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Bluebeard 02-24-2012 07:59 PM

Fairy Tail: Magical Journey RP Thread

Welcome to the Kingdom of Fiore! The world in is currently in a 'golden age' of magic, magic glittering down the streets and magical items being highly popular. It seems as if a wave of it has taken over Fiore, with more guilds appearing each and every day. At the same time, some of these guilds are more mysterious and malevolent, known simply as dark guilds. Disbanded by the ruling Magic Council, they continue to act behind the scenes. However, there are guilds that disapprove of them and do their best to fight them.

One of these guilds is Fairy Tail, the heroes of our story. Although they're known for their rampant destruction and chaotic nature when participating in missions, they do get the job done and for this, they're considered Fiore's greatest guild. The guild master keeps each and every member of her guild safe as well and Fairy Tail is truly a family because of this. There lax nature and top position however have made many envious of them, creating enemies and obstacles for the guild...

Meanwhile, in the background of all these, a great shadow looms behind Fairy Tail and the kingdom. A certain dark mage sleeps on an island in the sea, waiting for the day that he can be awakened from his long slumber. The world is unaware of this since he is long thought dead, allowing his followers to move through the shadows unnoticed. Soon however, their actions will be brought to light as the ramifications of his plot start to spill into the lives of Fairy Tail, threatening to tear them apart on their magical journey. Now with this storm quickly approaching, the question becomes more apparent. Will Fairy Tail be able to survive in this New Era?

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-Have fun.

Shin_Yagami 02-26-2012 12:03 PM


This would be the first day he'd return to the guild and report for a new mission after that last one that had ended so disastrously for him. It was supposed to have been a walk in the park, just some boring security with a high pay out so that Kai some a little more to spent on that brat's birthday present. The mission itself was as uneventful as expected, it was the journey back home though.

He got himself damn near assassinated and as messy as that situation got, it ended about as good as it could've for that situation with an opponent that experienced. Almost a full set of armor on him, just the helmet was missing, yet still as quick as a cat and if it weren't for the fact that his opponent couldn't make use of that oversized claymore of his, Kai probably wouldn't have got away with just losing an eye along with a large percentage of his blood.

It had been his team that found him, having had made arrangements to meet up after the separate missions split the group and discovered him lying in a pool of his own blood after checking what was taking him so long. Stella had been able to use Venus' magic to keep him stable long enough until he could get more capable medical attention.

It had been a few months since that day, his wounds had healed up just fine and with that magical replacement eye functioned perfectly so only that scar across that right eye of his showed that there had been anything wrong with it to begin with. His body wasn't the issue, besides the fact that damn armor brought a few more unpleasant surprises with it, getting used to being forced to make do with it had been more difficult than he expected.

He had made obsoletely no progress with that sword, which was by far the biggest source of enjoyment for him. The power training he had combined with his magic combat training hadn't been paying off, at least when it came to wielding Caliburn as that monstrosity was still as unwieldy as it had been the first time he tried using it. So there he was, Fairy Tail's talented Ex-cuipping weapons specialist, forced to fight barehanded while only having lightning magic to rely.

He barely made it into the guild before a tiny figure obstructed his path, three spheres orbiting around that witches hat of hers. With her hands on her hips, she inspected the tall blond blue eyed young mage that stood in front of her. And there they were, an 'infant' Wiccan and a fresh Knightmage, but despite the long standing feuds by their 'clans' these two were as close as sibling, so close that Stella didn't even think twice about hugging her big brother tightly.

She wasn't very affectionate, and as close as the two were they were very much like a big brother/little sister in the regard that Kai teased her endlessly and that Stella used to frequently throw stuff at his head but the sight of Kai bleeding out was still fresh on Stella's memory.

"Missed me kiddo?" Expressing emotions had become hard for him, part of that curse made it feel like he was permanently drugged, and it showed in the flat and emotionless tone of his voice. That half hearted smile that he put on in an attempt to put others at ease didn't do much good.

"You look awful."
She sighed deeply, still very much worried about him. He looked like he hadn't slept in days, with his ambition and pride she wouldn't be surprised if he had been pushing himself too far in order to make up for losing pretty much all of his magical skills.

"No need to put on a front for me babe, I know how you actually feel about me and my crazy hot sexy body." The old Kai was still in there, the way he talked and his expressions just made it seem like he was the undead Kai risen from his grave.

With her sadness and worries about him, her heart wasn't in it but she still gave Kai a slap for making that stupid comment. "Maybe you should take your time, ease up on the training and rest a little...." She knew he wouldn't listen though.

"I'm just getting antsy, can't sleep from being benched for so long, I need to get back in the game." Before she had a chance to stop him, he grabbed her and threw her over his shoulder and moved towards a group of his team mates to catch up with them after his lengthy absence. "See, I'm just fine, I can even lift you and that fat ass of yours."

She had been pounding on his back since he lifted her, but after that comment she started doing so with the intent to hurt that jerk.

Cjones 02-26-2012 02:08 PM


Dark. Shrouded in a thick, dense fog. This darkened place, where nothing's always like this when I'm brought her. It feels as if my mind is trying to make me remember something, but no matter how many times I come's the same.

"...ith!" The faded voice of a female, a raven haired beauty, rung out through the fog covered world. The voice was so faint, almost like a whisper. I am able to see part of the woman's beautiful black colored hair moreso than the last time I was here. Her voice sounds so familiar and comforting yet I seem to loath this voice.

"Oh, you know each other?" This time a male's voice ecohed out much more clearer than the female's. I've been here many times before, but no matter how many times I've been here I can only catch bits and pieces of some while others are just as clear as the azure sky.

"....To do with...irth!" Another male's voice. I can barely make out the scene that these voice are playing, but just like the woman before, I can barely make out this man's hair color. It's a golden color, maybe even lighter and just like the woman before...his voice seems to comfort me.

What exactly am I being shown?

Suddenly expelled from the darken world she was just at, Htirea stood just a mile outside of the guild's door.

"Once again, I'm thrusted back without any real answers." She sighs in annoyance as she speaks. "Though these recent 'events' has made me believe that...I'm no longer a part of this world or rather, this body is just a vessel." Htirea spoke to herself as she flipped her hair back behind her head. She observed the area she was in before picking up her feet and heading towards the guild.

"This world and the place of my memories are much different from one another. A still atmosphere, perfect for the crickets that chirp a symphony alongside a jovial travler as he sang on most clear, tranquil nights. While this world that I live..." Htirea clenched her hand around the grip of her sword hilt in anger, she didn't know what brought this emotion on, but she couldn't help this bitter sensation that would overcome her after she left that 'place.'

"One day, I will find out if I really do belong here."


Overgrown vegetation covered the long untraveled road. The grass was high, and the tall majestic trees shaded the dirt road almost completely; however, a few places where the leaves of the trees did not cover, streams of sunlight poured in. The sunlight bounced off particles in the air, making it seem as though small little insects were flying around. The road, the woods, were silent.

It was peaceful, almost as though it were a dream or if it had come out of a fairytale. It had been forgotten, the road, but it seemed as though it had been a kind gift from God. No cars traveled up and down it all morning and night, no garbage littered along the sides of it, and the wildlife of the woods still had a home. No human hand had touched it, destroyed it's magic.

