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PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:34 PM

Naruto: Warring Clans Era Sign-Up Thread 2.1
Naruto: Warring Clans Era

After the endless wars that almost decimated the entire population of humans on the continent, the Sage of Six paths traveled across the lands and taught Ninjutsu as a religion to the remaining scattered clans. Peace seemed almost obtainable in this time of reprieve, yet the Juubi ominously appeared and threatened everyone's very existence. Valiantly fighting the Juubi and sealing it within himself, the Sage, then split the Juubi's chakra into 9 living Bijuu and cast them across the land into the most barren areas of the continent. Afterwords, he cast it's body into the sky and created the moon.

Though the Sage of Six paths had a major effect on the people of the continent, it was an undesired effect. Over 60 years have passed after the Sages son's battled one another for the right to inherit their father's legacy. Now strife amongst the clans are so bad the land is a metaphorical powder keg.

Small wars have broken out across the continent and your growing up amidst the chaos that you will soon inherit from your forefathers. Deciding on whether to fight for your clan's supremacy over all others, making your name live throughout history in infamy or honor. Even abandoning your clan to do what you want and make a name for yourself. Your actions will change the course of history itself and the land you grew up in.

Character Sheet:
Name: (While it doesn't have to be a perfect Japanese name, don't use "Joe" or "Chocolate Thunder")

Age: (Everyone is starting out kind of young so 12-15 would be nice. But if your dead set on being younger or older, please try to be reasonable. A 6-10 year old isn't going to be a powerhouse while a 20 year old being weak as a 12yr old sounds bad)

Rank: (Most PCs will start as genin, but can become jonin and onwards, or Rouge, even a mercenary for hire. All of which you can label here)

Clan: (You can start in any clan of your choosing, any player-created clans, with the approval of a GM)

Kekkei Genkei: (If applicable; post in OOC for more information)

Appearance: (A pic or a good description (pic preferred))

Background: (At least one good sized paragraph, why they became a ninja, who their family are, etc)

Element(s): (You start with no elements, though it's fine to list future ones; see leveling post for more information)

Personality: (At least a paragraph, how your character acts and why)

Jutsu: (Start with 3 E-Ranks, 2 D-Ranks, 1 C-Rank. Can exchange jutsu for stats or vice-versa)

Weapons: (No need to mention the usual ninja weapons, like kunai and shuriken. If you have any extra weapons, they'll cost points)

Perks: (See Leveling Post)

Primary Stats: (Start with 100 total stat points)

Level: (Start at 1)
Experience To Next Level: (Start at 25)
Intelligence: (ability to think on feet/figure things out; a character with a low intelligence won't be able to come up with complicated strategies)
Strength: (Physical prowess)
Speed: (Movement speed)
Chakra Pool: (Chakra amount)
Chakra Control: (Ability to direct/control chakra)
Coordination: (Accuracy of movements, hand seals speed/accuracy, and reflexes of your character)

Specializations: (Your Specializations and their bonus; See leveling post)

Secondary Stats: (stats that you do not put points into, instead being determined by your primary stats)

Ninjutsu: (Proficiency with ninjutsu: Chakra Pool + Chakra Control)
Taijutsu: (Proficiency with Taijutsu: Strength + Speed)
Genjutsu: (Proficiency with Genjutsu: Intelligence + Chakra Control)
Kenjutsu: (Proficiency with weapons: Strength + Coordination)
Agility: (Overall skill in movement: Speed + Coordination)

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:34 PM

These are general rules for every Rp out there.
  • Don't even ask about the Rinnengan, because the Answer is a big No.
  • There are no Jin's in this Rp as of yet, because they are generally overpowered. But, there is an exception to this rule with one character, which will serve as an experiment.
  • Bijuu are not your friends, and are considered Natural disasters in this time period, which wreak havoc across the countryside. So do not Rp your character being favorited, raised, babied, cared for or receiving pity from them.
  • Please, do not god mod. A simple explanation for this would be, having your character auto-hitting someone or one hitting other ninja that would be in fact extremely difficult to kill.
  • Do not post in the Main thread unless your character has been accepted in the OOC thread. Everyone is welcome to create a character.
  • Please do not cuss out others or abuse your standing in the Rp. If one does, the person or persons will be reprimanded.
  • This Rp is set in an alternate universe where Naruto hasn't even been born yet and other famous figures do not exist. Please take note that the Sage of Six paths and the Sage's sons have been dead for quite some time. Only their legacy lives on through the Rp'ers.
  • You must have all items and jutsu approved in the OOC thread by a mediator of the Rp before it's obtained/used.
  • All items must be of this time period. Your character cannot have automatic machine guns or a Ipod.
  • There cannot be any divine interventions or interaction with supernatural forces. (ex. a God you created for your character's religion cannot cross over into the world and speak to you or cannot save you from being killed.)
  • Do not immediately obtain a trustworthy status with any clan you come in contact with. It's irrational to think that your character somehow looks like a deity they worship or because you were childhood friends with a member of their clan. Please don't Rp your PC being auto-friendly with every clan out there. You will be called out and told to slow things down abit.
  • If you have any questions/problems, please post the question in the OOC or VM one of the mediators.

Information about Leveling, Stats, and Perks
Information about Jutsu
Information about Curse Marks Part 1
Information about Curse Marks Part 2
Jinchuriki Rules
Information about Summonings
Information about Clans
The Character List
Information about Money
Feats Information
Other Information


Mission Board

Any Level
Usually just helping villagers around town, from weeding plants to finding a lost cat. Fishing for a certain fish, or finding A woman's lost pearls.
Points: 5 - 10, +1p
Ryo: 5,000

At least Level 5
Escort missions, bodyguard duty and hunting wild animals are just examples.
Points: 10 - 20, +2p
Ryo: 10,000 - 30,000

Level 10
Spying, assassinations and going up against enemy ninja.
Points: 15 - 25, +3p
Ryo: 80,000 - 200,000.

Level 15
Usually relate to a country/village's personal interest, and are for the best of the best.
Points: 20 - 30, +4p
Ryo: 150,000 - 1,000,000.

Level 20 w. Partner, 25 Alone.
Large squards of shinobi, highly dangerous. PC's have a 10% chance of being killed on these missions if they don't RP it out right, and we'll be checking.
Points: 30 - 50, +5p
Ryo: 1,000,000 - 5,000,000

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Generic Missions

Obtaining a Summoning Scroll
At least Level 5
You have received information about a summoning scroll you may obtain in some way or fashion. Either it be from a Sage, meeting with the actual ninja animal and breaking a deal, or even looking for an ancient scroll that might of resurfaced in the ninja world.
Points: 10, +2p
Reward: Summoning Scroll

Mission Board Update

Disclamier: You still have to ask for a mission if you do not take one from an update. If you decide to do a Summoning mission, you have to notify Keiichi song, that you are doing so.

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:35 PM

If your clan does indeed have a Kekkei Genkai and your character has obtained it. You will need to create a clan sheet and post it in the OOC and wait until it's accepted. You may or may not have a clan (with or without a kekkei genkai), but please let me know if he/she does. So I can correctly label your character in this section.

Clan Creation Sheet:

Clan Name:

Bloodline Name:

Clan History:

Clan Jutsu: (At least 5, cannot be all A and S rank)


Please know, only a certain amount of people can be in one clan.

Sir Charles Regnum ~ Clan Leader


Orochi Clan

Temuri Clan
Namie Terumi
- Clan leader
Zuko Terumi

Star Clan - (Hoshi)
Part - 1
Part - 2
Hokuto Hoshi

Fujibayashi Clan
Myuria Fujibayashi - Clan Leader
Hyuubato Ozueru/Fujibayashi

Satoshi Fujibayashi
Hisoka Fujibayashi

Hozuki Clan
Erza Hozuki - Clan Leader

Senju Clan
Azuma Senju - Clan Leader
Fugetsu Senju
Seigrein Senju
Melody - (allied with Seigrein)

Uchiha Clan
Moro Uchiha
Zero Enna
Thalia Uchiha

Uchiha (Ressā)
Itsuki Uchiha(Ressā)

Aosuki Clan
Takashi Aosuki
Rokuto Aosuki

Kurokasa Clan
Kurokasa Nue

Nasaki Clan
Cael Nasaki
Ivor - Clan Leader

Fennikkusu Clan
Kurei Fennikkusu ~ clan leader

Hyuga Clan
Hageshii Hyuga - Clan Leader
Kirei Hyuga
Maiko Kondo - (Affiliated)

Sarutobi Clan
Aoi Sarutobi

Ranen Clan
Noctis Ranen
Gladious & Ignis - NPC's
Braule Ranen - Clan Leader

Ivery Clan
Ryoji Ivery
Clan Leader

~If you do not see your character or clan in this list, it will be in the Graveyard~

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:36 PM

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:36 PM

Frequently asked Questions will be posted here as the Rp progresses.
  • Perks: Many have asked what a perk is. It's a special little incentive you get at certain levels. You can use it as you wish, but if your character is in a clan. That automatically eats up two perk slots. You may wonder how that is when you don't start off with two perks at the beginning, but instead you just have one. Well if you are in a clan and two perk slots are taken, you just don't get to use the second one whenever your character becomes level 5. But, you will still get other perk slots as you progress. Please refer to the link provided above if you want to research a little more about perks. If your questions aren't answered that way, please feel free to ask openly in the OOC thread.
  • Time Period:As you can see, it is an older time period and certain technology has not been invented yet. The highest level of technology is probably gun powder and flint guns.
  • Different Clans: Not every clan has to have a KG (kekkei genkai). Some clans can actually have hidden jutsu or no jutsu at all. If a clan does have some difference to other clans, in special jutsu. The creator of the clan will have to make a clan sheet for said clan. Those clans that have no hidden jutsu, they don't have to create a clan sheet for their clan.
  • Future Jutsu: Some jutsu has not been created yet, but it is still ok to have them. People will not be barred from having certain jutsu that has been created in a different time period. So, jutsu like the Rasengan and Shadow clones are allowed to be bought.


