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Apr 27, 2017 at 6:51 AM
Dec 8, 2016
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Feb 2, 1998 (Age: 19)

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Broken Ideals, Male, 19

Trizalgia was last seen:
Viewing forum Naruto Battledome, Apr 27, 2017 at 6:51 AM
    1. Sinevelle
      How did you set this big of an avatar?
      1. Trizalgia
        I won it in the Xenforo lottery, I think it's just until the 24th though. I think you earn bigger avatars through contests and stuff.
        Apr 19, 2017
      2. Sinevelle
        Ah ok, I thought you knew something I didn't.
        Apr 19, 2017
    2. WorldsStrongest
      Nice ava bro
      1. Trizalgia
        Thanks I did a little editing on it so the red and purple popped more and gave the character red eyes. Your ava is nice too, Code Geass is pretty high on my favorite animes list so just seeing Lelouch is enough for me to like it.
        Apr 16, 2017
      2. WorldsStrongest
        Code Geass is pretty great
        Apr 17, 2017
    3. Makishima
      True archer isn't even his equal either lol but yeah I understand that but then just don't have him in it at all at that point? No reason to massacre him in both routes lolol

      Finished Extella over break though and it was ight
      1. Trizalgia
        Yeah True Archer was as close as I could get off the top of my head, Gil is still stronger though. Only people I remember being above Gil were the original magus(I think) if I recall correctly those guys would tornado stomp servants. It's hard to have Gil live through a route and include him due to how OP NP spam is and how Ea is literally so far beyond all the servants power in the routes is comical
        Apr 5, 2017
      2. Makishima
        Well just make him not-interested then, have him leave or just not in the route to begin with, also top five servants go as such

        Gilgamesh =/= Solomon > Enkidu> King Hassan> Merlin = Karna> Ozymandias
        Apr 5, 2017
    4. `Lazlo
      How are you liking the battledome so far?
      1. Trizalgia
        I'm liking it, always fun to see a wide variety of opinions and good debates.
        Mar 15, 2017
    5. The Death & The Strawberry
      The Death & The Strawberry
      Welcome to the forums man :)!
      1. Trizalgia
        Thanks man
        Mar 14, 2017
    6. PhantomSage
      Welcome to the forums!
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    Feb 2, 1998 (Age: 19)
    Relationship Status:
    Even 2d girls don't want me
    Favorite Character(s):
    1st - Sasori
    2nd - Gaara
    3rd - Obito
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: 27


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