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Originally Posted by ch1p View Post
The manga should have never been called Naruto to begin with.
I think that was Kishi's biggest mistake, because there's no running away from it.

Bleach isn't called Ichigo.
One Piece isn't called Luffy.
Dragon Ball isn't called Goku.
Fairy Tail isn't called Natsu.
Death Note isn't called L or Light.
And a myriad other examples.

These mangakas don't have to worry about focusing too much on the main characters because they don't have the manga title running after them like Kishi does, but they can choose to either way.

The title being Naruto shouldn't stop Kishi from diverting to other stuff that doesn't concern Naruto either, and it doesn't, we've seen it throughout the manga.

If everything about this manga was about Naruto I would've dropped it ages ago. Even though that's how it's looking currently.

To summarize, the title of a manga normally doesn't bear particular relevance as to where the story/plot is going or on who it should be mainly focused on, but sometimes Kishi may feel as if he's forced to put Naruto at the center of everything because that's what the manga is called.

Naruto is a "brand" name more than anything, but it also happens to be the main character's name, and so you often see it being used as an excuse for anything Kishi does or doesn't do with the character.

Ultimately all of this doesn't matter when you have an antagonist that sits on the same level as the main character.

Sasuke is always in the back of Kishi's mind when he writes about Naruto, as he said so himself.

So whenever you see Naruto, remember that Kishi is always thinking about Sasuke.

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