Yes, a gift from God.

Though this place was obviously missing something...wasn't it?

"Money, money and more money! Also let us not forget the beautiful woman!" Gil roared out, his voice followed by a fit of giggles from several of the women he had on both his shoulder as he strolled on the streets of Fiore.

"Mmmm that does sound like a dream Gil. Any woman would love something like that." One of the women, a rather buxom brunette, said in a sultry voice as she tried to press herself against him. Gil was no fool, he could see the obvious lust in her eyes, not for him, but for his money.

Woman were very beautiful and decietful creatures.

"A great dream it is my sweet brunette, but I"m afriad for someone like me it will just stay a dream." He sighed disappointedly. Soon afterwards the girls swooned all over him in an attempt to cheer him up. Whispering sweet words into his ear, as if he were the only love they knew.

This went on for another half an hour before Gil finally reached Fairy Tail.

"I'm afraid my beauties that I must part here. I have a dangerous mission I must partake in and so I bid you adieu." With a gentlemen's pose Gil turned on his heel and left.

As he entered the guild, the red eyed man pressed his back up against a nearby pillar while letting out a huge sigh. "I can now concentrate on more important thing." Gil's blissful face turned serious. He loved the woman, he really did, he enjoyed being the ladies man, even knowing that over half of them just wanted something material from him, but lately everytime he was with them...she would show up in his mind. A rather attractive red head that managed to get the drop on him.

"I'll get my sword back from you. Satoru and this guild won't stop me. I"m sure you feel the same way."

"For once you speak some knowledge."

Just behind the pillar which Gil rested on was the woman who had stole that which was precious to him. The red haired beauty stood poised with her hand placed firmly on the hilt of her sword. The two didn't turn around to face each other, all there was between them was a thick tension as they faced in opposite directions.

"Heh, bet we'll fight soon enough."

"We shall battle soon enough."

luffy no haki 02-26-2012 03:01 PM

Van Skylar

" Man this is gooooood... I mean like seriously good "the voice of a youngman can be heard early in the morning, the sound of his steps going through the silent hall that leads to the entrance to the little house he is renting, were really loud as he was running. A new sound similar to the one made when people is chewing something could be perceived by whoever that could be passing in front of the dark red door which, on the upper part, had engraved and painted with a golden color the number 67.

The door opened letting the few people that were wandering in the street at that time, to see a blue-haired teenager coming out from the building. On his upperbody a white scarf together with a white sleeveless T-shirt while wrapped around his hands bandages that would protect his hands in case of him having to fight or at least having to hit something really hard. His lower body covered with some black pants that were slightly rolled up and which would let the others see the bandages that were also covering his ankles. His name? Van Skylar.

On his right shoulder one of the things that made him stand out the most, the mark of a star which in the middle had a tattoo, symbol that identifies him as a mage but not any random mage. One belonging to one of the most famous guilds of the region, Fairy tail.

" Good, good. Eating chocolate in the morning is definitely the best way to get some energy! "the boy spoke to the air as he started to walk towards an already well known direction for him. His destination? the building where all the mages of Fairy Tail would gather to do what they always do...make a complete mess.

As soon as Van arrived, a warm feeling made presence in his body, he definitely felt at home, even more than in his house. Subconsciouly, the guy released a little amount of his magic which came out as a light breeze of wind although it was strong enough to send away some empty bottles of beer and to make some skirts go up, this last one not really liking to the girls of the guild." Oh Van; so you are already here! guess what, Kai came back!! "

The blue-haired turned to look at the man who informed of the returning of one of the members of the guild, a chocolate bar ebing crushed by his teeth at the moment." tafs greft! "he said calmly but at the same time clearly enthusiastic because of the news, not that the man could understand what he was saying if he had his mouth full with chocolate.

" Wait,, what?! " the man questioned as Skylar only chewed fastly before swallowing only to say" Really? that´s great! "

Nicodemus 02-26-2012 04:34 PM

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

It was a normal day in Fairy Tail - meaning that the guild was currently being torn to pieces by a brawl over some petty argument or another. Fists and curses (both of the magical and mundane kind) flew freely across the room, creating the all too common wave of conflict that Fairy Tail was known for creating.

"Uhg..." said one kid, sitting on the beams supporting the ceiling so as to stay separated from the commotion happening below. "So noisy...can't I get any sleep at all?" He sighed and took a drink of cola through his blue mask.

The boy was dressed all in white, with his two signature horns cutting into his naturally unruly white hair. A long katana sat beside him, both the hilt and the sheathe pure white, and he idly let it swing back and forth in the air as he watched the chaos below. " least none of the S-Ranks are around...then it would really get out of hand."

The boy, aptly named White, knew for a fact that Austin was gone - he kept up on her location religiously, and right now she was in the southern most tip of Fiore dealing with some particularly stubborn bandits. Loghain could've been around (not like White would know) but even if he was here he wouldn't interfere. Arisu might be around though...he decided to keep an eye out.

Something caught his gaze though - a guy he hadn't seen for months walking into the Guild.

"Sup Stella, Kai," he said, launching himself from the beam and landing in front of the two. "Glad to see you're back." He held out a hand to shake.

Noitora 02-26-2012 04:39 PM

Regnier Daucina

The crash of the sea, the smell of the adventure, the bond of his crew and the enjoyment of pirating. Such things were gone but not forgotten in the heart of the former pirate captain Regnier. Then again ever since he had joined the guild known as Fairy Tail he had found a lot of these things once again while only altering a gentle amount. The bonds he had formed here were even more powerful then that of his crew, something he would never do without these days. That was the type of guild he had joined. A place where mages were good friends and great allies, who would back each other up in any situation and held their name in high regard. It had been a good while since he had thought about this, perhaps it was the drifting ship of the dock of Magnolia that caused his mind to wander back to his days as a young sea captain. A life he missed but would never return to, nothing could compare to his life the way it was now. He would not trade it in for the world.

The Water-Style Mage stood at the end of a dock with one hand in his pocket and the other holding a bag over his shoulder. He wore a long blue coat that reached down to the back of his knees and a waist coat over a shirt underneath. On top of that he wore a large cloak over his shoulders with a fur trim and dark blue colour. His smooth raven hair was tied back into its usual pony tail with his side burns shaven and styled accordingly. He had recently returned from a brief one man mission of guiding a trade ship over the waters. He rarely took missions by himself but seeing as it did not involve any violence or the need for anything more than a good guide he simply took the job as a bit of pocket money. The trade ship now floated off far in the distance with it’s’ route complete. It would likely be a while before he found himself taking the sea again. With a light shrug of his shoulders he turned on his heel and strode back into town. He was eager to see his team along with the rest of the guild once again. A stiff drink and party was certainly in order.

