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Feb 11, 2016
Oct 16, 2008
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May 6, 1991 (Age: 25)

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̧, 25

Zach was last seen:
Feb 11, 2016
    1. Uffie
      Hey Assface, I heard you miss me
    2. Haze
      in your window.

      good hbu? :catwave
    3. Haze
      [LINKHL]37[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://57.media.tumblr.com/e1dc30209494b2718a26af7abb4cbe87/tumblr_n2x5feeYvB1qjn0tgo2_r1_400.gif[/img]
    4. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      I support British players when I can, but I do like to see players like A-Rad and Baby Fed do well.
    5. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Ah now I remember, I chatted Tennis with you before. Who are you rooting for in the mens and womens draw?
    6. Prendergast
      Jailbutt :pek:gun still busy with real life?
    7. rocconorth
      Ha! I just realized the rep I gave was actually in response to a pic you were quoting! Oh well...I'm down with the stuff you've posted before none the less. If this is the first time I threw rep your way...it was overdue. If its not...then more was justified in coming! Nevertheless, my rep ain't worth much anyway!:P
    8. Hustler
      Lol South Indian food is similar to Tamil food. So it's mostly spicy and none of my other nationality friends can handle my mums food. Not even 2 bites without asking for drinks and sweating.

      I'm Tamil, our foods are little bit different compared to Sinhalese.
    9. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Ana already lost... :catcry x 1000
    10. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Let's root for Ana at the Australian Open... :wtf

    11. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      You know... you're pretty weird...

    12. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Happy New Year's. :occa

    13. Hustler
      Lol our food is spicier than Indian food. Maybe your friend makes a milder version or just doesn't have all the spices available to him.

      I feel you. Tea is rather addictive, whether it be milk tea or some mint tea. Ask your friend to make you some seeni sambol. Caramlised, sweet and spicy onions with all these spices which you can store in the fridge and even just eat it with bread. Its delicious.
    14. Hustler
      Yes I do

      Did you enjoy the food? we like our food spicy and yass milk tea is amazing, I drink it like 2 times a day.
    15. Edward Cullen
      Edward Cullen
      Merry Christmas. :kloff

    16. Tim
      Am I the guy or the kid? :catblush
    17. Edward Cullen
    18. Geralt
      Zachass. :datass
    19. Edward Cullen
    20. Prendergast
      zach where are you? :cry
    21. Revy
      Merry Christmas! [[UM][/UM]IMG]X
    22. Prendergast
      jailbutt :sun
    23. ℛei
      yeah pretty much :lmao

      Oh god Murican logic is fun :rotfl nah we hug/kiss everyone who we really love,no matter if its the same gender or not and those relationships are REALLy REALLY pure,no homo.

      Hmm when I joined this place was more active and fun tbh,but now it keep me on here mostly for people,though I have all of close ones on skype,tumblr and some of them have my phone number,so they can contact to me in any way.But I still love this place.Idk I love forum thingies better than skype.Ahhh good luck with school <3

      I see :33 lol I dont like bh
    24. Kusa
      hmm..I only like G?ksel.I like her song 'aşkin yalanmiş'.I do not listen to turkish music.Also Tarkan is very popular.
    25. ℛei
      oh btw do you want to take the ownership of cute latinas?
      i guess i have enough fcs and also its gonna move to bathouse soon.Dont wanna be a part of that sextion tbqh
    26. ℛei
      of course they are :maybe dont doubt it

      yes :lmao its normal on here and actually all turists look at those kind of relationships really weird :lmao yes its normal till you dont mention the word gay :lmao

      I know and thats really horrible cos I dont wanna look like that ;( you know I'm kawaii and shit.Ahhh this shithole is really addicting I must say.I have other places where I can talk to people,but this place still dear to me
    27. Kusa
      You are almost as awesome as your daughter :LOS
    28. Kusa
      I like how he plays.I also like Klose.

