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Originally Posted by Senjuclan View Post
As a long time Hashirama fan, I have to say this chapter elated me because for far too long, people called me a tard for making simple arguments that I felt the manga supported. Though I have always been circumspect in my posts, Uchiha fans please allow me to speak your language so you guys can understand. So, let me list them for y'all all the "I told you so" moments in this chapter while I revel in the glory of the chapter

Don't worry, I will revert to my usual self after this

1. Madara Challenged the Village? Please! Godshirama is the village!

Uchiha fans, remember when we kept telling you that challenging the village means challenging the hokage? Well, as you can see Hashirama fought Madara alone without the village's help

2. Mito Helped Hashirama? Please! Mito was in the Kitchen

Uchiha fans, remember when we told you that the manga was clear that Mito came to the village after the VoTE fight? You guys kept clinging to an erroneous translation to support your bias?

3. Madara did not use Perfect Susano'o? Please! I see your PS, I raise you a wood god

Some people went so far as to claim that Madara could not have used perfect susano'o against Hashirama at Valley of the End.

5. Kyuubi did not play a role in the fight? Ha!

Uchiha fans, remember when you guys said that the kyuubi did not play a role in the fight? Remember when you guys said that shodai did not even have a way to deal with a bijuu dama? Good one

5. Hashirama fought Hiruzen at full power?

There are enough threads about this already. So, I won't even dignify this one with additional text

6. God of shinobi? I will show you your god

Hashirama is your God, Hiruzen fans
Jump the gun a bit, didn't ya...

1). Madara is clearly not using perfect susanoo... But the simple complete version that sasuke and itachi use...
Perfect susanoo is a giant tengu samurai with legs that hovers above all due ot it's size... Madara is not using perfect susanoo...

2). The fight just started yet you say you can prove mito is not there... Where is your proof??? The manga stated what it sated... that Mito assisted hashirama by sealing the kyuubi inside herself during the fight... There is not a tranlation problem, there is a You bias against Uchiha Problem...

3). Madara did not challenge the village, only hashirama to Gain his DNA too continue his real plan to become the next sage of six paths and juubi's Jink...

No matter what happens... Madara still only fought to gain DNA and got what he wanted while hashirama fought to stop madara once and for all and could only wound madara even with his wife's help... So accept this and get over it... Madara succeed and hashirama failed...

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