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Mar 25, 2017 at 1:55 AM
May 18, 2006
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August 2

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♫♪! Jan 4, 2017

Suigetsu was last seen:
Mar 25, 2017 at 1:55 AM
    1. Suigetsu
    2. Suigetsu
      ♫♪The Silmarils Gems of treelight, Their life belongs to me ♪♫
    3. Zyrax
      >92 dislikes
      1. Suigetsu
        hhehehe it seems Corvida is adamant on disliking every single post that I do in the "stupid pairing section" :LOS
        Jun 18, 2016
    4. Sarun
      Hi, came across ur post in a thread. From what anime is your signature gif from?
      1. Suigetsu
        It's from the trailer of Dawn Of War 3.
        Jun 14, 2016
    5. Suigetsu
      ★ Натзd Вuт... Rатзd★
    6. Zyrax
      Where is ur ava from?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Mr. Nice Guy
        Mr. Nice Guy
        Lol i have no idea how to pm. I havent pm anyone since the update
        Jun 13, 2016
      3. Suigetsu
        click on the inbox button at the top, it's at the right side of your username profile and at the left of alerts.
        Jun 13, 2016
      4. Suigetsu
        You bastards better reply with thank you. :LOS it's the least you can do.
        Jun 14, 2016
    7. Handsome Yak
      Handsome Yak
      You reading Boku no Hero Academia? If you've read the latest chapter you know why.
      1. Suigetsu
        No I havent, I am quite outdated actually haha.
        May 26, 2016
    8. sasusaku622231
      " she is not a bitch, she just doesnt want to be lonley"
      hm do you think canon-sakura is cheating on sasuke with naruto ? I'm a bit confused I don't know if you were being sarcastic or what, could you explain a bit better ?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Suigetsu
        Can I ask you a serious question?
        May 18, 2016
      3. sasusaku622231
        May 18, 2016
      4. sasusaku622231
        I sent you a DM so please do the question there
        May 18, 2016
    9. Hyperion1O1
      Hello Sharky

      So I finally got to reading your stuff (you know what stuff) and here's my opinions:

      Great setting and idea
      Grammar and sentence construction needs work
      Some words are incorrectly spelled

      You should have asked for some proofreading, brother.
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
      2. Suigetsu
        I know!!! I was to excited, and since english it's my second language I got carried away. Hopefully they will overlook such meaningless details. The story an characters and setting it's what matters.

        It still says screened. So I am super nervous.
        May 6, 2016
      3. Hyperion1O1
        You should ask for someone to proof read your work broham. First rule of writing bro.

        Why Gorgutz though?
        May 7, 2016
      4. Suigetsu
        Yeah but these days it's hard to find people that are willing to do so, without having to chase them all over the place. :p

        Well Gorgutz has always caused problems to the blood ravens and honestly we already have a better ork main character which is Kaptin Bludflag.
        May 8, 2016
    10. sasusaku622231
      I saw a post of you syaing sakura loves naruto and sakura would want a divorce from sasuke
      can you explain a bit better : do you think sakura in gaiden and boruto the movie loves sasuke or naruto ?
    11. sasusaku622231
      Hey do you think narusaku can still be canon ?
    12. Suigetsu
      A bit tired atm.
    13. Detective
      Sounds great, brother. I will look forward to it!
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    14. Detective
      Hahaha, I think I just put the stars in there because it looked rather aesthetic. How are things with you, my friend?

      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    15. Amanda
      No I'm busy these days (work, study) and even when I'm not, I'm really slow to watch or read any new fiction. Somehow I don't feel like it... I rewatch my faves, perhaps read books from my favorite authors books I haven't read before.
    16. Amanda
      Uh oh... I didn't work the way I wished it would... See my replies to you in my own profile page.
    17. Amanda
      Thank you! I'm the mod of the Café together with mr_shadow now.
    18. Zyrax
      I am already a member
    19. Zyrax
      Yeah I am unbanned now
    20. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      Well, I'm not bothering with anymore Naruto. I don't have any interest with any expansion of that series.

      I am looking forward to the Yugioh movie though, and the new cards.
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    21. Seto Kaiba
      Seto Kaiba
      I don't care much for them at the moment.
    22. Mizura
      It's the color for Advisors.
    23. Tangle
      Kishi made too many characters for him to handle, that's the problem. I honestly sometimes think he shouldn't have made Taka due to how shitty he ended up treating them.