Originally Posted by Jessicα (Post 41856491)
Feats Represented by Stat's
.:Intelligence Stats:

1-10 - IQ of 80-90/Below Average
10-50 - IQ of 90-110/Average
50-100 - IQ of 110-120/Above Average
100-150 - IQ of 120-130/Borderline Gifted
150-300 - IQ of 130-140/Gifted
300-500 - IQ of 140-150/Intelligent
500-800 - IQ of 150-180/Highly Intelligent
800-1000 - IQ of 180-200/Exceptionally Intelligent

.:Speed Stats:

1-20 - Normal Human
20-40 - Peak Human
40-90 - Superhuman Speed
90-150 - Faster than eyes can track
150-300 - Mach 1-1.5
300-500 - Mach 1.5-3.5
500-800 - Mach 3.5-5
800-1000 - Mach 5-8

.:Strength Stats:
1-20 - Normal Human-Peak Human
20-30 - Superhuman Strength
30-100 - Can lift 1-10 Tons
100-300 - Can lift 10-30 Tons
300-500 - Can lift 30-50 Tons
500-800 - Can lift 50-80 Tons
800-1000 - Can lift 80-Class 100

.:Chakra Pool Stats:
1-20 - Low-Level Ninja
20-30 - Normal Ninja
30-40 - High-Level Ninja
40-100 - Proficient Ninja
100-300 - Advanced Ninja
300-500 - Zero Tailed Jinchuuriki
500-800 - Tailed Form
800-1000 - Bijuu Levels

.:Chakra Control Stats:
1-20 - Low-Level Ninja
20-30 - Normal Ninja
30-40 - Proficient Ninja
40-100 - Genjutsu Specialist
100-300 - Advanced Ninja
300-500 - Healer
500-800 - Advanced Healer
800-1000 - Legendary Healer

1-10 - Below-Average
10-30 - Normal Person
30-100 - Athletic
100-300 - Professional Athlete
300-600 - Olympic Athlete
600-1000 - Superhuman

These charts will show you what you can do with a certain number of stats.

Credit To:
SoulTaker - For helping me (Kyuu) with the original chart
Kyuujin - For making the damn thing

Money - How to use/obtain it

You get money from doing jobs in nearby villages around your clan. Ranging from helping innocent farmers with their crops to killing monsters that jeopardizes their lives every night. You may even receive missions to do for other clans and receive a larger reward. Though, even in this hectic time, a currency system has been established with Gold pieces. You can use your money you obtain in a number of ways.
  • Buying any items like Armor, weapons, etc.
  • You can even buy housing structures for your character later on when your character gets enough money.
  • A PC can buy a treaty like pass into other clans territories and only need to show it to them and not be attacked. Though, you put yourself at risk to be held by the clan and ransomed off. (*warning*)Your PC must also respect the customs and laws of other clans. If not, you put yourself at risk of being attacked and confined.

  • Pretty much does everything. Except Missions and Points.
  • Helps accept Pc's, Npc's, Jutsu, Items, Clans.
  • Helps with weekly point days.
  • Determines how much gold is used for upkeep in each army (for when the time comes up in this Rp)
Keiichi Song
  • Over looks missions.
  • Helps with weekly point days.
  • Over looks Resource distribution (when we get to that point in the Rp)
  • Accepts any clans/jutsu/items/characters that he thinks are alright.
  • Overlooks missions while keiichi is away.
  • Overlooks Natural disasters (whenever we get to that point in the Rp)

Point Days for Each Week

First point Day
Second Point Day
Third Point Day
Fourth Point Day
Fifth Point Day
Sixth Point Day
Seventh Point Day
Eighth Point Day
Ninth Point Day
Tenth Point Day

Eleventh Point Day

Level Cap
Yes, we do have a level cap in this rp, because more active rp'ers use to shoot ahead of everyone else, who were not as active as others. To prevent a level gap between rp'ers. A level cap was created, and is increased every week. If you are unsure of what the level cap is right now. Just report back to this area, and you will instantly know.

Level Cap: 13

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:37 PM

Under Construction

Color - Clan Chart

Fujibayashi Clan
F1, L8, J1

Sato Clan

Aosuki clan
M7, M8, M9

Kurokasa Clan

Hozuki Clan
I 13

Senju Clan
L 10, L11


Ranen Clan
O10, O11, O12

Uchiha Clan
L5, L6, L7

Aburame Clan

Nara Clan
J6, J7

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:38 PM

~Reserved for future use~

PervySageSensei 02-12-2012 03:40 PM


Name: Sadao Norio Uzumaki (Just goes by Sadao)

Age: 15

Rank: Genin

Clan: Senju


A spawn of the Uzumaki and a rival clan that was almost completely wiped out. Sadao was casted away as a young child along with his parents. Living happily with his parents outside of all the wars that occurred between the feuding clans, they actually seemed contented with the life they led. All seemed well until a war broke out just south of their home. The father stubbornly held his family in place, because he thought the war wouldn't come even close to their home.

Unknown to the family, another army marched from the north to destroy what was left of the two battling clans. Only realizing this just as they marched toward their home, not a mile away. The mother and father quickly strapped on their armor and shoved a lock box into Sadao's hands. Sadao was then quickly shoved out of the house and forced to run side by side with his parents into the tree line. Suddenly he was thrown against a tree. He could see their mouths moving, yet he could hear no words escape their lips because of the thunderous march that encroached upon them. His father's hand pointed to a direction and Sadao's legs started to move on their own as he shuffled away. His legs ran and ran, even though he couldn't feel them brush against the ground anymore. Collapsing from exhaustion, he laid there for what seemed like hours. Until a traveling elderly man grabbed him by the arm and placed him in a cart full of apples. Drifting off to sleep, he could hear the squeak of the wheel going round and round as he caught glimpses of the canopy. That night, he found himself in a peaceful little town. He came to understand that this was actually the Senju's home. Though he lost his lock box, he still searches for it earnestly and the man that picks apples.

Element(s): ---

Though he was abandoned by both of the clans he came from, along with his parents. He still carries both surnames, signifying his respect for what they both stood for. He usually lounges around and works out for fun. Though he has been told numerous times he should train to become even stronger, because of the surrounding chaos. He believes in doing the right thing, over doing what benefits him. He occasionally has naughty thoughts about the opposite sex and casually flirts with the women in passing merchant caravans. He also tries to be as fair as he can and would rather settle things peacefully, than fighting over something. But he isn't afraid to beat down anyone who opposes him.


Clone Technique

Hidden Needles
Manipulate Shuriken Technique

Manipulate Advancing Blades
Flash Scroll
Weighted Seal

Weapons: (No need to mention the usual ninja weapons, like kunai and shuriken. If you have any extra weapons, they'll cost points)

Fist of Rage

8 shiruken tips
7 Sealing Scrolls
10 Sealing Tags

Perks: lv1:[x] lv5:[x]

Hybrid Born:

Description: Sadao's parents were from both the Uzumaki and Norio clans. Sadao, inadvertently inherited special chakra from both of his parents. The mixture of each clans chakra, inside of his body lets him use his chakra in a manner that neither any Uzumaki member nor any Norio member, that may be alive, could. Granting him the ability to use a unique style of fighting. Though he is able to learn how to mold his chakra in the way the Uzumaki clan does, it is quite difficult to master their jutsu because of his chakra. (ex. Uzumaki's chain sealing jutsu (though each jutsu still must be bought, which will cost 1.3 the regular cost of that jutsu's rank))

Even so, being of two different clans that warred against one another, and no parents to raise him. Makes Sadao seem like a bastard child or abomination in some of his blood kin's eyes.

He obtained a unique chakra release from birth that allows him to use a type of sealing jutsu, that no other person could replicate. Which Sadao later finds out, is Rune release.

All jutsu he learns that are Uzumaki oriented cost him, 1.3xCost. Cost = Custom, or normal price.

A majority of members from either clan see him as some type of abomination for being born from a defector and an enemy of each Clan.