It was not long on his stride through the town until the guild building came into sight standing tall and proud for all to see. After he dropped off his luggage at his home it was the first place he headed for. It was respected as one of the greatest mage guilds in the land by its members and one of the most reckless by the Wizard Council. Would one have it any other way, though? With a pleasant smile on his lips the water mage pushed open the door and threw his hand into the air in a dramatic fashion.
“Home sweet home!” He cheered out joyfully. The guild was already somewhat filled with various mages drinking and laughing. Upon his return a good number of them raised their mugs into the air in return to his statement and cheered man. Within moments Regnier found himself sitting at a table with a mug in his grasp and surrounded by other mages chatting away.
“Dear, oh dear. As fun as it is to take to the water once again I must say, it was certainly a tedious mission. Have the new teams been decided?” He questioned as he peered about. One of the mages shrugged his shoulders.
“No idea! I’ve been here drinking all morning.” Reginer chuckled under his breath.
“I am not surprised in the slightest~” This was the norm for Fairy Tail after all. Van had his face full of food, which was also something he was very familiar with. In fact witnessing the chocolate massacre was making him stomach plea for some as well.

Just then a familiar sound touched his ears. The voice of Kai and his younger companion Stella as they entered the guild. Oddly enough the female mage was over the mans shoulder. The last thing he caught from the pair was the comment of the girls fat ass which caused him to let out enough light chuckle. Like a blur White suddenly appeared from above and welcomed the too mages. The lad certainly had a way of appearing out of nowhere.
“I see you have healed enough to carry such an enormous amount of weight. That’s certainly good to see.” Regnier teased as the pair came into the main hall. Kai had certainly taken some hefty damage, it was good to see him once again back into shape and his old self. Nonetheless he raised his mug of ale in welcome to his Fairy Tail mage comrade and smiled warmly. When one of their own was hurt badly, it was felt by all in the guild after all.

Bluebeard 02-26-2012 04:52 PM

Fairy Tail Guild

Azul Langdon

In an average-sized bed, a lone person stirred, his eyes finally opening. He was immediately welcome by bright sunlight shining through his window curtains. With one hand, he covered his face so that his eyes wouldn’t burst from the brightness. Following that, Azul rolled out of his bed and yawned. Next, he ruffled his hair and started to walk towards his bathroom. As he walked, one can see the entirety of his room. The walls were mostly plain and there were two large wooden bookshelves adjacent to each other. A number of books could be found there, going over numerous subjects. One in fact was called, ‘Girls for idiots’, a book that Azul had feverishly studied for quite sometime. While he understood magic and medicine, girls seemed to elude him. The book had helped a little, but perhaps he should seek more personal advice. Maybe he should ask Gil, Fairy Tail’s resident playboy. He seemed to know a lot about women. Azul stroked his chin at the thought and an image soon formed in his head. He saw Gilgamesh sitting in a bath with a dozen of gorgeous women rubbing every inch of his body. The devilish-looking mage flashed a simple wink at Azul who quickly snapped back into reality, “Yeah. I’ll definitely ask Gil…”

Before he did that, he’d need to take a shower. Then he’d make his way over to the Fairy Tail building and ask his question. He smirked at the thought and opened his bathroom. Strange, he didn’t seem to remember leaving the water on or having a pair of undergarments that appeared to be panties. Then again, he had drunk a little whiskey last night at the guild, so maybe he did… Curiously, the mousy Azul pushed the shower curtains open. This was followed by an incredibly loud scream from Azul, which was sure to wake up his neighbors. The source behind his sudden shock? A young girl stood in the shower, her long blonde hair going all the way down to her waist, green tips at the end. She was vigorously scrubbing herself clean and when she saw Azul, she laughed. “Sorry about this… The water at my apartment was off! Forgot to pay the bills since I haven’t…” She started to ramble on, but she stopped when she saw Azul had his eyes tightly closed. It even looked like they might never open again. The girl laughed, “Seriously, Azul? We’ve been partners for more than two years!”

Fairy Tail Mage
Aily Laxam

Azul stuttered, “P-please put some clothes on, Aily…” He murmured. More laughter followed which caused Azul to get red, “STOP LAUGHING AT ME!” Azul roared angrily with his eyes still closed. Fire seemed to shoot out of his nostrils, as if he was a real dragon. “I’m not laughing at you, Azul. It’s just strange that you’re still so… uptight about things like this. Gil would be practically on top of me if it was him in this bathroom.” She told her partner, now cleaning her long hair. Azul continued to stammer and stutter as he spoke, incredibly nervous he was. “I-I’m not Gil. Put some clothes on, Aily.” He managed to squeak. “Fine, fine… I’m surprised you didn’t take a peek, though…” Aily playfully said as she slipped into one of Azul’s small bath robes. It fit comfortably on her, covering her body, although, portions of her thighs could still be seen, along with her Fairy Tail tattoo. She proudly didn’t attempt to cover it up. That tattoo was a signal of a lot of things but most importantly, that she was a member of Fairy Tail, her home and the only family that she had ever known. Shaking her head, Aily said, “You can open your eyes, Azul. I’ve got a robe on.”

O-okay.” He squeaked and slowly he opened them. Aily hadn’t lied, she was in a robe and although cleavage, along with the shapely curve of her hips could be seen, she wasn’t naked which was fine by Azul. He wasn’t sure of what to think of the strange girl in his apartment. At best, he considered her a friend. It was just her damn actions that seemed so weird to him. “Put some clothes on. I’ve got to take a shower and get dressed too, Aily. You know what today is.” He told Aily, his face serious. Aily nodded as if she was listening and then suddenly, Aily dropped her robes. It was then that high-pressured blood seemingly shot out of Azul’s nose, causing him to fly out of the window comically, leaving the bathroom floor covered in blood. It looked like the scene of a gory murder, not the incredibly comical sight that it was. Aily smirked and pumped her fist, “I knew there was some perv in ya!”


After finally getting cleaned and dressed, Azul and Aily were a little more than late. The two frowned as they stood in front of the huge guild building. The headquarters of their guild stood proudly, the sun shined on it brightly as well allowing one to see every inch of the majestic sighting. At the top of the building was a huge golden bell and as one got lower, they realized that the floors increased in size from top to bottom. The lowest floor was indeed incredibly wide. The entire building was made out of beautiful bricks. It was there, in the middle of the building that a banner with the guild sign hung. Notably, Aily’s eyes beamed when she saw it.

They were at the entrance to this amazing building, where another banner was placed. This one however had the name of the guild on it. Above the banner was a heart, fairies by its side. Aily and Azul looked at each other with a smirk and together, they walked into their home. They were lucky to have it, especially when most guilds didn’t even have the money to afford such a facility. It was because of the many great and powerful mages who called Fairy Tail home. However, these thoughts soon vanished when they entered the building. The smell of alcohol and smoke quickly hit their noses. This was Fairy Tail, filled with destructive mages, tables could be heard smashing and at several tables, mages calmly sat there playing cards. It was truthfully, a chaotic environment. Azul sighed and looks over to Aily, but the girl is already gone.

