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Nov 21, 2012
Dec 24, 2007
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The Netherlands

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:zaru, from The Netherlands

-ThanatosX- was last seen:
Nov 21, 2012
    1. 【Temari】
      :LOS :LOS :LOS
    2. Flow
      whyd u call me a ningen u racist!
    3. K
      You sure do lurk a lot.
    4. Alien
      Thanks for the rep :grin
    5. VioNi
      :lmao You're the 1st person to ever neg me.

      You should feel proud buddy. :LOS
    6. Scizor
      Y M I a faggot? :zaru
    7. PradaBrada
      Jagshemash! :zaru
    8. Vyse
      Yeah PUA´s simetimes understand women better than women understand themselves lol

      I´m not nearly as good as Mystery. I´d really like to, though.
    9. Vyse
      Oh yeah, I tried it out frequently in the last two years.
      And it´s just like they say, there´s no guarentee that ot works, but it still helps a lot.

      I got to know my girlfriend like this :LOS So I´m really grateful to these guys.

      You should try it out, too.
    10. Vyse
      The Game? Sure I´ll try it.

      The problem with PUA is, the more people do it,the less special it becomes.

      Are you successful with this stuff?
    11. Vyse
      Yeah I got into Pick-Up arts back in the days. Do u now Mystery? He was the one who captivated me back then.
      I read and tried out a lot of stuff he was teaching and this shit actually works. That´s really fascinating.

      People don´t know shit about Ronnie Coleman, he is one of the greatest athlets this world has ever seen. Let them talk.
    12. Vyse
      You mean PUA like in Pick-Up Artist?

      Ronnie has my respect, that´s for sure. Your biceps is quite well defined as well.
    13. MIHAWK
      well i havent stepped in the gym for about 2 months :scry i have this shit bro for like way too long,like a year and it got worse and worse,the doc said i fucked it up way too much and the physio therapist said im not even allowed to do any repetive movements from now on inculding even changing channels from the remote :lmao

      so i gotta take like a break from MSN,NF as well :uwah

      i have been working for 3 years but thing is im one of those athletic guys,that can run fast,jump high and lift a lot but i cant do anyting else right :lmao its like im the clumsiest person on the planet :lmao plus i have been skipping gym for all summers and havent been doing my nutricion right after the first year and i got some 4-5 months breaks from gym cuz i was lazy :hehee

      bro how long are u working out? :iria and i suppose u know about the right amount of protein one should get,that sugar is prohibited,about metabolism and how much sleep helps as well :awesome

      btw that would be SOOOOO amazing but i think in greece were im living the only way to see one of those is to wait for joe weider to get them in many years :lmao and no one goes there cuz u need like a ticket to do a fucking exercise :awesome

      i had a few trainings there and bro there was a fucking LINE on the bench while 3 people were ALREADY switching in like all benches O_O

      but not being able to crush at u would be such an AMAZING relief!!!!
    14. MIHAWK
      hahahahaha :lmao but if we accidentally took one of those pathetic proteins of BSN then THEY should be thanking us we are helping them to get rid of it :hehee

      well i bench 100 kilos for 12 reps and 140 for 1/2 reps but that was like in december and because i didnt warm up properly and shit i fucked up my arm so i got tendonitis and epikondilitis in my right arm and having injections,getting pills,doing physiotherapy and massaging with voltaren all the time and that shit is still there :lmao

      also i reccoment u to suprass me soon :awesome
    15. MIHAWK
      lol nice pic with coleman there! :awesome i would actually throw a smoke bomb and take all the creatine and noxplode i could carry and run :hehee :lmao

      btw how much do u bench bro? :awesome
    16. Sunuvmann
      Please replace your current sig with this.


      Its just better.
    17. arokoua
      :):love hi (-Thanatosx-) nice to met you can we be friendes:amuse:love
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    Episode: 101 :zaru
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