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Jan 18, 2017 at 7:05 PM
Sep 25, 2012
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November 7
US of A

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"The Roaring Tide", from US of A

Lol status Apr 23, 2016

Typhon was last seen:
Jan 18, 2017 at 7:05 PM
    1. Typhon
      Lol status
    2. Monstar6
      No problem.

      This is where we not gonna be agree i guess because I do consider Jack as a swordsman.
      I've seen "Samurai Shamploo" and i do see now what you mean by "Kenshi" but i don't have the impression that Mugen do not consider himself as a swordsman even tho he doesn't follow the same code that Gin.
      The problem is that this distinction (you not a real swordsman if you don't follow some code) did not occur in One Piece. What i mean is that i see what you mean but it's a fan made concept, Oda never implied that if you fight like Mugen you are not a swordsman and i think Kaku and Mr1 (Zoro consider him as a swordsman) prove this.
      But i get your point now so allow me to tell you ,in other words, the same thing Ginrami said to Sheephead (in the chapter 808) when he said that Raizou was not a Samurai but a ninja: " Swordsman is catch all term for warriors who fight with swords! You're focusing on the wrong thing!".


      Yep but it the same thing with Shanks in some extent. I mean if Mihawk views Shanks as a rival is because he consider the guy to be his fellow swordsman the same way he considers Vista this way because he recognizes his strength and skill.
    3. Monstar6
      1. My problem here is how do you decide who is a swordsman and who is not when in the manga there is no distinction between them? By the way, who is Shisui?

      2. He was stated as being a top class swordsman and rival to Mihawk.

      3. How do you know that Shanks do not follow the said code? I mean the guy is a Mihawk's rival do you think Mihawk would have for rival and semi-friend someone who do not share is view on a sword fight?

      Vista do not show any samurai-ish characteristics for me.
    4. Amol
      Happy New Year !
    5. Jigen
      Mine would probably be Captain Phasma. She's a new female villain, and she got heavily featured in the trailers and posters...only to get tossed into a garbage chute.
    6. Jigen
      I think they had to have the plot a bit basic though, as they had to explain what happened to the Empire, the original cast, introduce the new generation, etc.
      Kylo...is a mixed bag. Going to go see the movie again later this week so I can give it another look.
    7. Jigen
      Sorry for the late reply, been busy with work. :coffee
      Yeah, I saw it just before Christmas, it wasn't perfect, but I thought JJ Abrams did a pretty good job all things considered.
    8. xmysticgohanx
      where's your sig from?
    9. Freechoice
      Justification ain't needed motherfucker.

      Opinion is intrinsically subjective. I got nothing to prove.
    10. Freechoice
      deserved for differing opinion?

      that's just straight ignorant
    11. Freechoice
      I'm going to be your best friend and simultaneously your worst enemy, motherfucker
    12. Freechoice
    13. Mariko
      Thank you! :hug
    14. Amol
      Vote for Luffy in tournament
    15. Mr. Nice Guy
      Mr. Nice Guy
      thnx for the rep you gave me on this thread i didnt know about the rep system at that time so i just couldnt thank you immediately i believe its obligatory for every member to thank its good rep giver
    16. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      Well it's usually the respected and reputable ones who vehemently oppose new ideas and changes in the status quo.

      Copernicus and Darwin faced similar dilemmas. :lbj
    17. Jigen
      Yeah, Esdese, her group of Jaegers is one of my favorite group of manga antagonists.
      Schere...oh God, her death was heartbreaking, I remember one of my friends was pretty upset about it as well. I swear Oda and AGK's author are related, especially after this week's OP chapter.
    18. Jigen
      Good, you know about Kingdom, Kyoukai is one my favorite females in manga, only one I can think of off the top of my head that's better than her is Leone (my waifu and current set :catlewd) from Akame ga Kiru (highly recommended btw). Other favorites for me are Jimbei, Law, Zi Shou, Leorio, and more.
    19. Jigen
      I've been debating on watching that show, actually.
      Do you have any other favorite characters from OP or other series? :hmm
    20. Jigen
      Link is broken. But here's the blog I found out how to use images on profiles.
      Apoo is one of my favorite Supernovas btw, his DF is one of the more interesting/unique, and he had guts trying to provoke Kizaru (even if he did get Falcon Kicked through a building).
    21. Jigen
      Thanks for the FR dude.
    22. Amol
      Post something in FC :cat
      I am Chief of Wisdom.
      We talk about all kind of things there.
      You are very much welcome there.
    23. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      Reputable on the OL? There's an oxymoron if I ever saw one.
    24. Marcelle.B

