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Originally Posted by BladeofTheImmortal
no, its 100X more without using Kyuubi...



Originally Posted by Sai
Sorry guys, but no:

"It's like, "If Yamato keeps the nine-tails in check (and therefore prevents it from destroying your body), you have the potential to have 100 times my chakra." So in other words, Naruto has the potential, with Yamato around, to SAFELY have control over 100 times the chakra of Kakashi. If the Ya-man DIDN'T keep it in check, Naruto would obviously have like, infinite chakra, but he wouldn't be able to make use of it because he'd be completely out of control, and probably killed eventually from the stress it puts on his body." -Hisshouburaiken

Originally Posted by yoropiko
Kakashi: "九尾" のチャクラをヤマトが抑えなければ・・・百倍だ
Yup, I'd say that my translation is right (lol although it feels awkward to say that..)

「抑え」=suppress, with +「な」 it becomes negative (i.e. don't suppress)
(and 「ければ」=if)
Reply from Yoshitsune:

Originally Posted by Yoshitsune
oops, it's negative..nooooo
sorry~~~~I was thinking it and it came out differently
A controlled amount of the Kyuubi's chakra, folks. Meaning, Naruto using the Kyuubi's chakra without losing himself, without the chakra shroud coming forth, can wield 100 times the amount of chakra Kakashi has.

Originally Posted by The Pink Ninja
I thought stats in the databook weren't relative to other characters?
Only a minority on the forum have come to realize this, Pink.

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