“All right! I’m going to slice you bastards in half!” The young mage yelled, holding her sword in hand. Fire seemed to roll out of her as she joined in the guilds’ antics. Azul yelled out to her, “Wait! Today is the day we form our new team!” It was too late though, Aily was already smashing someone’s head against a table. He didn’t want to lose a limb, so he decided not to bother his partner anymore.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, he started to enter the chaos. “Might as well ask Gil that question…”

Palpatine 02-26-2012 05:18 PM

Dalia Blackroot/Fairy Tail Guild Hall

As usual, Dalia was silently sitting in one corner of the room, away from all the racket. She had never once participated in any idiotic fighting or squabbling that usually went on in the Guild. Although she was familiar with numerous members, she had only spoken to them less than a dozen times in the last couple years she'd been in the guild.

She was quietly scrawling something in her notebook when a man came flying across the room, slamming into the wall next to her. Dalia barely moved, but was visibly irked as the man slid down to the floor, unconscious. She sighed and stood up. "Morons", she muttered as she made her way to a less noisy room.

Supposedly today was the day she would be assigned a team. Of course, she wasn't thrilled. She had always worked better alone, and it seemed she wouldn't be doing that again anytime soon after today. It was such a pain.

Shin_Yagami 02-26-2012 06:15 PM

Kai and Stella

"Sup Stella, Kai," Out of nowhere White appeared in front of Kai and his unwilling cargo. Stella was too busy in her attempt to assault Kai but Kai gave a nod. "Glad to see you're back." The Knightmage accepted the hand and shook it briefly while saying. "Good to be back, missed you guys and the adventure."

“I see you have healed enough to carry such an enormous amount of weight. That’s certainly good to see.”
Regnier had joined them and his quip brought out one the first few genuine laughs Kai had since the accident, some things like jokes at Stella's expense did resonate with him.

The joke together with Stella's outrage and squirming gave Kai some trouble maintaining his hold on her. "Sol...." When he heard her call out for her Grimoire, and was probably about to order it to attack Kai and Regnier, Kai quickly made an attempt to stop her. "Agh, my shoulder." He made an production of having trouble putting Stella down before nearly buckling over from the stress and the pain he suddenly had.

The fear of Kai having aggravated one of his apparently not fully healed wounds, made her forget about Kai and Regnier's antics, at least for the time being. Stella didn't catch Kai's wink at his drinking buddy though. "I think I'll be okay, though to be on the safe side I might ask Aily for a kiss on my injury to make the pain go away." He said as he spotted Aily and Azul entering the guild.

"Don't be such a perv." Stella punched him but definately with kid gloves on again, though if she realized Kai was feigning that relapse she'd probably really sent him back to the recovery ward.

Noitora 02-26-2012 07:00 PM


The Guild had already become to pick up in activity. He had spent the entire morning there already as usual. The mage known only as Brolly was the type to always wake at the crack of dawn no matter what time he fell asleep the night before, and he always tended to have energy that’s source of which was still unidentified. Nonetheless this gave him time to open up the guilds bar and prepare the drinks for the constant partiers. Once the mages began pouring in they became rowdy almost instantly and soon they were all enjoying themselves. Well most of them in any case, there were mages like Dalia who found the constant noise no more than inconvenient. While some of the mages like Van, Regnier, Kai, Stella and even White simply enjoyed the jokes and the conversation there were others who were all out brawling already. Once Azual and Aily had arrived in the guild the latter of the good friends instantly darted into confrontation, pummelling one of the other mages who was half laughing and half completely being obliterated. Azual on the other hand seemed to keep himself away from being too involved in the antics of his guild mates. Much like Gil who perched himself on the side of the mess with his usual hussies floating about. This was Fairy Tail.

Brolly, dressed in a plain grey shirt that was tight over his rather large form and smart trousers topped off with a pair of business like shoes, stood behind the bar cleaning one of the many mugs on the counter. While cleaning and serving he was able to keep an eye on the various performances occurring around the guild. He had gotten to know a few mages simply from seeing their antics from behind the bar. He moved slightly to the side to avoid a glass speeding past him and adjusted his glasses slightly with a stern look on his face.
“Hm. Guildmaster will be here soon.” He grumbled to himself. He knew full well that crazy mage would conduct some sort of overall punishment for everyone if they got too wild. That was common practice however. Upon finishing cleaning the mug in a smooth action he filled it with rum and tossed it across the guild hall in a mad spinning throw. The spinning mug landed right into the hands of another guild mage who cheered in thanks and down the alcohol before finding a chair hitting him on the back of the head. Brolly gave his head a light shake and gave his glasses another adjustment.
“So rowdy… hm.”

Gaja 02-26-2012 07:16 PM

Billy Hammerhead

Hugging his pillow yet another mage of Fairy Tail was introduced. Sleeping in his own little house, it was one of the rare times that Billy Hammerhead wasn't being loud. Introducing him would be pointless. Suffice to say that he was one of the more distinguished members of the guild, and one of the most reckless ones. Although he really didn't try to cause so much damage, it was those damn crows that bring him such misfortune.

"Ara..." The teenager slowly awoke from his slumber, as his black eyes focused on a nearby calendar. Seconds later a ferocious declaration was made by the young mage. "I'M GONNA BE GUILD-MASTER!!!" His arms were raised and both fists aimed at the sky as the black haired kid had glee in his eyes wearing his Kamina pajamas. One could swear that half the town could hear him yell out his morning dream, but in reality the guild made sure to put Billy's house just where it needed to be so that his yelling couldn't be heard at the guild. His neighbors though weren't so lucky.

Storming out of the very small house wearing nothing more then a pair of black pants and flip flops the black haired Billy stopped suddenly and looked at the ground, his arms spread out again, with glee in his eyes as a snail was in front of him. It was his pet snail, Mr. Snail. "Mr. Snail!!! Can't talk! Need to find a talking mini-cat!!!" Oddly enough the small animal seemed to nod once and moved on about its way while Billy was already at work on a nearby tree.

Van had helped him build a makeshift catapult by tying a fishing net between two trees. So pulling the net backwards Billy took aim towards the guild and after pulling it as far back as he could he simply let himself go. A human cannonball was launched as the young Hammerhead called out. "CATAPULT-SHOT!!!"

- At the guild -

Members were slowly walking in, today was the day that Marie, the guild master 12 year old granny was going to form the new teams. They were going to be like the Power Rangers!!! Billy, being the genius that he was already called black Ranger, so no one could steal that one away from him.

Speaking of the little firecracker the mages that were already inside the building could slowly hear a familiar voice. "ARAAAAA MY BRAKES AREN'T WORKING!!!! AGAIN!!!" The eyes of several members widened in shock, as a couple of mages looked at each other. "No.." Both said at the same time as they realized who was coming. "Everyone! Take cover!" And as bodies began to dive for cover behind tables and walls it seemed like a rocket or a cannonball had hit a special straw part of the roof and crashed in to the center of the party. The straw part of the roof was called Billy's landing zone.

No need to explain any more... But back to the little Hammerhead, diving out of the hole he had created Billy seemed a bit dizzy as he raised his arms in to the air. "Where's the milk!!! Brolly-Ossan!!! Let's play hide and seek again!!!"

Chronos 02-26-2012 08:09 PM

Gaon Lesca
Enter: Goan Lesca! The Boss Leader of the Lesca Family!