      Yeah, it says in a databook that he likes animals. It's so cute. :aww

      Yes, I would be willing to pay to read a Taka spinoff. :cry

      Why Sherbet? :hm
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    24. Tangle
      Didn't Kishi also say he liked Suigetsu and was surprised that he wasn't more popular? Yeah I liked Suigetsu more as a cold-hearted badass. Like he was cruel but at the same time had some morals such as not hitting women since he never hit Karin back :lmao

      Hmm Ino is a hottie. Yeah I refuse to believe Suigetsu hasn't gotten laid. I could see him and Ino have a fling. :pimp Although I am a SuiKa shipper so ofc I want him with Karin mostly. :ohyou
      I bet Mei likes them young, she flirted with Sasuke lol although all girls fall for Sasuke lol.
      Kishi ruined Mei :catcry

      I like Karin's hairstyle in Gaiden.
      I feel like Taka is too good for this manga. If only some great artist would take an interest in them and buy the rights to make a spinoff. It will never happen tho :cry
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    25. Tangle
      I heard that Kishi's editors wanted to give Taka individual fights but Kishi was like "lol no". Kishi shits on Taka so much. At the end he was basically just using poor Suigetsu for comical relief and made him into a scaredy cat. :( Sui was so much more badass when he was introduced
      You really like SuiMei hu. Well I don't mind Suigetsu getting hot babes :pimp Too bad Mei got fat :ho Karin looks smoking in the Gaiden tho :pimp
      1. Suigetsu likes this.
    26. Tangle
      Yeah, if you get rich please do it! Taka is so much more interesting than any Konoha team. Too bad Kishi gave them so little attention. :(
    27. Tangle
      I want a Taka spinoff! :(
    28. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      I don't know why lol
    29. Punished Pathos
      Punished Pathos
      Thank you for the rep :thumbs
    30. Amanda
      I don't want to watch anything despressing... :catdespair Sounds good if the last movie is happy, even if sometimes fans think a happy ending is wrong if the franchise has always been super pessimistic... :lmao

      It may be selfish of me, but I wish the Hobbit movies had never been made. I reject them from the LotR movie continuum. They're just too different and bizarre, they don't belong to the same cinematic universe.
    31. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      It'd be cool to see a short version, yeah. I'm wondering how you can realisticly (within 40k verse rules) top killing a Daemon.

      I have to rewatch the ending of 3.33, I don't remember shit
    32. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I can safely skip EVA, I don't have high hopes for the last one. Your movies on the other hand, I've got to see that

      Does Relic and SEGA still have Warhammer rights, though? I know Games Workshop will sell them to every cheap whore that makes a bad game, but... what would DoW3 be about anyway. They killed a fucking Daemon, how do you top that?
    33. Amanda
      I haven't watched Evangelion. It seems a bit despressing, you know, and I need to try to stay in high spirits amid all these real life troubles... :lmao
    34. Amanda
      Glad you liked them. How are you these days?
    35. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I'll try to hold on.

      Yeha, I've got to freelance for now. But most projects start in March. So fingers crossed for the next week. Relic is a fine company :P
    36. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Yeah, I get cash from Google, but it's very little, as I have a very, very small viewcount, because my audience is narrow and I very rarely make videos. It's like 100$ a year since I stopped uploading Starcraft 2 videos, no way I could survive on that.

      The start of the year was very tough. Everyone (as in businesses) is just now waking up, they don't want to start new projects or expand existing ones. Now that March is coming, however, I just might find some freelance programmer work.

      I also got an offer to be an app developer for iOS (and other stuff that uses Objective-C), but I have to find a business that will be willing to train me first. It's proving to be quite problematic. Not all dev studios have proper authorization (to do trainings), or don't want to do it within set cash limit (1250$). Another problem is that Objective-C will most likely be phased out on a year or two by Swift, which is already slowly taking over.

      And yeah, things were very tough on my head past few... I'd rather not say. I refuse to eat pills, though, I'm terrified of a situation where I'd need them and not have any
    37. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      There's a Humble Indie Bundle 16 going on right now, with Sunless Sea in it. You have to Beat the Average donation +2$, so it's ~8$, while on Steam the game is like 19?. I wihs I could get it, but I am literally broke. I need to find a new job ASAP, otherwise, I'm fucked. I've had problems recently, and I think I will die if I don't see a mental health specialist.

      Anyway, gotta wait for the last movie.

      PS: I love how the Siren looks different when she's trying to charm one of your heroes https://youtu.be/oPtNVEA7qOw?t=34s
    38. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Nah, that isn't my YT channel. I haven't done anything for Youtube since I finished Freespace 1 and 2. I didn't feel like it.