Weekly Point Days
Oct.30th - 7xp
Nov.12th - 25xp
Dec.7th - 7xp
Jan.16th - 4xp
Jan.30th - 22xp
Mission Completed - link
18xp + 5,000 ryo
Feb.3rd -
Mission completed - link
30xp + 5,000 Ryo
Feb.19th - 10xp
Soul =Given= - (22xp)
Mission completed- link
21xp + 25,000 ryo
Feb.5th - 37xp
Feb.12th - 8xp

Banked XP: N/A
points = 1
Ryo = 5600

Primary Stats: 172

Level: 7
Experience To Next Level: 37
Intelligence: 50
Strength: 5
Speed: 40
Chakra Pool: 45
Chakra Control: 40
Coordination: 100

Ninjutsu, Agility

Secondary Stats: (stats that you do not put points into, instead being determined by your primary stats)

Ninjutsu: 85+50=135 (Proficiency with ninjutsu: Chakra Pool + Chakra Control)
Taijutsu: 45 (Proficiency with Taijutsu: Strength + Speed)
Genjutsu: 90 (Proficiency with Genjutsu: Intelligence + Chakra Control)
Kenjutsu: 105 (Proficiency with weapons: Strength + Coordination)
Agility: 140+50=190 (Overall skill in movement: Speed + Coordination)

Original Stats & Used xp:

Level: 1
Experience To Next Level: --
Intelligence: 20-50
Strength: 5
Speed: 25-32-40
Chakra Pool: 10-45
Chakra Control: 10-40
Coordination: 30-50-100

106-20(Flash Scroll)=86-20(WeightSeal)=66-35(Cpool)=31-30(Cctrl)=1


Alpha 02-12-2012 03:44 PM

Theme Song #1:

Theme Song #2:

Name: Shinsou

Age: 15

Rank: Genin

Clan: Sabaku

Kekkei Genkei: Sand Release


Background: On the outskirts of a small country was a very modest and small small settlement far away from the world of the Shinobi, a town too simple to be caught up in the problems of the Shinobi or even the problem's of the world. They were simple people, carpenters, farmers and fisherman what did they know of the outside world? They were naive. And that naivety was to be their downfall.

One day whilst they were working and enjoying their ignorant bliss, a large group were on their way to the town to give them an extremely heavy dose of reality. They were a group of thugs, brutes, raiders and barbarians. They were disgusting. Going from town to town, raping and pillaging as they went. Gathering all the children they could, selling them to the highest bidder whilst keeping some around as slaves for themselves.

The town was unprepared for the large group which was about to descend upon them, but soon the stampede of horses, and cries began to reach the towns ears. Some stood frozen with shock, others ran to their homes, like they were playing "it" and their home was a safe zone, one not even raiders could enter. Oh how foolish they were.

The ones who found themselves stood frozen, soon found themselves headless. Fire arrows showered the homes of the people. Whilst brutes of black teeth, scared, ugly men ran into homes, killing husbands and dragging out wives by their hair, regardless of the attire they were wearing.

Eventually only three sounds were heard from the town, the crisp and sizzle from the burning fires, the sobs of the wives, and the jeers of the raiders. The husbands and the teenage son's stood silent, herded together like animals. Each one dragged out of their head, brought to their knee's and decapitated. The last image they saw, were their mothers being raped, their cries and sobs the last thing they heard. Another small herd could be seen, easily mistaken for a pack of dogs, were young children forced to hold the town's babies. Amongst one of the babies, was a red headed baby, a red tattoo imprinted on to his face... "Love".

10 years later...

That very same baby, grew into a tall lad. He grew up surrounded by a hateful world, shown only death and evil. He despised the world he had grew up it, hating it. Only one thing kept him going, his young friend, Rika. Her smile more powerful than the sun to him, it was a smile which had kept him warm on the coldest of nights. No matter, how rough, how hard things were, she never relented and never gave up. Always telling him how much bigger and better the world was and that one day, they were going to escape and explore it together, he knew it would never happen, but it could not help but find help in her words. Deep down he believed here and it brought him warmth, each and every time she told him the story of their adventures.

The red headed youth was taken before his parents even had the time to give their son a name. Rika, took it upon herself to name him. She named him after her younger brother, Shinsou. Who had been sold, but she told Shinsou together they would find her brother and release him too.

One night as Shinsou slept, he had a vivid dream of his parents, both of them standing over him smiling. His eyes awoken suddenly to find the smiling face of Rika over him. "Tonight, tonight Shinsou we escape..." She told him. Shinsou was scared, afraid, he constantly thought what if they caught us? What if we get separated? But the fearless merely hit him on the head, "What if? What if? What if! What if we make it away and begin our adventure? Stop with the what if's... Trust me Shinsou." She smiled at him offering her hand to him, being his light to escape the darkness which had eaten them. Smiling Shinsou nodded and took her hand.

Half an hour later...

"Run Shinsou! Run!" Rika screamed, as they ran through the dark forest. Running with their lives on the line. The sound of the men behind growing louder and closer. The lights from their torches closing in. Eventually the grass and mud of the ground changed, into something soft. Sand. As both Rika and Shinsou ran up the sand hills which now faced them. Shinsou slipped and fell sliding right into the restraining arms of a pursuer.

"No! Shinsou!" Rika called immediately returning for him, jumping down and charging at the person which held her friend. The grinning men tossed aside Shinsou onto the ground, before back handing the oncoming Rika. "Dumb Bitch." He laughed as he mocked her as he fell from his blow. Before Shinsou could rise to defend his friend, he felt the weight of a fat man on him. The group of men had finally caught up with them.

"What do we do?" Called one of them. "Kill them all!" Another replied, "Nah." The leader said, the one who back handed Rika, "We need to send a message so no one does this again, we kill this one, and that one will tell everyone what happened. Then the shits will be to scared to run away again." He grinned at his own brilliance. At first he reached for his sword, but then decided against it, wanting to give Rika a painful death.

Aiming his fat foot over her hand, he brought it crushing down on her small head. Tears fell from her face, her arms out stretching trying to reach Shinsou. He too spread his hand out to reach hers, tears clogging his eyes making it difficult to see. As the man repeatedly stomped on Rika's small and fragile head. Her fingers inches from Shinou's, before her hand dropped into the sand and her eyes became lifeless.

No, no, no, no, no. Not Rika. Shinsou thought, images of her flooded his mind, all she had done for him. Before the last thought of her smile was there. The laughter of the men ringing out, at their pathetic attempt to reach each other. "SHUT UP!" Roared Shinsou, the sand responded immediately to his anger. Blasting the man who held him down, before engulfing and crushing him in sand. Shinsou's eyes still covered in tears, he couldn't see. But he felt the sand reacting to him, working for him. "DIE!" He screamed, as each man tried to escape the sand which danced to Shinsou's will. The leader, the last alive, the sand grabbing his legs, holding him in place before raising up across his body into his mouth, filling him, endlessly. Until sand burst from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

No. Even this was not enough to fill Shinsou's anger. His ears now red and puffy turned back to the forest, where the other raiders were. They all had to die. Shinsou nodded to himself. Raising the sand with them, each step he took the sand followed eating the forest. As if he was walking and leading a wall of sand for his army.

Familiar screams were heard reminiscent of the raiders and bandits attacking a settlement, but they were not from an innocent town folk or a hard worker, but a vile and disgusting raider. Some of them tried to outrun the fate which had come for them, others dropping to their knees' begging for God's forgiveness. What caused this? Who had brought this men to such terror? The bonds of friendship and love, but Shinsou was young, far too young to see that. For him this was revenge and for him to spread fear and pain, allowing them to taste what Rika had felt.

The sun rose when Shinsou had dealt with the last of the raiders. Shinsou turned to see it, "Good, you are happy now Rika." He said quietly, as the slaves awoke to find their new freedom, whooping and cheering. Shinsou walked away, it's time for that adventure Rika, I promise you I will find Shinsou.

Element(s): Sand

E-Rank Jutsu:
Name: Daisan no Mi - Third Eye

D-Rank Jutsu:
Name: Sabaku Fuyū - Desert Suspension

Name: Suna Shunshin no Jutsu - Sand Body Flicker Technique

C-Rank Jutsu:
Name: Suna no Seikyuu - Sand Control

B-Rank Jutsu:

A-Rank Jutsu:

S-Rank Jutsu:

Weapons: Standard.

Perks: -

Primary Stats

Level: 4
Experience To Next Level: 25
Banked Points: 105

Intelligence: 15
Strength: 15
Chakra Pool: 25
Chakra Control: 20
Coordination: 15

Specializations: Ninjutsu & Agility. +40

Secondary Stats

Ninjutsu: 45 +40
Taijutsu: 35
Genjutsu: 35
Kenjutsu: 30
Agility: 35 +40

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:45 PM

Wielder of Crystallis:
The Ranen Clan


Clan Name: Ranen

Bloodline Name: Surigan

Village: Kingdom of Caelum

Clan History:

The Ranen clan started off as ordinary people during ancient times. The clan was attacked numerously by many other clans and considered weak. The founder of the clan, Dahn Ranen, did as much as he could to protect his clan but in the end he perished from a battle with nearly 500 shinobi. Nearly right after his death, a Angelic figure had visited him in his consciousness.

It was the Goddess of Light & Gatekeeper of Death, Etro, who had asked him only but one thing, "Do you fear death?" Dahn reply was, "If it is for the survival of my people, then no. I spit on death." Etro smiled at granted him one more chance at life as her chosen one. As the first Virtus Eternus L'cie and the first holder of the Surigan. From that day, Dahn had sprung back to life with a new power, a power that can prove the Ranen's survival.

Etro has given him the power of the Eternus Crystallis, the Surigan (The Crystal Foreteller). The Eternus Crystallis was Etro's life force and the source of the Surigan's Crystal power. The Surigan was dubbed as the Ranen's most prized Kekkei Genkai. It was said that Dahn could see the "Light" where the souls of the dead go through the earth to enter the underworld.

The Ranen's slowly grew in numbers and were soon to be reputable around the ninja world for their Kekkei Genkai thus made allies with clans but at the same time made enemies. Dahn Ranen had heavily contributed to the Civil Clan wars him being made into a War Hero and the strongest user of the Surigan.