The young crimson haired man, who's arms held ruby shaded gauntlets that gleamed with shine of the of the slightly brilliant street light that powered in the corner of the road. Rain poured heavily on the head of this well dressed man; his clothes were composed of highly priced cotton, along with a long white and black stripped tie that was neatly placed within this suit he held. His shoes were the color of black, their shine was radiant like that of the moon in a star-filled night. His pants which held and also expensive cotton that was about the color of navy... Set well young man sat amongst the road, under this flashing bulb, under the heavy rain.

Conflicted, eyes that reflected a great deal of mix emotions that blended in a perfect mix of disaster. His eyes were like that of a lost child, unknowing, confused and saddened. What to do? What to accomplish? What to plan for the future? Thoughts raged through his weak young child like brain. His amber eyes that burned like a warm campfire, a silhouette covered the partial top of his face, the night was dark and the street quiet. Only the cracking sound or the rain clashing with the rocky like surface with force, this was the only thing that resounded throughout the small area.

This young man, was none other than the next Boss in line. The next inheritor of the Lesca name, the next one that would bring honor to the family. This young, well dressed young man, that sat on the edge of the street light, while rain poured on his body, the lock of his hair gave a course to the drop of water, one that made them drip towards the wet earth beneath his feet. It was all but a large journey, a large battle to surpass the common man, the common Magus. A fight that continued for thirteen years, a fight for earning the title of true leader.

Humanity would not accept a weakling for a hero.

However. Is it not the weak who truly govern the strong?

The weak, decide the leader. However, their mind is too weak to understand that they themselves can become leaders. They indeed need some powerful being of guidance, but that guidance needs to transcend humanity. Only God can guide them through the right path.

However, the young man's mien, his eyes that stared at the oddly patterned street floor. With no real intent as his eyes were placed in this pattern, but his vision was focused on the flashes his mind projected, like a finely painted canvas that projects the artist most hidden passion, through the series of marvelous mixed colored and shades.

A naked emotion that is visible to even the most blurry of eyes.

A love that could be equaled to that of a father and his son. This young man's strife. his ambition, his resolve. Is one we all grow to reject and give away once we learn of the ruthlessness reality can manage.

His ambition is to make the world a better place.

To create an ideal and fruitful future for the young children of not only his family, but of the world. But then again, he understood very well...

"That to save the majority of people. I must sacrifice the minority of them."

This was the harsh truth he had manage to indulge into his being. It pained him, but yet he followed a path that would ultimately lead in failure. Or, might this be the truth behind all his resolve?

Mages, Sorcerers, Mystics, or whatever name you place on this beings.

It mattered little to him

To him, titles such as this were but a sticker that could easily be ripped of your sleeves. Something that holds no real meaning. Yet, he holds set title, proudly given to him by the people.

His fingers began to grip. Creating a fist within slight seconds, forcing set metal gauntlets in his hands to scrape within the fingers, releasing a slight sound of metal...

One method remained. One method of obtaining power remained.

To obtain power, he must seek it in the most powerful group, guild in the world

Fairy Tail.

I am Gaon Lesca.

Head of my Family.

And Proud owner of the Lesca name.

"Allow me to prove to you... the power of the Lesca Family"

Let this be the commence of this young warrior's quest.

Chaos Theory 02-26-2012 08:14 PM

[So, This is Fairy Tail]

[The Man With the Scarred Past; Victor von Weiss]

A lone bed stood empty, its sheets a clumped mess, it had been another sleepless night. Looking past the bed, a flicker of light can be seen dancing against the window; small flames seemed to dance across the sheen of the glass. From the distant draw of room, the silhouette of a figure can be seen, it moves slowly in the dancing light, and appeared to be looking down at something. Now outside, a light breeze cuts across the small porch, and the figure of a man can be seen sitting on a large carved swing. It rocked back and forth under his weight as he pushed with his feet. There the figure sat, all alone in the darkness of the early morning, his figure sparsely lit by the dancing flames of a burning trash can. A glint of silver is seen in his hand what he was looking down upon seemed to be a round locket, which seemed to have great value to the man as he lamented to himself silently. Peering down through the darkness one can make out the face of a woman who’s image was greatly tear stained, a lost loved one perhaps, the second picture however is hidden from view as the man’s thumb hid the image from his gaze. A sad sigh escaped the figure’s lips as he quickly snaps the small locket closed and sets it beside him on the swing.

His hand then slowly moves toward a book, and pulls it from its slumber. Opening the book a pen is produced from the pages, and is quickly grabbed, the quick `click` sound cuts through the stillness as the man places it, the pen, to the surface of a blank page~

It seems like forever since I’ve had a good night’s sleep, it’s been what? Three days now since I’ve last written. I know, it’s childish of me. But I can’t bring myself to write about that day, and that scene still comes to me and rips at me in my slumber. It came again last night and pulled me from my sleep and in all these years I have to yet be able to wrap my mind around how a person can do that to another person, let alone her. She….~

A light, forced laugh escaped the man’s lips as he pulled the pen away, the woman he was now writing about was the one in the locket, his once beloved wife and now as he closed the diary he mentally reprimanded himself. Years had passed and he had yet to fully write about his feelings or that dark event; much to the chagrin of his psychiatrist who wanted him to write in a diary daily, he hadn’t even as much as filled the first book he bought. Closing the book the man pulled his gaze toward the small blaze before him, later that day he was to report to the Fairy Tail Guild and be initiated into the group. Not something he looked forward to, it was a forced change in his routine life, hell he didn’t even want the magic that flowed through his veins as he viewed it a curse, but at the same time there was nothing else for him. Nineteen years on and off the force was now behind him, as he was honorably discharged against his will. Standing the man studies the book as he slid the locket into his back pocket, today would mark a new beginning that meant he no longer needed this diary. Tossing it into the flames he makes his way back into his home.~~

Several minutes pass and he soon reemerges and closes the door two behind him, in his hand a glass of water sloshes lightly before he drops its contents into the burning can, a hiss of steam and smoke billow up as the glass itself is discarded within. “Alea iacta est.” he mummers before pulling a hand through his bright green hair and walks toward the edge of his porch and as he begins to walk down the stairs the fedora that was in the other hand is quickly placed on his head. It would be several hours still before day break, meaning he would have plenty of time to make it to the Guild, so he decided it would be nice to take a walk, with a final glance back to his home, he bid his old life goodbye.

Daybreak had finally come and gone and we find the man is still aimlessly walking, he is now leaving a forest, and a half smoked rolled cigarette clings to his clenched lips, it was his first day of being a Mage for Fairy Tail, and he was already late, not that he overly cared. The rumors he gathered through the grape vine told him that this particular Guild was rather rowdy so even if he is late, he doubt’s they’d notice his absence. Who wanted an old man that couldn’t fully utilize his magic anyway? As a large house came into view he spat the smoke to the ground and crushed it out, so this large place was the guild hall? His law enforcement instincts quickly kick in, but he suppresses the urge to mentally detail the building. He was no longer a detective after all, right? Taking a deep breath the man adjusts his suit’s coat before proceeding toward the large building.

