, then looks back up at Hinata

Naruto- Do not worry, Hinata, This will not harm you it is only a one time thing

Sasuke- One-time thing?

Naruto looks at Sasuke

Naruto- Yes, One-time only. These two passes are a one and done summoning contract between You, Hinata and me. No one else….. Okay?

Sasuke- Fine…

Sasuke takes the pass bites his finger and presses it on the pass itself. Sasuke then hands the pass back to Naruto.

Naruto- Good, Now it’s your turn Hinata…

Naruto slowly passes the pass to Hinata. Hinata cautiously takes the pass.

Naruto- I promise this will not harm you in anyway…This experience will… Well you’ll see

Hinata- OK, Naruto.

Hinata follows suit, bites her finger and presses it on the pass and hands it back to Naruto. Naruto takes the pass and smiles

Naruto- Great… Now both you close your eyes.

Sasuke- this was not part of the conditions, if it was I would never have given you my blood.

Naruto- Just Do it!

Hinata- is it necessary, Naruto?

Naruto- Yes…

Both Sasuke and Hinata close their eyes.

Naruto- the next time you two open your eyes….


Naruto- you will be amongst my clan!!

Sasuke and Hinata open their eyes to see a gate with the Uzumaki’s Crest on it… Naruto goes towards it and pushes it open…. Scene goes white….

To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 9- The Family Tree

Here is chapter 9.....Hope you like it.

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 9- The Family Tree

Scene continues with Naruto pushing the gate open

Naruto- Welcome…..

Hinata and Sasuke walk through the gate, and onto a bridge and looks around to see that they are completely surrounded by water with hundreds upon hundreds of whirlpools and trees that are twenty to forty times the size of Redwood trees.

Hinata- this is amazing, Naruto!

Naruto looks around and smiles

Naruto- I know…

Sasuke- yeah it is…. HOLD IT!.. Did I hear you correctly? Did you say your clan?

Naruto smiles and Nods

Naruto- Yep, Hehe

Sasuke- then that would be truly amazing, but then where is everyone?

Naruto Smiles and Sasuke and Hinata and looks up. Sasuke and Hinata follow suit and looks up into the trees. To see that hundreds upon thousands of tree houses and bridges {think Ewoks on a much grander scale}

Naruto- we are the village hidden in the trees and protected by the whirlpools…

Hinata- Wow! Incredible!!!....

Sasuke- What else are you hiding from us Naruto…. Do you really even need my training?

Sasuke {in thought}- your making me want to spar with you so bad….

Naruto laughs and looks at Sasuke and pats him on his back

Naruto- Of course I need your training… but first…

Sasuke- first what??

Naruto- we will Spar of course…


Naruto- just as soon as I speak to this old Geezer… Koudo go tell him I will need a word with him…

???- NO NEED!!

Naruto looks up and smiles, though he cannot see anything since the sun is blinding his vision…....Naruto Yells towards the voice…

Naruto- Yo! Grandpa Yoko… Can you give us a lift up?!

Scene cuts to the back of Yoko who is at the top of a tree bridge and is surrounded by many people. Yoko is a tall and slender man with red hair and small streaks of white. He is dressed in a long white robe with green, blue and a little brown detailing and the prominent Uzumaki Crest.

Yoko yells down to Naruto

Yoko- Your telling me the Great Naruto Uzumaki can’t climb a tree to get himself up here

Naruto yells

Naruto- HA HA HA.. Very funny Gamps! But as you can see I’m not alone.

Yoko yells

Yoko- True, you have brought us some visitors, Can they be trusted!?

Scene cuts back to Naruto on the ground

Naruto looks at Sasuke then Hinata smiles then looks upward towards yoko’s voice

Naruto- I trust these two with my life since they have saved it time and time again…

A hand is placed on Naruto’s shoulder, Naruto Smiles…

Yoko- Then they too will be welcomed here, Naruto….

Sasuke and Hinata are stunned to see Yoko standing behind Naruto and even more stunned that they did not notice his presence until he spoke…. Naruto turns and faces Yoko. When you finally see Yoko’s Face, it does not look old but certainly not young either. Yoko has a long white Fu Manchu beard/mustache and the biggest smile looking down at Naruto, who he Towers over.

Naruto- it’s good to be back Grandpa Yoko.. I have many things I need to talk to you about.

Yoko- Of course, but come relax… Then we can talk all you want.

Naruto- I’m Sorry, but this cannot wait…

Yoko’s Smile goes away and he nods

Yoko- of course…

Naruto turns to Sasuke and Hinata

Naruto- I will be back as soon as I can, but I must go speak with gramps here in private.

Sasuke- what are we suppose to do until you get back?!

Hinata- is it even safe for strangers like us to wonder about the village?

Yoko smiles and nods and Naruto turns to Makura and Koudo, Naruto bends down and whispers something to Makura… with that Makura vanishes with a black flash…

Hinata- Now Where is he going?

Naruto- You were wondering if it would be safe?... Yes, you will be perfectly safe I am lending Koudo and Makura to you, when people see the two of them, they will know you are with me.

Hinata- Oh.

Sasuke- That still does not answer, where Makura is going?...

In that moment a black flash reappears on Naruto’s scroll.

Makura- back Boss, and Mission complete

Naruto- Good… Sasuke, Makura was going and got you a guide for the village.

Sasuke- where is this guide of ours then?!

Makura- just where the boss instructed it to be.

Naruto- The guide will be up there to welcome you… Koudo, Makura

Koudo and Makura- Yes, Boss!

Naruto- Make sure nothing happens to them… You Got ME!!!?

Koudo and Makura- We got it, Boss!

Makura and koudo jump down from Naruto’s scroll and land in front of Sasuke and Hinata. Naruto Looks at Yoko

Naruto- Shall we get going Grandpa Yoko

Yoko nods looks up and yells

Yoko- Riku, Daichi !!!!

Riku and Daichi fall from the tree tops they are wearing a very similar long robe that Yoko wears except their sleeves are cut off, they also have a Kakashi navy blue mask with brown trimming. They land Gently in front of Yoko and Naruto kneeling in front of them.

Riku- Yes…

Daichi- Yoko Sensei

Yoko- Help my Grandson’s friends get to the top safely and to their guide.

Daichi- Yes..

Riku- Of course, Yoko-sensei

Sasuke and Hinata- Grandson?!!

Naruto Looks at Hinata

Naruto- Hinata I will be back as soon as possible

Hinata- Ok, But….

Naruto looks at Sasuke

Naruto- Sasuke….

Sasuke- What?

Naruto- Rest up because when I return we spar you lose, then we Train Hehe….

Sasuke- hmm- as always so full of yourself.. your such a loser.

Naruto- hehe if you say so… See ya later.

And with that Naruto was gone in a flash.

Hinata- Man Naruto is so fast, I did not even have time to say good bye to him…

Yoko- I’m sorry for my grandson’s rudeness, he has a lot to learn.

Sasuke- are you really Naruto’s Grandfa…..

Yoko Interrupts

Yoko- I really must be going, it was truly nice meeting you both

Yoko does a blur of hand signs

Hinata- it was nice to mee….

But before Hinata could finish he fly’s up into the sky in a white red blur.

Sasuke- they sure act as if they are related.

Sasuke looks at Daichi and Riku

Sasuke- Daichi and Riku, was it?

Daichi and Riku- Yes!

Sasuke- ok then, so how are we going to get from here….

Sasuke points to the ground

Sasuke – to all the way up there?

Sasuke points skyward

Riku- if you two were an Uzumaki…

Daichi- it could be done very easily…

Riku- but since you’re not…

Daichi- it must be done the

Riku and Daichi- The Hard Way!

Hinata- Gulp – what way is that?

Riku and Daichi Sighs.

Riku and Daichi backflips off the bridge and lands in between the many whirlpools that are surrounding them. Riku and Daichi Simultaneously do multiple hand signs with one hand all while holding each other’s hand… Out of Nowhere a tree sprouts up violently out of one of the many whirlpools…. Riku and Daichi both yell to Sasuke and Hinata.

Riku- GET…

Daichi- ON!!!!

