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Default Bleach: Regrets of Nothing ch 1

I'll make this short and sweet. I haven't written a lot of multi-chaptered non-lemon stories, not sure if i write above my targetted audiences head or not. Maybe I'm just not that good of a writer. So I'm giving it another try, I've been writing since 2000 for different sites (Fan Fiction, Debs, Media Minor, Ficwad, are a few places you can find me). Don't expect me to ever give everything away in the first chapter. Also be prepared to read, I write between 2K & 3K worded chapters. Quick note: <3 Microsoft Word <3

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Bleach or any of the bands or their songs in this story.

Author: taker

Email: realgateguardian@gmail.com

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Language, Action, Violence

Word Count: 3114

Notes: Single Quotation denotes English, double quotation denotes Japanese.

Bleach: Regrets of Nothing.
Chapter One: Intro

‘Another school… this should be fun. A stranger in a strange land. Let the fun begin.’ A young man, roughly seventeen stands before Karakura High School. He has tanned skin, stands six feet four inches tall, a muscular build about 230 lbs, he has dirty blonde hair, one blue eye and one green eye, lightly tanned skin from the Greek blood in him. It was late fall, before the first snow.

In a classroom above him, several students look out the window. He looks up at them and they suddenly turn their attention away from him. He shrugs it off and enters the high school to see the head master.

The classroom who was staring at him is in a clamor. Class 1-3, the best class in school. A young man with orange hair sits in his desk; he’s none other than Ichigo Kurosaki, one of the more known students in the school for his reputation and his hair. His lifelong friend, Tatsuki Arisawa sits in a deck in front of him, facing him. His other friends go back to their seats but face him.

“Ichigo, you’re the only one who wasn’t looking outside.” Tatsuki leans onto his desk. “Think you’re special?”

“I’ve seen new kids before; it’s not a unique occasion.” He lightly pushed her off his desk.

“Say it to the rest of the class. They think seeing an American is new and unique.” Uryu Ishida, the best student in class, adjusted his glasses as he took his sear near Ichigo as the bell rang.

“All right class! Settle down, we got a new student joining us today! Please welcome Abel Nicholas; he’s an exchange student from America. Please welcome him.” Ms. Ochi, their teacher stood before the class showing off the same student from earlier.

“Please say tell us about you, Abel.” She smiled as she took a step back from the center of the class.

“What do you want me to say? I know enough Hiragana and Kanji to just get by. I’m from the Empire of America I MEAN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!” He cracked a smirk looking at the class as some laughed at the bad joke.

“You can take a seat Mr. Nicholas.” Ms. Ochi took center stage again. “Take the empty desk by Tatsuki.”

She pointed out Tatsuki. Abel sat down and observed his new classmates. Some of them glanced over to him from time to time. Some he took notice of, specifically Tatsuki and the chesty girl with orange hair near her. He didn’t pay much mind to anyone else, except the Mexican, at least Abel thought he’s Mexican, student. The bell began to ring as Ms. Ochi started their first class: Calculus.

~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

Some hours later the bell once more began to ring, letting the students out of school. Abel walked past the students, some whose names he could remember right away others not so well. He noticed the Mexican student, Yasutora Sado, and then nod his head at him. He returned the nod as during their lunch he had a few minutes to talk to him. They didn’t talk much as it was mainly Abel talking, Yasutora said very little. He didn’t pay much mind to the others. He began leaving by walking to nice blue car, parked down the street. He had his keys in his hand when he was pushed from behind. Pocketing his keys he turned around.

“So you’re Abel Nicholas. We’re the Saito Gang and we’re here to help you.” One kid with black hair got up into his face.

“I know who you are Den Xu.” Abel looked at each boy, recognizing them as local bullies.

“That’s Mr. Xu to you!” Den brought a fist up this face.

“Calm down Xu. I’m sorry for his overreaction. Then you know what we’re known for, I, Ryuji Saito promise to make sure nothing happens to you or this nice car.” Ryuji Saito, a short fat kid began to pet his car softly.

“Let’s cut out the foreplay and get to business as we’re all busy men. What do you want?” Abel skipped straight to the chase.

