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Default Alternate Time Line: Bleach History/Messed up Match ups

This would be the third time I will be writing a Bleach Fan-Fic.

So, if it turns out to be a crappy one, according to your own respective tastes, please don't criticize me...as hard.


Chapter 1: Mouth of Void

The first chapter is within spoiler, below

-The storyline would remain the same, up till the point where Grimmjow loses his arm and Orihime gets abducted.....well, traveled to Hueco Mundo on her own. Gotei-13 doesn't wish to fight at KT or FKT and decides to invade Hueco Mundo-

-Orihime's Place-

Old Man Yamamoto: Very well, Kurosaki Ichigo. Soul Society will be lending a hand, for the rescue of human, Orihime Inoue. By all decisions that has been made upto this point, Captain Hitsugaya's advance forces stationed at Human World and others shall travel to Hueco Mundo first, along with Captains of the 4th division and 7th division, who shall be arriving shortly through Senkaimon. The 12th division captain, Kurotsuichi Mayuri shall open the dimensional rift, here, at midnight. Have I made myself clear? Now, go.

-At an appointed time, Mayuri visits Orihime's place to open up the dimensional rift, leading to Hueco Mundo-

Mayuri: Nemu, it's time. Lift up the devise that I've given you the last time.

Nemu: Yes, Mayuri-sama.

-As Nemu lifts up the devise, a dimensional rift has opened up, in front of everyone.-

Mayuri: Oh my, I believe few of ours are still absent? How troublesome.

Renji: Whatever. Since we don't have any more time to lose for this matter, let's just go first.

-Hueco Mundo-

Ulquiorra: This is the cell that we would be placing you inside. Now get in, woman.

Orihime: *Orihime stands outside of the room, refusing to get in.*

Ulquiorra:.........Woman, why do you still resist?......Rather, do you believe that you want to be rescued by your friends?........

Orihime: *Surprised*

Ulquiorra: If so, that's cruelty. Wishing for your friends to make pointless travels....just to meet their demise. If I was put in your situation, I'd take my own life and save theirs, as it is impossible......

Orihime: ..........

Ulquiorra: Even if they somehow miraculously manage to take on us, Aizen-sama.....Wouldn't that be pointless? You can't be forgetting that.....*Ulquiorra's words are left in mumbles*

-Orihime's Place-

-Hitsugaya and others tries to enter the dimensional rift, but has stopped after noticing that a Senkaimon has opened up-

Hitsugaya: So, they are finally here.....

-As the gate opens up, they notice that the figures coming out from the gate aren't from neither 4th or 7th division, but 2nd and 6th division-

Ichigo: Yo-you guys are Byakuya and Soi Fon.....Why are you guys here?

Omaeda: Hey, you orange haired-punk, you forgot about THE great me!

Soi Fon: Shut up Omaeda. *punches him over his face* We were assigned in place of 4th and 7th division members, because there was a change in our plans.

Hitsugaya: Change?

Byakuya: Due to dimensional rift being unstable and to prevent any unneeded battles from occurring, Captain Commander has given orders to Urahara Kisuke to change the course of Dimensional Rift. Since it would take some time, they were replaced by us.

Mayuri: *clicks his tongue* Cheh...You just had to go and reveal his name....Oh well, no matters. Now, step over to the gate, before I get bored of all this nonsense.

Renji: Captain....

Byakuya:........Let's go, Renji......

-Everyone who had been stationed at Orihime's place travels to Hueco Mundo, through the dimensional rift.-

-Inside the canals of Dimensional Rift-

Ichigo: Hey, Ikkaku, I am going ahead of you.

Ikkaku: We can't lose! Yumichika, let's speed up!.....Hey! Are you even listening?

Yumichika: But it's not going to be beautiful, isn't it? Besides, look.

Ikkaku: Oh....*sweat* *Ikkaku notices Renji struggling between the broken road, made by Ichigo's reiatsu*

Renji: Hey Ichigo.....Why don't you go behind me, huh?

Ichigo: What for?

Renji: Because I am frigging stuck between shitty road you've made with your reiatsu!!