The Surigan has the ability to see non-existent crystals in the real world. These crystals are tiny shards from the power of the Eternus Crystallis. The shards allow you to see the near future and also will allow itself to materialize in the real world into weapons of Crystallis.

Before the Ranen's existence, there were two certain Goddess whom slowly started to oppose each other. The Goddess of Darkness & Gatekeeper of Life, Lindzei, had the desire to take on both roles of Life and Death at the same time, she wanted to use that role to rule over the Shinobi world while Etro was against this idea. Lindzei couldn't leave her position to attack the opposing Goddess to carry out her plans. However, Lindzei had the Eternus Nox being her own life force and source of power while Etro had the Eternus Crystallis.

Lindzei used some of her power from her Crystal to bless a particular man with unique abilities and marked him as the first Nova Nox L'cie under her side. She gave him only one goal, which is to destroy the Eternus Crystallis holding Etro's life. Etro had gained knowledge of this so she marked her own chosen individual, Dahn Ranen, as her first L'cie and granted him unique abilities as well to oppose Lindzei.

These two individuals will be forced to oppose each other and defeat one another. By doing so, Lindzei and Etro had created their own creatures to be either slated as Fal'cie. Espers are Fal'cie waiting for their chosen ones as they would be scattered across the Ninja world while the Fal'cie themselves habit another world seperate from the Ninja world. The victor between the L'cies will lessen the Eternus power of the opposing Goddess.

Dahn Ranen was a L'cie chosen by Etro to participate in the battle between the L'cies. Dahn Ranen eventually gained knowledge of being puppets for the conflict between these Goddess. He soon fought with the opposing L'cie, Kaias Nullam. Both fought furiously in battle but only Dahn became the victor. As the final step to finishing his role as a L'cie, Dahn had to kill him. But he wanted to stop this cycle of battling between L'cie causing a disadvantage to Etro.

He had left Kaias and did not finish his duty as a L'cie. Dahn Ranen had sacrificed himself thinking he would end the fate of the future L'cie's by permanently materializing a weapon of Crystallis in the real world. This weapon is known as The Virtus Falchion. Some people believe Dahn had stored his power and his mind into the Sword. The weapon is now a key holy item in stored safely behind the King's throne.

The current leader of the Ranen Clan, known as "The King", is Braule Ranen who is a great grandson of many centuries of Dahn Ranen. The next leader of the Ranen clan is expected to be "The Prince", Noctis Lucis Ranen. The Ranen's are populated in a huge village. It is known as the Kingdom of Caelum being one of the biggest man-made villages in the entire country.

The Ranen clan are also known for their unique agility and their quick witted reactions to incoming attacks. Even without the Surigan, the Ranen clan are significantly faster than an average shinobi. The Ranen clan is born with the Lightning element proudly inherited inside them. Their clan mark is the Omega symbol which represents the sun which is used as an analogy for how it shines light over upon the world.

Clan Dojutsu:


Name: Surigan
Rank: Varies
Type: Dojutsu
Description: This jutsu allows you to see the nonexistent shards of Crystallis containing the near future which can help you determine an enemy's attack as well as other relevant things. The near future of the environment around the user can be told within 50 meters radius. The Surigan also allows the use of Crystal Style techniques which can be attained later in developing the dojutsu. The Surigan can also be able to materialize the non existing shards of Crystallis into Weapons of Crystallis. A normal user can be only be able to crystallize at most 9 weapons. Depending on the rank, features of this jutsu can be attained:

D Rank (Level 5) - Can be able to see the near future (Up to next 5 seconds) within 50 meters radius and gain +10% in agility

B Rank (Level 8) - Will gain +20% in agility and be allowed to use Crystal Style techniques and be able to materialize up to three weapons of Crystallis (Can only materialize one by one and each materialization requires a large amount of chakra for the first time):

-Weapon of Aries
-Weapon of Capricorn
-Weapon of Libra

Note: These weapons are the basic weapons of Crystallis only allowed with the use of the Surigan.

A Rank (Level 15) - Will gain +35% in agility and can be able materialise the non existent shards of Crystallis in the real world in it's weapon form many times at once .
From here, the user can develop into materializing stronger weapons of Crystallis (Max - 10 weapons):

-Weapon of Gemini
-Weapon of Cancer
-Weapon of Virgo
-Weapon of Saggitarius
-Weapon of Aquarius
-Weapon of Pisces

S-1 Rank (Yura Surigan) (Level 20) - Unlocked the hidden potential of the Surigan. This allows:
- Materialising All of the shards of Crystallis (10 max/ but if the user is a L'cie, it is 13 at Max)
- Allows Teleportation towards the Weapons itself
- Enchancing Agility by +50%
- The crystals themselves will help you tell the near future
- Allows the constant use of shielding by the crystals but has a minor delay

The Forbidden shards of Crystallis Weapons(Requires Crystallis no Shoka):

-Weapon of Leo (Any Level)
-Weapon of Scorpio (Level 15)
-Weapon of Taurus (Level 20)

Appearance: Your pupils will glow Bright Red when you activate the Surigan. The Yura Surigan causes Bright Yellow to glow from the user's pupils.

Ranen Exclusive Crystal Release Techniques

Name: Materialise Crystallis
Rank: S/A/B/C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Allows you to materialise the non existent crystal into a weapon that you will be able to summon any time in your hands while your Surigan is active. The B rank version of this will only allow you to materialize the crystal in its shard form.


Name: Crystal Barrage
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Uses shrapnels of the user's Shards of Crystallis to rain down on a specific location.


Name: Crystallization Blaze
Rank: Varies (A/S-1/S-2)
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: This requires the materialization of the shards Crystallis. The materialised Crystals form a non elemental crystal energy that releases forward. Depending on how many crystals are active, the thickness of the blast varies.
A - rank: Uses 5-7 Shards of Crystallis.
S-1 rank: Use 8-9 Shards of Crystallis. Deals 30% more damage.
S-2 - rank: Uses 10-12 Shards of Crystallis. Deals 50% more damage.


Name: Crystal Aegis
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Uses the User's shard of Crystallis to create a durable shield.


Name: Omega's End
Rank: S-4
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The weapons of Crystallis surround an area of huge radius and begin to stream energy to each weapon. Eventually the energy will form a Sphere covering the whole area. The sphere will then start to decrease in size erasing everything out of existence inside the sphere where an Implosion will occur after the sphere decreases to its minimum. People who were able to escape the surrounding sphere will have aftereffects from the energy in the sphere (ie. Hallucinations). This jutsu is known to be one of the most powerful Ninjutsu that the Ranen Clan holds and only a few of the individuals that have been able to summon more than 7 weapons been able to use it. The jutsu can supposedly take out entire mountains and 2/3's of villages in size.

Weakness: If one of their eyes receive damage, they cannot use the power of the Surigan for the time being.

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:46 PM

The Light of the Night Sky
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Name: Noctis Lucis Ranen (aka The Prince)
Age: 15
Rank: Genin
Village: N/A

Kekkei Genkai: The Surigan (B Rank)

Noctis, being the silent and nonchalant boy he is, normally tries to hide his concern for others by not giving any concern for the people whom he does not know well enough. Noctis likes to sigh frequently due to disappointment, misunderstanding, or anything that makes him irritated. Noctis tends to be called "Noct" by his friends and urges them to, since he seems to think his name is a "drag" to pronounce. Noctis's feelings as a human being are abnormal, he tends to stay expressionless even at the most dramatic times. After his mother's death, his feelings diminished and began to think Isolation was the best choice. After his realization of what his mother's wish was, he tries to remember his happiness before the horrid event but it never came to him. There are numerous females that fall for the Prince, but Noctis turns them down in a gentleman-like manner.

Noctis's main goal in life is to "Follow the Right path." He is unsure that if he is worthy enough to become the next King of the clan.
Noctis was born in the main seat of the clan being the son of Braule and Shiella Ranen, and being directly related to Dahn Ranen, the founder of the Ranen Clan. Noctis had cared for his mother dearly as Shiella did as well. But after one suspicious time, Shiella Ranen died when Noctis was just about turned the age of 8. His memory of his mother's death and the cause of it was under unknown circumstances and he did not seem to remember anything about what had happened even though he was there with his mother during the time. She died telling Noctis one thing, even that one thing Noctis could not remember. The last thing Noctis could remember was a unusual seal around the Virtus Falchion.

After this heartbreaking event, Noctis's life had changed. He had lost the will to be cheerful and happy. He went into a state of depression and due to that, Noctis tried to avoid anyone as much as possible, avoiding contact just so he could be by himself and alone. He began to grow hatred towards the world. Braule Ranen knew his wife's death was not going in vain, so he took up the role of spreading reputation and making agreements towards various clans on a world scale.

The fact that Braule left for business trips around the world for sake of the Ranen clan, made the boy feel less and less of his father. This delayed his development in unlocking his Surigan even further, since the key to unlocking the dojutsu is having a true goal. His servants and guards tried to cheer up the Prince but nothing had worked. Noctis soon came to realize and remember that his mother's death wish, the last words she had said before he ever saw her again, was "Take care of your own and those you love". He knew that he had to lead the people he loved for the sake of his mother. To do so he had to become stronger and more powerful.

As time went on, Noctis had interest in gaining strength in order to help benefit him to lead his clan by joining the Ninja Academy. As he had desire to help his people by becoming the next king, he worked hard in becoming a successful graduate of the academy and a strong ninja. During his time in the academy, he was known to be one of the fastest moving ninja to graduate. Even though, Noctis has still yet to unlock his Kekkei Genkai even though he thinks his true goal is to become the next leader of his clan and protect them until the very end.