Approaching the door the first thing he notices is the chaos going on behind it, “It's this type of place is it?” he sighs as his hand lightly falls on the knob, with a light twist he pushes it open and slides in. And as the noise had suggested a maelstrom of chaos swirled within, some were joking and others were fighting. The man lightly sighs, and hoped that he was in the wrong place, but the emblem on the paper he received matched the banners outside. Using the wall behind him, he slides to a crouch and pulled his hat free of his head

New Initiate to Fairy Tail
Victor von Weiss

Spinning his hat on a finger, Victor waited to see if any sort of order may come to his place..~~

Cursed panda 02-26-2012 08:50 PM

Jack Lionheart

Within the third floor of a shack of an apartment building a man sat on his bed, a cigarette in hand and dark orange sunglasses on his face. Taking constant puffs of smoke from the slow death that was all so tempting. His stern eyes examining his window and then flicking back to the door before taking another puff, over and over again. The look of a paranoid. Of a man who though that the world was suddenly going to plot and conspire against him to execute him in a way that would be forever lost in history. His hands suddenly twitching, causing breaks and patterns within the smoke trail that extended from the object within it. His breath became quick and hard, panting with nervousness.

The paranoid man then slowly brought his right wrist in front of him, revealing a fine, high-class watch. With a quick glance down he read the time and suddenly darted up, drawing a dagger that was hanging on his belt in the process. Then taking blade in hand he began creeping around the home. If one didn't know he lived here they would think he was an assassin, every step quiet and planned out. His feet landing with a thud of silence on the floor and slowly creeping his way toward the front door he reached into his pocket and took out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Then slowly reaching for his door knob he slid the dagger into it's holster.

Moving his wrist.

Opening the door.

Sprinting like a mad man.

Fairy Tail Guild Hall

The man had sprinted away from his home and to the location of where he "worked", and or hung around. The magical guild Fairy Tail, a legend across the country for being extremely good at getting jobs down, although rather destructive in the process.

He stood in front of the building now, listening in on the brawl within it. It was an average day for Fairy Tail, fight and drink. Everything was of the ordinary... Or was it? In his head no day was ordinary. So, lighting the cigarette in his hand that he had grabbed earlier the man drew the dagger at his side once more and held it beneath his arm, concealed and ready to strike.

He entered the building.

luffy no haki 02-26-2012 09:19 PM

Darren Symphonia

Darren was there, just there lying on a table of the guild while wearing his red headphones that he got not too long ago. His eyes closed as he was enjoying the guitar solo that one of his favorite rock stars was doing; it was simply epic. His eyes opened for a second as he removed the headphones for an instant. When the hell did all that mess start? Yeah, he felt the usual breeze of wind that one of the members of the guild, Van Skylar, normally releases to announce his arrival, however he did not expect all the mess he was watching so early. His eyes rolled up as he thought " Aily..." that wa sthe only name he could think of when such a fuss was going on at the guild, not that it was something new but still.

His eyes moved along the entire place as he was starting to reconize the people that were already in the place to know about the new teams that would be formed. Among all of them some of the guys that were something promising in his eyes: Van, Billy and White. Fixing his sight at the other side, he was able to notice Kai who apparently was completely recovered already. Those were good news indeed. After that he sighed with an expression of resignation, hopefully he would not end up in any team. It would be troublesome if something happened.

Getting off of the table, he went all the way to the bar and asked Brolly for some drink, whatever was fine for him. Getting an orange juice, he looked at the fight that was still going on, it wasa funny one indeed. " OI, Darren! " the voice of the Dragon Slayer whom darren considers something like a little brother, called his attention as the young man turned in the direction. An empty bottle of beer going in his direction passed just next to his face as Van started to curse his bad aim." Damn, I didn´t get him! "the boy said.

Symphonia finished his drink with the next sip and then stood up only to walk slowly towards Van and White two of the group of trouble makers together with Billy, Magnus, Aily and he himself. As he got closer he started to crack his nuckles and at the same time a vein appeared on his head"Hooo. You sure have guts to try to pick a fight with me, rascal. Be prepared for the punishment " he said before entering into the fight.

SoulTaker 02-27-2012 12:52 AM

Magnus Irvine

The bodacious blonde beauty begins to stir. Her voluptuous figure spread eagle on the bed, she coos with satisfied delight as she goes to pull him towards her unclothed form. Her desire is to continue the dance of carnal delight, to continue the ravaging of each from the night prior. However to her surprise and more so to her dismay her hand sinks into a soft cotton hide. She opens her eyes and a enraged scowls finds it's way onto her eloquently model countenance. The young rogue she met the night before was no longer there, her face reddened with anger as her glorious love mounds bounced as she rose from her bed.

"I did all that stuff for him!! I let him do all those things to me!?!? Oh my lord when I find that man I'm going to...I'm going to...I'm going to..."

She looked down at the foot of the bed there was a single red rose with a note attached to it.

Till we meet again my dear Ernestine.
-The Revolver

Her anger was somewhat quelled by the romantic nature of the letter. After the night they had she was excited to see that he left the door open for a future it made her heart melt. This was a familiar scene after a night out on the town for young Magnus Irvine. There was a laundry list of names of all the woman he had bedded in Fiore and each one of them was given a single red rose with that same note but they never saw him ever again. He took the time to remember all of their names, Selena, Vanessa, Shiori, Rosemary, Anya, and many many more throughout the country of Fiore. This was the polygamous life, this was the good life, this was the life of the Revolver...

Magnus was dressed smartly in his business clothes, white dress slacks and a white striped black button down shirt. He wore a white vest on top of his button down complete with a black tie. His shoes were made of fine Fiorean leather, he had paid for them from his betting wages. Though the thing that added a certain maturity and mystique to his outfit that brought it all together was his white on black fedora.

The white haired fox lit a cigarette as he strutted down the cobble stone streets of downtown Magnolia. Not only had he amazing run at the races but he managed to sneak his way into a swanky bar and bed the very beautiful young daughter of a very well known financier. He was usually a very cool customer but he had a jolly tune in his head and couldn't help to contain himself at the spectacular day he had.

The young knave began to eloquently pirouette around the people he walked by, taking to spinning his hat using his finger as the swivel. He stopped on a dime tossing his hat into the air he did a side way flip catching his hat on his head. The show of dance and athleticism elicited some clapping from bystanders and the shaking of fists of others. His movements were a tad bit reckless but such was the folly of youth as he continued to tap dance around crowd all the way to his favorite place on the entire planet. You see Magnus was a trouble maker amongst the number one troublesome guild in all of Fiore, Fairy Tail.

"What a wonderful day wouldn't you all say!!" Magnus announced as he walked through the doors of the guild only to duck out of the way of a flying chair. It was a rather close call but it was the same thing almost every day, sometimes it was table instead of a chair. It kept Magnus on his toes as he had to always be ready lest he end up with a broken nose or any damage to his handsome face.

The guild was extra lively today as today was to be the day new teams were announced. He searched the crowd for any sign of his buddies in the guild, his eyes wandered to the bar where he noticed Billy pestering Brolly. There was also Kai talking with his very tasty sister, as well as his other friends Aily and Darren pummeling other guild members. This little house of chaos was his home and his life, this was Fairy Tail.

