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On and On 09-14-2011 03:36 AM

!!>>[SIGN UP]<<!! Pachinko Parlour Mafia XIV; SHIPPUDEN: The War to End Wars

  • Sign-up doesn't have an end time. There are a ton of roles (70+) so there's plenty of time, and I'm always taking replacements.
  • Some roles will be assigned, simply because it would be bad modding to give a crucial role like Tsunade to a regular inactifag
  • Helpers would be much appreciated.
  • The game has no set start date, but I imagine it will be at the earliest sometime late this month, but probably sometime next month (October). I just have to get enough players, finalize roles and do a final check. PM's will be sent ideally the day before it starts, but obviously the day of as well.
  • Any questions feel free to PM me
  • First timers are welcome, but don't expect a role like Tsunade with a shit ton of skillz and a huge responsibility to the game. That's not to say you won't end up with something entertaining, and it definitely has no barring on whether or not you'll be scum. Here is the bible as to how to play, including techniques for scumhunting as town and blending in as mafia.
  • Gameplay stuff: there will be seven factions - one being Konoha (town), with a daily lynch (sometimes two, you'll see), one being Myobokuzan, a pro-town masonic group that can communicate with the town leader, Great Nations, a faction purely of pro-town survivors, Akatsuki, the main mafia faction, Amegakure, a mafia faction in cooperation with Akatsuki (between them there is one nightly faction kill for them to decide who makes), Hebi - who seeks to kill only certain players and has a night kill, and Root - who seeks to destroy both mafia and town so their leader can rule unapposed (has a night kill). And of course, pro-town, anti-town and apathetic independents. Seems unbalanced but town has a shit ton of doctors, multiple cops, and many ways of distinguishing each other.
  • Please sign up by placing your usename [in brackets] in [Bold Font]
  • Sample of the roles:
    For the record, all roles only get one action per phase, unless otherwise stated.

    Tsunade [Town Leader]
    Wins if Konoha wins
    [Sannin] - knows who Jiraiya is and may communicate with him
    [Kage] - the leader of the populous nation of Konoha, her votes count as 4. In the event of her death Jiraiya will become Kage. Then Danzo. Then Kakashi. Then Naruto.
    [Sozo Saisei] - the first attack on Tsunade will fail and trigger this technique, making her unkillable by any skill for this phase and the consecutive two.
    [Elite Medical Ninjutsu] - between each day and night phase Tsunade may protect one role from a bulletproof attack, or protect two from normal attacks at any time. If you target a pro-mafia player or Danzo you die.
    [Back-up Coroner] - if Shizune dies Tsunade will take her place as the coroner
    [Nurturing Leadership] - select three Konoha roles during the game. They will use one skill in their list that you've decided for them. You also protect them from any Bulletproof attacks or below this phase, but you cannot use any skills.
    [Kuchiyose: Katsuyu] - Protect all Konoha roles from even God-Tier attacks this phase and the next two. One-shot.


    Zetsu [Mafia Troll/Copycat]
    [Hoshi] - anyone who targets an Akatsuki with a negative action this phase fail and is instead roleblocked. Next phase Akatsuki gains as many actions as people were roleblocked for Madara to decide what to do with. This can also be used to re-use one-shot abilities as well, except for this one. One-shot.
    [Kagerou] - investigate one target at night, learning their role. This phase Zetsu cannot be targeted - by anything
    [I am the land itself!] - Zetsu does some large-scale scouting, learning all actions that take place this phase. Two-phase cool down.
    [Perfect Bunshin] - Every night phase Zetsu is either capable of making someone appear guilty to investigation, or having his teammates appear town to investigations, but never the same consecutively.
    [Cannibal] - as long as Zetsu is alive, lynched mafia members will only appear as MAFIA, and not a specific role. This includes Amegakure, as long as they are cooperating with Madara.

    Yamato [Jailer]
    [Change of Heart] - if Yamato is targeted by a Konoha role for anything he will flip town. He will also so such when Danzo dies.
    [Infiltration] - Target one player at night and learn all actions their allies (anyone they may communicate with) take, but not their identities.
    [Binding Mokuton] - Roleblock and protect 1 target, night only. Also, roleblock any jinchuuriki that targets Root except Naruto, and cancel their action. Only available when a member of Root. Passive
    [Mokuton Tracking Seeds] - if someone attempted to kill Yamato and failed they will never be able to kill him again, as he'll avoid them entirely
    [Danzo's Seal] - revealing Danzo's identity prior to his death results in a modkill. This includes in mason groups.


    Han [Contract Killer]
    [Steam Armor] - a special armor Han wears that emits steam. Every other night phase he may do this to escape the first attack on him, as well as investigation.
    [Steam Ninjutsu] - anyone killed by Han will have their role concealed and only Han and the person whom he killed for will learn their identity
    [Gobi Jinchuuriki] - must be killed twice to die. Every once every three cycles for an entire cycle he is Bulletproof.
    [Mercenary] - Han has no conscience. Can send a message to one player every other dayphase via the GM, asking that player if they would like someone killed. If so, Han is permitted to kill them that phase or the following. For every kill he makes he gains an upgrade to his famed steam-armor;
    • Two-kills; Become bulletproof and your kill will kill other Bulletproofs
    • Four-kills; immune to investigations and roleblocks
    • Seven-kills; Killable only by God-tier attacks, lynch, or being sealed. Immune to generification. All other attacks nexus to someone else.


