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Feb 20, 2017 at 11:26 AM
May 26, 2009
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Edge of the Earth
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Becoming Stronger, from Edge of the Earth

vjpowell was last seen:
Feb 20, 2017 at 11:26 AM
    1. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, vj! Happy (really) belated Valentines to you, too! :squish
    2. Balalaika
      I'm trying to figure out the specs for the Anti Sakura FC contest, I was wondering if you'd like to be a judge. Judges can't compete though.
    3. Inuhanyou
      Arturia is my Kinween :hurr I hope you'll join us in October for the celebrations :hurr
    4. Narutofreak1112
      Late as hell but thank you for the welcome rep and yes Sakura is easy to make fun of because she's so horrible lol
    5. LordPerucho
      Hey Pal how its going? What other mangas you check besides Naruto?
    6. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, vj for your hilarious message! :squish And I'm sure I would be thinking the same thought of the ancient Mayans if they were alive and managed to voice their thoughts of us being alive. :lmao
    7. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year, vj dahling! :ruri :iria :squish
    8. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Merry Christmas
    9. LordPerucho
      And with Naruto dropping in sales to number 6, i expect to drop even further with Sakuras stupid powerup, so if she got the seal in the beginning of Part 2, she was stronger than both Naruto and Sasuke 0_o. Just wait until she uses byakugo and ying seal release
    10. LordPerucho
      how have u been bro, yeah sakura becoming stronger than the current kages is completely retarded....
    11. Selva
      oh I see :( well, hopefully you'll find time to enter the contest. It should be fun. If you can't tho, it's still ok. It's good to know there are these kinds of contests out there so hopefully there will be another one in the near future :ruri
    12. Selva
      Hey, how have you been? :hug
      I remember you said you were writing your own manga. I found this link today and thought it might interest you :hurr
    13. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I dunno. It's kind of hard to see future!Rogue as being a good person given his introduction, but we shall see. :hmm
    14. D?kkar
      Oh my god, how do you write so much.
    15. hustler's ambition
      hustler's ambition
      If I were to offer you ownership of the Anti Sakura Club, would you accept it?
    16. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Happy New Year, vj dear! :<3
    17. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, vj! :<3
    18. DarkingReYliegh
      Hey Nice to Meet you. i would like to invite you to my new for Forum. If you have time you can join i would really appreciate If you join and there Are Staff Positions that need to be filled. thank you for hearing me out X
    19. ZTertius
      Thank you for the +rep! :)
    20. RFujinami
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    21. Saishin
      Thanks for the rep :)
    22. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Same to you!

      Nice talking to you.(sarcasm)
    23. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Thanks, same to you. :kaga

      Actua;;y, now, the date of Doomsday is supposed to end in December 2012. Just wait until then. :sniff
    24. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Tsk, tsk. vj, you mustn't be so bad. Be a good example for the little boys and girls. :hurr And you're wrong. :pek Santa wouldn't give Sakura switches and coal, but his heart and decide to make her his wife. :cry

      *Be right back. Retching now, at the thought of Santa x Sakura. :D:*
    25. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      "Barely made Santa's Nice List"? :hurr Was Santa Claus a Sakura fan who didn't like that you bash his pink idol? :hurr

      :winny Just spamming that emoticon now. :awesome
    26. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Switches and coal? Someone made Santa's nice list this year. :hurr

      Just for the helluvit, posting this emoticon one more time: :winny
    27. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      :lmao Love that emoticon. :lmao

      Hope you had a nice holiday, hon. :winny
    28. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Merry Christmas, vj. :squish :<3
    29. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      vj...the Natsu x Erza FC is finally up. :maybe X
    30. LordPerucho
      Hmmm you also like Computers, interesting.