To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 10- The Origin of The Trees

Hope you guys like Chapter 10....and please tell me what you think.

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 10- The Origin of The Trees

Scene continues where we left off, Sasuke, Hinata, Koudo and Makura jump on to a tree branch, that is rising rapidly. The Tree is continuing to grow and grow and grow at a rapid pace.

Sasuke- This….This……This Jutsu... WAS the 1st Hokage’s!

Koudo- Yes, it was.

Sasuke- How is it Possible, that they can do it?

Koudo- you heard it yourself at the summit that the Uzumaki’s “were” considered to be the Keepers of History, Right?

Sasuke nods…. As the tree that they are standing on continues to grow.

Sasuke- Yes, of course but what does that have to do with this Jutsu.

Koudo sighs

Koudo- For the Uzumaki clan they not only pride themselves on Knowing all about the past and present, but knowing and being able to perform and handle every jutsu in History.

Sasuke- Your kidding Me…

Koudo- Nope…

Hinata interrupts

Hinata- Um…

Makura- Yes, Hinata.

Hinata- Um… Well wasn’t the 1st able to do Wood Release base Jutsu because he had the Kekkei genkai for it.

Koudo smiles

Koudo- yes

Sasuke- Then How?

The tree is continuing to grow and branches are sprouting outward

Koudo- How can I say this simply…Hmm

Makura- The Senju and Uzumaki are One!

Sasuke and Hinata- ONE?!!

Koudo- you Idiot Makura!…..

Sasuke- what does he mean by they are “ONE”?

Koudo- Makura miss spoke like usual.

Makura- bro don’t be so Harsh.

Koudo- but I do understand where he was going with his statement…. As you an Uchiha must know you and the Senju clan a long time ago were one clan and related, Right?

Sasuke- Yes.

Koudo- Well the same can be said for The Senju and the Uzumaki’s they were once a part of the same clan until there was a disagreement amongst the clans ideology, that caused the clan to split. The one side that chose to stick with the old ways, the peaceful way stayed an Uzumaki. The side that wanted to live life with new and different Ideals and become warriors became the Senju clan. And just how this Information has been lost in History, so does the true origin of this Wood release Kekkei genkai.

Sasuke and Hinata-……

The Tree continues to grow and starts to sprout blossoms all around

Sasuke- True Origin?

Koudo-Yes, the true origin came not from the Senju or the 1st Hokage but the Uzumaki Clan!
Sasuke eyes widen….!

Sasuke- How is that Possible, the 1st Hokage was possibly just known because of this Wood release Kekkei genkai and has been arguable considered to be one of the greatest shinobi in history thanks to his Kekkei genkai!...

Koudo- This is all true, and I am certainly not trying to tarnish the Legacy of the 1st Hokage, in all honesty the Uzumaki clans History states that, Hashirama Senju was one of a kind…

Sasuke- I just do not understand how it is even possible?

Koudo- it was never my intention to get you frustrated. I am only telling you the truth… Tell me Sasuke, do you find it odd that in all of Konoha’s History that there was only ONE Senju with the ability to do Wood release Kekkei genkai?

Sasuke- …Hmm……Now that you mention it Koudo, that is odd. But if what you say is all true, then why is it that I have never heard of Uzumaki’s with the ability to do Wood release Kekkei genkai?

Koudo- Why is it you never knew that the Uzumaki’s and Senju used to be one clan?
Why is it that you never knew that the Uzumaki’s were the Keepers of History?
Why is it that you never knew that the Uzumaki’s were the knower’s of all Jutsu? And why is it that you never knew the true origins of Wood release Kekkei genkai? I do not know the answers to these questions, but either this information was Hidden from you or that the legacy of the Uzumaki clan has just been lost and forgotten by all.

Sasuke and Hinata stand in silence

Makura- Bro, you just made this situation so awkward.

Koudo- Makura, they must know the truth.

Makura- Bro, don’t stand in front of them acting all high and mighty we just found out about this 4 years ago ourselves.

Koudo- grrribit…. Thanks, for throwing me in a trap Bro.

Makura- Don’t mention it.

Hinata- Sasuke, I can see we are almost at the top. Koudo, Makura can you tell them to stop this jutsu? We can jump there easily now.

Koudo- No you guys can’t…

Sasuke- Watch me!!...

With that Sasuke starts running up the tree to the Very top, were he stops. Directly behind him is a bridge that has accumulated a large mass of onlookers Sasuke Jumps towards it, but before he was even 5 feet away from the tree…. Koudo and Makura appear in front of Sasuke and Performs Frog Kata on him. Sending Sasuke flying back and hitting the tree with major force and leaves him dangling from a branch.

Sasuke- what is the meaning of this Shit!!?

Hinata comes running up the tree and helps Sasuke to his feet

Hinata- Sasuke are you all right?

Sasuke- Yeah, Yeah I’m fine. What is up with you two Idiots!?

Makura- Don’t call us Idiots you Idiot, Me and Bro just saved your Miserable existence.

[b]Makura [/B]{in thought}- but also save ourselves from a painful death from Boss….

Hinata- what do you mean by saved?

Koudo- if you would have made it to that bridge Sasuke you would already be….

Sasuke- already be what?

???- Dead….

Sasuke and Hinata’s Eyes widen, While Daichi and Riku make their way up to the group.

Sasuke- Dead?!

Riku- Yes, Dead…

Daichi- That’s what we Said…

Hinata- How come?

Daichi and Riku Sigh from the tediousness of the question

Koudo- A Barrier

Hinata- A barrier? Don’t they usually just keep you out, in or warn you of someone’s presence?

Koudo- Yes, but there are exceptions…. and this one is on a whole other level when comparing Barrier Jutsu’s.

Hinata- if you don’t mind me asking, what makes this one so special?

Koudo- because… The Uzumaki clan Developed it themselves so, it will leave any unwanted entity Dead and gone with a blink of the eye….

Hinata- Oh…

Hinata looks over at Daichi and Riku

Hinata {in thought}- What can’t the Uzumaki’s Do?

Sasuke- so… if touching or crossing this barrier is out of the question, how do you expect us to get across?

Daichi and Riku sigh and in a drone like voice

Daichi- Once again….

Riku- if you two were an Uzumaki…

Daichi- it would be easy…

Riku- But your Not…

Daichi- So we will do it the….

Sasuke- I know, I know, The Hard way.

Riku and Daichi- Hard way, No….

Riku and Daichi both yawn simultaneously but continue to speak while yawning.

Riku and Daichi- Not at all….

Riku and Daichi start to walk down two long branches that seem to almost come in contact with the barrier. Riku and Daichi grasp each other’s hand and starts making signs with that hand, while both of their free hands is hovering over the Barrier. Suddenly both of their hands that were making all of the signs are now glowing a gold light and are pressed on the barrier itself. Making the Barrier disappear instantly before everyone’s eyes.

Riku- It is Just SO……

Daichi- So Boring……

Riku- to do it…

Daichi and Riku- This Way…

Riku and Daichi sigh in boredom and jump across, landing on the bridge in front of where the onlookers wait.

Sasuke {in thought}- Boring… Hmph, What other way is there to break a barrier? These two are just odd.

Makura and Koudo jump across to the other side.

Koudo- come on you two!

Hinata- I’m coming, Lets go Sasuke!

Sasuke nods

Sasuke- Hm!... Yeah.

Sasuke and Hinata jump across to the bridge and land in front of Koudo, Makura, Daichi, Riku and the large group of onlookers which seems to keep on growing and seems to be carefully studying them with great interest….

Hinata- Um..So.. Where is our guide?

Riku and Daichi Sigh…

Daichi- Where is the…

Riku- Guide for…

Daichi- Master Naruto’s two…

Riku- Friends…?!

In the middle of the crowd you can see a hand has been raised…

Koudo- yep, There is your guide.

Makura {in thought}- I still don’t know why boss picked that freak to be your guide. But boss always has his reasons…

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 10- The Origin of The Trees

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 10- The Origin of The Trees



Scene cuts to Naruto and Yoko who are seen sitting at a table laughing

Naruto- He he he!..... So gramps when you going to show me how to do that flying thing?

Yoko- I will show it to you when I can beat you in a race with it… HA ha hehe.

