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Databook 2 - Rasengan:
Rasengan (pg 282-283)

A jutsu left by a hero! The storm of the Rasengan that rages like the whirlwind within the hand!!Level:A
Users: Naruto, Jiraya, Yondaime

Chakra is spiraled in all directions and then compressed into the hand, a jutsu that is released in a shape of a sphere! No hand seals are necessary and anyone with chakra can learn its basics. But as it took the 4th three years to complete, this shows that determining its level is beyond imagination as well as the extreme difficulty of the lessons to achieve it.

(Pic of Naruto and his bunshin attacking Kabuto)
Naruto uses his bunshin to press down the chakra in his hand.

(Pic of Naruto with Rasengan in his hand)
The chakra that is compressed into his hand changes into a sphere shape and tears through the air in its rotation.

The Three Lessons to achieve the Rasengan
“Rotation,” “Power,” "Compression"

The three lessons of Jiraya…The basic requires the rotation of a high level of chakra in the hand. During the lesson, a great burden is placed on the chakra(circulatory) pathways of the body due to the high level of chakra focused in one region.

(Pic of Naruto sweating)
First lesson is to burst the water balloon with chakra by causing the water to spin wildly.
Second lesson is to use the power of the rotation to burst a rubber ball.
hird lesson is to compress the greatest force of the rotation.

Pg 283

The Compressed power of rotation! Its power is ultimateness itself!

The compressed force of the rotation is released on the enemy. (Pic of Kabuto and Naruto)

Once the compressed highest level of chakra is released, incredible rotation and power of destruction synchronize and speed ahead.

The shockwave moves ahead and sweeps(swirls) everything in its path and overturns the earth. Unless it collides with something in its way, there is no stoppage of its power.

If chakra that swirls like a typhoon can be maintained hand-sized, then its power does not disintegrate and its rotation and power are limitlessly produced. Upon release its power of destruction is greatly heightened. It is equivalent to having a ‘small hurricane’ in one’s hands!!

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