But Noctis tried to avoid making contact with any of the students in the academy leaving him not knowing the meaning of trust and friendship. Even with the girls that fell in love with him in the academy, he turned them down in a gentleman like manner.

Element(s): Lightning


E Rank:
  • Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String Reeling Technique
  • Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
  • Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique

D Rank:
  • Raijingu Sandaa - Raging Thunder
    Past Image Technique (Default):

    Rank: D
    Type: Unknown
    Description: With the ability to manipulate the light, the user can move the light particles and form it into a image of himself. This image can be moved around as long as the user is conscious. If the Surigan is active, the user will have more control of the light and be able to produce multiple images than just one This technique is mainly used for distractions.

    Lightning Release (Default):

    Rank: D
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: The user releases special kinds of lightning stream into the ground allowing for the user sense the chakra nature in the environment around him. The max distance that the streams can reach is within a 40 meter radius of the user. This technique can be used as a prerequisite for other Lightning release Techniques.

C Rank:
  • Raikyuu - Lightning Ball
  • Raigeki no Yoroi - Lightning Strike Armor
  • Summoning Technique: Ifrit
    Lightning Release: Kanenkon (Default):
    Name: Kanenkon
    Rank: C
    Type: Ninjutsu
    Description: The user will be able to create a purple lance-like lightning formed chakra in ones hand solely made to pierce a chakra controlled individual. Upon impact, it may paralyze the opponent's body. Through the use of the Surigan, it allows precision of where the jutsu will hit.

B Rank:
Surigan (Kekkei Genkai):
Name: Surigan
Rank: B
Type: Dojutsu
Description: Will gain +20% in agility and be able to tell the future state of the next 5 seconds within the 50 meter radius of the user. The user will be allowed to use Crystal Release techniques and be able to materialize the weapons of Crystallis the user currently has now unlocked (Can only materialize one by one and each materialization requires a large amount of chakra for the first time of materialization).


Name: Crystal Barrage
Rank: B
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: The user can be able to break apart a Shard of Crystallis and use shrapnels of the Shards to rain down on a specific location. An Alternate way of reproducing this technique is to manipulate the minerals from the earth to obtain the crystal remains and use those remains as the shrapnels.

By the use of the Surigan, Noctis is able to materialize the following weapons of Crystallis:

-Weapon of Aries (50 EXP)

-Weapon of Libra (45 EXP)

-Weapon of Capricorn (40 EXP)

These weapons levitate around the user once summoned. They also have the ability to return to the user if positioned elsewhere and seen by the user. From the user's control of the floating weapons, it can also provide shielding against incoming attacks.

  • Heir to the Throne: Inherited from the blood line of the founder of the Ranen clan which causes Noctis to be able to use Lightning Release techniques and access to the clan's Dojutsu. Noctis can be able manipulate the light around him made only possible by a mysterious "power of light" he had obtained after his mother's death.

Level: 13
Experience to Next Level: 50

Intelligence: 40
Strength: 55
Speed: 220
Chakra Pool: 60
Chakra Control: 30
Coordination: 90

  • Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu & Agility: + 130
  • Genjutsu: - 130

Ninjutsu: 90 + 130
Taijutsu: 275
Genjutsu: 70 - 130
Kenjutsu: 145 + 130
Agility: 310 + 130

Points Banked: 323 EXP

Wallet: 20, 000 ryo

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:47 PM

Gladiolus Ranen:

Name: Gladiolus Ranen

Age: 26

Rank: Jonin

Village: N/A

Kekki Genkei: The Surigan (A Rank)


A Proud Ranen who was chosen by the King to guard Noctis with his life. Suiko grew up in life where as a goody two shoes. At one point, his parent's were killed by a rogue ninja who infiltrated the Ranen Residence who also left a scar on his face due to a kunai driven down his cheek. His scar represents his vow to kill anyone who opposes his clan. Because of this, he turned into a huge masculine brute.

He eventually took the position of being a royal guard in order to protect his clan for the better. After he was chosen to look after Noctis, he tried his best to protect him. But the Prince wanted to avoid him and Ignis altogether. Gladiolus could tell that he was depressed about his Mother's death. With this, he was encouraged to protect him with confidence so Noctis does not have to suffer from loss again. He believes that the Prince can become one of the future leaders of the Ranen Clan and sticks by that belief.
A Ranen with a scar on his face who has a sense of humour especially around Noctis. He likes to keep asking Noctis about his love life progression to tease him as an example. But when it comes to a serious situation, he uses his strength and brute force to overcome his problems.
Element(s): Lightning & Wind


Bushin No Jutsu - E Rank
Ayatsuito no Jutsu - E Rank
Lightning Release: Chakra Formation - D Rank
Reppushou - D Rank
Fuusajin - D Rank
Crystal Release: Crystal Aegis - C Rank
Kanenkon - C Rank
Daitoppa - C Rank
Raikyuu - C Rank
Kamaitachi - C Rank
Fūton: Shinkūha - B Rank
Wind Release: Violent Wind Palm - B Rank
Rairyuu no Tatsumaki - B Rank
Crystal Barrage - B Rank
Sword of Wind - A Rank


Member of the Ranen Clan: Allows the user to activate the Surigan. Can be able to use Lightning Release Techniques through the clan's blood line.

Wind Manipulator: Allows the user to manipulate his Lightning Release techniques with his Wind Release Techniques.

Brute Force: Due to his past, Suiko has strengthened himself to take on enemies by Brute Force increasing his strength by (10*Current Level).

By the use of the Surigan, Gladiolus is able to summon the weapons of Crystallis:

-Weapon of Saggitarius
-Weapon of Libra
-Weapon of Virgo
-Weapon of Aquarius
-Weapon of Pisces

These weapons levitate around the user once summoned. These weapons can be able to return to the user if positioned elsewhere (if seen by the user) and also provide shielding.

Primary Stats:

Level: 18
Experience To Next Level: 100
Intelligence: 130
Strength: 255 + 180(Due to perk)
Speed: 260
Chakra Pool: 135
Chakra Control: 120
Coordination: 225

Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu & Agility: +150
Genjutsu: -150

Ninjutsu: 255 +150
Taijutsu: 695
Genjutsu: 250 -150
Kenjutsu: 660
Agility: 485 +150

Ignis Ranen:

Name: Ignis Ranen

Age: 28

Rank: Jonin

Village: N/A

Kekki Genkei: The Surigan (A Rank)


Ignis Ranen is a loyal servant and guard to the Prince of the Ranen clan. He was one of the Ranen's handpicked by the King himself to guard The Prince. Ignis is a clan member that provides the best strategic formulaes when it came to either battle or problems. As a child, Ignis has been fascinated by knowledge and what the secrets of the world stores around him. He is one of the most intelligent clan members in the current generation and was specifically picked by Braule to protect the Prince along side with Gladiolus.
Ignis Ranen is a highly intelligent individual with has an unusual hair style. He tends to be more brains than brute force and used this to his advantage when protecting the Prince. He vowed to protect the Prince with his life if in any danger. He has a habit of correcting his glasses whenever he is explaining a situation or thinking of a solution.
Element(s): Lightning & Water


Bushin No Jutsu - E Rank
Ayatsuito no Jutsu - E Rank
Lightning Release: Chakra Formation - D Rank
Suishuu Gorugon - D Rank
Raijingu Sandaa - D Rank
Crystal Release: Crystal Aegis - C Rank
Utakata – C Rank
Mizu Kamikiri- C Rank
Raikyuu - C Rank
Mizurappa - C Rank
Suishouha - B Rank
Daibakuryuu no Jutsu - B Rank
Raigen Raikouchuu - B Rank
Crystal Barrage - B Rank
Water Style: Heavy Downpour jutsu - A Rank


Member of the Clan: Allows the user to activate the Surigan. Can be able to use Lightning release techniques through the clans blood line.

Water Manipulator: Able to manipulate Lightning release techniques with Water release Techniques.

Stratagem: Quick thinker, can come up with the best strategies in seconds when given a situation. This perk increases his intelligence by (10*Current level)

By the use of the Surigan, Ignis is able to summon the weapons of Crystallis:

-Weapon of Aries
-Weapon of Cancer
-Weapon of Gemini
-Weapon of Aquarius

These weapons levitate around the user once summoned. These weapons can be able to return to the user if positioned elsewhere (if seen by the user) and also provide shielding.

Primary Stats:

Level: 18
Experience To Next Level: 100
Intelligence: 250 +180
Strength: 120
Speed: 245
Chakra Pool: 130
Chakra Control: 185
Coordination: 195

Ninjutsu, Genjutsu & Agility: +150
Taijutsu: -150

Secondary Stats:

Ninjutsu: 315 +180
Taijutsu: 365 -180
Genjutsu: 615 +180
Kenjutsu: 315
Agility: 440 +180

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:47 PM

The Godfather

"Fools set the rules in this World. Just take a look around. Its undeniable."

Name: Braule Ranen (aka The King)
Age: 45
Rank: Clan Leader - Kage Level
Village: The Kingdom of Caelum
Kekkei Genkai: The Surigan (A Rank)

Braule Ranen was born from the direct blood line of the founder of the Ranen clan. Due to his representation of a war hero from the past Clan Civil War, he was elected to become the next leader of the Ranen clan. Braule is known to be one of the most powerful Surigan users of this generation and could possibly mean he has the potential of activating the Yura Surigan.

