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Dec 2, 2015
Sep 3, 2009
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Mar 11, 1994 (Age: 22)

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Into the Shitstorm, 22, from Argentina

Zerst?ren was last seen:
Dec 2, 2015
    1. the_symbol_of_rebirth
      Just because he did some good things at the end of his life doesnt mean he didnt fuck up Sasuke. Dude was a fucking psychopath. Tobirama explained this, Uchiha's are often not right in the head.
    2. Shadow050
      you're welcome. lol @ ":hurr"
    3. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      If a sharingan less Sasuke had every girl in his classroom (or the academy), makes you wonder how came Nagato did'nt get Konan with the rinnegan XD

      True 8/ Hopes he does'nt get trolled by the sharingan again :argh
    4. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      :lmao The sharingan must be the sexiest thing ever there. That or Suigetsu and Juugo are bi :maybe

      More info about them would be cool, about predicting stuff, we all have our rigth guesses I think xD Was thinking something, Oro can only use his transfer tech every 3 years right? Maybe he won't be aiming for Sauce's body right now :argh
    5. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Hopes it's like that, otherwise the fight would be too short xD Even if most of it happens off-paneled :geg

      Yeah, still, if he gets anyone's body, I hope it's Sasuke.

      Without him xD Now I kinda expect them to follow him (none of them could kill him in a fight anyways) in attacking Konoha if he ever does. How you think Sasuke's talk the hokages could head to?
    6. Annabella
      Thank you for the kind rep!:33
    7. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Indeed, Oro is inmortal and getting stuck in a tree forever sounds nice 8/ Even though I was thinking it could be Madara's end as well, too :hmm

      I think will be seeing Oro trying to take Saske's body, and maybe even succeding, with every upgrade he has Oro could at least take over temporally :hmm He should have tried with another Uchiha :geg

      Have wondered what could be Kishi have in store for Taka?
    8. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Sounds likely. Makes you wonder if Naruto could transform Oro into a tree by now :geg

      In power, I think he is; absorbed his modified cells from Kabuto and retrieved his arms. Sasuke could be getting trolled in a nearby future :maybe

      Oro might be as strong as Mecha Hidan 8/
    9. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Indeed, but then why he would'nt try taking the DNA for him earlier then? :hmm It'd be kinda simplier.

      You think he could be getting Sasuke's body in the future?
    10. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Yeah, hopefully they won't end pulling a 'Sasuke and Naruto' theme if they do 8/

      I was thinking the same about Tobirama, even though it might or might not, was thinking it might be anti-climatic 'if they stay' or 'if they don't', makes you ask yourself which is Oro's purpose on this. :hmm
    11. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Good to hear so :hurr I'd be doing the same. Lastest chap was pretty nice and interesting. Hopes Oro does'nt unsummons the hokages later though :dupe
    12. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      It's been a while bud, how've been you doing?
    13. HashiramaWankLord
      Good, me too but there's only one problem with that pic son you see Hashirama my lord should be on top.

      Hashirama 4 lyfe
    14. HashiramaWankLord
      Thanks man you are truly a good man, when Hashirama the Sexy Beast Senju returns to the battlefield and solos everyone who can't handle his wood you will be spared, for that is the way of my lord Hashirama. Do you fap to Hashirama every night too?

      Hashirama 4 lyfe
    15. PikaCheeka
      Your avy. :lmao
    16. Ninja Shadow Warrior
      Ninja Shadow Warrior
      You are welcome. Have a good day.
    17. Star★Platinum
      Thank you for the Rep. (:
    18. BrokenBonds
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    19. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      Hello bud, it's been a while, how've been going?
    20. Xerces
      Wonderful avatar :noworries
    21. Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha
      Thanks for the rep dude.
    22. Shikamaru Nara
      Shikamaru Nara
      Thank you Sir! :)
    23. CA182
      Thanks for the +rep :hurr
    24. Saru
      Your signature is awesome. :amazed
    25. PikaCheeka
      Thanks for the rep. :edu

      Yea I laughed my ass off when that happened.
    26. Flame Emperor
      Flame Emperor
      Awesome avatar, and username. :lmao
    27. Aleph-1
      Your current avatar is freakin hilarious. :laugh
    28. Selva
      Thanks for the rep, you're very sweet :wtf
    29. Shadow050
      thanks for the reps :)
    30. wad
      Thanks! It's good to be Edo Tensei'd, erm, back :blinditachi
    31. Fr?t
      I negged you because you were saying sick shit about a fictional character. You sound like a sociopath. It has nothing to do with I’M MR. MEESEEKS, LOOK AT ME :lmao
    32. Mangetsu126
      Thanks for the rep:kthumb

      but by avi, you mean avatar? if so, Im assuming by how beast the avatar looks, you got scared:P

      that panel was possibly one of the best best moments in the manga for some time and then I read right under, no chapter next week...thought on that was like "kishi....:sun"
    33. MrPrince
      no problem! :thumbs
    34. Beast
      I have no clue who you are. Never seen you before... But I'm sure if you got neg rep you deserved it.
    35. Kenneth
      lol omg :lmao huuuuuge emote right there

    36. Kenneth
      back when he could still make funny faces <3 i wish he'd do it again some time but everythings so srs right now :(
    37. Kenneth
      lol that sig :3
      is that from the new ep?
    38. KAKASHI10
      Oye che I LOL at no i dont eat taco, etc!! I get the same in the US also. LOL Vos estar en lo cierto
    39. Judecious
      hey there is a new forum and they are in need of members, it would be great if you can join.

    40. XII_Itachi
      You mean KisaIta :LOS
    41. Yoona
      Thanks for rep and nice Gaga profile pic :hurr
    42. taeko
      thank you :33 the animators should make more of those scene's of sasuke
    43. seastone
      thank you :)
    44. taeko
      your signature of karin&sasuke !!!:iria do you known from which episode it is :33
    45. seastone
      Just wondering, from what episode/omake did you get the GIF?
    46. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "Senior Members: Your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 500 (Height)."
    47. chjam3
      lol...omigosh thanks...thats very cute of u. You are a woman right. If not I take that back and what u said wasnt so cute lol
    48. Makoto Sensei
      Makoto Sensei
      To do so, Naruto needs to take on Dark Naruto. Then, he can faint after hearing about Sauce :LOS
    49. PikaCheeka

      Madara bottoms to most people though.
    50. PikaCheeka
      It does. :rotfl Madara's a whore. I pair him off like crazy. He just seems so emotionally needy and PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEEEEEEE.
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    Mar 11, 1994 (Age: 22)
    Favorite Character(s):
    Itachi, Madara, Hashirama, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Tobi, Kisame, Hiruzen
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Any chapter that has Madara
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