Yoko’s smile disappears

Yoko- we must stop with all the pleasantries, tell me what was so urgent that you needed to speak with me right now? when you just got back from your trip.

Naruto’s smile also disappears and crosses his arm in the chair

Naruto- Do you remember why I told you I left for the summit?

Yoko- of course I do, you said you had to warn the other villages of the message you intercepted about the Sage and about the masked man….why?

Naruto sighs

Naruto- while that is one of the reasons why I left to go to the summit. I also had hidden agenda for going as well.


Naruto- I went to find out if anyone knew or was a part of the attempt of the annihilation of our clan!

Yoko- Why, I told you to drop it Naruto!

Naruto- But I Need… No… I Must know the truth of what happened!

Yoko- why, do you have to know?

Naruto gets up from the table and walks over to a window and looks out it…

Naruto- Gramps there is a war upon us, I know this. It feels exactly like the last one five years ago. But it is different in one way….

Yoko- How so?

Naruto- I don’t know who I can trust anymore… from all the stories around the village, someone or possibly all who attended the Summit knows of what happened that day.

Yoko gets up and walks over to the window

Yoko- why does it matter now Naruto…

Yoko looks out the window and puts his arm around Naruto’s shoulder… we see kids flying around playing tag.

Yoko- as you can see Naruto, we are alive, living happy and it’s all because you looked all over found us and brought us home. It is thanks to you that the Uzumaki clan has a second chance.

Naruto looks at Yoko smiles but looks back out the window

Naruto- and that is why I must know the truth…


Naruto- Yes, I found you and yes, you were alive and yes, you are all living happily now, and now that I have finally come to know you as, my friends, my family and my clan, I can’t bare to lose you again. So that is why I must know who I can trust so that the history of our clan demise does not come to fruition………GRAMPS, I MUST KNOW!!

Yoko smiles pats Naruto on his back and turns to sit down at the table

Yoko- Then I guess I will have to help you….

Naruto smiles and looks at Yoko

Yoko- but I must go speak with the elders to see what I can do… But for now go to your friends, because as you told me before, you can trust them with your life,… Right Naruto?

Naruto- Hehe, Right!

Yoko- you should hurry up and go too, that guide you chose for them is a little crazy!...

Naruto- I know Hehe…

Scene cuts back to Sasuke and Hinata who are walking following a shadowy figure, while Koudo and Makura are jumping right behind them.

Sasuke- I..I….I still can’t believe it…

Koudo- yeah, who would have guessed you would know the guide personally…

Makura {in thought}- well this explains why boss would pick her to be their guide.

Scene pans around to see the shadowy figure Sasuke and Hinata have been following is none other than Karin, and by the look on her face she has something perverted on her mind…

To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 11- The Finder

Here is Chapter 11 for everyone!

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 11- The Finder

Scene continues where we left off with a zoomed in focus on Karin’s face, which we can see that she is blushing and looking very flirtatious with a finger in her mouth.

Karin {in thought}- I knew it… I just knew it….MY Sasuke

Karin's body shivers and she sighs

Karin- My Love would come and find me

Karin sighs again


Karin starts pulling her hair

Hinata- is she ok?

Makura- eh, Probably not…But this is actually relatively normal for her.

Karin {still in thought}- But… WHY?!....Why now Sasuke?!... why after all this time….When I have found another Love… But

Karin’s whole body shivers and then Screams

Karin- WHAT AM I SAYING!!!!!!!

Sasuke- you ok?

Karin sighs

Karin {in thought}- See Sasuke does still care for me. What to do...What to do? Two Men and only one heart to give but maybe I can love….

Karin snaps back to reality and fixes her glasses

Karin- Yeah, I’m fine!

Sasuke- okay….So Karin how did you end up here anyway?

Makura- This Crazy Bitch stalked us for months!

Karin eyes get big and glares back at Makura

Karin- Humph…. I never stalked you! You just happened to be going in the same direction as me…

Sasuke- HA, I’ve heard that before.

Karin- if you want the truth and not lies, then I will tell you how I came to be here, It’s quite the romantic story.

Hinata- Romantic?

Karin drifts off into her own flashback

Hinata- Hey Karin! Why was it Romantic?....

Koudo- Hinata it is too late, she is in her own world right now… But don’t you fret, how she came to be here is no way a romantic story, but it is a start of a happy one…..

Hinata smiles and seems to be listening closely to Koudo, while they are still following Karin

Koudo- well soon after the fourth war ended and we were assigned to guard the Boss while he was still recuperating. while during are time together traveling and training, Myself and Makura noticed wherever we went. We were always followed by the same…..

Makura interrupts

Makura- Annoying presence!!

Koudo- Indeed, it was an annoying presence and boss felt the same presence too. So he……

~Flashback begins~

Naruto, Makura and Koudo are seen walking along a road when Naruto stops and in a calm voice Naruto says.

Naruto- I know you are following me, So come out and show yourself now…

We see a figure step from out of the trees and appear in front of Naruto

Naruto- WHO are YOU....Wait i remember you....whats your Name again?

The figure clears its throat

Karin- My…MY Name is Karin

Naruto- so Karin, WHY are you following ME !?!

Karin-i..i..... I was not following you. it just so happens that you were going in the same direction as me.

Koudo- and where exactly were you going?

Karin- I was…I was going….Hmph, its none of you business you stupid frog!!

Koudo- actually it is our business, your kind of what’s the word I’m looking for bro?....

Makura- Crazy, Looney, Psycho, Unstable and Volatile….

Naruto- That’s enough… Karin was it?

Karin- yes

Naruto- What direction were you heading… Just point the direction please.

Karin points straight ahead at exactly the same direction Naruto was heading, Naruto Nods

Naruto- Ok then, this is where I say good bye to you Karin…

Naruto turns and starts to walk the opposite direction of where Karin was pointing…..Karin turns and watches Naruto walk away

Karin- but I do have business in that direction as well….

Naruto stops turns and faces Karin and looks her dead in the eye


Karin- Nothing…..Nothing at all, um I just have business that way.

Naruto- I can be gone in a flash, so just be honest with me and tell me why you are following me!


Naruto- Ok then I’m Gone.

Naruto turns away from Karin and looks down at Koudo and Makura who are sitting on his scroll

Naruto- Hold on you two, we are out of here….

Karin- WAIT……!!

Naruto smiles and faces Karin again

Naruto- Yes?

Karin- I…I…..I was following you hoping you would lead me to Sasuke OK?!

Naruto- Sasuke?

Karin- I knew you were looking for him before so I hoped you would go looking for him again and if I followed you, you would have definitely cleared the way of any danger.

Naruto- I see now, but sorry Karin, there is No need for me to go find Sasuke anymore.

Karin- why?

Naruto- I know exactly where he is.

Karin- where? I must see him!...

Naruto- he’s back where he belongs

Karin- and where is that?

Naruto- Konoha……

Karin- Konoha?... Is he all right? He was their enemy the last time I was with him.

Naruto- that is something I am not sure of… But if they followed my wishes he is and will be perfectly fine…

Naruto turns and goes sits on a large boulder that is near the forests tree line.

Naruto- I guess I have not properly introduced myself Karin, My Name is Naruto Uzumaki…

Karin- I know… But I still can’t believe that you’re an Uzumaki.

Naruto- Why is that?

Karin clears her throat and pushes her glasses towards her face

Karin- well your hair threw me off at first, but that chakra is… unmistakable. And I have just not met another Uzumaki in quite some time.

Naruto- You’re a….

Karin – Uzumaki….Yes, My Name is Karin Uzumaki….

Naruto- And….and you’ve seen more of us?

Karin- of course I have…. but we are spread very thin far and wide throughout this shinobi world.

Naruto looks and Koudo and Makura who sitting beside him on the ground.

Naruto- Koudo, Makura is she lying?!!

Koudo- No, she is very much so telling the truth.

Makura- yeah boss, no sign of disturbance in her chakra

Naruto who is still sitting on the boulder, now has his hands covering his face, which is seen shaking back and forth

Naruto- I can’t believe it, I thought I was the last one of my clan after Nagato passed. But we Uzumaki’s keep popping up out of nowhere…………….KARIN!!?

