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Mar 12, 1987 (Age: 29)

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im wit it, 29

rofl u suk dartg Feb 24, 2017 at 3:14 AM

WAD was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Feb 25, 2017 at 10:33 PM
    1. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty

      I used to do it a lot but gradually I came to accept that tvtropes was cancer :caticon
    2. Nighty the Mighty
    3. Nighty the Mighty
    4. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      Tvtropes :catflip
    5. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      Tfw my web level is too low to know what ojou sama means off hand :catsweat
    6. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      Yeh :catsweat

      Duke op
    7. Trinity
      that's a bit of a stretch
    8. Trinity
      much less uglier ava, good job
    9. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      I think I read the first few chapters before :catsweat
    10. effloresce
      Hello !

      Like I said, no need to worry about delayed responses. :} and thank you, my weekend was ok, somewhat productive but not in the way I needed it to be. I have a lot of university work to be getting on with but instead of doing it I procrastinate by cleaning around my house :lmao productive procrastinating !!

      Yeah, I lurk a lot, mostly because I am too lazy to post and contribute anything with any real substance to threads lolol. I used to post a lot back in the FC section way back and a lot of my close friends are now inactive.

      Making people laugh is v important imo, especially with all the stuff going on in the world. I guess you have to take positivity whenever you can get it. :skysun I try to be positive when I can, sometimes it's hard, but you take what you can get and move forward and because of that I have little tolerance for bs and drama :} You come across as a very positive person, also.

      I am glad you're feeling better. Work is work but your health and wellbeing comes first but I understand the practical implications. Where do you work/what do you work as?

      How has your weekend been?
    11. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty

    12. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      I'm not surprised to be honest. :catsleep
    13. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      I have no clue what a "Black Sky" is, and honestly I don't even care, but I'm guessing we'll find out it in season 3 or something.

      I'm more interested in Madam Gao or whatever her name is.
    14. Nighty the Mighty
    15. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      okay will :catsweat
    16. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      tfw ur kalista is lcs level

    17. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      melph aite :caticon
    18. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      rend melp :catsad
    19. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      pend welp :catsad
    20. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      Fucking Hand bringing back Electra....
    21. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      She just got satabbed by Nobu.

      Nobu best guy on the show.

      All hail Nobu.
    22. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      Watching the last episode.
      Matt wanting to run with Electra wherever she runs...
      So hoping she dies.

      The Hand are meh as villains. Nobu wasn't there enough to have much of an opinion about.
    23. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      send help :catsad
    24. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty

      tfw my pc crashes on start up

      tfw skype doesn't work even when I can actually get it

      I have literally no idea why it would do this, it just started all of a sudden :catdespair
    25. effloresce
      dw, dw
      I am the same with replies
      I'm about to head to bed n catch some sleep
      will reply to this properly once I am functioning properly :}
    26. Kusa
      Boyfriend told me the same. It gets better and better.

      I will be watching the next episodes then :catsalute
    27. Kusa
      I am currently in season 3 epi 9.

      Do u think it's really that great ? Which main charachter do you like more ?
    28. Kusa
      Have you already watched Breaking Bad ?
    29. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      That's... quite evasive of you. :hm

      Well.. I only have 3 episodes left of season 2, so I'll guess I find out soon enough. :noworries

      I liked Fisk more in season 2 than I did in all of season 1. >.>
    30. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      when its cold outside
    31. Mr. Waffles
      Mr. Waffles
      I hope Elektra dies.

      So much suckage smh.
    32. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      wew wad :caticon
    33. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      lewd af imo :catfish
    34. effloresce
      Oh, I'm sure you are ;>

      I'm kind of on and off NF. I lurk a lot and rarely post. It's weird because every time I come back things have changed and I don't recognise a lot of members but I keep coming back. Probably because of nostalgia hmm. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to stalk (!) my profile because I seen your posts and they make me laugh but I guess our paths never crossed, but now they have so that is nice. Thanks for the welcome back bbz.

      Haha, that's why I like forums. Sometimes it's nice to get to know people without having an preconceptions or preconceived notions of what you think person x is based on how they look etc. Some of the friendships I've made on NF have outlasted those I have irl, in terms of depth, because they've never been superficial.

      How are you feeling today? I hope you're beating off that cold, vitamin c supposedly helps and hot water with honey and lemon is meant to soothe your throat. I hope you feel better soon wat!

      I am well, thank you. I had a stressful and unproductive day at university today but now I'm home and chilling in bed and happy that the day is over. Tomorrow's a new day ! Positive vibes !! :skysun :skysun
    35. Trinity
      I spread bc I could neg Yak twice :catflower
    36. Shinobu
      Yea, XY is dying out

      But 'till then I'll enjoy it :catnoworries
    37. Shinobu

      So you're one of them too. It's so normal, it's not even a cliche anymore. :cat But apparently men have an excuse for it, seems like their immune system is much weaker than the women's. At least that's what I heard once. :hm
    38. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      rip dunkin donuts
    39. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty

      its just a gesture of comfort :caticon

      I just do whatever comes naturally to me at the time
    40. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty

      not sure

      I don't think so :hm
    41. Nighty the Mighty
    42. Nighty the Mighty
    43. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      its aight

      I guess

    44. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      garn my delia tbh
    45. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      is it jpop

      or kpop

      or something :caticon

      they all look kawaii :cute
    46. Nighty the Mighty
      Nighty the Mighty
      ur avatar

    47. Shinobu
      Oh. Are you one of these men who actually "die" when they have a cold? :catskully It's so funny, most men I know can endure fights and fractures and what not, as if it was nothing, but a cold ... is killing them. :catskully

      Yeah, we'll see about this point. :catnoworries
    48. Shinobu
      I will. :catflower

      What was it tho? :hm

      It was... more than I expected... :catsupine
    49. Parallax
      A fair distinction :caticon
    50. Parallax
      Is that your new waifu :caticon
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