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Oct 15, 2014
Sep 19, 2010
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October 17
Burger King!

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مين سمير ؟, from Burger King!

steveht93 was last seen:
Oct 15, 2014
    1. Inuhanyou
    2. Darth
      Hey! I remember you saying something about living in Beirut? I wanted to ask you for some advice. I'm looking to buy a used ps3 but I'm not sure where to get one for a good price that's in good condition.

      can you recommend any places?
    3. Myri
      I'll watch it as soon as I can. Thanks for your help!
    4. Myri
      So, Gilgamesh is in Fate/Zero? All I know is it's a prequel to Fate/Stay Night.
    5. butcher50
      started watching the Supernatural tv series.

      finished season 1, half-way through season 2.

      can't wait for the angel warriors to show up.
    6. Myri
      Is your set from Fate/Stay Night?
    7. TylerDurden
      Join us and become a part of the brotherhood of the sun my brotha'

      by putting this on your ava :


      May we join hands in the sun on June 14th
    8. Asa-Kun
      The pleasures all mine. :hurr

      Freaking hilarious gif though. :lmao
    9. Moeka
      Good luck! ^^
      yeah we're kinda rare =P
    10. Moeka
      I am in first year of Biomedical Engineering, you?
    11. Moeka
      Lebanon's beach can be lovely sometimes eh~
      My friend if from the UAE, says better than here.
    12. Moeka
      Mhmm, till now yes, I wish I could spend more time but I'm kinda busy~
      If I may to ask, do you live in Lebanon or in Syria?
    13. Moeka
      I am half Lebanese half Lebanese :haha
      Nice to meet you!!! ^_______^
    14. Moeka
      lmaaaoo yup ^^
      Random but I;m guessing you're an Arab? :3
    15. Moeka
      >مين سمير ؟
      I used to watch a show where a guy kept saying this and it made me laugh so sorry for the random comment :3
    16. Scizor
      Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin.
    17. TylerDurden
      I was initially rooting for Dortmund but in the light of Muenchen's recent performance, the temptation of seeing them win has also surfaced. May the best team win. It would be even greater if both teams could play their strongest line-up. What i can sure of is that we will relish amazing fotbal from both sides.

      Yea, Ufotable really did it this time. Makes me wish they had gotten the Berserk movie gig. It's a shame their anime production output is very small. What's holding them back? Did Fate/Zero take too much cash to make?

      Seeing as you're a fellow devout fan, have you read the light novel? If you do then it will be great to dissect it. All the differences it has with the anime version is fun to talk about.
    18. TylerDurden
      Congrats with the Muenchen win. A superlative performance from all sectors of the line-up. Wishing for an underdog win in the final but Muenchen took too much bad luck in the league in the last few years. Kinda also feel bad for Dortmund.

      I see u're a fan of the Fate series. Good to know. Been in the Type-Moon world since 2009 and you couldn't get a better adaptation out of Fate/Zero novel from Ufotable.
    19. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      No problem. :datass
    20. butcher50
      damn all the good shows have either ended or got put on hold until next season. (sad to see Psycho pass and Spartacus TV go, to just mention a few)

      the only good things left to watch are Hunter x hunter, Naruto (when it returns to canon content) and Game of thrones season3.

      maybe there are a few others.
    21. Cygnus45
      I believe it's fusha. When I read the Quran, I use warsh and the arabs i speak with are mostly Syrian/Lebanese/Palestinian.
    22. Cygnus45
      Not entirely sure. Kind of a long story. I'm African American. On my mother's side we're pretty sure they're descended from Sudanese immigrants. One of my great great grandfathers put "Sudanese" under his ethnicity for his immigration application.

      On my dad's side some of us could be from Ghana (a country in a region that was often exploited by the European Colonial powers for the slave trade).

      There was a famous American writer named Alex Haley who wrote a book called "Roots". Haley sought to get to the bottom of his ancestry. The character in the film "kunta Kinte" was his 7th generation removed ancestor.

      My dad's side of the familys' surname before reversion to islam was "Palmer". My aunt (dad's sister) happened to meet Alex Haley's niece or daughter in college. It turns out both their ancestors came from the same plantation (I believe it was North Carolina). Alex Haley mentions a character named "Grandma palmer" in his book. So it seems I'm related to him on my father's side.
    23. Cygnus45
      I learned basic arabic when I was younger because I'm Muslim and continued studying it in college.

