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Feb 26, 2009
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    1. kaileena
      Hey there, I just thought of leaving you a message since it's been so long :laugh Hope you're doing okay :33
    2. Lovely
      I see. I guess I just didn't expect you to strongly dislike SS as you seem to (going by your recent posts), given that you were the owner awhile back. I can't say it isn't a bit disheartening to lose a fellow fan, and one that passed on the right to the fan club to me, even. I hope at least that you remember your time with the fandom. It was good having you around while it lasted.^^
    3. Lovely
      Hey there. So what's happened with you since you gave over ownership to me? You seem, eh, different, for the lack of a better word.
    4. Hitomi
      Yeah, I enjoy snk a lot too :amuse I only check the manga thread for spoilers. I don't like to involve in discussing snk, or any other big manga I'm reading cause I don't want the fandom to ruin my enjoyment of the manga and characters like they ruined Naruto's manga for me.

      I still read the manga and I don't go to the Konoha library or Hou anymore, and I found my dislike for some characters and events has lessened a lot. the war arc is pretty good but too long and even dragging at times. I haven't watched the anime in a long time too, but from the NH FC I got the info that the NH hand holding moment is in the anime so I watched that episode. :amuse
    5. Hitomi
      yeah, I watched the anime and couldn't wait for the 2nd season to know the rest, so I started reading the manga where the anime left off. :X3

      how are you btw? you still read Naruto?
    6. Hitomi
      I saw you back in the Shingeki no Kyojin thread
      you read that manga too! have you watched the anime?
    7. The Pirate on Wheels
      The Pirate on Wheels
      I am 24'd. However, this is a nice post, and you have a very nice Madoka set. I like the Mami in particular, though Homura-dawg is also very nice.
    8. Sayaka
      Soo I'm back!
    9. Dei
      Yeah the end was nice. I really liked manga Kagura. I hated anime Kagura though, couldn't stand her. I also really liked noriyuki and yomi's relationship in the earlier episodes it really helped to show another side of noriyuki that wasn't present in the manga.

      I think LA seems too be the nicest city in Cali, granted it's what you hear the most about . Red wood also seems like it would be an experience to visit. Im quite satisfied with Sweden in terms of economy, healthcare etc. except for our high taxes. I do wish to live somewhere warmer in the future though.
    10. Dei
      Yeah the first episode was really meh, but I really liked gai rei zero overall. I think they should have animated the manga first though and then go with the prequal. I preferd gai rei zero yomi to manga yomi.

      Basically it was the BRS chick's school life(forgot her name.) and then the Black rock shooter stuff acted as a parallel to what happend in the real world. If you're a fan I would say it's worth to check out atleast.

      Im a swede so I always though cali seemed quite nice and warm. Im not much for America overall though mainly because the education system and healthcare.

      Sorry for the late reply.
    11. Dei
      Yeah doesn't seem like it's something that will happen sadly especially not this long after it has been completed.

      I thought BRS anime started out good it just didn't get me hooked, it was better than most stuff that season.

      Where you come from if you don't mind me asking?
    12. Dei
      Gai rei zero was a nice anime I wish they would adapt the manga aswell. I never finished the new BRS anime, got tired of it halfway through: /
    13. Dei
      Nice name you got there, which yomi is it based off?
    14. Sayaka
      hey :maybe hows u
    15. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      IKR? :C Seems all goverments decide that for us or they force the educational ministry to take that route, nevermind that they just make us go through hell during the subject. Oh a classic one that one is. Teaches and practices the easy exercises on class but leaves the real hard ones for the exam. :pek:gun

      Oh so it's almost time for it then. For some reason lately I've been thinking some of my or, well, our friends were already in Spring Break. Wish you good luck in those assignments! :kthumb
    16. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Welcome aboard Suna. :Jet I know exactly what you mean completely. Who was the a-hole who invented maths huh? :pek:gun

      Oh it is? Then yes you'll be having a nice break. For Spring Break you mean?