Naruto wipes his eyes with his sleeve..Slaps both of his knees and pushes himself up to a standing position facing Karin… Who has a semi shocked look on her face…

Karin- Yeah…

Naruto- how do you know if you have truly met another Uzumaki

Karin- hmm, that’s easy….by their chakra of course and usually by their hair.

Naruto- umm.. whats so different about our chakra?

Karin- it is hard to explain, but the Uzumaki’s chakra compared to all other shinobi clans, it’s just…’s just Outer worldly Massive….

Naruto- So Karin…..Then is it possible that you can locate them?

Karin- yeah I guess I can…..But I have business to attend too.

Naruto- ok….then may I accompany you to wherever you are going?…. And while I accompany and protect you, maybe just maybe on the way you can point out any Uzumaki’s that we cross.

Karin {whispers to herself}- hmm…. Naruto wants to accompany me… but I was hoping he would lead me to my Sasuke…. Wait maybe Sasuke will come looking for Naruto… Then I guess that settles it, I will stick with Naruto, and help him until my Sasuke arrives for me

Karin sighs

Naruto- Karin…Karin……….KARIN?!

Karin snaps out of it

Karin- yes…Wha……What?

Naruto- so I can accompany you then to your destination?

Karin- yeah I guess, if you want.

Naruto- Great, so where we headed?

Karin looks caught off guard by the question, spins around and randomly points westward.

~Flashback ends~

Koudo- So Boss, Makura, myself and Karin went west and….

Karin interrupts koudo because she has just about finished her version of the story

Karin- so that is when Naruto swept me of my feet and carried me off and towards the sunset…

Scene pans back to Koudo who is seen shaking his head in disbelief

Koudo {in thought}- Karin how can you be this delusional?

Koudo- So you see Sasuke and Hinata. Boss, bro, myself and…

Makura- this crazy one here

Makura is pointing at Karin

Koudo- yes and Karin, went from destination to destination, village to village, all over this world for five years, locating any and all Uzumaki’s and bringing them Here….

Hinata is now looking down at Koudo

Hinata- wow that is an amazing story.

Karin- isn’t it? Doesn’t just feel so magical?

Makura- she wasn’t talking to you psycho!

Hinata- its so incredible this place all the people…… Ouchy…ouchy….ouchy!

Scene pans out to Hinata rubbing her head which she seemed to have bumped into Karin who has suddenly stopped without warning

Sasuke- why did we stop, Karin?

Karin- well we are here….

Sasuke- and where is here exactly?

Karin- where My, I mean….. Where Naruto told me to bring you two.

Hinata- where?

Koudo and Makura- Home!...

Hinata- Home?!?....

Makura and Koudo jump past everyone and lands on railing and looks downwards. Sasuke Hinata and Karin follow them over to the railing and looks downward as well…. The scene pans around to see all three of their faces. Sasuke smirking, Hinata Smiling, and Karin with steam fogging her glasses…. Scene slowly pans around to what they see …..

But it Fades to white before you do!……

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 12- Naruto VS Sasuke part 1

Chapter 12 and part 1 of the battle hope you enjoy..


The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 12- Naruto VS Sasuke part 1

Scene starts off zoomed in on a waterfall, we pan around 360 degrees to see that the waterfall is continuous and is surrounding a large piece of land. Scene cuts to a section of the waterfall we pan downward…. To see sitting underneath the pounding falls meditating are three Naruto’s, who seem not only under the falls but balancing on spikes just like his previous sage training … We now zoom in on one of the Naruto’s face and then zoom in even closer on his eyes, which suddenly opens to reveal he is in Sage mode but without the Orange rings underneath his eyes to prove it… The scene pans down from his eyes to his mouth, which we can see has the largest smile on his face. The scene cuts to right behind Sasuke, Hinata, Karin, Makura and Koudo, where we can see everything that is happening…. Naruto looks up at them and Yells

Naruto- Well it took you guys long enough! Hehe

Makura- Well maybe for you it was a long wait boss, but for us we made great time.

Naruto- Hehe true… So I guess I did not leave you enough time to rest did I Sasuke?

Sasuke- Hmph…. Rest is over rated and I’m going up against you…. So I think I should be just fine… The real question is, are you ready to begin?

Naruto closes his eyes smiles and says

Naruto- Nope….

Sasuke- What?!....Why not

Naruto- Hey Karin…. Did you get what I asked you to bring me?

Karin- Of course I got it…You know I would do anything….

Karin stops talking because she lost focus when she spots Sasuke in the corner of her eye.

Naruto- Karin…. KARIN!!

Karin snaps back to reality

Karin- Oh! Sorry… Yes I got it.

Naruto who is still sitting underneath the waterfall and balancing on a spike, sticks out his hand.

Naruto- give it to ME!

Karin {in thought}- I’ll Give it to You!!

Karin goes through her pockets and pulls out a small box and holds it up into the air to show Naruto. Naruto nods and raises his hand higher.

Karin- I’ll be right down…

Koudo- No need…. Makura

Koudo nods, and with that Makura jumps and kicks the box from Karin’s hand high up into the air… Koudo jumps up and catches it with ease.

Koudo- Sorry Karin, but the two of us will give it to the boss personally…

Koudo and Makura are about to jump down when they hear…..

Naruto- Stop!!... You two stay there, this is a match between Sasuke and myself… And no one will interfere….You Got That?!!

Koudo and Makura- Yeah, we got it boss.

Karin walks up to Koudo and takes the box from him and sticks out her tongue at him

Koudo- what do you think you are doing?!

Karin- what do you think I’m doing?... I’m going down there to give My Naruto his box!

Naruto- No you are not!

Sasuke casually walks up to Karin looks her in the eyes touches her hand… Karin begins to blush and was about to say something to Sasuke when…. Sasuke grabs the box and throws it to Naruto…Naruto without even looking and losing any balance snatches the box mid air looks up at Sasuke and says…

Naruto- Now I’m ready…. But are you? hehe

With that Sasuke jumps over the railing past the waterfalls and lands in front of the Three Naruto’s

Sasuke- Hmph… Do you even need to ask.

The one Naruto smiles stands up on the stone slab that is still balancing on the spike and jumps through the waterfall to where he is standing face to face with Sasuke… Naruto for a moment looks up and stares at Hinata, Karin, Makura and Koudo and yells to them….

Naruto- No one is to interfere during this match is that understood

Everyone nods

Naruto- Koudo, Makura Keep those two safe!

Koudo and Makura- Will do boss!

Naruto faces Sasuke again

Sasuke- So how do you want to do this?

Naruto smiles, then looks down at the box and then back up at Sasuke…

Naruto- Let’s do it how it all began, with us fighting to get these from each other….

Naruto is now Dangling two bells in front of Sasuke’s face

Sasuke- Hmph.... Sounds good to me…

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 12- Naruto VS Sasuke part 1

Chapter 12 and part 1 of the battle Continues...


Naruto smiles, and tosses Sasuke’s bell to him… he catches it and ties it to his waist Naruto does the same….Naruto turns walks a couple of yards away from Sasuke while Sasuke Unsheathes his sword…

Sasuke- so what is our time limit?

Naruto- No time limit… Just whoever gets the other persons bell wins.

Sasuke- Perfect…

Naruto- So let’s begin on…..

With that Sasuke dashes in and tries to slice Naruto, but is caught by the other two clones who were meditating under the waterfall. One of the clones is holding Sasuke’s blade and the other clone is between Sasuke and the real Naruto and has his hand on Sasuke’s chest halting his movement…. While the real Naruto is Holding one hand high up in the air and the other close to his face doing some sort of hand sign…

Naruto- I like your eagerness Sasuke, and I like your intent to kill you will need that to get my bell so keep it up. However I was about to say before you rushed in, lets begin on the count of three…

Naruto’s two clones release Sasuke and his blade and slowly backs away from him… Naruto himself is backing away but at the same time he is counting…

Naruto- One!..Two!......THREE GO!!!