Ichigo: It's not that my road is shitty, you just misstep.....Oof..*Ichigo gets stuck between the road that he's made too*

Ikkaku: Hey Ichigo, I am now going ahead of ya! Hahahaha!

Matsumoto: See ya~

Byakuya: Hmph....

Ichigo: *sweat*

-As Ichigo and his allies near the end of the dimensional rift, they notice someone waiting for them-

???:.....Gran Ray Cero

-A powerful stream of cero has been shot against Ichigo and his allies-

-Chapter 1 Fin-

Chapter 2: Fading Hope

The first chapter is within spoiler, below


-Inside the dimensional Rift-

???: Gran Ray Cero....

Everyone: !!!

Ichigo: BAN-KAI!.......... Tensa Zangetsu..............*Shunpoes*

???: I guess it's over.......hm?.....What the...... the Gran Ray Cero is....

-As Gran Ray Cero is being cut in half, it reveals hollowified Ichigo in his bankai form being the cause of it-

Ichigo: Getsu-ga....TENSHOU!!!!

???: This reiatsu is.....

-An explosion resulting from Ichigo's GT forcibly separates Ichigo's group to exit the dimensional Rift from different angle-

-Aizen's Chamber-

Aizen: *Sips his tea*

Gin: Captain Aizen....It seems that there're few rats that have crawled in....*grin*

Aizen: No matter.....I just need a few time....to adjust myself.....

-???'s Chamber-

-As Ichigo steps outside the dimensional rift, his mask breaks, as his hollowification time is up-

Ichigo: Huh?....What is this place?....

???: *Draws his sword & sonidoes and takes Ichigo by surprise*

Ichigo: Wha.....*Shunpoes and dodges by the last minute* Yo-You are the one who fired that ridiculous cero....

Zommari: *Thinks: He dodged at the last minute....* Judging from your looks, it seems that you are that human boy from Ulquiorra's reports....Very well, I, Zommari Leroux, the 7th espada in Aizen-sama's army shall exterminate you. *He sonidoes and attempts to cut Ichigo one more time*

Ichigo: *Appears behind Zommari* You may be fast, but I am faster in my bankai form. Give up. *Several clones of Zommari appears behind Ichigo*

Zommari: Gemelos Sonído...*He attempts to cut down Ichigo, but notices that his real body has been stabbed by Ichigo from behind*

Ichigo: Didn't I tell you to give up?....You are too slow, espada.

Zommari: You impudent little.....

Starrk: Now, I'd think it's time for all of us to get moving......

-A scene cuts to show:

-Renji, Ikkaku against 9th espada-

-Soi Fon and Omaeda against 5th espada and his fraccion-

-Hitsugaya against 2nd espada and his fraccions-

-Rangiku and Yumichika against 8th espada and his fraccions-

-Byakuya against 1st espada and his fraccion-

-Hall way-

Tosen: Let us go....Wonder Weiss....

Wonder Weiss: Ooohhh......

Tosen: It's time for us to take our blades to enforce the true path of Justice....

-Chapter 2 Fin-

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Chapter 3: Voidness of the Atmosphere

The first chapter is within spoiler, below

-1st Espada's Chamber-

Starrk: *surprised* ?!.....An intruder?...*stares, while touching his chin with his left hand*

Lilynette: Starrk.....Starrk...YO Starrk!...

Lilynette: *Kicks Starrk in his shin* HEY STARRK! What the hell are you dazing at the enemy who just sneak up on us for?!

Starrk: Be quiet, I was just surprised at his entrance and his...... weird headgear? of his...

Byakuya: So, you have a time to chat, while facing up against a class of my own?.....Good, I shall fix that absurd attitude of yours with my blade. *Shunpoes to attack Starrk*

Starrk: *Makes an unpleased expression* You know, I am not the one to act....but guess it's time for me to get my act together, huh? *fires a cero*

Byakuya: *Thinks: Cero!* *Shunpoes and attempts to dodge Starrk's cero, but gets his right arm burnt off slightly*

Starrk: So you managed to dodge it on time, huh? How troublesome.....

