1. Fancy yourself a sleuth, evil mastermind, debating pro, and/or just plain love One Punch Man? If so, sign up for Akihabara Lounge's first Mafia game, themed on One Punch Man.

  2. Hey you

    Yeah you!

    Have you always wanted to impress Gordon Ramsey with your culinary skills?

    Well you can't...

    But you can impress the NF community by joining the Cooking Contest in the Bento Box!

    And we promise we won't make you cry like him.
  3. Throwback Naruto : Hidden Village of Art has launched a new contest related to Naruto where Love and Spring is in the air, until next June 21.
    To know more click on the link: Spring Canon Pairings Drawing contest !!

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Jun 10, 2015
Oct 18, 2006
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Game, from England

Subside was last seen:
Jun 10, 2015
    1. Gaius Julius Caesar
    2. Gaius Julius Caesar
      Gaius Julius Caesar
      U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ? U MAD ?
    3. Aiku
      WE CAN ONLY WISH. :uwah

    4. Nathan Copeland
      Nathan Copeland
      :giogio . . . sad isn't it
    5. Koshirae
      Nice one. You should catch up in the manga aswell, if you didn't already.
    6. Koshirae
      Did you get to the war yet? Or did you take a break?
    7. NaS
      Hmm, thought you were done. Listen bro, you're not gonna talk me to death with your arguments full of fallacies. Finish saying your slick shit and then proceed off my page.
    8. NaS
      And telling someone to act their age on an anime forum is a contradiction within itself.
    9. NaS
      I am. As a 26 year old, I'm calling you out for your stupidity, lack of reading comprehension, and improper use of words.
    10. NaS
      Sthu with that. Everyone has a life. Majority has a job. No fucking excuse for posting something that old. It's called checking your sources.
    11. -ScRaTcH-
      Hard for me to tell ya at the top of my head son, I guess i'm not winning father of the year anytime soon.
    12. -ScRaTcH-
    13. Koshirae
      You're nearly there, keep going!

      And understandable, haha they are all kinda likable but if I really had to choose someone Zoro would be my number one (Zoro fanboy here) however Luffy & Shanks would come really close. I also like Marco(Whitebeard Pirates) alot you'll meet him soon.

      And I am completely up to date, started watching the One Piece Anime 4-years ago and been waiting for episodes since, I've taken small breaks where I could watch like 10 episodes at once. However I could not wait that long for the episodes anymore and started reading the One Piece Manga aswell since about 1 year ago.
    14. Koshirae
      So are you at Amazon Lily at the moment? And who's your favourite character so far?
    15. Koshirae
      Yeah waiting for each episode a week is horrible, I wish I could wipe my memory and completely start One Piece from scratch.
    16. Koshirae
      I'm sure loads of people think that they've been following the wrong manga all these years after reading/watching OP haha, including myself, been 4years already. And glad you liked Sabaody that is one amazing Arc with loads of new things introduced.
    17. Aeiou
      Many thanks for the rep :quite
    18. Klue
      [LINKHL]975[/LINKHL]" rel="nofollow" class="externalLink" target="_blank">http://i67.photobucket.com/albums/h318/Klue516/Random%20Picks/FUUUUUUU14.jpg?t=1312405157[/img]
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