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Oct 16, 2009
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Mar 12, 1987 (Age: 29)

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im wit it, 29

rofl u suk dartg Feb 24, 2017 at 3:14 AM

WAD was last seen:
Feb 28, 2017 at 7:28 AM
    1. Air D
      Air D
      Man, I never got a B in middle school and already took Spanish I and Algebra I. In 8th grade, I am in Spanish II and Geometry and I have an A in both. I just got straight A's on my report card, so I'm happy. A lot of people say, "how do you do it?", but I simply say balancing out my time. That helps a lot, doesn't it?
    2. WAD
      It was a breeze in the sense that, as Asuma had said of Shikamaru "even the strain of lifting up a pen was troublesome". I am the classic underachiever. I never did any homework. Seriously, I think I must have turned in about five assignments in all of my high school run, but managed to pass or ace every test that I was given without studying, and I managed to graduate with a 3.0 GPA.

      I don't suggest you employ that method, I suggest to try your ass off and damn your social life if you need to sacrifice it a bit in order to get good grades. You seem smart enough to be an 'A' student.
    3. Air D
      Air D
      Anyway, what was high school like for you? I'm taking Geometry in 8th grade and it is fairly challenging. Was school a breeze for you?
    4. WAD
      I don't know, I haven't ran one in a while, I was never a particularly fast runner or enduring one. I'm built for strength and resilience, but 5.1 seems pretty solid.
    5. Air D
      Air D
      Man, have you heard of the Angus Burger at McDonald's? My mom took me there one day, I came home and ate one, and nearly five or so minutes later, it just flushed right through me. Hey, what's your 40 yard dash? I run a 5.1 or 5.3 or something.
    6. WAD
      I do. And I have a ridiculously slow metabolism when I'm not training myself.
    7. Air D
      Air D
      I'm about 5'8 or so. My father is 6'7, so I get my height from him. I already have an "egg" if you know what I mean on my arms. I am not giant, musclebound guy, people say I'm skinny, but I think I am okay. Also, I eat a lot, but not in a greedy manner. Do you eat a lot?
    8. WAD
      I was being slightly overdramatic. Nah, I just am not very thrilled with how things in my life have been in current days, I can fix the physical part pretty easily if I cared tried. But yeah, 280 for being 6'8 shouldn't be so bad. I mean, that's pretty tall.

      How tall are you now at 130? I imagine that if you're already athletic you're taller than most kids your age, so I'm going to venture that you're at least 5'9/5'10 already? (if you're already six feet, then you definitely need to start putting on some weight in the form of muscle)
    9. Air D
      Air D
      Hate yourself for being 35 pounds overweight? Do you know after he stopped weight lifting and at around 35, my father got to be 350 pounds? I am only 130 pounds myself, but you aren't that fat. My brother who goes to Georgia Tech is about 280 pounds and he's 6'8.
    10. WAD
      Right now I'm sitting at 225 pounds, being 30ish pounds overweight and hating myself for it.
    11. Air D
      Air D
      I like the way I am now, but working out will definitely help me in sports and with girls. So, are you in the 200 pound range?
    12. WAD
      Yes. It's a twofer when you become ripped, because not only to you become appealing based on society's norms for physical attraction (not being fat, not being skinny.), but it gives you confidence in yourself, which is what really is the most important part in attracting the opposite sex.
    13. Air D
      Air D
      Broly was inhumane and just a giant. I am a defensive end at football, so I want to be quick and able to make tackles. So, did your "muscles" attract the ladies?
    14. WAD
      I used to. Sadly I have been rather apathetic regarding my physical state these days. It all depends on your body structure, really. I am big-boned in the literal definition, I am 6'2 and I have extremely wide shoulders. I'm built like a linebacker so the "tones of humongous muscle" is my forte. No matter how hard I try I can't achieve the "skinny, ripped look". I have to be Broly :P
    15. Air D
      Air D
      I am very fast in football, basketball, and track, so my dad says I should lift to get toned up. Did you lift for tones of humongous muscles?
    16. WAD
      Yes. Calisthenics are a great way of improving your strength. You don't need to be some muscle-bound Goonba looking construct in order to be strong. I have plenty of friends who are lean and still impossibly strong.

      Bench pressing is okay since you're working your chest. Generally all dumbbell exercises are fine, including lunges. It's pretty much squats for the most part that you shouldn't delve into too early.

