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Sep 25, 2007
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    1. San Juan Wolf
      San Juan Wolf
      Hey Teach, you still post ? I don't remember seeing you for a while.
    2. Roƅ
      Teacheeeeeeeeeh~ :whitebeard
    3. Jigen
      Thanks for accepting the FR. :maybe
    4. Freechoice
      Thanks for the rep.
    5. Kamina.
      Thanks for the neg.

    6. Jad
      Excellent. Fate made this union possible :maybe
    7. Jad
      Should we be friends? I mean we both sail under the Blackbeard Flag brethren.
    8. Zorofangirl24
      zoro cuts off luffys arm or legs in a fight, forever will Luffy be unable to defeat Zoro
    9. Lord Melkor
    10. Freechoice
      freechoice33 AKA freechoice the enlightened.
    11. Freechoice
      You dare ignore the mighty freechoice?!
    12. Freechoice
      Hey friend!
      get a life.
    14. Zorofangirl24
      Fodder like you should be banned :zaru
    15. Jay.
      God bless us
    16. Jay.
    17. Waly D Rabz
      Waly D Rabz
      Thanks for showing that the rep bar has meaning here
    18. Badass Shanks
      Badass Shanks
      How about u stop sucking Kaido's d**k and start considering the possibility that Shanks could b stronger then Kaido
    19. kenjitr
      Thanks for reputation :)
    20. Imback48
      Bro, that is a good list. Most will induce Law on the list, this character is like, hey everyone look here, I'm a cool guy with a bland personality. :lmao
    21. Imback48
      Hey Teach, who is your top 10 characters in OP? If you don't mind telling me. :P
    22. Imback48
      Law is going to experience a real nightmare from the Yonko. Btw how can I almost forgot that pineapple phaggot, Blackbeard gotten make this homo into a fried phoenix drumstick. :lmao
    23. Imback48
      Dr. Hiluluk da best. This character is what I call the gems of OP.
    24. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Hey Teach, what did you get banned for?
    25. Black Mirror
      Black Mirror
      I also had it once :cry How long til you're released?
    26. Black Mirror
      Black Mirror
      wanted to rep you for this :(

    27. Golden Witch
      Golden Witch
      Sorry for asking but how come I can't rep you?:hmm
    28. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Hey Teach,join my division in the Urouge FC my man. :LOS

    29. Fomor214
      yeah no problem. and thanks.
    30. Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi
      Thanks a lot for the rep :)
    31. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Hey Teach join the Urouge FC my man.

    32. Marcο
      Lol thanks.
    33. Coruscation
      I would say it's definitely for the same reasons Luffy looks bad sometimes. Like we thought it was bad when he lost to Caesar, but Blackbeard getting himself and his whole crew annihilated in a second by Mag was just as stupid. Or getting sent flying and sweating, panting and bleeding by one hit from preskip Luffy. In fact that's probably worse than anything Luffy has been subjected to now that I think about it. So yeah, I would say that it's because Oda gives him the same treatment as Luffy that people are quick to underrate him. I think it only reinforces his strength since he is pretty much meant to be a darker Luffy. He seems to stumble and bleed easily but actually putting him down completely is nearly impossible.
    34. Marcο
      Wow thanks lol :awesome, your a nice person after all haha. :yay
    35. Coruscation
      I do rate him pretty highly. I agree he had top tier physical ability or at least close to it. Idea of someone like Vista or DFless Marco is tanking the attacks he did significantly better doesn't resonate with me. Or fucking up Ace even more with two basic punches. He was strong among high tiers before the Gura.

      With WB's fruit he was unquestionably a top tier. I've come to loathe the idea that Garp and Sengoku kept standing in front of quakes for the whole fight for no reason. He must have been one to hold them off. I actually lean more and more lately toward his whole "I'm not ready yet" stance being because of his crew and not himself. Some people think he's getting more DFs for himself, but I think it's for his crew. Since as I said in some thread he's not beating another Emperor or becoming PK with himself with his strongest crewmate being on par with Magellan.
    36. TheGrizzly
      Thanks for the rep ^^
    37. Sartharion
      You really have something against me do you? I say that Marco was stopped by plot and u go and neg me for no reason.
    38. アストロ
    39. アストロ
      i'm a girl :distracted please don't resort to such slang or I'll have you reported next :33
    40. Marcο
      That's subjective. So I prefer watching characters that are perfect and consistently strong from the get-go. I'd take characters like that over wish-washy, run of the mill pussy ass generic shōnen protagonists any day. As unrealistic as they may be, I enjoy watching these types of characters (at least when it comes to manga/anime) . Are you telling me you actually enjoy watching protagonists like Yuki from Mirrai Nikki or Tsuna? :lmao, to each their own. I only feel frustration when I see fail characters like that. So tell me wise one, what type of characters do you like?
    41. Marcο
      What was wrong with my post? Cuz I said I like bad ass characters?...
    42. Sartharion
      Too bad then.
    43. Sartharion
      Why did you neg me? Because I skipped Skypea arc?
    44. blueframe01
      Teach is a coward... deal with it :LOS
    45. Imback48
      Hello biggest blackbeard fanboy, shichibukai law is a faggot I hope blackbeard shove his gura power up bitch law ass and law shake violently like a ragdoll sticky out his tongue and finally explode to pieces and blackbeard will tear out his chesthair and smell it. God hates fags fags die god laughs.
    46. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Thanks Pal.

      this Coming from one of the best posters i've ever seen on NF is sure something.
    47. Hakan Erkan
      Hakan Erkan
      Thanks for Rep Teach,I knew that I am not the only one who thinks that Blackbeard is an awesome Character.
    48. Trafalgar D. Law
      Trafalgar D. Law
      Thanks 4 the rep :)
    49. Furious George
      Furious George
      New tiny avatar is perfect don't ever change it or I'll call you a faggot. :pek
    50. Roƅ

      ...I'll take you up on that :wink
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