And on the count of Three Naruto vanishes and a heavy mist starts to cover the battle field…

Sasuke {whispers}- Hidden mist jutsu, Very interesting Naruto…

We pan out to see that the whole battle field is covered with mist.. The scene cuts back to Sasuke. And behind him we see a shadowy figure, Sasuke Senses it turns around and Slashes it and we see a poof in the mist….

Sasuke- Shadow Clon….

Sasuke feels the ground shaking and Naruto comes rising through it just glancing the bell with his finger tips and before Sasuke could counter Naruto disappeared into the mist…

Sasuke- your stealth has improved so much… this style is not like you at all.

We seem to be able to hear Naruto but not see him and his voice seems to be circling Sasuke’s position….

Naruto- I’m not the same ninja as I was before…. I am better than you Now!

Sasuke is shocked at this statement and is getting pissed off

Scene cuts to Hinata, Karin, Makura and Koudo

Hinata- why would Naruto say such a thing?

Makura- Hinata, boss is feeling that Sasuke is still holding back and not taking this match seriously.

Scene cuts back to the match

Sasuke goes directly into Susanoo Mode which seems to look more like Itachi’s white knight version than his dark version….And Sasuke is firing his arrows wildly all around the field. So much so that his arrows are crashing into the waterfalls and causing them to collapse… The mist slowly starts to ease up…

Scene cuts back to Hinata and the others
A teenager boy with Red hair and an Uzumaki tattoo on his right arm wonders over to see…

???- Whats going on down there?

Hinata- ….Um…

Hinata is too focused on the match to answer

???- What did you say?

Karin- Satoru, get lost your cousin is fighting…

Satoru- No way…. Who is crazy enough to fight Naruto?

Karin- Sasuke Uchiha!…

Satoru turns around and yells extremely loud so that everyone can hear…

Satoru- Naruto is Fighting The Last Of the Uchiha’s!!!!

There is now a swarm of people looking down at the battle.

Scene cuts back to Sasuke

The mist has dissipated so much that he can see that Naruto is stuck under rubble from one of the collapsed waterfalls… Sasuke cancels Susanoo Mode and walks over to him, picks up his sword from off the ground sheathes it and says….

Sasuke- Look where that cockiness has gotten you… You are on your back looking up at ME!!

Sasuke is pointing to himself….Sasuke goes and walks over to Naruto and leans down to grab his bell… but stops because he is stunned to see Naruto is shaking his head in disappointment …

Sasuke- what’s with you Naruto?.... You Lost, Accept it!

The rubble on Naruto transforms into Three clones and all tackle Sasuke to the Ground pinning him…Naruto is now standing over the pinned Sasuke and is looking serious NO smile upon his face….

Naruto- what has happened to you, you would never have fallen for such simple trick back then…. where is that arrogance where is that Hatred that moved you to be better than everyone …. Because I do not see him here

Naruto looks around


Naruto- I have been training for all these years to protect Konoha, to Protect this village, our Friends and to Fight Tobi! What have you been doing all this time!!!!

Sasuke- I have been training just like….

Naruto cuts him off

Naruto- Me!!!!


Scene cuts to Hinata, Karin, Koudo, Makura and Satoru

Hinata- Naruto has changed so much, he has so much anger in him now… What has happened these past five years?

Koudo- he has Grown up and become what people need him to be….

Hinata- but…

Koudo- and what you see in front of you is not anger but worry…

Hinata- Worry?...

Koudo- yes worry, these five years he has trained and trained and trained to become better to become whatever you need him to be, from Hokage to Warrior…. But he only got that way from worrying about the war, about possible casualties, about his friends…. However the one thing Naruto never seemed to worried about Was Sasuke, but that seems to have changed….

Hinata looks on at Sasuke and Naruto…

Karin- Hinata, Naruto is pushing him so he can have someone to rely on, to trust in with the difficult road ahead, friends can only do so much what he needs now our Warriors on his side…

Hinata is staring at Naruto then looks down at her feet in sadness

Hinata {whispers}- Naruto you once again are left carrying a heavy burden all alone, and if Karin is correct and you don’t need friends but warriors then what good am I to You….

Satoru- your wrong you know?

Hinata looks over at Satoru

Hinata- what do you mean?

Satoru- Naruto has taught me many things here, but his biggest and most important lesson was, Make friends, Trust your friends, Protect your friends, and in the end you will become Comrades and they will do the same for you, anywhere battle field or not….. Right Now Naruto is most likely pushing this Sasuke because friends and comrades push you to become who you need to be…

Hinata smiles at Satoru and looks over at Sasuke and Naruto and Yells….

Hinata- Kick His Ass Sasuke show him what we have been doing the past five years, your making Konoha Look bad and not only that but the Uchiha Name as well!!!!

Scene cuts back to Naruto smiling back up at Hinata….

Sasuke- What?!!!!....

With that Sasuke electrifies his whole body which disperses the three clones pinning him down…. Sasuke slowly stands up looks Naruto Dead in the eye and Chidori’s him through the Heart…. Everyone gasps… Sasuke turns around and looks up into the Trees and see’s Naruto meditating on a branch high up in the Canopy. Naruto opens his eyes looks down and says…

Naruto- Are you ready to truly begin?

Sasuke smiles

Sasuke- Yes, my old friend…. Now get your ass down HERE and Fight ME!!!

To Be Continued....

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Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 13- Naruto VS Sasuke part 2

Here is chapter 13 and part 2 of Naruto vs Sasuke, hope everyone likes.....Please Tell me what you think.

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 13- Naruto VS Sasuke part 2

Scene continues where we left of Naruto high up in the trees and Sasuke down on the ground with renewed spirit looking up at his Friend and Rival….

Sasuke Yells

Sasuke- Did you hear me Naruto?…. Get your ass down here and fight ME!!!

Naruto- I heard you the first time Sasuke…. I could do that but why should I have to, I have the higher ground so I’m not going anywhere….

Sasuke- then I will just have to knock you off that high perch of yours….

Naruto waves his hands at Sasuke as to say come and get me…
Sasuke appears to have bitten off bandages from his wrists…. while Naruto makes Four clones that line up on the branch looking downward… Sasuke reveals to have a seals under his bandages. Sasuke yells

Sasuke- Summoning Jutsu Lightning Release Flash blade Creation!!!

And Sasuke starts to pulling shuriken out of his wrist and throws them up at Naruto at blazing speeds, Naruto Realizes that these aren't ordinary shuriken but lightning infused shuriken and he counters them Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere and by having every clone and himself inhaling and then Exhaling to producing multiple wind bullets that are knocking the shuriken off course….
Naruto catches one of the Shuriken, looks at Sasuke and says….

Naruto- My turn….

Naruto produces five more clones that lines up with the rest of them they each pull out one Shuriken and infuse it with Wind chakra they toss it at Sasuke…Sasuke Laughs….

Sasuke- What is this Naruto, this won’t do Shit to Me…. Naruto Stop holding Back!

Naruto Smiles and says quietly

Naruto- Shuriken Shadow Clone Jutsu

With that those Ten wind infused Shuriken Multiplied into Ten Thousand Wind infused Shuriken heading straight for Sasuke…. Sasuke quickly does a partial double hand Sasunoo Mode blocking most of the Shuriken however blocking the shuriken has caused his Sasunoo hands to crack… Sasuke lowers his hands to regain his sight on Naruto up in the trees to only see one is Standing there while all the others have surrounded him and are rushing straight towards him… We zoom in to see Sasuke who has now transformed in his complete Sasunoo form and Yells…..

Sasuke- Blaze Release Magatama!!!!

We cut to Naruto up In the trees who has No Reaction
Sasuke starts flinging Black Flame disks at Naruto’s Clones, and though Naruto’s clones Dodge most of them the constant bombardment of Sasuke’s flaming disks was just too overwhelming that the clones were decimated…. We cut back up to Naruto in the Trees, he has a large smile on his face… Naruto produces two more clones and yells down at Sasuke

Naruto- This is the Sasuke I remember, your will to win every fight, That anger, that attitude that makes you not give your respect so easily, it is what made you the person who I admired most and is exactly why I am the person you see before you today….. This is my Final move Sasuke, my chakra is running low….