    25. Amol
      Hey Typhon :cat
      Thanks for friend request .
      Join us on Sabo FC once a while .
      It is cool place just to hangout.
    26. Admiral Kizaru
      Admiral Kizaru
      You need to post more on the OL. You always post sense.
    27. Roƅ
      Easily one of the best new-old guys.
    28. Roƅ
      Thanks man :brofist

      Only a matter of time before you get one.
    29. shinjojin
      Thanks, I'm glad that you liked them!! :D

      DOn't forget to check out the latest illustration for the project as well! ;)
    30. Suit
      Need to rep you for that last post on my Zoro thread lol. Can't believe SH4L locked it but kept other obvious troll threads open.
    31. xXFilthy420FrankXx
    32. 3B20
      Thanks for reps!!!
    33. Yoshua
      You my friend, have an excellent taste in characters.

      Scratchmen Apoo > All :gar
    34. [S-A-F]
      Yeah I also grew up on Ranma 1/2, don't remember the girls bodies being this sexy, then again I didn't notice these things as a kid. :laugh Guess it was something to get the older kids through puberty. :hurr
    35. tari101190
      Thanks for rep.
    36. Roƅ
      Yea, Coby gets a lot of hate for some reason.

      I was always one of the few that like him.
    37. Roƅ
      No reason. It's just cool :zaru

      Apoo > Coby tho :smoke
    38. Roƅ
      Still wearing the Avi I see :quite

      So, when are you gonna' change your name to Apoo? :tomato
    39. Itachі
      Thank you for the rep.
    40. Roƅ
      Yea. Sorry they're a bit blurry :geg

      The one I found had some 404 error thing going, so I was only able to save a smaller sized picture.
    41. Roƅ
      [LINKHL]4709[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/fLngoXx.jpg[/Img]
      [LINKHL]4710[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i.imgur.com/1X08DXZ.jpg[/Img]
    42. Roƅ
      Not as cool as you, but I tried :maybe

      Edit: I didn't even realize you repped me until I posted this. Thanks :brofist
    43. Roƅ
      Nothing man :brofist

      It's just that you had your name and set for a long time. I thought you'd never change them.

      Omnation :datass
    44. Roƅ
      And your name? :pek
    45. Roƅ
      Saw a rep from Typhon.

      Thought, "hey, a guy I haven't seen."

      Go to his page...

      What the fuck do you think you're doing, Omnation?

      I'll give you 24 hours to put your set back on.
    46. Kanki
      Riboku 1 shot, but it has the anime names (which uses Chinese names). So Riboku is 'Li Mu'.


      And the Moubu/Shouheikun (Moubu = Meng Wu) is here: X

      BUT.....DO NOT READ PAST PAGE 22. That's where the flashback ends. Then it takes you to the 'future', which we haven't seen yet in the manga. Pages 1-22 do not contain any spoilers though :)
    47. Roƅ
      Sadly you never vote :(

      But you might want to in this one, X
    48. Roƅ
      Zebra-type attacks would be very cool!

      Not to bust balls, but I was never a fan of those types of attacks that control or make your opponents fall asleep.
      I just want some Rankakyu/Ursus Shock type sound wave attacks :yay

      Dub step would be crazy :lmao
    49. Roƅ
      Thanks for Rep.

      I remember when you first joined :LOS

      Only true Apoo fan (Baring me :maybe)

      Any predictions for Apoo?

      I hope he learned some crazy strong Sound Wave attacks. Equal or stronger than Ursus Shock.

      Perhaps he can use his Sound Waves as slashes!

      Anyway, :brofist for staying loyal to the badass Avi.
    50. Zorofangirl24
      Base Sanji > Scratchmen apoop
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