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Tenchi Muyo
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Dec 25, 2013
Sep 6, 2008
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Tenchi Muyo


Tenchi Muyo was last seen:
Dec 25, 2013
    1. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      I was kidding , we have no problem with vulgar words .

      Look no further then chaos for example .
    2. Saint Saga
      Saint Saga
      I took it VERY seriously !!!!!

      How dare you say such dirty words :pek :pek .
    3. Foxve
      is it good? what system is it for?
    4. Markness
      I haven't but it looks fun.
    5. Foxve
      What anime/manga is she from?
    6. Foxve
      who's the girl in your sig and avy?
    7. Markness
      Indeed, she needs more game appearances, especially 2D! Darkstalkers with HD graphics ala BlazBlue would be a dream come true.

      Along with Morrigan, I also love Felicia, Lilith, Etna, Athena (KOF Athena) and Nakoruru.
    8. Francesco.
      Umh tecnically Purehito would survive an attack life H2 Ichigo cero (one hit, not two) with the powerscaling Zeref would tank a cero, Purehito is above Lucci/Grimmjow/Jimbei and maybe Halibel stops at Kuma/Ulquiorra/Hancock, Barragan or Stark are overkill.
    9. Francesco.
      The Fairy Tail top tier are not that bad, for example: Equalize the speed and remove the flight, and Purehito equal to Byakuran from KHR (Power Six high tier).
    10. Francesco.
      Zeref ability are the “destroy the life of opponent”, no one can tank that broken moves in HST. So this is an move where he can kill the opponent, regardless of durability, Zeref durability is at least Multi block level, Purehito have tanked an Multi block level from Natsu, and Zeref is light year stronger than Purehito.

      For example in Psyren i powerscale Zeref around Miroku (above) and Grana (Below).

      Full powered awakened Zeref is 100% planetary threat via hype.
    11. Francesco.
      Do you powerscaling Zeref in HST? The Zeref ability are broken, would kill anyone 1vs1.
    12. Markness
      I never finished Cross Edge but it was fun when I played it. I have been playing Disgaea a lot lately, though.

      Morrigan is still one of my top game girls. I'm still hoping for a new Darkstalkers but I hate how Crapcom keeps holding it back and Ono's borderline trolling is getting annoying.
    13. Banhammer
    14. DestinyDestroyer
      You do realize MVC 3 is extremely lacking, right?

      I just hope they add more modes in the Ultimate version. I am getting the game anyway, just to play as Vergil

      And I am kinda pissed off right now because Chun lost her Death Battle against Mai and I so f***ing hate KOF
    15. Kurou
      You have a solid stance but this is fiction so there is room for error. Though Ichigo would have been better to use then Azien since he was continuosly producing shockwaves with each swing of his blade.
    16. DestinyDestroyer
      Ah, you're not alone my friend

      BTW, Check this out

    17. DestinyDestroyer
      Darkstalkers :awesome
    18. Kurou
      No problem
    19. Banhammer
      eh, asides from work and some minor surgery, everythings fine
    20. Ulti
      Yo man, thanks for the rep :ho
    21. Castiel
      your avatar is the best
      hey boy want to be friend me send me a request card ok! if not then your luck kid!
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