All three Naruto jump down and while the two clones go and block Sasuke’s Left and Right flank…. Naruto immediately sits downs and seems to gather natural Chakra….. Sasuke shocked!!!

Sasuke- No you don’t!!

Sasuke goes dashing off straight for Naruto in his Sasunoo form trying to prevent him from going into Sage Mode….

Sasuke- you think I will willing let you go into Sage mode Naruto…. Because there is No chance in….. What the Hell!!!!

In the corner of both Sasukes Eyes he See’s two Very Large Blue spheres coming straight for Him….

Sasuke- Rasengan!!! So predictable Naruto….

Sasuke with both Sasunoo Hands grab them out of thin air making sure that the Rasengan’s does not Touch him, and eventually both the Rasengans disappear… Sasuke looks up at both of the clones and see that they are still smiling and simultaneously saying something to him….

Naruto Clone 1 & Naruto Clone 2- BOOM!.... Shadow Clone Great Explosion !!

With that the two Naruto clones explode in Sasuke’s Sasunoo Hands causing them to be completely destroyed and useless… However Sasuke himself was not harmed from the blast…. Sasuke still in shock looks to see that Naruto has not Moved a muscle and still seems to be gathering Chakra…. Sasuke who seems to be getting tired as well… drops his Sasunoo mode, Unsheathes his Sword and vanishes only to quickly reappear in front of Naruto who still has not moved…. Sasuke is now staring down a Smiling Naruto….

Scene cuts to Hinata, Karin, Makura, Koudo, Satoru and all the onlookers…

Satoru- I have not seen Naruto have this much fun in the longest time…

Hinata- Yes, he does seem to be enjoying himself that smile is unmistakable… This is not like Naruto….

Koudo- what do you mean Hinata?

Hinata- Just look at him he has not moved for three minutes…. He’s given up!

The scene cuts to a zoomed out view of the crowd watching the match and all of a sudden the crowd erupts with laughter………..

Scene cuts back to a stunned and embarrassed Hinata…

Hinata- why is everyone laughing?

Karin- HAHAha They are laughing at you…

Hinata starts to blush …

Hinata- why?

Koudo- well they are not laughing at you but what you said about Naruto…

Satoru- Yeah, are you sure you Know Naruto?!!


Satoru- because don’t you know Naruto Never Gives Up!!.... Just keep on watching Him!!

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Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 13- Naruto VS Sasuke part 2

Chapter 13 and part 2 of Naruto vs Sasuke Continues.....


We pan around to see Sasuke Standing Over a smiling Naruto…

Sasuke- Get up and Fight Me Naruto!!! Or hand over your Bell!.....

Naruto- I’m sorry I can’t do that….

Sasuke- Which one can’t you do?

Naruto- Both…..

Sasuke- What?!!

Sasuke bends down and angrily rips the bell from off his waist turns and starts to walk away…. But stops when Naruto says…..

Naruto- are you ready for round three?!....

Sasuke- hmph…. What are you going on about…. You Gave up….. I took your bell…… I won!!!!

Naruto- Did you now?

Sasuke open up his hand looks at the bell then turns and looks back at Naruto…. Naruto is smiling eyes open waves at Sasuke and disappears in a puff of white smoke…. Sasuke quickly opens his hand and looks at the bell only to see that go poof as well…. Sasuke is looking all around the field

Scene cuts to Hinata and everyone else….

Hinata- where did Naruto Go?

all of a sudden we hear the crowd roar with Ooh’s and Aah’s and pointing at the battle field…
We cut to Sasuke who looks towards a section of the waterfall that the crowd is pointing too and See’s that Naruto’s head is Slowly emerging from the fall, we zoom in on Naruto face and zoom in even further focusing on the eyes to see he is now in Sage Mode….

Sasuke- when…. When did you plan this Naruto?

Naruto walks completely out of the waterfall and on to the land about twenty feet away from
Sasuke… Naruto shakes his head to get water out of his ears and says….

Naruto- What you say…?

Sasuke- When did you switch with a clone?

Naruto smiles…

Naruto- Oh… It was my Second move… So I guess right after the Hidden Mist Jutsu.

Sasuke- but that was at the very beginning…

Naruto- Yep…Hehe

Sasuke- Then why not attack me sooner?

Naruto- why would I…I was learning your moves, strategizing and tiring you out… This was the perfect time to reveal myself , and I'm sorry Sasuke but this match is just about over….

Sasuke- we will see about that…

Sasuke envelopes his blade in lighting and swings it…. The blade makes the dreaded chirping sound….

Sasuke- its over when I have your bell Naruto!

Naruto Nods

Naruto- Nice blade…. Let me show you mine.

Naruto makes a fist… And throws his fist to the side of him as if he was about to do a clothesline…. And all we see is that the waterfall behind him cut in half…

Sasuke- hmph…

Naruto- Your lighting blade is good Sasuke, but my blade of wind will just cut you up….

We see Sasuke getting agitated and we see one his sharingan change and as soon as it changes his bade of lighting is now covered with black flames

Sasuke- hmph…. Your blade is eh ok I guess but honestly it’s not your style…but MY Amaterasu lighting blade will own you and it fits me PERFECTLY!!!

Naruto nods a couple of times and smiles

Naruto- you know what your right…. This Jutsu fits you perfectly it shows your control, your mastery of the blade and the power of the Uchiha… and me fighting with a blade does not show any of that. However ….

Naruto transforms into his Nine Tailed Shroud Mode

Sasuke looks stunned and backs away from Naruto..

Naruto- This Mode here fits me PERFECTLY…

Scene cuts to Hinata and the crowd

Hinata- is that the Nine tails cloak?

Satoru- I think so…

Hinata- You THINK?

Satoru- yeah this is my first time seeing it.

Hinata- Really?

Koudo- to be honest not many have gotten the privileged or even seen it long enough to know what this mode actually looked like Hinata, that shows how much respect Naruto has for Sasuke, because usually when Naruto uses this mode Sasuke would have be done in a flash and Naruto would be back to normal already…. But Naruto is showing Sasuke the Respect he feels he deserves for going all out against him in this match by finishing him with all the power he’s got and nothing is as powerful as Nine Tailed Sage Shroud Mode….

Satoru- what I heard about this mode is Naruto’s physical strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, and durability dramatically increase. That Naruto can also harness the natural energy surrounding them, turning it into an extension of their body, which increases the reach of their attacks, which increases even more with the Nine Tailed Shroud itself… I also heard That Naruto gains the ability to sense chakra around them and anyone with Negative thoughts….

Koudo- all True… But you must remember the most important advantage to this mode Satoru… Because Naruto will never let you or anyone Forget it.

Satoru- what’s that?

Scene cuts back to Naruto and Sasuke but we still here Koudo’s voice

Koudo- He is always being watched over by his friend Kurama…..

Naruto- I will end this quick Sasuke….

Sasuke- really?... you think that little of me Naruto that it would be so easy for you to take this bell…

Sasuke opens his stance and points the Amaterasu lighting blade towards the ground and pours more chakra into it… Making the Amaterasu lighting blade more like a whip, with long strands of lighting breaking off from the blade but encased in Amaterasu…. Sasuke starts whipping the blade around in attempt to keep Naruto at bay…

Sasuke- Bring it Naruto, but be warned if you get even slightly touched by this it is all over
Naruto smiles, and face palms himself…

Naruto- you are making this a little more difficult, but I would expect nothing less from you….

Naruto sticks out his hand to Sasuke….

Naruto- it will be over in five moves Sasuke….

Sasuke- Five Moves don’t be ridiculous…

We cut to Naruto’s hand where we see four Mini-Rasenshuriken sprouting from his four fingers, and are thrown in the direction of Sasuke…. Sasuke whips his blade around causing the three of the Mini-Rasenshurikens to be instantly devoured by Amaterasu’s black flame… While one of the Mini-Rasenshuriken almost hit Sasuke in his Midsection but Sasuke Flipped out of the way causing another waterfall to collapse…. Sasuke looks over at Naruto who is standing with his arms crossed now…

Sasuke- that was four… you only have one move left, to get my bell…

Naruto- Actually I’m all out of moves….