Two more kids surrounded him, each of them he knew their names. Their leader Ryuji Saito, a short fat kid who had a Hell of a temper who also could fight for a man his size. His right hand man Den Xu, he has little patience and a huge mean streak. Their cronies Kenji Ito and Shingo, he missed his last name but it didn’t matter. He observed Ichigo and Yasutora in the distance starting to approach them.

“Well for a small fee of two hundred yen a week, I can keep these guys off your back along with anyone else who might cause you or your car trouble.” He took his hand away slowly and pulled out a small coin.

“Hmmm that’s a good offer but I got an even better one.” Abel gave Ryuji an uppercut knocking him out on contact.

Den attempted a choke hold, but as be pulled back he kicked both Shingo and Kenji in their jaws. Ichigo and Chad stopped to watch him. He squeezed out of the hold, and slammed his foot into Dens head. He quickly got up and played Kenji some sweet chin music, knocking him on the ground, spitting out a few teeth. Shingo just looked at him in shock and awe. He jumped at Shingo and he ran straight into a telephone pole. He turned to see Den get up, grab a rock and try swinging. He grabbed his arm, slammed it onto his shoulder causing his arm to dislocate and then gave him a few rabbit punches to his ribs before giving him an uppercut like he did Ryuji. Ichigo and Chad approached him as he was getting ready to unlock his car doors.

“What do you guys want? I’ll kick your asses just like how I kicked theirs.” He smiled at them, letting them know he was joking.

“Never seen anyone beat down the Saito gang like that before. Where’d you learn to fight?” Ichigo seemed somewhat interested.

“The back alleys of Denver, where I’m from. When you go to a public school in America, you better know how to fight when you’re the new kid in school or have new kids joining the school. Behind you.” He pointed to two young women sneaking up from behind.

Ichigo turned to get almost knocked down by Orihime Inoue, the chesty orange haired girl he noticed earlier. Then he saw the young woman next to him again, Tatsuki. She walked over and whistled looking at Abel’s car. She ran her hand along the car much like Ryuji did. Tatsuki stepped over the guys who were scrambling away, hoping Abel didn’t finish them off. Orihime looked at his car and whistled much like Yasutora did.

“Wow… is this yours?” Yasutora spoke first admiring it.

“Yeah it is Yasutora.” Abel leaned onto his car.

“It’s really nice… but how did you ever afford something this nice?” Tatsuki stopped and leaned onto his car.

“Get your boobs off my car and it’s easy to afford when your old man is a World Class Heavyweight boxer.” He chuckled under his breath.

“Hey!” Tatsuki threatened to scratch his car with her nails.

“Awe take a joke, cookie.” Abel opened his eyes noticing everyone stare at him.

“What the Hell? Cookie?” She looked at him indignantly.

“Wrong word… I meant CUTIE. Sorry.” He rubbed the back of his head looking at her sheepishly.

“Well he did say his Kanji was passable.” Orihime released Ichigo’s neck.

“Might want to keep practicing your affectionate terms.” Ichigo rubbed his neck looking at Abel. ‘Yankee’.

TBC in post 2

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‘Hey don’t try getting something pass on me, brother.’ Abel slowly spelled out in English.

“I’m not your brother, pal.” Ichigo took a step forward.

“I’m not your pal, guy!” Abel began walking around his car.

“I’m not your guy, FRIEND!” Ichigo began to approach him.

“I AM NOT FRIEND… SHORTCAKE!” He leered at Ichigo.

The group began laughing as once more, Abel’s barely passable Kanji caused him to misaddress Ichigo. After a moment he realized that he chose the wrong word. After a few moments passed, the two began to staring at each other. Abel smiled possibly the largest smile they’ve ever seen to show there was no hostility. Abel walked back to his driver’s side, which was on the left, unlike most other cars which was on the right.

“Well, I cannot take off unless I offer you guys a ride. You guys want me to drop you off anywhere?” Abel opened his door and unlocked the other doors.

“Can you drive even drive this?” Chad looked astonished at Abel as he nodded.

“You got to be kidding me.” Ichigo and his friends began staring at Abel in amazement.

