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Databook 3 - Kamui:
Authority of the Gods* (神威, Kamui)
Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai, No rank, Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
User: Hatake Kakashi

Changing the dimension in one's field of vision.
A lavish, unparalleled dimensional doujutsu!!

Kakashi's original doujutsu, released from the "Mangekyou Sharingan". It allows one to transfer anything to another dimension. If one spends a lot of time and trains one's chakra over and over again, this technique can be invoked. The target is enveloped with a barrier space, and the user concentrates their mind to what they gaze at... The target can struggle helplessly, but against this technique no defence is possible. No matter what, the space will distort and draw the target in.

[picture of Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan]
→One glare with the "Mangekyou Sharingan". The barrier's location and size can be specified at will.


↓The aim is a little off the mark, hitting the arm... Nevertheless, that part of the arm is pulled apart into small pieces and send to another dimension in an instant...!!
[picture of Deidara's elbow being hit by Kamui]

[picture sequence of Deidara's elbow disappearing]
↑When the technique is invoked, the space at the centre of the barrier is distorted and the target inside the barrier is drawn in completely... There is no technique that can compete against this one. It's a dreadful technique that, with skilled use, can even pull an entire human being into another dimension.

The scenery becomes twisted. And after that~~~!!
The trap created by great power

The "Mangekyou Sharingan" is a doujutsu that, with continuous usage, burdens the user with the loss of their eyesight. Since this is the source of "Kamui," using it in rapid succession puts Kakashi's body at risk as well.

[picture of Kakashi holding his hand over his eye]
↑Kakashi obtained his "Sharingan" though a transplant. The strain his body suffers may be far more severe than the a member of the "Uchiha clan" would suffer.

*Kamui refers to the power, might, and authority of the Gods. That which makes the Gods gods. "Kamu" (神) comes from "kami," meaning "god" or "gods". "I" (威) is a kanji with a complex meaning. The dictionary I use describes it as 「人をおそれ従わせる力。」 ("the power to compel people to do one's bidding through fear"). It also describes it as 「威厳があってしかも荒々しくない。君子の理想的な人柄をいう。」 ("dignity without roughness. The ideal personality of a man of virtue").
I believe it would be best translated as "authority," "majesty," or "might".

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