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Jan 5, 2013
Mar 26, 2005
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Mar 15, 1989 (Age: 27)
With my Sweetie <3
Techy for opera's and ballet's

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<font color="red"><b>FC Ambassador</b></font>, 27, from With my Sweetie <3

Takagou was last seen:
Jan 5, 2013
    1. demonfox 805
      demonfox 805
      Thank u for the rep! Here's a tissue for the nose bleed.
    2. Amatsu
      Well welcome back. It's just nice to know you're still here. :hug:
    3. Amatsu
      It's been a long time. :)
    4. Mael
      Go right ahead, hon. :33
    5. Mael
      I'd say outside of the ShikaTema FC...I know what you mean. :geg
    6. Mael
      I envy you then. I'm stuck in the middle of continuing this and just simply playing spectator. I'm stuck with the daily decision.
    7. Mael
      Au contraire.* :LOS

      Oh ho really now?
    8. Mael
      Long time no see.
    9. Sennin of Hardwork
      Sennin of Hardwork
      Momentary NH FC is up Takagou :)
    10. Sasuko
      I want you back. :hurr
    11. Mael
      YOU! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!? :pek
    12. Lucrecia
      I'm good at that. Discovering secrets :quite

    13. CHEH
      OH NO! That means i'm all old and can't read manga anymore D8
    14. CHEH
      definitely since i will be graduating next month, woo!
    15. CHEH
      *pokes* how is school? almost on summer break yet?
    16. exena
      Hello. Would like to place a bet on 490. I'm hoping that'll do :D
    17. Vai
      :sniff you're not :Jet
    18. Vai
      well... Its already March 15 here... :sniff... so..

      Happy Birthday taka chan :ohpek
    19. Sunako
      A drama : yamato nadeshiko shichi henge
    20. Kiki
      I have no idea. I'm trying to get along with everybody but getting Bbullshit everywhere I go. :argh

      I mean, we can all get along, I know it!
    21. Mael
      Ahhhhh...ok. I was just curious. :ho
    22. Mael
      Taka...you with me?
    23. Mael
      Awwwww thanks. :love

      Well yeah, the FC sections and Library are rather repetitive, but the Cafe helps me. It's where I draw my strength. The real reason I log into this place is really to talk to people, like you. :love
    24. Mael
      My age should appear in my profile. Honestly, I do this half the time b/c I'm bored.
    25. Mael
      You're not in denial...just more or less trying to be adult with a kids comic.
    26. Mael
      Remember...Kishi won't kill any of the main three. The power of love will save them all.
    27. Mael
      Reality is what happens when you grow up. :D:

      Well I don't want it completely 40K-esque. Naruto and Hinata need to live along with Shikamaru and Temari. Chainswords to Sakura and Sasuke though.
    28. Mael
      After seeing the responses in the ANS FC, we are indeed in the minority, but oh well. I guess I don't mind a more brutish and grimdark conclusion to end the nonsense. It's the 40K talking and I love it.

      Well first I need some vacation time from work, then some money, and then some time for the gf as well to go to Spring Training.
    29. Mael
      I could too...problem is the majority of people here go nuts over it. Thank God my main love is ShikaTema. :love

      The Red Sox? Well...it's hard to say. They have some offensive punch but nowhere near the Yankees. Boston's attempting to stymie NY's great offense with a great defense. On paper it sounds awesome, but it's too soon for me to make a call.
    30. Kagekatsu

      Wow...he even borrowed Mark Hamill's Joker laugh for that scene.
    31. Sasuko
      Hey! :33

      Sasuke is frustrating me so much as he is one of my favorite characters.

      The whole Naruto manga has become too lulzy. I want to debate in threads. However, I know I have the tendency of turning into them into flame wars with the right people. Also, I'm a SasuNaru fan, so arguing on both sides will be silly as hell. Sigh. Huge shitstorm is about to land in the forums. Doesn't that mean that the FC Ambassadors have a lot of screening to do?

      Anyway how have you been in RL?

      PS. It's tsuki-tenshou.
    32. Kagekatsu
      Edward pillows are proof of the Existince of Slaanesh, a.k.a. The Chaos God of Excess, Hedonism, Pleasure, and Lust. (BTW, NS is also Slaanesh's favorite pairing)

      I'd like to put my opinion, but I'd rather wait til the chapter's relased for fear of getting banned. All I'll say is I'm looking for a certain I-Hate-Everyone Emo to either grow up and stop his "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND MY PAIN" routine or he'll be getting a visit from this fine gentlemen:

      And let me just say, were Sauce to make enemies with the Imperial Guard, the end result for him would not be pretty.
    33. Kagekatsu
      Masashi Kishimoto: Truly the son of Kubo Tite when it comes to trolling.

      I think you'd be intrested to hear this:

    34. Kagekatsu
      BTW, do you agree with me that spoilers confirm Sakura to be the "Bella Swan of Manga"?
    35. Tifa Lockhart
      Tifa Lockhart
      Oh :uwah Well I hope everything works out for you. :hug
    36. Tifa Lockhart
      Tifa Lockhart
      Great, thanks for asking. :hurr and you?

      You got some explaining to do :pek
    37. ane
      Thanks for the rep :love
    38. Nawheetos
      Taka! Go kick Kishi for making all his adorable characters too fucking miserable :pek

      I want rainbows and unicorns. Make it happen :hmpf
    39. Lucrecia
      No problem sweetness :wtf
    40. Aleeight
      The Sasunaru crowd probably feels that the big 3 romance fails and that they should be the "true" pairing. That is why they resort to this. Makes me mad because I would like to be taken seriously. Oh well. I will just go and lurk in a anti-Sasunaru fanclub for awhile... Thanks for your support though!
    41. Nawheetos
      I like how you think. You will make a cute minion -pets-
    42. Aleeight
      Thanks...I would be more excited, but my nerves don't do good with having people swear at me and making fun of my postings. There was a reason why I mostly avoided the pairings debates here... I guess I need to get more guts to post more. People don't know how to debate respectively.

      I think I will drop that section for now. I need to go to bed for one thing and people will probably be distracted by tomorrow's manga spoilers anyways. Hopefully, they won't come after me with those guns in my sleep.
    43. Kenneth
      actually you can see what we said back then, click 'view conversation' :wtf
    44. canis
      Who could ever hope to resist the power of cake? :D
    45. Nawheetos
      World domination!! :yell
    46. rageofkyubii
      Heh, good for you. i know you're great at it.
    47. Slinkymilinky
      No problem! we all need some SasuNaruIta smex in our lives! :ho
    48. Kenneth
      i'll be mr popo :swtf

      pairings are not much to me, sure, a fanart or doujin might make my heart beat a little faster but that's about it :edu i love every single one of them.

    49. Kenneth
      are you god? you sound like god. or at least someone who knows what i like. :hurr
      actually i liked every pairing listed so it's a win/win for me :edu
    50. Kenneth
      congrats on the victory :pimp
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  • About

    Mar 15, 1989 (Age: 27)
    With my Sweetie <3
    Techy for opera's and ballet's
    Favorite Character(s):
    Hinata, Shikamaru, Sasuke, Temari, Rock Lee, and Neji.
    Favorite Episode/Chapter:
    Episode: Hinata vs. Neji or Rock Lee vs gaara
    Chapter: 220, "Brothers"
    Im an anime fanatic i love almost everything

    Anime, swimming, art, acting


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