“How do you think I got here? Now get in and shut up.” Abel got into his car and fired up the engine.

They decided to give him a chance. They got into car, Ichigo taking shotgun with Chad, Orihime and Tatsuki taking the back. He adjusted the mirror and popped in a black CD with platinum hands together, titled “Fearless”. A banjo began playing as the four guests looked at Abel. He looked back at them with wondering what they’re staring at. Other instruments began playing with a young woman singing.

“My car, my songs. I like Taylor Swift, so live with it as it’s a free ride. Tell me where you guys live and I’ll give your curb side service.” Abel pulled into the street as no cars were coming at him.

The first person to tell them where they lived was Chad. On the way to his home, they found out a lot of things about their new American friend. He’s an exchange student, he’s self taught in Kanji using only books and tapes to learn, he loves sports and video games, making him instantly friendly with both Tatsuki and Ichigo. Him and Chad shook hands and agreed to hang out sometime after Abel gave him his cell phone number. Next was Orihime, who he quickly realized, without asking, that she has a crush on Ichigo, the guy who took the front seat, and realized this girl was really sweet and kind. If she was any sweeter, he’d have gotten diabetes.

He shook her hand, kissing it gently in an old fashioned manner. She smirked and thought it was funny but didn’t laugh at his old chivalry. Ichigo looked at him with a bit of a stern look. He looked backed at Strawberry.

“Sue me, its old fashioned. Got a problem?” He shrugged it off Ichigo’s look.

“You’re just a lecher, face it dude. You’re trying to mow his grass.” Tatsuki joked.

“Just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass, woman.” He turned around in his seat looking at her.

“Any time anywhere; wide eyes.” She smiled, flicking his nose gently.

“Where do you live, I want to drop you off next before I drive this off a bridge with you two locked in.” He turned around rubbing his nose.

Tatsuki gave Abel slow, thorough directions so he can understand, directions to her home, she didn’t live too far away from Orihime. He growled, swearing in English under his breath as she spelled out her directions as if he had Down syndrome. She got out of his car, walked around the side to talk to Ichigo. He suddenly pulled up a few meters in front of her. She walks up and he begins driving. Ichigo looks at him; he doesn’t pay him no mind. She begins walking faster and he begins driving faster. She begins running after the car, and as she begins catching up, he hits the breaks causing her to run past it. She growls and begins walking back to the car. This time he does the same thing in reverse. However after nearly ten minutes of his “playful” treatment of Tatsuki, Ichigo talks him into stopping. He stops and this time doesn’t move.

“You’re an ass, Abel.” She takes a few deep breaths.

“Yet your boobs are still on my car.” Abel turns down the music.

“HEY!” She snaps at him.

“Relax, they’re not as big as she’d let you believe. “ Ichigo cracks a grin, and both the young men begin laughing at her expense.

“I didn’t think you’d be so juvenile Ichigo.” She pushed his head.

“Ah come on Tatsuki. We’re just joking with you. I’m sure Abel doesn’t have anything against you.” Ichigo leaned towards the door.

“Speak for yourself. I hate you Tatsuki.” He smiled at her winking.

“Hey Ichigo, lets hang out tonight. I’d like to get some studying done with you, like old times.” Abel noticed she has amazing brown eyes.

“Sure, I’ll see you around seven tonight?” Ichigo began to rub his jaw looking at Tatsuki.

“See you then Strawberry.” She stood up and tapped on the hood of Abel’s car.

“Girlfriend?” Abel asked pulling back into the street.

“Is she my girl friend? Yeah she is, but is she my girlfriend? No, she’s my old Karate partner and friend.” Ichigo began to give Abel directions to his home.

“Gotcha, she still seems like a snob to me.” Abel feels Ichigo’s hand against the back of his head, it doesn’t cause him to nearly crash or anything.

Abel drives Ichigo back to his home. Several times on the way he swerves violently to play with Ichigo, but he doesn’t give him the reaction he wants. He pulls over in front of the Kurosaki Clinic. He looks over at the house/hospital. He then looks at Ichigo.

