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The Gr8 Destroyer
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Mar 24, 2017 at 8:00 AM
Mar 11, 2008
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The Thunderdome
Doing What I Can To Help My Fellow Man

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The Gr8 Destroyer

You Make It I'll Break It, from The Thunderdome

Tacos, I love you, but I also hate you. May 6, 2016

The Gr8 Destroyer was last seen:
Mar 24, 2017 at 8:00 AM
    1. TensaXZangetsu
      Slit the throat of reason and reality
      1. The Gr8 Destroyer
        The Gr8 Destroyer
        If I resort to such tactics I already have before I even pick the knife up
        Mar 22, 2017 at 8:05 AM
    2. Patchouli
      1. View previous comments...
      2. The Gr8 Destroyer
        The Gr8 Destroyer
        Interesting it's like red white and blue
        Aug 1, 2016
      3. Patchouli
        Aug 1, 2016
      4. The Gr8 Destroyer
        The Gr8 Destroyer
        Bwah ha ha Murika
        Aug 1, 2016
    3. Legend

      Im dead
      1. The Gr8 Destroyer
        The Gr8 Destroyer
        Poor rook he isn't gonna be getting any freebie dinners any time soon
        May 8, 2016
      2. Legend
        not at all lol
        May 8, 2016
    4. The Gr8 Destroyer
      The Gr8 Destroyer
      Tacos, I love you, but I also hate you.
      1. Vino
        Fuck you too then
        May 6, 2016
      2. The Gr8 Destroyer
        The Gr8 Destroyer
        Sorry Vino there will be no fucking with the way my stomach feels
        May 6, 2016
    5. The Gr8 Destroyer
      The Gr8 Destroyer
      Me no likey
      1. Khris
        any layout but this layout
        Apr 23, 2016
    6. The Gr8 Destroyer
      The Gr8 Destroyer
      I don't think I like this.
    7. Mariko
      Thanks bruh :hug
    8. Bender
      You're a great dad man. I know you'd never say such crap to your kids like my mom did. :(
    9. Stelios
      haha so you know the struggle. Mine is ~21 months and he's like Dennis the Menace
    10. Haze
      [LINKHL]37[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">https://57.media.tumblr.com/e1dc30209494b2718a26af7abb4cbe87/tumblr_n2x5feeYvB1qjn0tgo2_r1_400.gif[/img]
    11. Addy
      thanks :brofist
    12. Addy
      its the "Addygrader" folder :catfeels

    13. dixie

      Ah, I've been better, but at least I'm still alive

      Its cold as shit here now, that could change!
    14. Rey
      That sounds rather inane, I didn't even know people were ganging up on me. :lmao I mean, I know there was a number of people being dickish but that's hardly new.
    15. Rey
      Sounds excellent, enjoy it. Not a heck of a lot new per se, but things are certainly at least going better than they have been in a long time. Good to see you back.
    16. Rey
      How've you been, man?
    17. txsfld
      As much as I like those cars, I am new school at heart lol. I picked up a mazdaspeed 3, I have been loving it. Fully bolted, and a slight tune. I only want to do more to it, but I figure I can be at least somewhat adult-like and wait until tax time.
    18. txsfld
      Same old anxious self man. I started getting way into cars all of sudden. Gotta find some kind of hobby to not feel awful all the time lol. Although not having a garage isn't a big help.
    19. Cronos
      Oh yeah definitely, haven't seen it myself cause i'm out of the country at the moment but my girlfriend is roaring to go once i get back haha
    20. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Hey hey josh, yeah it was decent enough. Same to you and your fam! :kthumb
    21. Cronos
      It's good to keep busy! Sounds great, i'm sure you'll have a blast :D
    22. Cronos
      Merry christmas to you too man! I have indeed been well. I wish you the best ! How have you been ?
    23. Kitsune
      OMG you're back!!! Please don't leave, I'll whiteknight you until I'm blue in the face, I swear!!!
    24. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      pretty good man

      what brings you back? the announcement of the new part 3 naruto or just random old nostalgia

      i hear the weather in buffalo is relatively good this winter! global warming OP (last year i heard you guys got REKT by a blizzard)

      remember i still owe you a lunch when i eventually go back :noworries
    25. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      holy shit welcome back josh
    26. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      Wait did CTK scare you off bro? :sniff
    27. navy
      Didnt get my gift. :(
    28. Rey
      I love you, man. Merry Christmas.
    29. Scizor
      Merry Christmas to you, too! =)
    30. Run.The.Animal
      And with that, I've grown a deep concern for your standards. Ask them what the Earth's core is like, for me.
    31. [S-A-F]
      Well too much of only anything is bad, he needs to get some meat in his life. :hurr
    32. [S-A-F]
      Do people poop on themselves when they have cholesterol problems? :hmm
    33. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Sup hombre, everything still good for next weekend?
    34. Patchouli
    35. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Yo Josh Posh. :brofist

      Not this weekend, or the following, but the one after?

      I have polled enough people now to determine Duff's da best.

      Also one person I asked publicly said 'Buffalo Wild Wings' and they all laughed at him. :lmao
    36. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      That'll probably work. Lets tentatively go with that for now.

      By the way. So much controversy on who has the best wings. :lmao

      And Buffalo Wing Pizza my gosh man, it sounds exquisite.
    37. Elder WAD
      Elder WAD
      Not this weekend or the following but the one after that

      Are you down for...Operation Wings of Freedom?

      If not really it can be anytime before October, just gotta let me know a week in advance or so because I'm also meeting up with some other dudes from NF sometime in September not sure when and gonna go to Toronto.
    38. KamiKazi
      Feel free to make your ask thread in the Lounge at any time :3
    39. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      In case krory didn't tell you: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?p=47382726#post47382726
    40. Patchouli

      I needs more info.
    41. MitsukiShiroi
      I love you man. :lmao
    42. [S-A-F]
      You're gonna have to post a stream link to RAW so I can make that AJ gif. I can't find that shit on youtube. :argh
    43. Flow
      What post were you going to report of mine? :hmm
    44. Laura
      Why aren't we friends Mister? :hurr
    45. Cronos
      you're awesome
    46. Cromer
      J the boss! :pimp
    47. TaskMaster
      Hey I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind looking at my story “So Called Heroes” and giving some feedback on it. It’s going to take over the Manga World!! It’s in the Konoha Literature section in the forums. Here is the link: http://www.narutoforums.com/showthread.php?t=881626
      Please and thanks!
    48. Patchouli
      If you like Metroid games, you should check out Cave Story. The original game is free. Cave Story+ is really cheap on Steam.

      Both play like Metroid, maybe a bit more difficult though.
    49. Speedy Jag.
      Speedy Jag.
      well fang put an end to the demolition works lol
    50. martryn
      Naw, I'm fans on Facebook, and the first season is on iTunes, but they don't have the later seasons released, yet.
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