      Where is your family from?
    24. Cygnus45
      When did you learn it? School, or native speaker? And if it was the former, what made you decide to learn it if you don't mind me asking?
    25. Cygnus45
      You speak arabic?
    26. butcher50
      my favorite type/style of movies is usually about futuristic distopias with plenty of action (and some drama from time to time)

      like Judge Dredd, Repo-Men, Looper, Minority Report, Total Recall...etc.

      same with Anime like "Ghost in the Shell" and the current ongoing "Psycho Pass".
    27. Powerful Lord
      Powerful Lord
      Thank you for the rep points :)
    28. butcher50
      like i answered in the picture section, i only watched the 2 seasons of anime (and only a little tiny bit of checking the novel/manga parts) and only then i watched it because Nikushimi recommended me to watch it for the Accelerator.

      Accelerator parts i like, the rest of ToAruMajutsu just bores the crap out of me.
    29. butcher50
      i sympathized with Starrk because he wasn't evil, just a soldier that had a bad luck of fighting for a douchebag like Aizen (who couldn't care less about his troops)
    30. butcher50
      i updated my gallery with more of my favorites, check out and maybe leave some commentary :datass

    31. butcher50
      they introduced that long-running villain, the russian Makarov who wanted world war until his final demise at the end of Modern Warfare 3.

      (the arc villain for MW2 was the rogue coup american general Shepard)
    32. butcher50
      Black Ops-2, the continued adventures of american spy knuckleheads.

      but there is always the good ol Dragunov :datass
    33. butcher50
      wow........what a wild month it was.
    34. butcher50
      my sister goes crazy whenever i show her a new episode of Magi.

      including Hunter x Hunter for some reason.
    35. butcher50
      good old arabia :del

      so beautiful, when that Jin girl appeared she looked like Hare Krishna

      Magi is funny when he eats watermelons, he's like a monkey at it.
    36. butcher50
      yo Steveht93, had a chance to watch that new "Magi" show ?

      it's very beautiful.
    37. Blackrose16
      Hey I've heard a lot more problems have been happening in Syria I just wanted to check in on you and see if you were okay :(
    38. butcher50
      your current location must remain a secret.
    39. butcher50
      the boomerang-thrower (country) and the boomerang (rebel group proxy)

      it tends to end badly.
    40. butcher50
      those rebel crazies and the military not letting you sleep in peace ?
    41. butcher50
      (Kurds are like those degestan holigans that russians have to put down once in a while)

      when i look at all those religious screamers, i never get their hype.

      meaning of life ?

      what's after death ?

      pfffffffff........eating chips and watching anime all day, that's a pretty fucking fulfilling meaning of life to me.

      what's after death ? the big great.............NOTHING ! the exact same sleepy oblivion i had before i poped out of the pinky, pretty nice "afterlife" business deal to me.
    42. Patrick
      Touch? man.
    43. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      I just saw it.:distracted
      I hope it becomes true..
    44. Imagine
      You finished it? How many chapters does it have when its finished? The translators just take fucking forever. If its not on their top priority list, then its not getting translated right away.
    45. Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne
      Where did you Mach 100+ FRS?.:distracted
    46. Roman55
      Yuka Takeuchi from Variable Geo.
    47. 8-Peacock-8
      I have it cause i can.
    48. butcher50
      a bit crappy (what with all the mess going on right now and other things) but okay fine for the most part.
    49. Jin-E
      But the other dead people do not appear show any advanced state of decomposition. And besides, muslims tend to bury their dead within 24 hours.

      Horrific atrocity no matter who commited it. We can agree on that atleast.
    50. Jin-E
      The red....thing that you see hanging, f.example 47 seconds into the video. Granted, it could be a piece of the head, but this definitely doesnt look like you're typical wahhabi beheading to me, and i've seen quite a number of videos of them in the Iraq war. It's either artillery, mortars or some sort of sharp explosive projectiles.

      Also, it is a known fact that the Syrian army shell opposition held areas, which has been clearly demonstrated by hundred of videos. And most of Idlib province(where this took place)is in rebel hands.

      Has rebels decapitated civilians in this war? They probably have. But it seems clear that this isnt the case here. What motive could they possibly have to commit such a atrocity of this scale in an area where they have support? And why is the head/chest areas complete mush if her head was cut due to a blade?
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    Burger King!
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