Braule settled down with his lover, Shiella Ranen. She had given birth to the future leader of the Ranen clan, Noctis Ranen. Due to unknown circumstances, Shiella Ranen was presumed dead after an untold event. Noctis was found unconscious during the scene of Shiella's "death".

Braule went into a state of depression and he promised that he would do his best to represent the Ranen clan as one of the active clans in the Ninja world for the sake of his wife. Braule tried his best to spend time with his son but it was on rare occasions he had got to see him.

Braule is able to materialise the most weapons of Crystallis out of anyone in this generation of the Ranen clan being Nine seperate weapons.

Braule Ranen deeply cares about the survival of his clan, and loves his son even though he rarely sees him. He likes to go off into business meetings around the world to represent the Ranen clan as a whole. Braule is a loyal and humble man with the intent on making the ninja world a more reliable world.
Elements: Fire & Lightning


E Rank:
  • Bushin No Jutsu - E Rank
  • Ayatsuito no Jutsu - E Rank

D Rank:
  • Lightning Release: Chakra Formation - D Rank
  • Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - D Rank
  • Raijingu Sandaa - D Rank

C Rank:
  • Crystal Release: Crystal Aegis - C Rank
  • Kanenkon - C Rank
  • Housenka no Jutsu - C Rank
  • Raikyuu - C Rank

B Rank:
  • Fire Release: Tyrant Blaze - B Rank
  • Endan - B Rank
  • Rairyuu no Tatsumaki - B Rank
  • Ikadzuchi no Kiba - B Rank
  • Crystal Barrage - B Rank

A Rank:
  • Great Dragon Fire Technique - A Rank
  • Lightning Needles Technique - A Rank
  • Materialise Sucrise - A Rank

S Rank:
  • Crystallization Blaze - S-2 Rank
  • Summoning: Dragon King Bahamut - S-2 Rank
  • Omega's End - S-4 Rank

Direct Bloodline of the Founder: Being part of the Ranen clan, Braule can be able to activate the Surigan. Lightning release techniques take up 40% less chakra than a regular shinobi can take up and also the King can consume 60% of the chakra of incoming Lightning release techniques. Braule's speed is increased by (20 * Current Level). Can be able to easily tell anything around his surroundings and notice almost any incoming attack from all directions.

Surigan Master: The King can be able to materialise all Ten Sucrise Crystals at once without waiting for them to materialise one by one. With that, he is able to unlock the Yura Surigan allowing him to make full use of his Crystallized weapons.

Quick Thinker: Gained from the title of being a War Hero in the past ninja war. Braule can be able to think on his feet in dire situations coming up with the best solutions. Increases his Intelligence by (10*Current Level)

Elemental Manipulator: Braule can be able to manipulate any of his Fire Release techniques with his Lightning Release Techniques without problem.

Title of 'The King': Whenever the name is said to any enemies, intimidation appears before their eyes seeing that Braule is one of the strongest Shinobi in the country.
By the use of the Surigan, Braule is able to summon the weapons of Crystallis:

-Weapon of Aries
-Weapon of Capricorn
-Weapon of Libra
-Weapon of Gemini
-Weapon of Cancer
-Weapon of Saggitarius
-Weapon of Virgo
-Weapon of Aquarius
-Weapon of Pisces

These weapons levitate around the user once summoned. These weapons allow instant teleportation either to the user or the weapon itself (Due to Yura Surigan) and also provide shielding.

Primary Stats:

Level: 27
Experience to Next Level: ?
Intelligence: 580 +(10 * Current Leve(27)) (Due to perk)
Strength: 190
Speed: 480 +(20 * Current Level(27)) (Due to perk)
Chakra Pool: 325
Chakra Control: 320
Coordination: 325

Agility & Ninjutsu: +270

Ninjutsu: 645 +270
Taijutsu: 690
Genjutsu: 1170
Kenjutsu: 1170
Agility: 1345 +270

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:48 PM

The Nova Nox L'cie

Name: Kaias
Age: Unknown
Rank: Unkown
Kekkei Genkai: Lux Tenebras

A man who wanders the Ninja World waiting for a certain event to occur. Kaias's intents are mysterious and suspicious. He watches as the Ninja world grows and progresses. He is a spectator of the conflicts that arise and the achievements that are gained. He shows no connection with the Nullam clan even though he has the Kekkei Genkai of the clan. Kaias is rumored to be one of the early members of the Nullam clan, but that individual has disappeared from the face of the earth after his battle of the L'cie between Dahn Ranen and him.
Kaias is a mysterious man with a unknown intent. He likes to watch over conflicts that occur between clans. It makes him think about how pitiful the world is in this generation. Kaias has a strange affection towards an artifact that Shiella Ranen holds but the reasoning is unknown.

Elements: Wind, Water, & Anti-Crystal (Darkness)

Rank B:
Lux Tenebras:

Rank: B
Type: Dojutsu (Kekkei Genkai)
Description: Once the user activates this jutsu, the shards of the Eternus Nox allows the use and manipulation of Anti-Crystal (Darkness) Release. The shards also spread apart into a certain radius depending on how many shards the user unlocked and literally slows down time affecting everything inside that radius except the user. Darkness also emanates from the shards that can be used by the user for strategic purpose.

Rank A:
  • Wind Release: Vacuum Serial Waves
  • Water Encampment Wall
  • Water Dragon Whip
  • Bursting Water Collision Waves
  • Pressure Damage
Anti-Crystal Release: Darkness Fusillade:

Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user uses the power of the Lux Tenebras to embed their weapon with Anti Crystal. Their weapon sends out a barrage of crystals upon the enemy. These anti-crystals can slow your movement if hit for a short amount of time.

Anti-Crystal Release: Blood Rain:

Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user uses the power of the Lux Tenebras with his weapon to send a wave of Anti-crystal in a single line of fire. The weapon is swung into the ground to have Anti-crystal pop up spikes towards the enemy.

Anti-Crystal Release: Eternal Darkness:

Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user uses the power of the Lux Tenebras with his weapon and stabs it into the ground. Darkness appears underneath the enemy and immediately comes out of the ground to swallow him.

S Rank:
  • Raikiri - Lightning Blade
  • Ryu Tatsumaki - Dragon Twister
Anti-Crystal Release: Alpha Cross:

Rank: S-4
Type: Kenjutsu
Description: The user harness the energy of the Lux Tenebras and uses the shards of Eternus Nox that are currently active to power the weapon of the user with Anti Crystal element. Immediately after, the user simultaneously performs a octaslash towards the opponent that is near impossible to avoid where the Anti-Crystal emanating from the sword widens the range of the slashes and acts as an extra coating for sharpness to the sword. This is a technique intended to kill the opponent directly.


Death's Wish

This weapon is a uniquely shaped sword with an eye in the hilt that emanates a purple flame after it opens. The sword is meant to kill and suck out the souls of its victims. Once Death's Wish is struck through you, it will start to suck your soul out bit by bit until you are left with nothing.

Darkness Manipulator: Kaias sides with the darkness and manipulates it's power in battle. This increases his chakra control by 400.

Sword Mastery: Kaias's fighting style is mostly kenjutsu. His sword skills are extraordinary compared to a average Ninja. He is able to easily tell the movement of weapons by the enemy before they are performed by just observing the weapon through experience. This increases Kaias's coordination by 10*Current Level.

The Power of the Nova Nox L'cie: This allows Kaias to use the power of the Darkness mixed with the Eternus Nox increasing his strength significantly. Kaias's strength is increased by 15*Current Level.

Primary Stats:

Level: 35
Experience till Next Level: N/A
Intelligence: 200
Strength: 540 + 15*Current Level(35) (Due to perk)
Speed: 410
Chakra Pool: 300
Chakra Control: 500 + 400 (Due to perk)
Coordination: 340 + 10*Current Level(35) (Due to perk)

Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu & Agility: + 350
Taijutsu: -350

Ninjutsu: 1200 + 350
Taijutsu: 1475 - 350
Genjutsu: 1100
Kenjutsu: 1755 + 350
Agility: 1100 + 350

The Fal'cie Hunter

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:49 PM

The Fal'cie Hunter


Name: Prompto Nullam
Age: 17
Rank: N/A
Village: N/A

Kekkei Genkai: Lux Tenebras (B Rank)

Prompto is a cheerful young man who strives to become his father's successor in the field of hunting. He's the type of person who loves to put some life into the unemotional. Just like Gladiolus, he has a tendency to tease people just for fun. Prompto also loves to relax and sleep.

Prompto is from the Nullam clan. It was a prosperous clan during old times, but now there isn't clan members left. As a child, his saw his father always working and risking his life as a hunter. But one day, his father approached him and spoke to him about creatures known as Fal'cie. He told him that when he grows him, it will be him that kills anyone of them from attacking.

His father knew something that he didn't. He knew about where the Fal'cie had come from and who is behind summoning them. Hunting practices then initiated from that day for him, and after 3 years he got the hang of it. His Kekkei Genkai unlocked and a special feature unlocked from it as well. He was able to extract any type of element and turn them into ammo for hunting down Fal'cie. Due to his high expertise in hunting, his father handed down his special Tanegashima rifle.

One day, a robed man appeared in front of his house. He could tell that a bad aura came from him. His father immediately told Prompto to leave and not come back. Documents from his table were handed down from him and his father rushed him out. At this point, Prompto, who as at his teen ages, did not know what was going on at the time, so he did as he was told.