Byakuya: Hado #33.....Sokatsui *A huge waves of blue flames cover where Starrk and Lilynette were standing at*

Starrk: Cheh........*Starrk managed to block the attack from reaching Lilynette by using his body as a shield, yet had not taken much damage from the hado* I don't mind you attacking me but......*

Lilynette: Starrk!

Starrk: *Starrk sonidoes his way behind Byakuya and stabs him from there*

Byakuya: *coughs up blood*

Starrk:.....your fighting style's rigged...

-Hallway between 2nd and Aizen's chambers-

Hitsugaya: Sit upon the frozen heavens, Hyorinmaru! *A stream of frozen dragon head is aimed against Barragan*

Barragan: *Smirks and raises up his hand*

Hitsugaya: What the.....how....*Hitsugaya is surprised, after seeing how easily Barragan have dodged his attack*

Barragan: *Appears from the left side of Hitsugaya* Did you honestly believe that a mere chunk of ice from a kid like yourself was going to even touch me? How foolish.....

Hitsugaya: *Surprised at seeing Barragan emerging from his left side*

Barragan: I shall have you experience the cruelty of powers that are absolute.....the power of the King!

-A Privaron Espada's chamber-

Omaeda: Ooof.....*falls on the floor* Where are we?

Soi Fon: *Smacks Omaeda in the head again* Fool, look ahead, there's an enemy waiting......

???: How troublesome.....intruders.....?! *Surprised* Oh, judging from your haori, you must be a captain........

Soi Fon: *Shunpoes near the arrancar and pushes him against the wall* So, what if I am? Would that make any difference?

???: *Shoots out a cero from his mask, which has one horn over it*

Soi Fon: *Thinks: Cero!* *Soi Fon dodges the cero, by shunpoing backwards*

???: Maginificent display of speed, no less expected from someone of captain class.......However.......*unshethes his sword* I shall overwhelm you with even greater powers......Darken the seas with your flowing tears......caballero cráneo imperial (lit. Imperial skull knight)

Soi Fon: *She is stabbed from the front by the long nails that arrancar have extended from his left hand*

???: Hahaha....even with your speed, my powers amplify the extent of the reiatsu that would be released with waves of sound.....for an instant, the target becomes unable to detect my presence, due to my reiatsu level having skyroc....Ugh......*Notices that his enemy has gone behind him and have stabbed his back*

Soi Fon: I hope you've enjoyed the moment of seeing an afterimage from my movement.....Nigeki Kessatsu....(lit. Two-hit-Certain-kill or Death in two steps) *The espada disintegrates, as soon as Soi Fon stabs the arrancar in the same spot where she stabbed him for the first time*

???: *Has a flashback of when he had been serving Aizen as an espada and the day when Grimmjow have scarred his face with a bala blast slightly having missed him* No......

Nnoitra: *Clap...clap...clap....* Nicely done, shinigami....that weakling former espada was just a trash, after all *laughs*.....?!

Soi Fon: *Soi Fon shunpoed over to Nnoitra's back* I've already taken notice of your presence, ever since I've got here. Now....let me put an end to your smirk, arrancar....


Soi Fon:.....Wha.....but how?! *Surprised at how her blade wasn't able to pierce through the arrancar's skin*

Nnoitra: Fufufu....Oh, bitch please....Shut it...*Nnoitra moves in to stab Soi Fon in the stomach with his arm*

Soi Fon: *Soi Fon manages to dodge Nnoitra's attack by an inch* Cheh.....

Nnoitra: My hierro.....the strongest and thickest of the history of espada......bitch......your little blade ain't gonna make me even sting....

-Chapter 3 Fin-

Chapter 4: The King's rebellion

The first chapter is within spoiler, below

-A Privaron Espada's Chamber-

Nnoitra: My hierro is renowned for it being strongest in the history of espada! Don't you ever think that a shitty blade of some shinigami is gonna be able to cut through!

Soi Fon: Cheh....

