1. Fancy yourself a sleuth, evil mastermind, debating pro, and/or just plain love One Punch Man? If so, sign up for Akihabara Lounge's first Mafia game, themed on One Punch Man.

  2. Hey you

    Yeah you!

    Have you always wanted to impress Gordon Ramsey with your culinary skills?

    Well you can't...

    But you can impress the NF community by joining the Cooking Contest in the Bento Box!

    And we promise we won't make you cry like him.
  3. Throwback Naruto : Hidden Village of Art has launched a new contest related to Naruto where Love and Spring is in the air, until next June 21.
    To know more click on the link: Spring Canon Pairings Drawing contest !!

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Jun 22, 2017 at 9:12 PM
Feb 25, 2007
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Taleran was last seen:
Jun 22, 2017 at 9:12 PM
    1. Parallax
      Your review of Victoria put it over the top, I'm seeing it once it hits LA.
    2. Violent by Design
      Violent by Design
      hey, where did you see Leviathan?
    3. tari101190
    4. Castiel
      paolo rivera latest in list of guys Valiant snatches away from the big 2
    5. Castiel
    6. Pseudo
      Damn. I already read it:(

      I enjoyed it.
    7. Pseudo
      What's the name of the book, my dear Taleran.
    8. Castiel
    9. Gaawa-chan
      What's your signature from? :awesome
    10. ghstwrld
      The webcomic? The Vertigo one? If it's the latter, it looks and sounds interesting, but, I don't know, iambic pentameter and Shakespeare have always done weird things to me. I'll probably check it out, though.

    11. ghstwrld

      Thanks again.
    12. ghstwrld
      :distracted Oh, right...baseball. Thanks.

      How is it?
    13. ghstwrld
      Whatever happened to that football (?) horror comic you posted about earlier this year? I can't remember its name or who's involved and my google-fu is totally failing me.
    14. Violent by Design
      Violent by Design
      these links safe?
    15. Parallax
      Barnes and Noble is having the 50% off Criterion sale again. Till the 30th of this month
    16. Tyrion
      Hi, do you know when Sherlock Homes 2 comes out on BLU RAY? I can't find anything about it. And ghost protocol.
    17. Whip Whirlwind
      Whip Whirlwind
      I'll check it out once I'm off work.

      And I agree, they should take advantage of the 3d. But showing a group of soldiers just flying around chicago for 15-20 minutes is not the way to do it. It was boring, like they were just seeing the sights. Now the fight between the snake thing and optimus? That was a good use of 3d.
    18. Whip Whirlwind
      Whip Whirlwind
      He makes a lot of good points, but my biggest complaint with the third transformers movie was the excess number of "HEY LOOK AT HOW 3D IT IS!" scenes. Like the squirrel suit tour through chicago that took like 30 minutes. When it was just Bay bayin it up with the giant robots completely wrecking chicago, that was awesome.

      And I agree that Whedon is kinda aping Bay a bit, but I'm still optimistic that it'll be fun.
    19. Whip Whirlwind
      Whip Whirlwind
      So do you seriously like Michael Bay? Not saying you shouldn't, since although the transformers movies (with maybe 1 excepted) are horrible, my roommate and I made a pact that we would be willing to defend the reputation of "The Rock" and "Bad Boys 2" by any means necessary.
    20. Parallax
      Holy shit

      yes you're right.
    21. Petes12
      What drives me nuts is the fans who hold him up on a pedestal as some kind of god of proper anatomy and dynamic action, when both suffer totally from stiff unnaturalness.
    22. Petes12
      That was my other guess. Was trying to think of who we'd talked about recently.
    23. Petes12
      Erm... JRJR?
    24. martryn
      You need to specify what volume of Kill Bill you're referring to.
    25. Furious George
      Furious George
      Once I start arguing I never really stop. Its my way. It could've been about fast food and I'd be just as long-winded. :lmao
    26. Darth Nihilus
      Darth Nihilus
      That set

      Where from is it
    27. LIL_M0
      Marshall Law :datass
    28. Castiel
      On the off chance you were even mildly curious, the Terminator tv show that ran a couple years back was actually half decent. Much closer to the original 2 movies in tone and themes. Also had a few interesting plotlines running before it ended.
    29. Castiel

      I feel you are just the kind of person who would enjoy this.

      And no it's not subbed yet.
    30. Guy Gardner
      Guy Gardner
      I dunno. I love that they rip on comics for being accessible, and then talk about how easy it is to start reading manga. "Look, it's totally easier to get into, despite having to read 5 times as much stuff!"
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