“Your house serves as a hospital? That HAS to suck dude.” He leans over Ichigo looking at his humble abode.

“GET OFF ME! I’m long use to it.” He shoves the driver off him, and climbs out through the window.

In his back pocket he can hear his Deputy Shinigami Badge began screaming “HOLLOW!” as loud as humanily possible. However, Abel couldn’t hear it. He did however stare at Ichigo as he jumped straight up in the air.

“Something wrong buddy?” Abel cocks his head sideways.

“NO! I-GOTTA-HELP-MY-DAD-MOVE-PATIENTS! BYE!” Ichigo ran straight into his house.

‘That is one odd man…’ Abel thought to himself as he drove away.

~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~ ~*O*~

Ichigo slashed the head off a snake like Hallow, cleansing it of its sins as a Hallow, sending it off to the Soul Society. His Deputy Badge goes off once again, this time not scaring him. He looks to see where it is but it disappears. He shakes it to make sure it’s working. It goes off again; this time is much closer than the previous one. He begins heading towards it, but it disappears.

“What the Hell?” Ichigo stops dead on top of a building looking down.

“DIE…” A man speaks low; he is wearing a pure white trench coat with long black knee length boot, white shorts, holding a long white katana.

Their eyes meet. Ichigo jumps off the building he’s on and lands in front of the man. He pulls out Zangetsu and is ready to strike. The man turns around and he instantly notices he’s wearing a skeletal mask. This mask resembles that of a demon. Ichigo cannot make out his eyes. The Arrancar stands still before him, sword drawn in his right hand. It is a purple bladed sword with black edges. A light purple energy flows from the tip of the blade to the hilt and along his right arm to the elbow. Ichigo isn’t sure if he’s wearing a white suit or not, but what he can tell is he is hiding something. Ichigo kept Zangetsu ready, not giving him time to attack.

Ichigo and the unknown Arrancar clashed blades, swinging heavy, strong hits. The Arrancar hide behind his demon mask, a little weird for an Arrancar. He swung a fist meant for Ichigo’s face. It connects, but Ichigo counters with his heel against the mask and face. He looks to see the mask is just slightly off centered. Ichigo keeps swinging, and stabbing but none of the blows meant to kill his opponent land. The Arrancar blocks an overhead swing and pushes his opponent back. He takes a moment to readjust his mask.

“Your attacks are pretty strong, kiddo. Very impressive to see a young man your age fighting as if you’ve been fighting your entire life.” He calmly says in a deep distorted voice, tossing his blade up into the air, it spinning in circles horizontally.

“Don’t underestimate me Arrancar. I’ve faced your kind before, and I defeated them. You’re nothing special.” Ichigo watches him tosses his Zanpak-to around.

“BORING! LET’S FIGHT!” The Arrancar runs at him and slashes downward.

Ichigo jumps back, and then lunges forward. His enemy blocks his attack with the hilt of his blade, immediately confusing Ichigo. He jumps up and kicks Ichigo in his jaw, leaving his blade in the ground. Ichigo returns with a fist, but the Arrancar tosses him at own Zanpak-to. Ichigo reverses his momentum and tosses him into the wall and slashes a black wave of energy at him.

“GETSUGA TENSHO!” Ichigo turns around and begins walking away from the now dead Arrancar.

“Why are you leaving? The fun is just getting started…” The Arrancar jumps out of the whole; bleeding from his right shoulder, lunging forward with his Zanpakto.

Two clash blades once more. Sparks fly off as they shove their blades towards each other in a test of strength. He winds his head back and head butts the Arrancar, not moving his mask but inducing some minor pain in his forehead. The Arrancar returns the head back and knocks Ichigo back. He swings his blade for his head. Ichigo falls to the ground face first, the Arrancar walks up to him. He winds his leg up to kick Ichigo, but he suddenly shoots up with his blade, and cuts the Arrancars face.

“I GOT YOU!!” Ichigo screams as the Arrancar turns away.

He stumbles forward, picking up his mask. Ichigo lunges for his head. The Arrancar snaps his fingers, and he disappears, he looks around. Behind Ichigo, a black void opens with the Arrancar ready to strike.


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