Olivia 02-27-2012 02:35 AM

Shizune Hakamichi
~The Beginning~

Her eyes cracked, allowing a sliver of light to pour in. Her body cringed at the sudden blindness the lucent beam had been on her eye balls. The girls eye lids quickly shut over her eyes, covering them from the harmful luminescent rays which would continue to flash through her pupils. Her body pressed against the hardwood she laid on top, ignoring the ragid edges and splinters that lay across the entirety of of the long table her body had rested on. She brought her hand to the edge of the wooden surface, gripping ever so tightly, trying to find her peace again and fall back into eternal slumber.

Unfortunately for her this action never seemed to work, and instead back fired for when she felt a sharp incision across the middle of her fingers. She quickly sprung up from the wooden surface, quickly turning her attention to the wound she had just formed. As she thought she had sliced her fingers on some sort of blade, causing a slight amount of blood to form from the small wound. Over all however the pain quickly recessed which led to other thoughts which had flowed through her mind.

The room seemed to be rather busy, as everyone had gathered doing whatever they wished. She quickly realized that she must of passed out on one of the tables the previous night, she was glad that the guild master allowed her to stay over night due to not having a place to stay. The blue haired girl turned and noticed what appeared to be a long white sheet which covered her body, so someone must of seen her sleeping and placed this over her. Well she was happy and content with this decision, as she had always been cold whenever she woke up each and every morning.

Slowly pushing the blanket off of herself the first instinct which popped into her mind was to stretch, however she noticed she was missing something, and it had been something important. She couldn't quite place it, so while she waited she reached over and grabbed her glasses which lay next to her and placed the frames above her nose. Before long she hopped off the wooden table she had been laying on, landing on the cold ground below. Then she realized what she had been missing.

Somehow she had lost her shirt during the coarse of the night, how she hadn't noticed was beyond her comprehension. She had at least been grateful that she was still wearing a bra, as that became normal for some of the female members around this place. Even if she wouldn't look too strange after comparing, she still felt that it would be best to cover herself up, so she brought her index and middle fingers from both hands and delicately placed them on her temples, before thinking a few words to herself. Suddenly a jacket appeared out of thin air, and in retrospect, landed to cover Shizune's top. She zipped up the white furry jacket up to the middle of her chest and had stopped there, she decided there was no need to continue further.

Taking another look around she noticed the table she had been sleeping on was in the far corner of the room, far away from the majorities attention. Perhaps this had been for the best as it would bring less responses to herself, although it was quite normal for Shizune to sleep in the guild hall, so there shouldn't be any type of strange responses.

Looking around Shizune could feel a sensation of happiness and hopefulness, and even though these emotions were usually present during every ordinary day in Fairy Tail, this day had been quite different. Everyone seemed to be up and pumped to get this amazing day started with, and Shizune could only look on with confusion. Had she missed a memo or something? Was there a certain reason she couldn't understand why everyone was here, and by extension, they were all happy?

It finally hit the girl, they were deciding the teams today. Except for a select few she was fine with almost everyone in the guild. In fact she wanted to forge new relationships with everyone, even if it was hard to communicate with the others. She found that many didn't define her due to her disability and she enjoyed that fact, she always just wanted to be accepted for who she was, and she felt that Fairy Tail gave her these feelings.

A smile exploded onto her face, unable to contain her emotions any longer. She had finally understood why everyone was so happy, to finally be official members, to help and work with everyone else in the guild, and to be a true Fairy Tail wizard. This is what this day entailed, and she felt extremely excited. No matter who she would run into she wouldn't let it bring her down, and in fact, this day may force her to be kind to those in which she hated.

Regardless she slowly walked towards the center of the guild hall but stopped herself in mid-stride. She realized that she had just awoken from a deep sleep, which meant she hadn't eaten for a good eight to twelve hours. Now normally she would want to go to a bathroom to freshen herself up, but her stomach thought otherwise. She didn't want to eat much, afraid that she may ruin her appearance, but knew that eating was essential. She turned and walked towards the bar, simply taking a seat on one of the stools.

Final Giku Tenshou 02-27-2012 03:43 AM

Down This Road Again

The start of a new day as a train arrives in Magnolia, off the train hops a man carrying mostly travel gear, he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. He traveled from the other side of Fiore in order to get to this place, and the town happened to be every bit as dazzling as he heard of it. In this town lies a mage guild known as Fairy Tail, the strongest guild in all of Fiore, a place that the man who hopped off the train has wanted to travel to for the past three years, but unfortunately he felt the need to hone his magical power since he had neglected doing so for many years. The man lets out a sigh, and sets off into the town, the sunlight just beginning to shine on such a beautiful morning, after reaching the guild he would need to find a place to stay, and after that he would of course need to do missions in order to pay for his rent, which seemed rather troublesome to him, but such is the life of a mage, a life he had researched before deciding to choose such a path. The man walked along the streets of Magnolia until he came across a nearby shop that sold sweets, an irresistible temptation overtook him, and he knew he had to buy the entire shop out, after all he easily had the money to do so, he came from a rather rich family, and they left him with a decent chunk of money, though not nearly enough to last forever, and in fact now that he gave it some thought, earning his own money seemed rather alien to him.

The man walked into the shop, which caused the bell on the shop to ring, “Oh hello!” A blonde girl turned around to look at him, “How can I help you?” The man grinned at her, “Hi, my name's Kozu!” He chirped up with a rather loud voice, “I was wondering if I could buy every sweet in this shop!

The woman sweat dropped as she looked at Kozu, “Every sweet.. in the shop..? Sir that's at least 15,000 Jewels.” Kozu grinned at the woman, “Did I stutter or something? I said I every sweet you sell in this shop!” The woman's mouth dropped, just how much money did this man have, to be able to buy all the sweets in this shop, it's not like they sold low end quality sweets here, every single thing was top of the quality, the best you could get in Magnolia, each treat alone in the store cost about 30 jewels, and there were at least 500 of them that she could count, “May I ask what you plan on carrying them all in..?” Kozu grinned, and he pulled the second travel pack off his back, which revealed itself to be specially designed to hold one item after he opened it, all the sweets he could possibly stuff into it.

I plan to carry them all in this.” Kozu smirked, making the woman speechless, she merely took out all the sweets in their store, and he paid her the 15,000 jewels for them, well thankfully they would be able to buy back their entire selection in one day, “Thank you so much!” Kozu grinned, already happily munching on a treat even after having stuffed the rest into his pack, “Ah by the way, do you know where I might be able to find Fairy Tail?

The woman blinked, “Fairy Tail? You'll want to head straight north of here.” The woman smiled at him, “So you're a new mage that's planning on joining?” Kozu grinned at her, “Yup I am!” With that he set off on his way towards the guild, determined to go through whatever test they would throw at him in order to become a mage, little did he know that no such test existed. Kozu walked up the streets northward just at the woman suggested, passing many sights along his way including quite a few magic shops, but he had no interest in those right now, his main interest was getting to Fairy Tail as soon as possible. Kozu didn't take long before arriving, and the sight that stood before him amazed him beyond belief, a rather large building with the symbol of Fairy Tail on it, without a doubt this had to be the place, even an idiot could see that fact, and Kozu grinned rather gleefully to himself, “At last I've finally arrived! To this magnificent place that I could only envision in my dreams!” Kozu could hear the shouting coming from inside the guild building, and he knew that this place would be home for him, “Wahoo! It's even more hyperactive than I am! Finally a group of people who can keep up with me!” Kozu grinned, and ran towards the building, preparing to become a part of the chaos that made up the guild known as Fairy Tail.