      My pleasure! :hug
    17. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Oh I see. I've been there so I can sympathize, specially with maths. :scry

      Don't give up, at least that subject won't necessarily affect your other grades. You can still do it! :hug
    18. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      If you don't mind me asking, why the sad face over there? :Jet
    19. Sayaka
      yeah but i think we are to long so where going to wait

      i cant believe i am graduating soon.
    20. Sayaka
      thank you (i think you can still get kyuoko xD)

      also My BF proposed :ruri
    21. Sayaka
      omg that sig is beautiful
    22. Sayaka
    23. Sayaka
      YOMI :ruri

      i have news girl
    24. Sayaka
      you know you change your ava a lot
    25. Lucrecia
      Yes, I found that really sad. At first I thought they blamed them, but it turned out that it was really planned by them. It made me sad. I didn't want to believe it D:
      I wished we could have seen some flashbacks as well. I really want to know why they did it. I think that wasn't explained in the anime, right?

      I didn't expected either. At least they are still together which isn't bad and makes me happy :X3. Yup. They penguins made me laugh he most. #1 penguin into pronz xD

      It really is. Now that I think about it, I have to read the last 2 chapters :o

      Same here :lmao
    26. Lucrecia
      I find that very unfair as well. They were so happy, just them three together as a family.
      Their mother looked so innocent to me. I can see that their father would do it but their mother. Very shocking. D:

      I think it would have made sense if Himari died. You know, letting go and accept that some illness can't be cured and just make her happy as long as she had time. That would also have been bautiful :/. Can't change that now. It's still a beautiful anime :love.

      The ones I read are Pandora hearts, Kimi ni todoke and Ao no exorcist (<--became boring though) :lmao.
    27. Lucrecia
      Also a very sad anime but quite good :X3

      I agree. The character are awesome and the development of them. Especially from Ringo. Her stalking was creepy :lmao. The huge twist from their sensei was very interesting, too. I see, I only read the spoilers and when I fin it kinda interesting I read it xD.

      They are my fav characters. It's so sad that they don't live together with Himari anymore :scry. I cried like baby when I watched the last episode :cry. It seems so. I really wondered what they meant with "punishment". But still so sad :cry.

      Do you watch other animes or read other mangas ;)?
    28. Sayaka
      NYC my pretty I'm gonna room in Brooklyn with an friend from my hometown xD

      You should try LA :maybe
    29. Lucrecia
      I see :quite.

      It became one of my favorite animes next to Ano Hana (well the ones that are finished obviously :lmao). I had to look for other mangas since Naruto became boring D:

      Agreed. Style does have a huge influence on me. If the style is low-quality I don't watch it :lmao. The last episode :scry
    30. Sayaka
      Yup then I'm off too the city. xD I seriously can not wait to get out of this place....

      How many credits are left for you?
    31. Sayaka
      i start class next week and man i have a lot of classes 7 xD

      plus graduation xD
    32. Sayaka
      just check the threads bb :33

      so how r you?
    33. Sayaka
      heard about the madoka movies that coming out ?

      also heard about SOPA PIPA
    34. Sayaka
      heyo how r you?
    35. Lucrecia
      Hi Yomi :D! Haven't seen you around lately ;3
      Just saw in your sig that you also watched Mawaru Penguindrum :high.
    36. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      ?Merry Christmas Yomi! :glomp
    37. Tsukuyo
      asdfghjk thank you so much <3
    38. ShiggyDiggyDoo
      Do you have the stock(Original image) of your ava and may I have it please?
    39. Sayaka
      that and me pestering everyone here :maybe
    40. Sayaka
      thats because its a mix of everything to mahou to drama to comedy to tragedy

      and plus the characters are memorable
    41. Sayaka
      yup lots of new beautiful art

      you should also see the official art for the ending

      ohh wait it was in the vid of the song xD
    42. Sayaka
      its just soooo addicting ;33


      i seriously can not resist the :argh

      you should see the new art works pixiv exploded after it was release
    43. Sayaka
      its the official character song yes

      i fucking love these two :ruri
    44. Sayaka
      i just have time for sets really lol

      how o you like the so?
    45. Sayaka
      im good been back in school for a while

      Wednesdays are My worst

      shop and my life has been busy xD

      and you ?
    46. Sayaka
    47. kaileena
      Fine too :laugh MY VACATION BEGINS NAW!!! :gar (I was finally able to register in a university :sweatdrop)
    48. kaileena
      Hi hi hi, how are you doooing? :love
    49. Sayaka
      mami :wtf .
    50. Sayaka
      but you still have me :sniff
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