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Feb 16, 2017 at 5:37 PM
Jan 11, 2005
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Apr 11, 1979 (Age: 37)
in the Fade

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Busy procrastinating, 37, from in the Fade

Vergil was last seen:
Feb 16, 2017 at 5:37 PM
    1. strongarm85
      Works for me!
    2. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Hell yes, that sounds awesome. I'd totally be down.
    3. Michellism
      Been god can't complain, Almost forgot about this place :lmao

      How's life been treating ya?
    4. Michellism
      Hey vergil, how ya been?
    5. Shin_Yagami
      He went way more insane at a much faster pace than I expected, he got carried away with the world cup success and convinced himself that the system was godly instead of it just being luck and small sample size.... I do wonder though if the fan base really believed that Man U had a championship contending team when Fergie left, I remember him claiming that and the most confusing thing to me is that it seems like people actually bought that.

      I'm good, I hope you and the old lady are so as well?

      I haven't had much desire to RP myself, not in the last year or so. You aren't in anything that's going on currently here?
    6. Shin_Yagami
      Have you been enjoying the Van Gaal experience?:P
    7. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      We can talk on d20 about what you want to do to make it easier.
    8. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      drinking contest sounds up Duncan's alley
    9. EvilMoogle
      Yeah, sure I guess. If he's interested have him post in OOC or VM/PM me :)

      Character creation is... odd... at this point :zaru
    10. Unlosing Ranger
      Unlosing Ranger
      Unnatural lust they say
    11. soulnova
      lol ask him where are the children and what happened to them?
    12. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      Oh. I just like fucking around with GOS sometimes, he knows I'm just ruffling his feathers.
    13. Hidden Nin
      Hidden Nin
      It depends on the individual entirely.
    14. Word Crimes
      Word Crimes
      I'll make a NPC^^

      I rather like the idea to be honest.
    15. Word Crimes
      Word Crimes
      Yo, I was wondering if I could be a rouge ninja, a high ranking one at that >.<
    16. Caedus
      Hey man sorry! I know I been out and about but nice to know you still remember me lol
    17. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Okay, thanks for the heads up
    18. Unlosing Ranger
    19. Word Crimes
      Word Crimes
      Oh, I do know. I wasn't one of those people^^
    20. Atlantic Storm
      Atlantic Storm
      I posted for the liquid time.
    21. Word Crimes
      Word Crimes
      I wonder if I can skip the stupid training and continue what I was from my other RP? (in a forum I was banned by... IWD knows what I'm talking about xD)
    22. Word Crimes
      Word Crimes
      Okay, cool. And many thanks (:
    23. LunarCoast
      Hey Vergil - I don't see why not save it for skype though xD.
    24. River Song
    25. Cjones
      Yeah, Kei did. I can link it to you. I was thinking you post next with Kagami going all "Rich Bitch Modo" on her and the dragon shows up.

    26. Cjones
      Is it yours or my turn to post?
    27. InfIchi
      haha you know i'm always up to chat with you verg :D
    28. InfIchi
      eeeh not really T.T things have been going baaaad
    29. Captain Obvious
    30. Kuno
      Call me...call me now!!!
    31. Kuno
      Getting on... :love
    32. kluang
      Can you add the god if medicine and the goddess of magic post and my latest god list pist to the front page
    33. Kuno
      My poor baby...what are you going to do without your computer now?
    34. Kuno
      :( Play with me!!! :argh
    35. Muk
      maybe you can play some hearthstone ;p
    36. Muk
      no gw2 for you? laptop can't handle it xD?
    37. Muk
      nice, congrats :D
    38. Muk
      you in europe or why are you so active during my daytime xD
    39. InfIchi
      Hey vergil ^^
    40. EvilMoogle
    41. Kuno
      :love Damn you are a sexy man. :aroused
    42. Shin_Yagami
      Yeah, Germany got a nice little golden generation going on. I'm expecting them to win, Spain seems to be running on fumes. Got into any of the American sports yet? Rooting for those damned Seahawks like your better half?

      As for the Naruto RP, I tried getting into them a few times but there are few things about them that just turn me off so I gave up on that. Plus I'd want to explore something me and Ranma had been working on and without him around it isn't as appealing to do that.

      I'm gonna take it easy for another week or so until I have summer break, I might start looking for another game then to do besides what I do with Serp.
    43. Shin_Yagami
      LVG should have your team playing better football, he has an eye for talent and developed some great players so at the very least I think he'd be good for the rebuilt that is needed. He's very much mental, not sure how much of that has become clear at this point for those that don't have history with him. I liked the move for him, I have a soft spot for him and can laugh at his antics but he's just as likely as to revolutionize as he's to cause a mutiny to erupt.

      I have no expectations for my country in the WC, our attack isn't as broken as it was during the EC but our defense is still shitty and the 3 best players we should have, out of them only Robben had a good season. Sneijder seems over the hill and RVP has been injured for the most part as you should know all too well.

      Do you have any rooting interests in the WC?
    44. Shin_Yagami
      How are you feeling about your new manager? The Iron Tulip!
    45. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Heard of it, never seen it
    46. SoulTaker
      I feel a lot better today than I have in days so that's good. It's weird I've woken up in pain for about 4 straight days and today I didn't. Sun's out too. I think the combo is making me feel better than I have in days.

      I forgot to say the templar idea is legit as fuck actually. I had CT work on some stuff as well that's going to buff up the fighting power of the Jashin Church. I'll forward it to you.
    47. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Well, this is going to be fun


      Suzume is gonna need a change of cloths after dis
    48. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      LOL spank no jutsu
    49. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      Nope LOL

      Just waiting fer it :LOS

      Off to werk nao doe
    50. Chaos Theory
      Chaos Theory
      At this rate, not sure if it's Kagami or Suzume that will be annoyed :zaru
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    in the Fade
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