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May 23, 2014
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    1. Zyrax
      Roo man
      Come back
      1. Suit
        No :doge
        Jul 2, 2016
    2. rocconorth
      Are you back? If so, nice to see it.
    3. Josh

      It went from over 22k to 3.7k or so :catsad
    4. Josh
      My rep power suck now, so you ain't getting your spiral back :maybe
      1. Suit likes this.
    5. Josh
      How does it feel to be forever NPU, mate?
      1. Suit likes this.
    6. Freechoice
      weak rep
      1. Suit likes this.
    7. Raiden
      ok. it's hilarious..
    8. Raiden

      whose dupe is it?
    9. Roƅ
      Yea I think so lol

      If I hadn't stopped posting here so much a few months ago, I recon I'd be hitting for 25k~
    10. HamSloth
      Yep :ryoma

      FT section mod :cat
    11. Roƅ
      Yea, sure Jan :lbj

      I've been out of the whoring business for a while now :hm

      Well... I suppose I go on random rep sprees when I get on sometimes. Been a lot more inactive lately.
    12. Roƅ
      Oh yea, they only did 12 episodes.

      I'm assuming there will be an S2 once the manga carries on though.
    13. Roƅ
      You been playing Runescape for the last half year? :gglife

      And yea dude, I started OPM recently too. Am on episode 10 atm.

      Will probably finish next week.
    14. Roƅ
      Yoo Roofus, how goes it man :nice
    15. Amol
      Happy New Year !
      And log in to NF time to time.
    16. Zyrax
      1/3 = .333...

      2/3 = .666...

      3/3 = .999....

      3 / 3 = 1

      1 = .999...
    17. IchijiNijiSanji
      I'm cool, just busy lately. How bout you? :catprone
    18. Amol
      You replied after whole month you know :cat
      Anyway I do follow OPM but just manga not anime yet. I have severe lack of internet nowadays(i.e., for downloading purpose).
      Currently I am mostly reading books. Going to start Maze Runner series(it recently had a film too I think).
      Have you ever watched film called 'Under the Skin' ? It confused the hell out me.
      You don't post in OL nowadays.
      Lost interest in One Piece?
    19. Freechoice
      tfw never received

    20. Suit

      Btw I actually did make a skype

      I'll pm it to you
    21. Freechoice

      how long ago was that? must have been ages ago

      I never see you post on here anymore

      hit us up on skype
    22. Freechoice
    23. Gyro
      Nope, not anymore. I might reinstall it though since a few people have asked me
    24. Josh
      Yeah, I'll add it later. Problem is, I don't even remember my skype password and I login to skype via this comp (already logged in) even less than NF.
    25. rocconorth
      I just meant that I seem to remember your post totals being in the 20grand+ several months ago. I know certain posts don't count but I thought that reflected in your actual post count displayed. I guess they changed something ex post facto that didn't reflect before but does now....anyway...I hope you're doing well.
    26. Freechoice
      that's true
    27. rocconorth
      I, literally, haven't logged on her for almost a month. After examining what I wrote (and your response) my conclusion is that I was drunk/high and couldn't understand (un)simple math. I tend to think I was trying to be funny in referencing your (x//ci%##5) mathematical statement....that may or may not still exist in your avi. As of now, well...it's embarrassingly ridiculous, but at the time, I'm sure I thought I was being clever as fuck about something...but of course...I wasn't. Anyway...keep speaking truth to false, ass, fucking, lame, fake, pretentious, shit...Lucky Rue, Rue, Roo, Suit..et al.:wink There's very few people here (or anywhere) that are consistently true to...well...truth.
    28. Amol
      You always seem busy. Atleast this much work should pay back in 6 digit salary.
      I am resting(i had took a year gap to look after my health) now.
      I will have to go back to college in December again.
      I am mostly marathoning manga and animes nowadays.
      Read Battle Angel Alita on Shiki's suggestion (it is awesome by the way).
      Watched Fate series ,
      Rorouni Kenshin(first swordsman who didn't annoy me).
      Currently watching Psycho Pass.
      It is scifi series(story is like Minority Report+ way too many other works).
      It is for mature audience though.
      How about you ?
    29. Amol
      Hey Matt you there?
      Long time no see.
    30. Chrollo Lucilfer
      Chrollo Lucilfer
      I could easily get mine under 40 mins :catflower
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