He kept on running, until he heard an explosion from behind. From that point on, he knew that his father wasn't going to come back. As depressed as he was, he had to accept his father's death and realize that he took the fall for him. Prompto had not known who this man was or what he wanted but he eventually found out from the documents his father provided him. From that day on, he tried to live and survive own his own. On the verge of his life, he eventually was taken in by a foster family. They treated him with care and like a son. At the age of 17, he left the ones that took care of him to prepare and train for the day his father described in the documents.

As of today, Prompto is a hunter of any kind. Whether it be people or animals, he excels at both proficiently. He knew that the certain event he was waiting for was near based on what he read and had a duty to stop the person behind this.
Element(s): Water & Anti-Crystal (Darkness)


E Rank:
  • Ayatsuito no Jutsu - String Reeling Technique
  • Bunshin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
  • Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique

D Rank:
  • Mizu no Muchi - Whip of Water
Anti-Crystal Release: Sphere of Explosion:

Rank: D
Type: Nin
Description: Combining any element of three spheres after launched, Prompto can manipulate the spheres with his Kekkei Genkai to cause a non elemental explosion upon impact.

C Rank:
  • Suigadan - Water Fang Projectile
  • Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique

B Rank:
  • Water Collision Destruction
  • Daibakuryuu no Jutsu - Great Exploding Current
Anti-Crystal Release: Sphere of Homing:

Rank: B
Type: Nin
Description: Combining a wind element sphere & a fire element sphere after launched with the manipulation of his Kekkei Genkai, the sphere will have homing capabilities where it will home in on the enemy, making it difficult to escape. The damage upon impact causes the same effect as a normal fire element sphere does.

Anti-Crystal Release: Sphere of Destruction:

Rank: B
Type: Nin
Description: Combining the elements of Water, Wind, and Earth, the sphere will form into a gigantic sonic wave that expands out horizontally widening the damage range. The edge of the sonic wave is sharp enough to cut through steel.

Lux Tenebras (Kekkei Genkai):

Rank: B
Type: Dojutsu (Kekkei Genkai)
Description: Once the user activates this jutsu, the shards of the Eternus Nox allows the use and manipulation of Anti-Crystal (Darkness) Release. The shards also spread apart into a certain radius depending on how many shards the user unlocked and slows down the movement speed of Living beings by 20% inside that radius except the user. Darkness also emanates from the shards that can be used by the user for strategic purpose.
1-3 Shards - 40 m
4-6 Shards - 60 m
7-9 Shards - 90 m

Note: Prompto currently has 5 Shards of Nox unlocked.

A Rank:
  • Water Style: Heavy Downpour jutsu

S Rank:
Anti-Crystal Release: Self-Transformation - Chaos Form:

Rank: S-4
Type: Nin
Description: The user manipulates the darkness of the Eternus Nox shards and lets it manifest his body. The user grows wings and takes the form of a demon. This allows the damage from any of his Anti-Crystal Release technique (including his regular shots from his Element spheres) increases by 50% where his chakra consumption increases by 40% as well. The user also can be able to manipulate the darkness emanating from him to reduce the damage taken from attacks by 20% and for other purposes. This form can only last a total of 5 posts, in which the user gets exhausted from the over consumption of his chakra.

Scoped Tanegashima

The weapon is a unique gun that allows semi-automatic fire with 8 rounds contained within the main barrel. The scope customization on the gun allows for a longer range combat use with the range being up to 20 meters. The second and smaller barrel contains a blade which can expand out for defensive purposes. This gun uses a match lock mechanism upon fire and the bullets are small spheres each containing a type of element and depending on which element, it affects the victim differently. The gun itself is made from Anti-crystal matter through the use of the Lux Tenebras.

Fire: A sphere made of the fire element causes a small explosion upon impact causing a second degree burn to it's victim in the place it was hit.

Water: A sphere made of the water element can be able to pierce through it's victims body in less than a second from impact.

Lightning: A sphere made of the lightning element can be able to paralyze the part of the victim's body for a total of 2 posts.

Earth: A sphere made of the earth element can be able to disrupt the chakra point of the victim, if hit in the right part of the body.

Wind: A sphere made of the wind element can be able to destroy the cells around the victim's body of where it was hit causing a shearing pain.

Note: If any of these shots were used against Fal'cie, they would take in 30% more damage than non-Fal'cie.

  • Darkness Manipulation: After years of focusing only on developing his Kekkei Genkai, Prompto is able to awaken the Chaos inside the shard of Nox, allowing him to use the S-4 Rank Anti-Crystal release technique - Self-transformation: Chaos form.
  • Inner Potential of the Lux Tenebras: Having Prompto unlock this, he will be able to use the shards of the Nox crystal to manipulate the elements in the environment and turn them into crystal spheres containing the element inside.
  • Blood of the Nullam Clan: Prompto will be able to use his clan's Kekkei Genkai allowing him to use Water release technique, and Anti-Crystal release technique with the help of his Kekkei Genkai. His Coordination increases by 25% from being part of a genetic of athletics.

Level: 15
Experience to Next Level: 75

Intelligence: 50
Strength: 40
Speed: 140
Chakra Pool: 110
Chakra Control: 150
Coordination: 150 + 25% (38) [Due to Perk]

  • Kenjutsu & Agility: + 150

Ninjutsu: 260
Taijutsu: 180
Genjutsu: 200
Kenjutsu: 238 + 150
Agility: 290 + 150

Noctis Lucis Caelum 02-12-2012 03:51 PM

Noctis's Shards of Crystallis

The Weapon of Power:

The Virtus Falchion

Rank: B

A unique shard of crystallis, in it's materialized form, created by the Divine Gate Keeper Etro. The shard is one of the three forbidden shards of Crystallis locked away from the real world and kept under watch in the dimension of light. The materialized form of the shard is known as the Weapon of Leo, as it's Crystal name, and The Virtus Falchion as its true name.

The sword was given to Dahn Ranen for being the first L'cie. Dahn Ranen eventually sacrificed his own life to permanently materialize the shard for the sake of of his own clan. His wife had the responsibility of looking after the powerful weapon along with the two other forbidden shards that Dahn had left behind. In fear of the weapons being stolen, his wife had created a dimension of light with the help of Etro's power to lock away the three forbidden shards of Crystallis.

The Virtus Falchion was split into it's physical form and it's form of light, leaving it's physical form a powerless, ordinary, crystal. However, the physical form had inscriptions that lead to being the key to unlocking that dimension of light to be able to use the forbidden shards of Crystallis. The light manifestation of the Virtus Falchion was locked with the two other shards of Crystallis in that dimension of light. As this process was complete, the Wife of Dahn Ranen was nowhere to be found. What was left behind was the gate to the dimension that clinged onto the chosen Ranen member's every generation. The gateway can only be seen clearly through the eye's of the Surigan.

Behind the King's throne today, the falchion is kept as memory of the loss of both the founder of the Ranen clan and his wife. Even to this day, no one has been able to be able to interpret what those inscriptions on the sword had meant.

The Virtus Falchion is a weapon fashioned with an engine at the hilt. In it's full form, it can be able to perform the basic abilities of any other shard of Crystallis but it also has it's own unique power. The Sword can be able to emit Resonance of sound from it's engine which can intefere with one's vision having the user appear 5 meters away from where one thinks the user is. The user of this weapon can further manipulate the sound to his own use. The sword can be only used if the user is able to perform the Crystal Yomihome.

The Weapon of Aries:

Rank: C

The Weapon of Aries is a unique double edged sword materialized from a shard of Crystallis. This is Noctis's first weapon of Crystallis once he is able to use his Surigan. This weapon can be able to perform the basic abilities of any shard of Crystallis. (Requires the Surigan)

The Weapon of Libra:

Rank: C

The Weapon of Libra (Second from the Left) is a sword with an unusual design materialized from a shard of Crystallis. The various curves within the blade design can be used to lock other weapons in sword fight giving the user an advantage. This weapon also has the ability to exert bright light from it's blade component from the residue of the mysterious invisible light shining down upon Noctis. This is Noctis's second weapon of Crystallis once he is able to use his Surigan. This weapon can be able to perform the basic abilities of any shard of Crystallis. (Requires the Surigan)

The Weapon of Capricorn:

Rank: C

The Weapon of Capricorn (Second from the Right) is a blade that can be used as a sword, shear or boomerang. This weapon can fold itself 180 degrees from it's handle (In the middle) making it into a shear. This weapon has a unique ability to attract itself to active chakra users giving the advantage of the user to easily throw the weapon towards enemies without difficulty. This is the third weapon of Crystallis that Noctis obtains and can be able to perform the basic abilities of any shard of Crystallis. (Requires the Surigan)

Olivia 02-12-2012 03:55 PM

Shizune Rousha
Name: Shizune Rousha
Kekki Genkei:

Nothing, absolutely nothing could be heard ever since the time of her birth. The world around her seemed rather strange, as if she were enclosed by a darkness that couldn't be seen. Her family quickly gave up trying to communicate with her, finding that trying to teach her would be too difficult. Once she turned five they dropped her off at a school which helped those, either blind or deaf, at least learn. She caught onto the language everyone used rather quickly, ahead of everyone else in her class. As well she also learned sign language, in hopes that she would be able to carry on conversations with another human being, instead of having to write everything down. Her teacher eventually made a comment to her (In sign-language of course) that she should obtain glasses, that way she would look more like her real studious self. Taking this seriously instead of like a joke, Shizune bought glasses, keeping them ever since.