Sasuke looks down at his waist to see that the string has been cut from the bell… He looks back up at Naruto to see that two bells are now dangling from his waist…

Sasuke- when did you… I did not see you I did not see anything, how could my eyes miss it….

Naruto- do not be so hard on yourself you defended it better than most. But once I sent my Mini-Rasenshuriken’s your way I knew you would be distracted… so while the first three grabbed your attention the fourth cut the cord on the bell, but as I thought and hoped you would do you dodged it before it expanded which gave me plenty of time to get the Bell in without you noticing my final move….

Sasuke Sighs…..

Naruto- Good match Sasuke….

Sasuke- if you say so….

Naruto- Not Me

Naruto points upward to Hinata, Karin, Satoru, Koudo, Makura and the ever growing crowds… Which is now in an uproar Screaming Naruto and Sasuke’s Name….

Crowd- That was Awesome….

Crowd- who would have thought that Naruto would be pushed so far to go into Nine Tailed Sage Shroud Mode….

Crowd- This Sasuke is amazing… and cute as well

Crowd- Did you hear Sasuke is the Last of the Uchiha’s

Crowd- NO WAY!!!

Sasuke looks over at Naruto and nods and smirks

Hinata- That was awesome you guys!!!

Hinata and the others land and start running over and surround to Naruto and Sasuke… Naruto Nudges Sasuke who is panting from being a little out of breath. Sasuke looks over at Naruto and says

Sasuke- What?.....

Naruto- when do we start my Fire affinity Training?...

Sasuke- …..What?!!

Hinata- Your kidding right?!…

Makura- Boss never jokes about training.

Sasuke- where do you get all this energy… Because I am running low on energy myself….
Everyone starts laughing….

Scene of Naruto Sasuke Hinata and the other fades out….

Scene cuts to a black screen

Then cuts to a calm piece of water…. We zoom on the water to see tiny ripples getting larger and larger by every second…. We pan out to see a figure emerge from the water…. It is white Zetsu … and he is caring something…

Scene cuts to a Dark room where all we see is two glowing eyes, one Sharingan and one Rinnegan….

???-WE Got him….

???- Good, Now bring him here and Make sure that no one from Amegakure see’s you Zetsu….

Zetsu- As you wish….

Scene fades to Black

To Be Continued....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 20- My Many Reasons

Here is Chapter 14, Enjoy!!!

The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 14- My Many Reasons

Scene continues back in the Whirlpool country a few hours after the Naruto and Sasuke Sparring match. We zoom in on the different parts of the scars of the battle field, the fallen waterfalls, the shuriken scattered on the ground, the scorch marks as well. Then we see a yellowish glow coming from behind an unscathed waterfall we keep zooming in until we hear laughing and we cut to Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke, Makura and Koudo sitting around a fire Laughing. Scene cuts to a close up on Naruto’s smiling face

Naruto- We had some good memories didn’t we?

We see Sasuke closing his eyes nodding and Hinata looking at Naruto blushing.

Naruto- But who knew we would end up here… {Sigh}…

Hinata smiles

Hinata- all of us together again.

Naruto and Sasuke smile

Naruto- No I always knew that was going to happen…

Sasuke- Then what Naruto?

Naruto turns and looks at the fire and swats his hand in Sasuke’s direction…

Naruto- Never mind just never mind, you guys better get some rest it’s going to be a very tiring day tomorrow.

Sasuke- whys that?

Naruto smiles and with both his thumbs points at himself

Naruto- You will be training me!!

Sasuke hand palms himself while shaking his head, and we hear the whole cave filled with echoes of laughing and croaking, which can be heard from outside of the cave.
We once again canvas the whole battle field and end up on a zoomed focus of the Moon overhead………..3 hours later we follow the moons beam of light through the canopy of trees to where we see Naruto smiling and standing and slowly turning in place seeing what he and Sasuke have done. We zoom in on Naruto’s Face to see his eyes are tearing up….

???- Yo Boss are you Crying ?!!

Naruto quickly wipes his eyes with his sleeve muffles his sniffles

Naruto {sniff.. sniff}- Of course not you idiots… Come here, I need to speak to the two of you.

Naruto begins to crouch on his knees as we see the two small figures, Makura and Koudo hop into the moons beam of light with Naruto.

Makura- Boss you were definitely crying

Naruto- Shut up Makura, I was NOT!

Koudo- So what is it you wanted to say to us boss?

Naruto takes a deep breath and Sighs

Naruto-....…. Thanks

Both Koudo and Makura tilt their head in confusion

Koudo- For what exactly?

Naruto- Just Thanks for everything….

Makura- Boss you trying to get rid of us or something, because knowing how we train we will be seeing you very soon

Naruto is now sitting on the ground in front of them

Naruto- I know… I know, but this is different this is….

Koudo- War!

Naruto nods and pats Koudo on his head

Naruto- I have had this feeling once before and it was during a similar time and I just wished before he left I would have said thanks

Koudo- Master Jiraiya already knows how grateful you were to him without you having to say anything.

Naruto looks up at the moon

Naruto- I hope your right….{Sniff}

Naruto wipes his eyes before looking at the two again

Naruto- So before you both go to where I have assigned you. You must stop home and tell them the plan but if there is trouble just give the signal and we will be there in a….

They all simultaneously say….

Naruto, Koudo and Makura- FLASH!!

Naruto smiles and sticks out his fist, Koudo and Makura do the same as soon they touch fists Koudo and Makura vanish in a puff of smoke….Naruto looks up towards the moon and closes his eyes and sighs

Naruto-……I know you are there Hinata, please come sit with me.

Scene cuts to Hinata, who has been watching Naruto through the waterfall and is now walking through it to sit beside him….Naruto Touches her knee and looks at Hinata with a smile and asks

Naruto- Did I wake you?

Hinata- um ah… No I just couldn’t sleep, and I noticed you were gone so I came and found you.

Naruto- so I did wake you up hehe

Naruto turns and looks back up towards the moon through the trees

Hinata- so where are those two off to now?

Naruto- a pit stop at home, and then off to the other villages to train…

Naruto is now laying down still looking at the moon

Hinata- um um….

Naruto softly asks

Naruto- what Hinata?

Hinata- Why did you leave me?

Naruto stops looking at the moon and looks over at Hinata and touches her back. Hinata looks over her shoulder at him.

Naruto- It was hard to do

Hinata turns her whole body to him

Hinata- Then Why?!!

Naruto pauses

Naruto-.... That day when I left, I had many thoughts going through my mind but my first and last thought was you!


Naruto- You must understand by now that me leaving was a must.

Hinata turns away from Naruto. While Naruto sits up

Naruto- I could not have progressed this far with you and everyone distracting me on a day to day basis

Hinata abruptly stands up and starts to walk away…

Naruto- Hinata that’s not what I meant, what I’m trying to say to you here is that I love you and when I’m near you I can’t seem to take my eyes off you...So

Hinata begins to blush and fiddle with her hands

Hinata- so I would distract you from what you need to do

Naruto scratches his head and nod. Hinata turns slightly to Naruto

Hinata- would you do it again?

Naruto- I would and without any hesitation too.

Hinata’s Blush disappears and she begins to walk off slowly to the cave and just when she’s about to take her first step in Naruto appears in front of her.

Hinata- Let me pass!!

Hinata is pushing Naruto

Naruto- WAIT….Give Me a Second Hinata!

Naruto is holding her shoulders and looking into her eyes

Naruto- Why is it that you make me fumble my words whenever I’m around you . Hinata you asked would I leave a again? And my answer is YES, but i have many reasons why i would do it.

Hinata struggles to get pass Naruto, but Naruto turns her around holding her arms

Naruto- tell me what you see

Hinata- NO, LET ME GO!!

Naruto- First tell me what you see….

Hinata- The battle scar you had with Sasuke in your sparring match

Naruto- look Harder….

Hinata closes her eyes and turns her head away

Hinata- No!

Naruto lets go of Hinata and brushes his shoulder with her shoulder as he walks past Hinata, She can easily see Naruto is disappointed because he is looking down and shaking his head…Naruto goes and sits in the Moons Beam of light and looks up.

Naruto- Hinata do you know why I keep looking at this full moon?