InfIchi 02-27-2012 04:19 AM

Jack Evershine- The Plasma Dragon

Many Years ago-

"You are nearing that age, my child." Standing before Jack is a massive glowing dragon, a great bright light shining from it's scales. "You will soon be tested in ways i can not tell... But, I trust you will be able to handle it." The dragon leans down, though it is awake, Jack is asleep, not knowing what was about to happen.... The next morning, Jack awakes, His parent is gone, the only one he'd ever known... but resting beside him, the pictures that Jack drew of the two... however, there is one missing, the picture that Jack first drew... "Plasmas?" Jack calls out. "PLASMAS!" He shouts again, but there is no response... his parent, was gone...

"GAH!" Jack screams, throwing the covers off of himself, another nightmare, of the day he was orphaned... "Nngh..." He rubs his head and sighs, that dream was recurring... nearly every night he would dream about his parent Plasmas...

"Meh..." Jack scratches his chest and leaps from his best, covering himself with a towel as he heads to the bathroom and turns on his shower. After hos shower he decides to head to the guild, but not before grabbing a tube of Neon or three... As he walks down the street he places the tube to his lips and begins to suck the neon out. "I'm gettin tired of Neon... I want some fire or Lightning next..." He sighs, munching down on the neon gas and letting out a sigh, he was truly bored today... he had ended up getting pretty injured a few weeks ago and was informed to stay off the missions till he was better.

"I feel better now though, So it should be fine." Jack finishes his snack as he walks into the guild, just in time to see the crazed blond slamming people into tables. "Aiya... Aila... Aisa...... Blondie. That's it, Blondie, you should be more careful." Jack states, he wasn't trying to be rude, he just honestly could not remember the girls name. "The master wont like you breaking her tables." Jack sits down at the bar and orders a glass of fire.

Alpha 02-27-2012 03:19 PM


The first steps into the new age have been taken.
But to know where you're going, you need remember where you've been.

In Fiore lay a burning fire. One not of destruction, but of will. This fire carried with it; power, grit, determination, passion and perhaps most importantly hope... Passed from father to son, from generation to generation. A flame which sometimes never burnt the brightest but it was an unyielding flame which could weather any storm. Even when all hope seemed lost, and that the flame would look as if it would fade and die... It was then and in this moment, when this flame resolved and rose to become so much more... As if it became a kindred spirit. This is when the flame would shine it's brightest. This fire was in every person which called Fiore home, it was this burning desire and passion which powered and drove the people of Fiore. What sparked this flame? And what kept this beacon of flame a light and never fading?

Fairy Tail.

Despite being in the early hours of the morning, the streets of Fiore were alive with people. The hustle and bustle of the city almost contagious. Well for most, as a young man who may even of been called handsome if he merely smiled and did not carry with him such a pained expression of sorrow. This young man seemed to be unaffected by the infatuation which seemed to cause all those around him to laugh and joke, despite ability or class or even wealth the people around him still managed to carry on smiling and laughing... Why couldn't he? He would pass through the happy masses, unseen, unheard... For he was unwanted, who wanted to acknowledge such a depressing person? No, people did not want him in their lives nor around them, they saw no benefit from being around such a person. So for this reason, he was unseen, unheard, unwanted and... Unknown.

The man's eyes stared straight to his desired destination whilst he allowed his ears to see what was happening around him, as they listened carefully to the conservations which littered the streets. Conservations he heard ranged from people telling everyone about a funny cat video he had seen on "YouBall" a crystal ball device which showed videos from all over the world. Whilst other conservations his probing ears heard were very descriptive sexual conquests, some with women others with men, some even including both and a horse... However as the man approached his destination the sound around him began to shift and change from the quiet conservations of the people to drunken mages challenging one another to duels. He made it to his destination, Fairy Tail.

He slipped in quietly, no one paying him any attention as he entered the guild, they never did. But he preferred that, it was easier for him. It's easier for him to be distant with everyone then friendly, right? He moved silently to his constant spot at the guild, a table to the right hand corner. He sat in his usual position with his back to the wall, this kept him at ease and allowed to keep everything in his peripheral and in front of him. Most people would of gone elsewhere for quiet but he liked the ramble of the guild by forcing himself to drown them out he could concentrate more and think more clearly whilst he also secretly enjoying the loud, rude, obnoxious members which plagued this guild. As he began more engrossed in his own thoughts the noise around him began to disappear until he was so immersed in himself it was as if he was sitting in complete silence. His eyes staring so deep into the dark oak table they looked lost in it, so lost that it seemed they would never be able to escape. Whilst staring so hard into the table the young man was so lost in his own thoughts it seemed as if the scenes around him were shifting and changing as an old memory came flooding back...

Turn Back The Pendulum... Twelve years ago...

Upon a hill was a massive gated mansion, which overlooked a small town. The majority of it's window's closed, except for one. This particular window had a small boy of the age of eight. Staring with a deep fascination out the window and at the children of the town who seemed to be running around their laughter and cries of happiness caused the boy to be envious of them, the boy was jealous of them. He wanted to laugh and play the same way they were, why was it when he played it felt so fake, so forced?

"Master... You look sad. Come away from the window, how about we play some hide and seek?" An immaculately dressed Butler said from behind the boy.

The boy merely sighed and stayed by the window "No... I am not in the mood."

"How about some Top Trumps? We have the Fairy Tail edition. You love Top Trumps don't you?" The butler relented.

"No!" The boy said angry now. The butler silenced by the boy's anger, despite being his senior in age, this was about wealth, and power. And the butler's were not match for the child's.

"I am tired of playing with you. You just let me win! That's boring!" He protested loudly before storming out of his room.

The butler obediently on his heels following him silently. The boy headed for his father. The boy entered his father's study, his fathers eyes not rising from the papers which swarmed his desk.

"Father, I want to play... With friends... But I have none..." He said with traces of sadness, unsure why he was telling his father. But weren't parents the people you go to when you needed help?

His father sighed but his eyes now rose from his papers. "How much does it cost?" His father said absent-mindlessly.

"Er... I... Er- No. It's fine thank you father." He said bowing his head with respect. Before returning to his room. Perhaps he wasn't suppose to have friends? Perhaps he was suppose to be alone always? It was times like this where he missed his mother the most, her reassuring smile, the way she hugged him and whispered in his ear telling him all would be fine... A tear following down his cheek. "Mummy... I miss you."


The sound echoed as one of the bar maids of the guild slammed down a tankard with a little too much force. "Oops! Sorry!" She apologized quickly, the young man muttered that it was fine. His eyebrows frowning slightly as he took a swig of his drink... Where did that memory come from? He shook his head and allowed the ramble of the guild to distract him.

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