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Feb 19, 2017 at 11:53 PM
Aug 8, 2010
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In a Rainy Void
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Wonder Wind~, from In a Rainy Void

Weather was last seen:
Feb 19, 2017 at 11:53 PM
    1. Silver Age Beerus
      Silver Age Beerus
      Where did you get that great avatar? The one with the Angel who looks like Harley Quinn?
    2. DestinyDestroyer

      Know that somebody stole your identity and mimicked your speech
    3. DestinyDestroyer
      Hey ho, it's good ol' Weather

      Yo, how've you been
    4. Ampchu

      Did a calc for Sanae.
    5. AquaGrizzly
      If you could, it'd be nice hear your opinion on the topic of potentially galaxy level Eirin.
    6. Ampchu

      Decide to post the calc anyway. MFTL+ Touhou, here we come. :maybe
      1. Ampchu

        More proof of MFTL+ Touhou. :cat
        Oct 1, 2016
    7. marks3684
      I see another person with a Nep-Nep avatar.
    8. Ampchu
      Wondering if MFTL Touhou could be a thing going off stellar parralax happening in Mystic Square. :hmm
      1. View previous comments...
      2. IdioticGamer

        Ooh damn that's faster than Windows Touhou. How did you get that?

        That said I'm more hyped for Planetary Touhou and higher level Doremy and lunarians. Oh and this guy X

        Thinking about it though maybe I should move this to your profile lol
        Sep 17, 2016
      3. Ampchu
        This kind of discussion would be right in Weather's alley, but good point nonetheless.
        Sep 17, 2016
      4. IdioticGamer
        Fair enough
        Sep 17, 2016
    9. Ampchu

      Finally posted it.
    10. God Movement
      God Movement
      Remember to fill in the key here (at the bottom)

    11. IdioticGamer
      Found a calc that basically puts Cirno at Island level on VS Battles. Seems legit imo but I wanna hear your thoughts on it. X Although I don't really agree with Multi-Continent Suika and Yukari considering it's not really unbelievable to imagine them as Planetary level when Miko could make Senkai which has a planet
    12. IdioticGamer
      Saw that you were interested on Light Novels so I'll curiously ask, ever heard of Mushoku Tensei?
    13. IdioticGamer
      Just curious do you think this is credible enough? Some guy on another site I posted claims that the orbs were already halfway to shooting towards her before she noticed so it should be faster, they claim
    14. Daiae
      What's up? Don't remember talking to you
    15. Roggiano
      I just wanted to stop by and say nice set. Eve's my favorite though :yay:

      And how have you been?
    16. IdioticGamer
      Thanks for accepting my friend request, don't know much Touhou fans around here. And nice ava
    17. AquaGrizzly
      After going through the profiles so far, these are the on things I noticed off the top of my head:

      For Sakuya, in DDC she showed the ability to erase things from time with her "Dual Vanish" card.

      For Reisen, According to her Spread Sign "Moon of Truth (Invisible Full Moon)" she is able to attack in other Dimensions. Which could be pretty useful information to know.

      Aside from that the only thing that I'm not sure about is likely just splitting hair. That being if Kaguya (and Mokou by extension) get the moon scaling. Because, while Kaguya did break the Imperishable Night spell. It speaks more as feat of how wide of a range her Eternity Manipulation has rather than an energy feat. At least to me that is what it seems like. This can probably be saved for when we get around to talking about the Tier List and where everyone ranks.
    18. AquaGrizzly

      I'll be getting around to looking over the profiles now.
    19. Nevermind
      Hit enter four times above the profile picture.

      For some reason if you don't, the ads kind of screw the profiles up, especially on mobile.
    20. Nevermind
      Why aren't you putting the four spaces before the profile picture and linking your profile in the appropriate profiles page? X
    21. AquaGrizzly
      Sure thing, I'll look over them as I get time/later today.
      It'll also be a good excuse for me to play 14.5 and 15 since I haven't played them post-translation yet. :maybe

      Sure, I'll probably end up making a detailed blog post compiling all the information on the planet rotation/time stopping later today/tomorrow. And see which way people think Occam's razor should go.
      I won't touch the galaxy thing with Eirin yet though. As I'm not too sure about the whole thing. Especially since IIRC, she calls some stuff illusions in Scarlet Team's scenario.
    22. Zyrax Pasha
    23. MAPSK
      Nope. Don't think he got my message the first time or something. Just VM him for me and let him know I have your support (he says he needs respectable members to vouch for me due to some of the existing wiki members having "bad blood" with me, something I can see pretty easily being the case).
    24. MAPSK
      Hey Weather, can you vouch for me with Nevermind so I can become a member of the wiki?
    25. DestinyDestroyer
    26. Weather
      Zen's sword is a Durandal... Gunblade version.

      We also got Koneko's and Kuroka's Shirayuki and Kuroibara... funnily enough they are the same age which implied that both of them gave birth almost at the same time... Issei you... :maybe
    27. MAPSK
      Ahahahaha I sense BOOSTS! coming :maybe
    28. MAPSK
      Good point :catghost

      I am so looking forward to when the anime gets around to the Zombina date. 'S gonna be legit as fuck. Tio trying to abduct a dolphin during Miia's date was pretty hilarious too :lmao
    29. MAPSK
      Hell yeah!