Hinata whispers just loud enough so Naruto can hear

Hinata- No why?

Naruto looks over to Hinata and looks her in the eyes

Naruto- Because of you!

Naruto looks back up at the moon

Naruto- Every Full Moon I look up at it thinking of you and you’re Beautiful Eyes that can see all, and hoping just hoping you could see me. I have been doing it from the day I left but maybe I was wrong, to hope that you could see me wherever I was. Now I am afraid you have been closing your eyes and turning away from me all this time we've been away just as you are now….

Naruto lays down and rolls to his side away from Hinata…Hinata begins to walks very slowly towards him with a tear in her eye and kneels down beside him with her looking down at her hands which are placed in her lap….Hinata looks up and whispers …..

Hinata- Byakugan……

Hinata begins to look around and continues to do so harder and harder until she breaks down crying and places her hands and head on Naruto’s side.

Hinata- I see, I see now….. I understand please forgiv……

Naruto interrupts turns and grabs Hinata’s Hands and pulls her to his side and locking eyes with her….

Naruto-There is No Need for apologies I’m just glad you could see me and understand my many reason for leaving.

Hinata smiles

Hinata- I do….

Naruto and Hinata snuggle close together however never losing eye contact…

The scene zooms out following the Beam of light back through the trees to the moon where we see on the face of the moon all the images of Naruto's Many Reason..... Through Hinata eyes we see faces of families to lovers and friends all in their beds all Uzumaki's all within the village.

Scene fades out

To Be Continued.....

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Narut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud ofNarut0360 has much to be proud of
Naruto The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 15- Trust Is Everything

Here is chapter 15 it has a little bit of everything, hope you like it.


The Chronicles of Naruto Uzumaki: Chapter 15- Trust Is Everything

We continue our story just where we left off with Naruto and Hinata under the moon…Now It is morning and we zoom in on Naruto and Hinata’s face which they still appear to be facing each other while they are asleep in one another’s arms…Until a large grinding and splashing sound can be heard…Hinata quickly opens her eyes only to see Naruto in front of her she smiles and is about to get comfortable again when she hears the same noise but louder this time. Hinata quickly sits up and turns to the noise to see four people doing incredible water, earth and wood release jutsu rebuilding Naruto’s and Sasuke’s battle ground to its original form…

Hinata- Wow

???- I know

Hinata turns around to see Sasuke sitting in a meditating position like ten feet away from her

Hinata- Morning, Sasuke did they wake you too?

Sasuke- Morning, Hinata and no they did not but they would have if Karin did not do so first, but never mind that how is it Naruto did not wake up from this racket.

Sasuke gets up to his feet and walks over to Hinata and leans over Naruto and is about to wake him up when Naruto mumbles

Naruto- Sasuke you can’t be the next Hokage that is my job….. Fine we will settle this in a match…..mumble mumble

Sasuke stands up straight and about to laugh when his and Hinata’s eyes widen as we zoom in on Naruto’s Hand which is forming a rasengan…. Hinata and Sasuke jump back creating distance from the sleep fighting Naruto….

Hinata- Naruto Wake up!!!

Naruto begins to stand up, however he still with the Rasengan in hand begins to stars walking towards them…

Sasuke- you can have the title hokage I don’t want it…. Wake up you idiot I don’t want to hurt you!!

Naruto Smiles and begins to run towards them… Sasuke jumps in front of Hinata in hope she will not get harmed….Naruto now has the rasengan stretched out about to hit them in 5 seconds 4…..3…….


Hinata’s voice can be heard by the four people rebuilding the waterfalls one of them vanish, and appears behind the now kneeling Naruto binding him with with a wood release binding Naruto’s extremities from any movement… and with that Naruto slowly begins to wake up… Naruto turns his head to see what is going on around him and looks at the shocked faces of Sasuke and Hinata and then looks side to side and then down shaking his head laughing nervously….

Naruto- Thanks for stopping me, to think I have not had a night when I did not have those to with me and the Kurama is a little preoccupied at the moment so it totally slipped my mind

???- No problem cuz

Naruto smiles and we zoom over his shoulders to see the person binding him is Satoru…. The wood binding is released and Naruto begins to slowly stand. Sasuke and Hinata Slowly walk towards Naruto….Hinata stutters

Hinata- are you ok Naruto?

Sasuke- Yeah and what the HELL was that about?!!

Naruto looks at them speechless and when he was about to speak Satoru pats him on the back and says

Satoru- it’s just his nerves talking it will go away as soon as he learns a new jutsu right Cuz

Sasuke- if that’s the case lets get going

Naruto- as soon as we eat some breakfast and clean up that mess

Naruto is pointing at the fallen waterfall rubble behind them
Satoru nudges Naruto with his elbow laughs and walks back to the three other people by the destroyed waterfall…Spins around with his hands up in the air and says

Satoru- why do you think I’m hear….

Naruto smiles and scratches his head

Naruto- hehe thanks again cuz, I owe you one.

Satoru- Naruto, you know that’s not even remotely true, but you’re welcome none the less.

Naruto turns and faces Hinata and Sasuke

Naruto- so I think I have some ramen does anyone want it?

Sasuke and Hinata look at each other and start laughing….
The scene fades out… and we come back to them 30 minutes later
To Naruto standing in front of the rebuilt waterfall and Sasuke walking next to him

Naruto- I’m stuffed

Sasuke- not surprised you idiot, you just had three large ramen bowls

Naruto looks over at Sasuke and smiles

Naruto- hehe….you ready to begin

Sasuke- yeah but….

Naruto turns his whole body to Sasuke

Naruto- but what?

Sasuke sighs and crosses his arms

Sasuke- I have just one question

Naruto just stands there quietly waiting and Sasuke turns and faces the rebuilt waterfall and asks quietly

Sasuke- why?

Naruto tilts his head in confusion

Naruto- huh?......Why what?

Sasuke turns and puts his body between the waterfall and Naruto

Sasuke- why do you need me to train you in fire affinity when…when

Naruto- when what Sasuke?

Sasuke quickly turns and faces the waterfall and spreads his arms wide open

Sasuke- when look…. You have masters all around you that can do jutsu like this!!

Sasuke turns around to see Naruto is walking slowly away from him but stops, Sasuke quickly walks to his side and Naruto turns to face him.

Naruto- I will tell you why… but….

Sasuke- what?

Naruto is now glancing at Hinata who is still cleaning where they ate breakfast by the entrance of the cave….Naruto now is looking back at Sasuke..

Naruto- you don’t tell her

Sasuke- you got it, Naruto.

Naruto sits down legs crossed arms crossed and eyes closed and Sasuke does the same however never loses eye contact of Naruto….

Naruto- the thing is Sasuke I am not fully trusted here

Sasuke- what?!? Why? What of Satoru and Yoko?

Naruto- Sasuke, you must understand my clan have gone through many hardships and they don’t trust easily especially when one of their own who has been away from them for most of their life… But I understand that and I’m thankful that I do have support from family like Satoru, Yoko and others….

Sasuke- what does that have to do with training you?!

Naruto sighs

Naruto- Because Sasuke, It’s FORBIDDEN for any villager inside the village to train me!

Sasuke uncrosses his arms and slams his fists in the ground

Sasuke- That is ridiculous!! Why the hell are they forbidden?!!

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and sighs

Naruto- they must have their reasons, and all I can do is wait till I’m fully accepted here.

Sasuke- that’s some bullshi…. Wait a second how did you end up mastering water then?

Naruto leans towards Sasuke and whispers

Naruto- it was said that i was forbidden to train with anyone INSIDE the village ….well I went to train outside…hehe

Naruto rocks back with a huge smile upon his face

Naruto- hehe

Sasuke smiles

Sasuke- I still can’t believe they don’t trust you

Naruto hops up to a standing position and extends his hand to Sasuke

Naruto- are you ready to begin?

Sasuke grabs Naruto’s hand and pulls himself up

Sasuke- yeah yeah yeah let us begin

We zoom out to see an Ariel view of Naruto and Sasuke talking and running over to them both. We zoom out further and further and further until we see someone looking at Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke from above on the bridge….We see this person slowly walk away ….

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