Omaeda: What are we gonna do now, captain? Now that you can't even...Ooof

Soi Fon: Shut up, Omaeda. *Punches Omaeda in his face*

Nnoitra: *Nnoitra rushes against Soi Fon and tries to cut her from the front, with his weapon* It's over shinigami!......Hahahaha!!!!

Soi Fon: *Soi Fon parries incoming attacks with her shikai, but is flung back against the wall* Cheh....

Nnoitra: Now, die!!!.......Ugh....*Nnoitra is knocked down on the floor, due to Soi Fon punching him in the face*

Soi Fon: Shunko.......If I can't cut you, then I will just beat you up half dead with my fists....*Soi Fon rushes against Nnoitra, with Shunko surrounding her body*

Nnoitra: The fuck?! *Frowns*.....Don't joke with me woman! Do you honestly believe that your punches are gonna reach me? The fifth espada, Nnoitra Jiruga-sama? The hell with your ideas! *Nnoitra rushes against Soi Fon and upon the contact, an explosion comes off as a result*

-Hallway between 2nd and Aizen's chambers-

Hitsugaya: *pant* *pant*

Barragan: How pathetic, brat....Is that all you've got to entertain me with?

Hitsugaya: *frowns* *pant* *pant*

Barragan: Since you seem to hold powers that are based on dragon, I will send four of the dragons that serve me to finish you off properly, kid. Poww, Cuuhlhourne, Avirama, Findor!

Barragan's fraccions: Yes, Barragan-sama!

Barragan: Exterminate this insect in an instant. I am bored of this little show of his.

Barragan's fraccions: Your wish is our command! *Barragan's fraccions surround Hitsugaya from all sides*

Hitsugaya: *Clicks his tongue* Guncho Tsurara! *Sharpened chunks of ices are being fired against four fraccions*

Gin: Well, well. Isn't it captain Hitsugaya?....Still, 4 on 1 don't seem fair to me, don't ya think? Captain Aizen?

Aizen: *Aizen is seen to be travelling along with Gin, having Orihime to follow them to Aizen's chamber* It certainly seems Gotei 13 has been quite degraded, after our departure....Seeing a captain class......don't you agree, captain Hitsugaya? *grins*

Hitsugaya: Aizen!....*frowns*

Avirama: Where are ya lookin' at, you snotty brat! *Avirama takes advantage of the situation and shoots off several feathers against Hitsugaya*

Hitsugaya: Cheh.....

Aizen:*Aizen notices something's off* .......What do you think you are doing, Barragan? *frowns*

Barragan: *Grins* *Barragan uses his aging ability to quicken the process of hogyoku being damaged* Hehehe....Within less than an hour of time, your precious little orb is going to be destroyed, as it was robbed of its time!


Aizen: You dare to go up against me, Barragan? *raises up his reiatsu level*

Hitsugaya & Barragan's fraccions: Ugh......

Barragan: I never once was on your side to begin with, you impudent being. Starting now, I shall once return to my glory of being the King of Hueco Mundo, no a God. As your Majesty, I shall have you know your place.

Aizen: Hmph. It is you, who is being unreasonable. From the beginning, you were nothing but a fish swimming in its own little pond. * Unsheathes his sword*

Barragan: Enough of this, pointless chat! Rot! Arrogante! *Barragan's flashback from the time when he was a king and how he came to lose his position passes by* I shall now commence your execution, Aizen Sosuke. *Barragan raises up his gran caida weapon, while expanding "respira"*

-1st Espada's Chamber-

Starrk: I see that you are taking a great deal in boosting your pride, captain-san. From what I can see, you aren't the one to give in....I guess this is the end then....*Starrk raises up his pair of guns*

Byakuya: *pant* *pant* Do you honestly believe that my blade will falter against the likes of yours? How laughable.

Starrk:......Let us end this with this last move.....

-Chapter 4 Fin-

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Chapter 5: War against 30,000 hollows

-8th espada's chamber/Laboratory-

Yumichika: Uhh.....Uhh........*Thinks: Where am I? It seems to be dark all over.....*

Matsumoto: Hmm.....What is this place? Because of that cero from last time, we probably got separated from captain and others.....