      Plus I was checking DBZKai on YT and Bulma's attitude in the Namek Saga reminds of how you described Sakura being selfish.(When she wanted to leave Piccolo in Namek).
    31. Violence
      thx for the rep! :amuse
    32. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I think so, too. I think a lot of Fairy Tail fans want to see romance in the series, and romance that is developed well and didn't see coming. Oh, you just made up of Kana x Bickslow. Nice crack pairing. :LOS But I prefer Cobra x Cana or Laxus x Cana for my crack pairings for her. :zaru
    33. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Indeed he is. :hehee I like Mashima's approach to pairings. Wish more shounen mangas took his approach. And where did you get the idea Cana is going to get with Bickslow? :confused Or was it supposed to be a joke? :confused Still, love how Mashima is introducing all these weird pairings.
    34. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      I saw that. :hehee Never imagined that one. Ooo, lawd, I can see the crack pairing fans cackling with glee. :lmao

      What's next? Cobra (one of the Oracion Seis) x Cana? :lmao (Oh, God, please, make it happen, Mashima. :wtf)
    35. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Are you serious? :sag They actually had the nerve to rage over a colored chapter that had nothing to do with pairings? Fucking NaLu zealots. Just face the facts that Lucy isn't the only woman in Natsu's life nor is the whole manga about NaLu. Jesus H. Christ. :facepalm

      I can't escape their tardism on Zerochan either (where I find a lot of fanarts for many animes). I'm looking a fanart pic that shows Natsu x Wendy (granted I'm not crazy about this pairing), Loke x Lucy, Gray x Juvia, and Jellal x Erza, and one NaLu fanatic started raging over the pic, and said Natsu x Wendy and Loke x Lucy aren't good couples. :giogio
    36. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      It happened on YouTube? :giogio Why am I not surprised? :facepalm Jesus, Christ, NaLu fanatics...:apathy I love the NaLu friendship, but I'm beginning to despise the romantic pairing itself the way some of the fans are carrying on.
    37. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Wait, did this name-calling happen on NF? :confused But name-calling...:facepalm Why am I not surprised? :giogio
    38. Fighting Kitsune
      Fighting Kitsune
      Why aren't we friends, vj? :pek This problem should not continue. :pek
    39. LordPerucho
      Naruto's character took a huge dump when he became obsessed with Sasuke and then he gets powered up, and his moveset/style of fight is predictable and boring.

      The problem with Sakura has always been her character, Kishi probably thought that giving her superhuman strength was gonna stop the hate,WRONG.

      Her confession to Naruto and leaving her friends KOd in order to kill Sasuke by herself just made it worse.

      One thing, Who was the one who Sakura captured? The one who pretended to be Neji, it was Zetsu, right?
    40. LordPerucho
      Weird that you like Naruto but hate Sakura, lol..
    41. Dragonus Nesha
      Dragonus Nesha
      Signature Rules: "For normal members, your total signature space allowed is 550 (Width) x 400 (Height). This includes space taken up within closed spoiler tags, text, and images."

      Your signature (540 x 498) is over the allowed width and height and needs to be removed or resized.
    42. supersaiyan146
      Your SUCKURA bashing is God Tier..gotta admit that :awesome
    43. Grimzilla
      We can only hope, looks like there on Thundera now instead of Third Earth. Guess they don't want this to be a copy but their own thing in the end.
    44. Grimzilla
      Actually, I read that Studio 4C and Warner Bros. Animation are making this and they said, officially, this is the 2nd American anime after Airbender.

      I always feel guilty watching though since I'm a dog person
    45. Grimzilla
      I guess it's safe to assume you know about the new Thundercats american anime

      Know the release date?
    46. Sword Sage
      Sword Sage
      Oh yeah and Merry Christmas Vjpowell!!
    47. Trix13
      Ur sig, what episode is that?
    48. maciejl20
      I hear you have some info when the manga ends beceause you has some spy in Kishi office.
      Does it true?
      This is joke but I hear you know something about it, could you share some info?
    49. butcher50
      i like how you are tearing sakura into to pieces, grinding them to dust :hurr

      "begone pink witch"
    50. Raven Rider
      Raven Rider
      hey whats up.
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