      *fist bumps*

      Didn't know you were a Monmusume fan too. That can get you crucified around here, y'know :maybe
    30. Haruhi Suzumiya
      Haruhi Suzumiya
      Thank you--no problem.
    31. MAPSK
      Oh, I thought you meant you had Asobi ni Iku yo...

      Oh well. Been wanting to read Hataraku Maou-sama too (although it would be awesome if you could somehow magic me translations of the former out of thin air :33)
    32. MAPSK
      >God Slayer of the Deep Crimson Sword

      Holy shit, yes. And honestly, I'm torn. A King whose commands could literally not be ignored could be fun, but that lends itself a lot to them being hotblooded and right there in the fray instead of being tactical, like you said (although that would fit with their personality). On the other hand, Barbatos is symbolic in a lot of ways, considering they would have the gift of prophecy and a goal which they fervently "seek".

      Basically the premise of the RP would be that everyone plays the Evil Pieces of the GMPC and participate in the Rating Games sometime in the indeterminate future of the DxDverse, where the Gremory group has risen to the number one spot (the final boss fight is Issei :smoke)
    33. MAPSK
      Yo Weather Report, I'm thinking of starting a DxD RP based on the Rating Games on a different site. Which of these do you think sounds better for a King who's heir to their family? (obviously these will be different from canon since canon hasn't elaborated on these clans)


      Tracer - The signature ability of House Barbatos that made them famous in the Rating Games before their decline. Simply put, it is the ability to seek. Whether it be a person, place or thing, nothing can hide from a Barbatos Devil. They have an instinctual grasp on finding and obtaining things that they desire, and they can manifest this attribute by creating a ball of demonic power that seeks out and homes in on whatever it is they're looking for. Obviously over the years this has been weaponized just as often as it has been used for utility, and many of the custom techniques created by past heirs have become Barbatos family staples. The current heir seems to favor imbuing Demonic Bullets with the Tracer attribute, creating Tracer bullets which will home in on their target, maneuvering around people and objects and even through walls before exploding once they find their target. This makes a very basic form of magic like Demonic Bullets a very irritating and troublesome technique.


      Great Voice - The ability to bend the will of the world with your words. Simply by speaking, a true heir of Paimon can command others and manifest their desires in reality, commanding the forces of nature as well as magic, creating earthquakes just by shouting. It could be considered a power of absolute dominion over others. However, just as a servant may question and abandon a King who is weaker than themselves, those with greater magical power can shrug off the effects of the Great Voice, rendering it almost useless against anyone of sufficient strength.

      I'm trying to think of abilities for an important GMPC, so any feedback would be great! :)
    34. MAPSK
      This sounds awesome :datass
    35. MAPSK
    36. MAPSK
      >Dragon Deification

      Fuck yeah.

      Also I'm surprised they're handling the Garlic Jr.-esque "harem of sexy demon skanks" thing. Then again, they seemed awfully excited at the prospect of a Rias/Asia/Issei threesome in the past, so idk :lmao
    37. MAPSK
      >Issei's mom bitchslaps a high-ranking Devil

      Awesome. Awesome to the max. How're they taking this new revelation, btw? :maybe
    38. MAPSK
      >Issei gets a new form and they're making the hilariously awful bikini armor Scale Mail from BoRN canon

      First of all, yes. Second of all, why?

      >Asia gets a new ability

      Don't caaaaaaaare~

      >Issei has always had a massive guilt complex

      In other related news, bears shit in the woods and the Pope is still Catholic.

      >Issei's two older siblings died in miscarriage

      Holy shi- ... well that got dark.
    39. MAPSK
      Meh, so what? Issei can just use his Devil powers to fiddle with their memories, or have Rias do it. No harm no foul.

      Although admittedly it'd be hilarious for him to have his secret revealed in front of Matsuda and whatshisface just to see the looks of sheer jealousy and despair on their faces as they slowly lose the will to live :lmao
    40. MAPSK
      Daaaamn son. I still gotta read the last couple of volumes after 14 :catsad
    41. Basilikos
      God damn shippers. :pek

      I'll probably play the Hoshido route first, then Nohr. Male lord in Hoshido and the female lord in Nohr. Just need an actual release date beyond "trololol sometime in 2016".

      I hardly played the mobile game at all even though I had downloaded it the moment it was released in english. :lmao Been mainly a fan of the anime and the music. Maki is probably my favorite girl.
    42. Basilikos
      Can't say I'm surprised to hear that the OBD is dying. Hell, it looks like the entire forum is slowly withering away into a shell of its former self.

      On a different subject, the upcoming Fire Emblem looks pretty sweet. I wonder how the unbreakable weapon/magic mechanic is going to work though.

      Also, have you gotten into the Love Live franchise perchance? I think you'd enjoy it.
    43. Basilikos
      I noticed that the Manga/Anime Battledome is gone. What happened while I was away all this time?
    44. Basilikos
      Yup. How are things?
    45. Basilikos
      Hey, Weather. :zaru
    46. MAPSK
      Looks good, but you still haven't made everyone's dura island level :catwave
    47. MAPSK
      I still need to read the last couple of novels here :psyduck

      Also, how much do you wanna bet Fang is going to try and debunk my relativistic calcs for DxD now? :catsuicide
    48. MAPSK
      Of course. Harem ending is confirmed, and (even better) Asia isn't a part of it. This is like all my Christmases at once :maybe
    49. MAPSK
    50. MAPSK
      Eh, like I said, he'll find a way. That's just how these stories end :kermit
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