    Temari [Nexus]
    Wins if she, Kankuro, Gaara, and Shikamaru are alive when the game ends.
    [Dai kamaitachi] - Nexus basic attacks to someone else
    [Kirikiri Mai] - one-shot roleblock with a 50% chance to kill her target.
    [Sand Sibling]
    [Secret Lovers] - if Temari targets Shikamaru and/or vice versa those actions on each other will fail and they will learn each other's role.


    Gamabunta [Semipermanent Roleblocker]
    Wins if town wins, two mafia have been roleblocked succesffully for three phases, and Manda is dead at the end of the game.
    [Toad-Snake War] - may search for Manda every day phase. 50% chance to kill him upon finding him, if you fail, you die.
    [Boss Toad] - you are [Bulletproof] and can protect one player every 3 phases.
    [Great Toad Slash] - faction kill which cannot be roleblocked
    [Toad Oil Bullet] - roleblock one player for three phases. Three phase cooldown.
    [Suiton: Teppodama] - remove one player's roleblock due to [Toad Oil Bullet]. Cannot be used the same phase as Toad Oil Bullet.

That being said, let sign-ups begin :bow

1. Erio Touwa
2. Tribulation
3. WAD
4. Legend
5. Jessicα
6. aiyanah
7. Belphegoob
8. Hidden Nin
9. Dracule Mihawk
10. Empathy
11. DJ Scruffy
12. Gaia Moon
13. Immortal King
14. Tgoobaki
15. >.>
16. Chigoobarito
17. Kakashi Hatake
18. Fear
19. Platinum
20. Jαmes
21. Mastic
22. Stringer Bell
23. Vash TS
24. Thdyingbreed
25. SoulTaker
26. Blaze
27. River Song
28. St. Burke
29. Chibason
30. Sphyer
31. ~Mystic Serenade~ (pg. 3)
32. Shark Skin
33. Shin-Zangetsu
34. Laix
35. Baroxio
36. Insignia
37. JiraiyaTheGallant
38. Cokie the Clown
39. faflec
40. MSAL
41. Cosmic_Castaway
42. Heloves
43. Hiruzen Sarutobi
44. CloudKicker
45. Noitora
46. Lincoln Rhyme
47. blacklusterseph004
48. NeoKurama
49. Distance
50. Cubey
51. RemChu
52. AznKuchikiChick
53. Princess Ivy
54. Mexican God
55. KizaruTachio
56. Toreno
57. FakePeace
58. LunaticMan
59. Cocoa
60. Firestorm162
61. LB
62. R
63. Greenbeast
64. Seiko
65. Awesome
66. Darth
67. Goobito
68. rice
69. LifeMaker
70. Nois
71. Pink Floyd
72. AceBizzle
73. gumby2ms
74. Friday :<3 (needs his gift)
75. Shayne
76. Primarch Horus
77. Sunday Morning
78. Badalight


On and On 09-14-2011 03:36 AM

reserved in case i feel like i need it. bitch.

OREO 09-14-2011 03:39 AM


Mitsuru 09-14-2011 03:40 AM

Sounds like a lot of fun, :)


WAD 09-14-2011 03:42 AM


let da games beginz

Legend 09-14-2011 03:42 AM



Sorry cant bold on phone:ano

On and On 09-14-2011 03:46 AM

It's whatevs, babycakes, it just make it easier on the eyes is all ;33

aiyanah 09-14-2011 03:47 AM

nardo game get

Belphegoob 09-14-2011 03:53 AM


Almost certain I'll regret signing up for a game that projects to start right around midterm season, but what the hell I'd prolly just end up wasting my time some other way.

Btw what's this Naruto thing I see you guys talk about all the time, I've never heard of it o:

Hidden Nin 09-14-2011 03:53 AM

[Hidden Nin]

OREO 09-14-2011 03:57 AM

50 slots? In before 1 month long game :lmao

On and On 09-14-2011 03:57 AM

^ There's more than 50 ;33 And there's a lot of kills that will be taking place - a daily lynch, three anti-town night kills. This isn't even considering the amount of vigilantes and one-shot killers there are.

I'm more worried about the game ending fast than being too long, tbh.

Last I counted I was at 96+, but I've trimmed some of the fat since then :villa


Originally Posted by Belphegoob (Post 40395735)

Almost certain I'll regret signing up for a game that projects to start right around midterm season, but what the hell I'd prolly just end up wasting my time some other way.

Btw what's this Naruto thing I see you guys talk about all the time, I've never heard of it o:

I'm in school too, so I'll be trying to make sure it fits my schedule as well.

If early/mid October is bad then I'll shoot for later October/early November.

Belphegoob 09-14-2011 04:08 AM

96+, oh dear lord that sounds terrifying :lmao

Should be a good game, worried about it maybe getting ruined by inactives though. You might want to come up with countermeasures against that somehow.

Dracule Mihawk 09-14-2011 04:08 AM

[Dracule Mihawk]

I have nothing to do for the next week and a half. After that dunno

On and On 09-14-2011 04:09 AM


Originally Posted by Belphegoob (Post 40395826)
96+, oh dear lord that sounds terrifying :lmao

Should be a good game, worried about it maybe getting ruined by inactives though. You might want to come up with countermeasures against that somehow.

Some roles will be assigned, and I'm taking replacements. Aside from that it's hard to come up with stuff, but I'll think of something, maybe something relating to a character skill.

WAD 09-14-2011 04:23 AM

role assignment?


Empathy 09-14-2011 07:03 AM



TheScruffington 09-14-2011 07:55 AM

[DJ Scruffy]

Haven't played in a large-scale game like this before so it should be fun.

Gaia Moon 09-14-2011 08:30 AM



Immortal King 09-14-2011 08:31 AM


This should be good:noworries

Gief Kakashi please:maybe

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