      I advise a high-repetition, low-weight workout which will give you a cardiovascular feel to exercising and still boost your strength without making you too bulky and slow. It's better to do say, 15 repetitions, 3-4 sets of bench pressing 115 pounds than it is to do 8-10 repetitions, 2-3 sets of bench pressing 175 pounds.
    17. Air D
      Air D
      That's good advice. I lift dumbbells and do curl ups and push ups, but I don't think I should rush into weight lifting already. Besides, I am training to become a better football player.
    18. WAD
      I say go for it, but I strongly advise against any major lifting that is connected to your back/spine. Squats in particular I'd say are a no-no until you hit the height of your growth spurt by 16-17. You don't want to stunt it.
    19. Air D
      Air D
      Well, since I'm thirteen now, I am allowed to. Would you advise it, don't weight lift yet, or say that I could have started earlier?
    20. WAD
      Used to, not in quite some time.
    21. Air D
      Air D
      Hello there, friend. Hey, do you weight lift?
    22. WAD
      TGIF. 'Nuff said.
    23. Air D
      Air D
      Leo? Ha, in Romance Language, your name is Lion. So, how was the day?
    24. WAD
      You can call me Leo.
    25. Air D
      Air D
      With the beer? Wow, you are amazing. Oh, I don't know if I ever properly introduced myself, but I'm Adrian. You are?
    26. WAD
      That's me. I'm the naturally talented/genius type! I was implying you're the hardworker and that you're the one that will have to try and surpass me :P Also I have no idea, hopefully something that agrees with the beer later on.
    27. Air D
      Air D
      Ah, you are quite mistaken. I am not a naturally talented person. You see, I study to the core and train so that I can transcend my age group. Anyway, whatchya having for dinner?
    28. Air D
      Air D
      Wow, you're catching up to me in posts. Too bad I got the speed of Usain Bolt!
    29. Air D
      Air D
      Watching clouds pass? Wow, you really are a Shikamaru Nara. I wrote a story for my Davey Diaries and have basketball practice tomorrow night. What do you do at home?
    30. Air D
      Air D
      Buenos noches, Senor WhatADrag. Was your day draggy again?
    31. Forlong
      Yes. I'd like to nominate Peaceful Uchiha for "most misleading internet name".
    32. WAD
      I work from home
    33. Air D
      Air D
      Wow... I don't turn 24 until 2018. That is a while from now. So, what do you do during the day?
    34. Air D
      Air D
      Half your age? Are you like 26?
    35. Air D
      Air D
      Don't exaggerate it that much. Life has its ups and downs, but is awesome overall.
    36. Air D
      Air D
      Hello there, buddy. How is your day going?
    37. WAD
      Working mostly. It's such a drag.
    38. Air D
      Air D
      What have you been doing all day?
    39. Death Note
      Death Note
      No problem :laugh
    40. Death Note
      Death Note
      I didnt give you a neg. :notrust
    41. WAD
      Definitely. There's a lot that would be cool in knowing, for example, was it hyperbole that he took down an entire nation with his 100 Puppet Army?

      I also wonder if his goals mirrored Orochimaru's, given all their similarities.
    42. Naruku
      i think sasori's backstory would be very interesting because we were shown that he was a nice kid when he was a child, and the realization of ninja's cruelty only hit him when he realized his parents' puppets were nothing like his real parents. i'm interested in the transitions from a nice kid to the creepy but no less awesome puppet-master persona he carried, but i think we have to fill the gaps about it ourselves because kishi is more interested in shoving the pairing-wank scenes into our throats. but what i think is, sasori, as well as deidara had no idea who madara was. in fact, the only ones i think who knew who madara was in the akatsuki were nagato and konan. it would be interesting though, if madara had been the one who manipulated him into doing those things. what do you think?
    43. Naruku
      thanks dude. repping you back. :)
    44. Air D
      Air D
      Hello, What A Drag. What in life is such a drag, mah friend?
    45. WAD
      I haven't seen the NaruHina post, and I think it's glaringly obvious that if Naruto is going to hook up with anyone romantically in this story, it's going to be Hinata.

      Other relationships are seemingly nonexistent. I'd obviously like to know more about Shikamaru-Temari ;)
    46. Air D
      Air D
      Today is such a good day. Say, have you seen the NaruHina post lately? What are your opinions on NaruHina and other relationships?
    47. WAD
      Congratulations! I can barely remember turning thirteen myself, and it was not even ten years ago.

      Thanks for the compliments. Flattery is always acceptable, and hope to see more insightful posts from your end as well.
    48. Air D
      Air D
      You are very intelligent, mah friend. Oh, and I am turning thirteen. Yes, thirteen.
    49. Air D
      Air D
      Great!! My birthday is in two days!!! Anyway, I like your posts. They are realistic and eloquent. Do you find yourself similar to Shikamaru?
    50. Air D
      Air D
      How are things going?
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