Yumichika: *It feels like something heavy is above myself..........*

Szayel: What are you baboons, doing? Is that some kind of pose that you shinigamis take, before you engage in a battle?

Matsumoto: Huh? When'd he get there? *Gets herself up from Yumichika*

Yumichika: .....Oh, I can see now.....What the hell was that huge....

Szayel: *sigh* Are all of you shinigami low-lives act so pathetically?

Yumichika: Who are you calling pathetic? You fugly.

Matsumoto: Uhh.....Yumichika before you call anyone ugly, take a look at your hairstyle.....Fugly *laughs*

Yumichika: *Notices that his hairstyle got messed up, because Matsumoto set on him* Wh-What....my beautiful hair!.....It got all fugly and messed up, because some heavy thing was placed over it.....

Matsumoto: *Smacks Yumichika in the head* What the hell do you mean by, "heavy?" Fugly?

Yumichika: So, it was YOU who set on me the last time.

Szayel: Cero....*Fires cero against Matsumoto and Yumichika* Your little farce has gone long enough.

Matsumoto & Yumichika: *They both have burns over their bodies* *pant* *pant*

Szayel: Well, it's not gonna be so much fun for me to deal with mere shinigamis.....If you don't have any ability to display in front of me, then try to die with all of your limbs in tact, at least.

-9th espada's chamber/Lair-

Renji: Ah....Damn it....I landed pretty much safely. How are you doing, Ikkaku-san?

Ikkaku: I think I am okay too.....It seems like we have been separated from the others, after that explosion from that ridiculous cero....

Aaroniero: Rankle the Seas and the Heavens.....Nejibana.....*Aaronierro rushes against Ikkaku and Renji, while swinging his sword, which is now covered with tides of water*

Renji & Ikkaku: Wha....*They both dodge the attack, without much problem*

Renji: That blade.....wait...Yo-you are......

Ikkaku: I thought I recognized your reiatsu.....you are that infamous prodigy....Kaien Shiba from fallen Shiba family, right?

Aaroniero: Fufufu.....It seems that you two have a general sense of who I might be....but the question would be....do you? *Aaronierro reveals his true face then re-covers his face with that of Kaien's*

Renji: *Surprised*.....What....are you, really?

Aaroniero: It seems that you've fallen in your own thoughts as to who I might be.....but what stresses me to think is that how calm you two are, after seeing that your comrade has fallen. *Aaronierro holds up Rukia from the corner of his chamber and shows it to Renji and Ikkaku*

Ikkaku: ?! *shocked* What.....

Renji:.....Rukia......Bankai.....Hihiō Zabimaru!!! Unhand her, unhand Rukia, you fiend!

Aaroniero: Ho...a bankai. It seems that the reports were correct, you really have grown, Renji. To think that someone like you, who was following this Ojou-san like a pathetic beggar that you are have attained bankai over the years.....How surprising...

Renji: Grr......

Aaroniero: Well, against someone with bankai, I should at least release my sword, in respect.....Devour.....Glotonería

Renji: ?!....

Ikkaku: Wha....What the hell?!.....

Aaroniero: I like those faces of yours.....those filled with fear.......Let the fear envelop you.....for this is the result of my years of having to devour Thousands of hollows! My resurreccion allows me to release and use every single abilities of the hollows that I've eaten, upto this date. *grin*

Renji: So, what if you have eaten all those stinking hollows? All I have to do is to crush that arrogant grin of yours with my own powers....That's all there's to it!

Aaroniero: A beggar trying to play the role of the knight in his shining armor...worthy to be praised...indeed.....Hm? *Notices something's off in the atmosphere*

Ikkaku: Fufufu....Hahahahahaha! It's been a long time since I've found myself a prey like you! Renji and you, arrancar, let not a single soul to see or hear what I am now about to reveal! Bankai! Ryūmon Hōzukimaru!

Aaroniero: How interesting. Very well. Let us now engage ourselves in a war....where you will fend off against my army of 30,000 hollows, with your little bankais!
-Chapter 5 Fin-

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Perhaps you should try writing it as a story instead of as a script

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