It hadn't been till the age of six she had wondered where her parents had disappeared to. She figured she was just staying here long enough so that her parents could actually talk to her, but instead she found herself all alone. She had never even had one conversation with her parents, all she knew is that she cared for them. She didn't know how they were like or how they acted, as she was never able to be around them, listen to them; instead she was always segregated by this wall of a soundless hell.

Of course she eventually coped with the fact. She figured if her parents truly wanted to see her again they'd eventually come back for her, but seeing as they didn't visit at all in the past year the thought had been doubtful. She continued in her studies and eventually found herself caught up with the world of shinobi. Around her fights were filling the world, and even if some were bloody, it really interested her. She couldn't get amusement from hearing anything, so all she could rely on had been visual, and this had been what she was looking for. At the age of thirteen she eventually mustered up the courage to go and try to become one.

When she turned seven a giant beast had attacked her school, it had been the Seven Tailed Beast, the Nanabi. It rampaged around, destroying all that which she knew, however the principle of the school stepped forward and decided to protect the school, but he needed a medium in which to seal the beast within. No one would agree, scared of the side effects, but Shizune had been different, she didn't care if there had been a beast inside of her, she wanted everyone around her to be safe, even if they didn't really pay her much mind. The principle quickly acted and sealed the tailed beast inside of her, knocking her unconscious for about a month.

She woke up in a medical shinobi's camp where she was surrounded by ninja all in white. She had no idea where she was, but she quickly realized there was no one she knew around. They all abandoned her, for what reason she didn't know, all she knew was that she had been alone once again.

After about a year she started searching again, looking for a place where she would be accepted. Eventually, she ran into a shinobi school. It was for anyone, clan or no clan, to show if you had what it takes to become a shinobi. She enrolled, and was able to pass, even though the lessons couldn't be explained to her. She happily graduated at the age of fifteen, ready to travel the world and explore, to take on jobs and help others, even if there was no one to help her.

This had been cut short though, as one giant battle broke out. She was luckily far enough away, only to be a spectator, but in all truth she was stuck. Quickly afterwords a meteor shower occurred, crushing most life around her, leaving her completely alone and segregated.
Element(s): Wind

Alone all her life, she feels that if she were to help others it may change the impact on her own life. She prefers not to speak, as she has never heard her voice (besides inside of her own head) and doesn't know how to pronounce words correctly, due to never hearing them (Even if she does know the meaning of the words she's using). Thus she prefers to stay as mute as possible.

Even though she's trying to help others, she closes herself off from others as well. She doesn't necessarily know how to communicate, and unless another person knows how to use sign-language, she feels that creating a bond with either he or she will be too difficult if they can't communicate properly.

She tries to show as much happiness as possible most of the time, but she usually also expresses a cold and sad emotion at the same time. Even if she acts happy, she can't help but feel that the people around her can't understand her at all, leaving her to feel isolated while everyone else enjoys interacting with each other.

She and her tailed beast have never interacted with each other, and don't plan on doing such a act. She only feels it is her life duty to contain the tailed beast, to make sure it doesn't rampage again, and due to her deafness and her choice of lack of speak, it'd be almost difficult to communicate with a creature like that. Thus she ignores it as it ignores her.
Release - E
Body Flicker Technique - D
Wind Style: Vacuum Blade - C
Wind Style: Vacuum Sphere - C
Weapons: N/A

Ryo: 150,000

Jinchuriki of the Nanabi: Due to being the Jinchuriki of the Nanabi she has the Nanabi sealed inside of herself. Additionally, having the Nanabi inside of herself grants Shizune the Wind Release Element.

Even though she has the Nanabi sealed inside herself though, it will be impossible for her to completely control its power, as they have no means of communicating with one another. *takes up her first three perks*

Level: 11
Experience To Next Level: 22
Intelligence: 70
Strength: 40
Speed: 230
Chakra Pool: 80
Chakra Control: 70
Coordination: 60
Biju Control 8


Ninjutsu, Agility, Controllable Tails + 110
Genjutsu - 110

Secondary Stats:

Ninjutsu: 150 + 110
Taijutsu: 270
Genjutsu: 140 - 110
Kenjutsu: 100
Agility: 290 + 110
Controllable Tails: 158 + 110

Total Points:
Shizune's Level: 11
Shizune's Jutsu Total: 45
Shizune's Stat Total: 558
Shizune's Supposed Point Total: 603
Shizune's Current Points Total: 603

Olivia 02-12-2012 03:55 PM

Shizune Rousha's Mission List:



Name: Not One Of Us
Client: Lac
Rank: B
Reward: 150,000 ryo 25+4p
Description: He is not one of us, he wears that scar with pride but knowing full well suffering that he brought us. He knows very well, what the hell he is doing! He is taking our land and using it for his own game! We of the Citrate clan, cannot put up with this anymore. And I, Lac have come to you to ask you to pass judgement on this person.



Mission Status:


Yomi Points: 25+(4x10)=65

Shizune Points: 25+(4x10)=65


Name: Body Guard
Rank: C
20+3p 19,000 ryos
I need a body guard do ya here, there been some news that someone want my clans jutsus and I am not handing them over easily! So that is why I am hiring you, escort me and protect me till I get back home, I am worth a lot, so don't BS this mission ya hear!?



Mission Status:


Shizune's Points: 20+(3x11)=53

Dou's Points: 20+(3x11)=53


BringerOfChaos 02-12-2012 03:58 PM


Name: Alucard

Age: 31

Kekkai Genkai: Not named


Background: Alucard is from an secret organization. A long time ago this organization used to work behind the shadows to kill bad people. But lately this organization has gone corrupt. Its moral code damaged. Alucard was unfortunate enough to be born during that time. The organization became people who thought they were doing good. They were planning to kill all man kind. By doing this they believed they were doing good. Soon they began thinking even wrong. They thought this world was so bad that they had to destroy it all. They taught Alucard this because of his very special ability and Alucard was corrupted. He began so corrupted that he thought the organization was right so he killed them. By doing that he would do the world good. And now he is ready to use his abilities to kill to make the world better. He is now on a quest to observe all the power and abilities of the world to remodel it in his way. Alucard has never really tested his special abilities and only knows two jutsu from his kekkai genkai.

Personality: He fights with ferocity and often extreme cruelty. Instead of going for a quick kill he likes to humiliate his target and let them die slowly. He is not all cruel as he sheds a tear every once in a while as he sees corruption in the world.Alucard is very egotistical. He freely taunts and belittles his opponents, often allowing them to inflict wounds before healing himself with his legendary Ketsueki blade and obliterating his enemy.However, even with his incredible powers, Alucard can be taken by surprise, usually because of his arrogance.He has great respect for people who believe this world is corrupted and wants to fix it in there own way.


S rank: Summon familiar
Type: Summon/Kekkai Genkai
Range: Summons them Short range
Description: Alucard summons these shadowy creatures that are loyal and follows his commands. They cant speak unless Alucard gives him a person memories personalities and abilities. Once that is given they shapeshit into that person. There transformation is incredible as they get everything right as for smell chakara and ninjutsu and fighting style. Though there transformation does have one flaw. There colors look much more duller and has a darker shade. They also have no shadows. Alucard cant hold many abilities as all the DNA and Memories and Personalities may make him forget who he really is so he must put it in many of his familiars. He can only have up to 6 absorb familiar at once. But he can have as many non absorb familiar out. But they are really weak and fight like this

S-4 rank: Super absorption technique
Type: Kekkai Genkai
Range: short
Description: Alucard chakara takes form of a sphere. This sphere can observe Ninjutsu and Genjutsu and even blunt force and bounce it back at the opponent. If the enemy touches the sphere then many activities begin to take place. First the enemy memory and personality and knowledge is copied down. Then there stats and chakara is copied down. Then there techniques and even kekkai genkai and dojutsu is copied down. Finally one out of two things may happen. The user may deactivate the technique making the enemy if weak goes to sleep or if powerful feels tired and a little weak. Or keep it active making the enemy dematerialize into nothing. After one of those happens Alucard can use the victims abilities to his advantage. Or he could give all of those abilities to his familiars making him unable to use it but allowing his familiar to use it. Though this technique has a 5 minute draw back time meaning Alucard will have to rely on himself and familiar to defend there selves.

Weapon: The legendary Ketsueki sword.
Description: Depending on the user skill and level the the sword will heal the user. It may also give the user chakara. Though the swords true potential can only be awakened by a Fennikkusu member who has Fennikkusu blood and eyes and red hair and eyes trademarks. The sword eye is always closed when a non member uses the sword. But once a true Fennikkusu holds it then it grants the user a high amount of blood it gathered over the centuries. Also it grants the user the ability to drain blood from its enemy and even fuses with the user. Though if its eye is hit then it will go on sleep mode making it unable to fight. While fused the user will have a master control over blood and be able to absorb blood through skin contact. Also while fused if hit in the giant eye on the chest then the user and sword will defuse.


Intelligence: [Depends through absorption]
Strength: [Depends through absorption]
Speed: [Depends through absorption]
Chakara pool: [Depends through absorption]
Chakara control: [Depends through absorption]
Coordination: [Depends through absorption]

Ninjutsu: [Depends through absorption]
Taijutsu: [Depends through absorption]
Genjutsu: [Depends through absorption]
Kenjutsu:[Depends through absorption]
Agility: [Depends through absorption]

Olivia 02-12-2012 03:59 PM

Do you guys want me to post the points?

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