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Databook 3 - Danzou:

Ninja ID: 000272
Age: 72
Birthday: 6th January (Capricorn)
Height: 170cm
Weight: 52.7kg
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Ambitious, Secretive, Unyielding
Favourite food: Hijiki*, Genmaicha*
Least favourite food: Warabimochi*
Wants to fight: Nobody
Favourite phrase: "Do not waver."
Hobby: Art appreciation, writing diaries

Graduated the Academy at ?
Became a Chuunin at ?

Missions completed:
D-Rank: ?
C-Rank: ?
B-Rank: ?
A-Rank: ?
S-Rank: ?

The dark side of Konoha, supporting the tree from deep within its roots!

- The leader of the Roots makes his appearance, coinciding with Naruto's return. There is considerable tension between him and the current Hokage, granddaughter of the First and keeper of the old ways.
- These shinobi represent the way of the Roots. They are the dark side of Konoha, and act as Danzou's concealed weapons.
- Seen as the "hawk" of Konoha. In his mind's eye he sees a future of his owndesign...

Long ago, Danzou opposed Sarutobi Hiruzen in the running for the position of Hokage. His idea of a ninja is "one who sacrifices his own will completely for the wishes of his country and his village". Due to that outlook, he lost his chance at the position. Following this, he created his own personal group within the Hokage-controlled Anbu, called the Roots. He raised shinobi to conform to his will, establishing a grip on the "darkness" of Konoha. Now that the Third Hokage has died, it remains to be seen what path the Roots will take.

*Danzou has to be awkward by choosing foods peculiar to Japan.
- Hijiki: A brown seaweed that only grows around Japan's end of the Pacific.
- Genmaicha: A tea made from blending Japanese green tea and roasted brown rice.
- Warabimochi: A sweet especially popular in the Kansai region. It is made with bracken and ends up translucent, cool and sprinkled with soybean flour. This is not real mochi, but is named as such because the consistency is very similar.

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