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Utopia Realm
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Mar 30, 2017 at 6:22 PM
Feb 24, 2008
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Sep 2, 1986 (Age: 30)

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Utopia Realm

An immortal Wu., Male, 30, from Earth

On a personal journey... Feb 4, 2017

Utopia Realm was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Mar 30, 2017 at 6:22 PM
    1. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      On a personal journey...
    2. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      Just sittin' around and doing nuthin'.
    3. Keollyn
      This is how the url looks when I try to paste your code in the browser


      Could be because your images aren't offsite, methinks.
    4. Keollyn
      Can't say I know why then. Have you been editing your script lately? I haven't edit mine in a very long time, so something new on both site must be clashing.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Utopia Realm
        Utopia Realm

        That's the code. Noticed I can't find my albums so I might have to make new cut/pastes link from photobucket instead of the album section (seems they removed it. :p ).
        Apr 23, 2016
      3. Keollyn
        Did you try using photobucket images yet? I imagine it'll work.
        Apr 24, 2016
      4. Utopia Realm
        Utopia Realm
        I'll do that later. I have most of my images on there anyways save for the new ones I made. Just weird how the album section got dropped and the signature now sits in the profile page.
        Apr 24, 2016
    5. Keollyn
      Not sure how this work now, comment seemed to be something entirely different.

      Do you use cutandpastescript?
    6. The Soldier
    7. The Soldier
      The Soldier
    8. Louis-954
      So what are your thoughts after your first UFC event? More exciting than boxing eh? :)
    9. Ai
      Thanks. :nod
    10. Freechoice
      You're hilarious :bookerskully
    11. Xiammes
      I have no idea, the guy stopped showing up awhile ago. Looks like he still lurks.
    12. Utopia Realm
      Utopia Realm
      Samus Aran from Metroid.
    13. Stan Lee
      Stan Lee
      Who is the character in your avatar/sig?
    14. balboass
      it's Jhen? Aiko from her ''The Worst'' video. :)
    15. Asura 大神
      Asura 大神
      Thank you for the rep.
    16. Dream
      Nope. 1MB is the limit. :/
    17. Dream
      Sorry but I can't allow that. :Jet
    18. Ernie
      It's on. :LOS

    19. God Movement
      God Movement
      Furthermore, when you do something like this "Small building | Large building | City level"

      Make a Key at the bottom of the page so people know what you're talking about.

      So for instance:

      Key: Base | Transformation 1 | Transformation 2

      You can look at Ichigo's page for reference. Look at his page, and make your page look like it so it follows the standard wiki formula. To make a proper caption on the image instead of writing the captain below it click the image and fill in the caption there on the visual editor.

      If you need anything explained don't hesitate to contact me.
    20. God Movement
      God Movement

      Read this.

      I fixed up your last page, this current one needs to be fixed up too "Benares". The formatting is wrong.
    21. Ernie
      nice sig pal
    22. Silver
    23. Akatora
      Nice Signature, took a look at imdb to see if any progress has been done without seeing any changes :(

      However a rather bad joke I noticed was a movie was released last year named "Cowboy Bepop"

    24. DemonDragonJ
      Very awesome signature; I like that image very much. :grin
    25. Toriko
      Do you have a link?
    26. Kamina.
      Thanks for the rep.
    27. Toriko
      Yeah, it's pretty good so far. Despite it being kind of old-looking, the animation is really good.

      And If you could screen cap anything relevent, that would be a huge help bro.
    28. Yami Munesanzun
      Yami Munesanzun
      your mutant horse isn't getting any of my hugs. :pek

      I just thought I'd let you know that.
    29. Toriko
      Wait looking at our convo, I asked you that a while ago lol.
    30. Toriko
      You have a better view of that attack? The explosion one?

      On a slightly related note, that series looks awesome, is it any good?
    31. Basilikos
      What is your set from?
    32. PlacidSanity
      Lol, interesting set. Is that character from the SoulTaker series?
    33. ChaosTheory123
      Wow... knew I was forgetting something.

      Probably shouldn't have read the PM before now, given I didn't remember it having already clicked on it.

      Thus not indicating I had a new message, sorry dude.

      I'll get on that soonish.
    34. KaiserWombat
      Grand, just relaxing with a bitta Pokemon White 2 + surfing the net

      Just got the Lvl 50 Keldeo event, when none of my other Pokemon are past Lvl 20
    35. Xeogran
      Someone on here likes Regigigas too! :'D.
      I'm not alone!
    36. ChaosTheory123
      I'll get to your PM sometime after I wake up.

      Tired and all that fun shit.
    37. [S-A-F]
      I knew it! Could never forget that design.
    38. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      Well you have alot up your sleeve. I hope all the projects go well for you.
    39. B Rabbit
      B Rabbit
      I like your sets.

      Do you still post in OBD?
    40. Smiley
      What are you talking about? You said grow up. I lol'd at you.

      But now that your insecurity has led you to mention your own perceived immaturity, yeah, you're right. That was very immature of you, as was your response.

      It's always the most immature people who are so worried about their own lack of maturity, that they go around calling others immature.

      Way to be an adult.
    41. Smiley
      Lol, immaturity.
    42. Chuck
      Thanks, got 3 new desktop wallpapers now.
    43. Chuck
      The scene in your set looks great, where was it shot?
    44. [S-A-F]
      This sigs from a 6 ep OVA called Bastard!! its based off a manga though that's far more uncensored than the OVA was.
    45. Ai
    46. Utopia Realm
    47. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Hey,just curious,from which series is your set? :hmm
    48. Pilaf
      We can go explore space then.
    49. LineInfanttree
      Lol I'm in college too. You know a lot of the stuff I wrote, primarily the part about sets, was straight out of my discrete structures textbook :maybe
    50. LineInfanttree
      I didn't discuss that with KT :wha

      I discussed that with Gin.
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