      By the way, Darkest Dungeon also has kickass battle music:
      Cove battle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dEqQd_2Cng (Cove is basicly a Shadow Over Innsmouth-like area - Fish people, worshipping Dagon, sea beasts and damned drowned sailors) - at 2:45 the music goes out of this world
      Ruins battle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzozKEl_r7s a classic undead in ruins setting. Still, the Necromancer is badass and the Prophet is highly disturbing (a boss inspired by Rasputin)

      If you like oldschool English and stellar writing, check out Sunless Sea. http://static4.gamespot.com/uploads/scale_super/225/2256286/2840401-sunless+sea+0005.jpg it's pretty god damn well written. After all, those are people who wrote the Fallen London. Also, some Lovecraftian elements.

      Yeah, bethesda won people's faith with Oblivion and Fallout 3. But there are things better than Fallout 3. For example, Fallout: New Vegas. It's much, much better imho.

      I don't know anything about tsunami and EVA connection. You think it could be true? But then again, it'd be easier to rewrite and remake rather than come up with new stuff.
    39. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I mean holy shit listen to this intro https://youtu.be/L6JqPQC37w4?t=6m3s I know this is third-last mission so a bit spoilery, but holy fuck.

      The writing is deliciously oldschool English with plenty of non-standard words. I mean damn, the only other time I've heard or read about "cyclopean stones" or "non-Euclidean geometry" or "titan spires" is in, you guessed it, Lovecraft's stories. https://youtu.be/X-EiPUILa7g?t=2m23s the background in the corridors SCREAMS R'lyeh and Shoggoth

      And yeah, I've made plenty of GIFs, not only from EVA. I could always make more :P http://i.imgur.com/AathYTR.gif http://i.imgur.com/2bYxhvO.gif http://i.imgur.com/BFZ7hRy.gif

      Yeah, Bethesda took consolification of the FO4 too far. But Skyrim sold well, and that lesson carried over... But people love Bethesda regardless, and they will get away with releasing a bad, broken game yet again. No idea why people put up with their shit. Bethesda publishes great games, but doesn't make them.
    40. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      http://i.imgur.com/msiLQYx.png fuck yes I did it
    41. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Appereantly, that guy was not a fool. People like dumbed down games, they don't like games that take a lot of thought and time, since most gamers are "young adults". We ain't got the time to spend 300 hours in a cRPG anymore.

      For example, I'm about to 100% the Darkest Dungeon, a hardcore Lovecraftian dungeon crawler RPG, and holy shit if it isn't destroying my life. I have 126 hours on the clock in that game and I'm about to clock in a few more.

      I mean holy shit, the writing in this game is hardcore and the narrator is beyond epic. Narrator about the game's graveyard

      "The thing has no name nor it needs no language. Nevertheless, those who will submit to its wordless will are rewarded, in a fashion. The creature's blessings are as repulsive as they are robust. Twisted, half human monstrosities stalk the flash-ridden halls, protecting their gestating god.

      Madness made flash! It crawls steadily upwards from the pit, supported by the ladder of cyclopean pillars."
    42. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Yeah, FO4 isn't even an RPG anymore. https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/43exxb/the_full_dialogue_interface_mod_for_fallout_4/ you can't roleplay.

      Customization is amazing, settlement building is cool, but they don't really have a point
    43. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      It's too heavy. Something's fucked up with my walls - they crumble easly in many places. It's simply fall off one day.

      FO4... sad, sad. A legendary RPG turned into a glorified shooter with LIGHT RPG elements. You can't even roleplay.
    44. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Nah, Asuka looks Japanese. Kinda. She looks different from other characters, so I guess that's how they pictured Germans in anime.

      Yeah, a giant-ass monitor. 1080p, 60FPS, on a comfy chair, with a pad.
    45. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I played Lords of the Fallen on it.

      PC performance console convenience. Was pretty damn fun.
    46. [S-A-F]
      Yes he/they are goats when it comes to the hentai medium. Have they done anything since?
    47. [S-A-F]
      Yeah I have heard of that series, I've got it downloaded. Not enough pounding in it tho compared to Bible Black. Real nice tho. :LOS
    48. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      The old audio tower is AMAZING. Clear, powerful sound. Shit is better than 95% of towers under 2k$ on the market right now.

      I think I'll just sell it. Right now it's kind of squeezed in
    49. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      I eat way too much chicken... chickens, pigs, cows. I wanna try sheep or bull.

      By the way, first world problem. My brother-in-law had to spend X money to pay less taxes. He decided to buy a new TV. Gave his old TV to me. A giant SHARP. Like 56''. I have no fucking clue what to do with it.

      I have fuckload of books, spcaeship models, a 25-year old audio tower and that TV, and I have space only for 3 of these things.
    50. Hunted by sister
      Hunted by sister
      Remember, fish don't count as meat.

      Also, chickens are basicly meat vegetables
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