      I luv you dad :LOS
    29. Nic
      hey zach, cou you give me a link to where i can find the Belgium vs France game for tomorrow. remember espn3 doesn't work for me. :(
    30. Kusa
      I really like Lucas Podolski.:hehee

      But Kusanagi is not into tough love :beardthing
    31. ℛei
      my fave pairing in Friends :LOS

      I see.You told me about Southern people being religious and short minded.That sucks.Well on here relationships are very close.For example when two male friends meet they kiss each other,thats a tradition,or female friends can walk in the street hugging each other or kiss each other on lips.But thats doesn't mean they're gay.If someone will say theyre gay,they'll kill that person.Homophobes,damnit.

      yeah I did :( dunno if I did it right,but I did,even tho I look like a drama queen now.
    32. Kusa
      Germany :ho

      Yes :lmao

      What :cry Daddy,pleace treat your little princess a little bit better :gun
    33. Kusa
      I only like to watch the WM.

      I am pretty smart actually but i have too high expections from myself.I always want to be one of the best.My teachers tell my i should stop whining and be satisfied with my grades which are pretty decent grades in their eyes but i am a whinny brat :ano.Also aside of grammer and such i do not have any problems.German is my second language.I never speak german at home and i came to Germamy when i was 7.

      You are going to be my dad from now on.Reiki was my mummy but she left Nf so i need a parent again.:lmao

      Daddy,will you buy a pretty dress ?:LOS
    34. Kusa
      haha actually not.However the boys in my class are crazy for it and they make fun of K?ln

      I have B + in english although i make here and there mistakes.My grammer is not that good in any language.Also i do not have a large vocabulary.Sometimes i can't express myself because of that.In the german lesson i sometimes say something but my teacher responnds sometimes that i probably mean the right thing but takes someone else who can explain it much better.I hate this sometimes,especially because i do have the right idea many times.Hell even some stupid people from Nf have a large vocabulary than me.This is really depressing :D: :D:

      Okay, daddy :LOS
    35. ℛei
      [LINKHL]4890[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://24.media.tumblr.com/e32b303f4bab7f26526ce78810ed6fd5/tumblr_mqq29tvmpi1qjd1y3o1_250.gif[/img]

      sure thing if you liked

      thats really horrible :( and I was going to move and live in that homophobic country :pek though mine isnt any better at that point tbh
    36. ℛei
      same here.lol I know the name is lulzy,I was messing with you :LOS

      LOL WHAT?ARE YOU SERIOUS?homophobic assholes :mad there is nothing bad in tony x maxxie sexytimes scene :mad JESUS CHRIST IM ANNOYED

      yeah it was really serious,surprisingly
    37. Kusa
      Yeah.I live in D?sseldorf.Me and my horrible english skills lol

      I stopped eating unhealthy stuff since my vacation started but the last three days i could not resist to eat cakes.The cakes are so delicious here.I will try to control myself more :lmao
    38. Kusa
      I actually live in Germany.Though all my relatives are in Turkey or somewhere else.I only have one causine in Germany but she is living too far away from my house.

      hmm..I listen to music,go to the cinema,meet with friends,read a book or just eat something(I eat most of the time when I am bored lol)..I also love to go to amusement parks but I can not do that very often because it is really expensive.
    39. Kusa
      It is okay.Nothing that great but i enjoy being with my family.

      I suck at every kind of sport.No one wanted me in their teams when I had gym lesson.Even my friends never chose me when we had to form groups :tomacry.I always felt like shit :argh
    40. Kusa
      I am in Ankara. :maybe

      haha thats such a honor that I have a smilar name to him.My dad sometimes even calls me ?zil.Too bad I suck at playing football :lmao
    41. Kusa
      I was really busy with school and such.Currently,I am in turkey(thats also the reason why i have a different background on my photos :lmao)What about you ?
    42. Kusa
      Thanks for the rep >33
    43. Sasuko
      Lol have fun. My parents are volatile. Especially mom.
    44. Sasuko
      Well to find out my likes, you need to meet RL.
    45. Sasuko
      Better to have this conversation with Bri :urahaha
    46. Sasuko
      Classified information. :datass
    47. Sasuko
      Muzzles? No.

      Reserved for dogs.
    48. Sasuko
      That's some kinky shit.
    49. Sasuko
      You know, I think you edited. You wanted to buy one for yourself :maybe
    50. Sasuko
      Doge really hates you. Do you have a muzzle?
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    May 6, 1991 (Age: 25)
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    Too many
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    Episode:Naruto vs. Sasuke
    Chapter:Jiraiya vs. Pain
    music, anime, manga, football,etc.
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